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Full Disclosure: This is a very honest look back at Springboard’s career. Keep in mind, however, that registering with Springboard through the links on this page will result in a commission that provides assistance.

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Detailed About Springboard

Data Scientist Interview Tips & Career Advice (Uber, ex-Amazon)

Springboard is an online school for 21st-century competencies in areas such as data science, user experience design, digital marketing, and enterprise analysis. We have looked after thousands of students around the world through a combination of individual study and tutoring programs.

Our Data Science Career Track program is equipped with a job guarantee. You will receive a post within six months of graduation or a refund. Graduates who accepted new jobs reported an average annual salary increase of more than $ 23,000. Thanks to our deferred training program, students can sign up for a small down payment and complete the payment after work starts.

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In all of our individualized courses, Springboard students develop ready-to-use skills that translate into turnkey projects or portfolios for the industry. Throughout the process, students receive support from their mentors in the industry, as well as Springboard Resident Advisors and the large student/alumni community.

In summary, Springboard is one of the best-qualified coding training camps in the world.

More than 10,000 students have attended courses from more than 300 mentors.

The craziest thing that surprises me about them is that they do not have to reimburse students from their Data Science Career Track program (of more than 1,450 students), which says a lot about their quality.

They offer different courses in:

data Science

The full list of courses can be found here →

How it works (Read full Springboard coupon code review)

1. Sign up for a trampoline course
With monthly cohorts, your workout fits your schedule. Registration begins several weeks before the course begins. If the registration is not open, simply register on the waiting list to be informed of your arrival.

springboard coupon code -how it work2. Find your mentor
You fill out an online profile, listing your availability and the skills you want to develop. Your student advisor will use it to coordinate with a mentor.

3. The best class courses organized by experts.
The diversity of perspectives creates better learning outcomes. Our learning materials are created by industry experts from the best sources and constantly updated to reflect new technologies and trends.

4. Test and learn through concrete projects.
Apply your lessons to real-world scenarios through case studies, problem definitions, and project-based tasks.

springboard coupon code -Online teching5. Receive valuable comments
During your weekly mentoring call, review the concepts and get feedback on your project. Your mentor will also help you plan your career, give you tips on finding a job, and give you tips on job interviews.

6. Stay Responsible and on the right track
You and your mentor define and review the weekly learning goals to help you find the right path to completing your course.

7. Perfect your final project
Complete your final project with your mentor and then introduce him to show him the skills you have learned.

springboard coupon code -guide project 8. Complete and receive your certificate
Your mentor will give you a completion certificate: the perfect finish to publish on your CV and in your LinkedIn profile.

Learn online

Learn online at your own pace. All you need is an internet connection.

Learn from the best online resources

We partner with hiring managers and domain experts to create a program of articles, videos, and exercises that help you develop the skills you need.

Plan your learning

The estimated time for each resource and assignment helps you to better track your education.

Track your progress

You can review the chapters and tasks as you complete them. A progress bar indicates your progress in the program.

Get help with the program.

They are responsible for weekly calls. Post the agenda and share your goals. Your mentor will help you with this.

Search for comments on projects

Your mentor will give you constructive feedback on your work and stimulate your thinking.

springboard coupon code - project Learn from your classmates

Use our Student Forum to ask questions and get in touch with students and alumni in your city and follow the same career path as you.

Stay up to date on industry trends

Our weekly office hours include specialist speakers and student presentations. Learn more about the opportunities and developments in the industry and see what your colleagues are doing.

Our mentors lead to results

You will be paired with a mentor who will adapt perfectly to your background and abilities.

Studies show that people with mentors achieve higher growth and more satisfying career. Your mentor will show you how to apply the concepts you have learned to solve problems in your day-to-day work. Your mentor will provide you with professional advice and help you expand your professional network.

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Springboard experience

Structured to fit into your life.

We know how busy you are. Thanks to our approach, you can decide anytime, anywhere, when and where you want to study.
Do not travel in a classroom. You will learn completely online. All you need is an internet connection.

Building on human relationships

Learning alone is difficult. Work with a personal mentor to explore the concepts, get comments, and plan your career. Supported by a team of student advisors and coaches to help you achieve your goals.

springboard coupon code - teachingDesigned for success in the workplace.

We design our curriculum with hiring managers and industry experts, not academics, to give you the practical skills you need to succeed in your career.
Our curriculum focuses on hands-on projects and practical advice for job interviews and networking. Complete the portfolio and confidence you need to impress recruiters.

Springboard Main Courses:- 

  • Data Science Career Track
  • Machine Learning Career Track

How Springboard prepares you

Develop skills

Master the fundamentals of data science and choose your area of ​​expertise: advanced machine learning, natural language processing or deep learning.

Develop a professional portfolio.

Complete 14 hands-on projects, including two industry-leading Capstone projects to demonstrate your skills to employers.

springboard coupon code - experienceStart the career of your dreams

Make sure that you can be hired with personal vocational training and professional 1: 1 tutoring

Get the perfect job with unlimited job training 1: 1

Career-oriented course materials are combined with personal training calls to help you get the job of your dreams. You have 6 scheduled calls with unlimited access more than 6 months after the end of the program.

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Professional counseling helps you:

  • Create a successful job search strategy
  • Build your computer network
  • Find the right actions and companies
  • Create a resume and a LinkedIn profile
  • As a job interview
  • Negotiate your salary

Data Analytics Career Track

How Springboard prepares you for a career in data analysis

Develop skills

Master the basics of data analysis with our unique approach. Yes, technical skills are important and we will make sure you master them. But we also bring you the strategic thinking needed to become a successful analyst.

Develop a professional portfolio.

Conduct two industry-leading synthesis projects, as well as numerous case studies and exercises, to introduce your skills to employers.

Start the career of your dreams

Make sure that you can be hired with personal vocational training and professional 1: 1 tutoring

springboard coupon code - mentorship

What does a Springboard offer?

Below is a detailed description of what Springboard offers in terms of program structure, tasks and pillars, mentoring, and professional services.

The Curriculum

As stated at the beginning of this review, Springboard data processing scientists, unlike many other platforms, have not created personalized content, but have developed a curriculum based on well-designed conferences and tutorials. These come mainly from free online sources, such as the CS109 Data Science Harvard course, the discussions of the PyCon and the Khan Academy.

In addition, the proposed learning path will continue to evolve depending on the comments of students and mentors, new course offerings, and other factors.

springboard coupon code - marketing Course

Here is a breakdown of the programs and modules that have been structured:

  • Getting started
  • Introduction to data science
  • Job search strategies
  • Programming bootup (Python)
  • Data wrangling
  • Effective networking 1
  • Data story
  • Inferential statistics
  • Capstone project 1 milestone
  • Effective networking 2
  • Machine learning
  • Machine learning
  • Capstone project 1 final
  • The right job title
  • Machine learning advanced topics
  • Machine learning advanced topics
  • Creating a data science resume
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Capstone project 2 milestone
  • Get interviews with your network
  • Data science at scale
  • Capstone project 2 final
  • Effective interviewing
  • The art of negotiating
  • Conclusion

Statistical coverage and machine learning are very good. They include lectures on the following topics:

Machine Learning

springboard coupon code - courses detail

  • Time series analysis
  • Neural nets introduction
  • Logistic regression
  • Trees
  • Bayesian methods
  • Best practices
  • Clustering
  • Recommendation systems
  • SVM
  • Anomaly detection
  • Linear regression
  • NLP


springboard coupon code - Course

  • Applying inferential statistics
  • Regression and correlation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Inferential statistics
  • A/B testing

There is certainly a lot of material to discuss and you have all the interest in understanding everything.

Since most of this understanding comes from completing the work and commenting on the tasks and pillars, we move on to the next one.

Job Placement Guarantee

As of 2019, Springboard is one of two online data science platforms that provide a location guarantee (see also Thinkful). I hope there are more platforms (hopefully universities) that offer a similar guarantee to stay competitive.

To qualify for the Labor Guarantee, you must:

  • You are allowed to work within one year of completing Springboard studies in the United States
  • Mastery of English in spoken and written.
  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a university in a subject
  • Be prepared to live and work in one of eleven US metropolitan areas. UU.
  • Actively find a job and get involved in the success of your career.

I think the most important point here, at least for me, is the “desire to live and work in one of the eleven metropolitan areas in the United States, namely Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle or Washington DC

Personally, I do not think I really want to give up my current position, so that would be the biggest problem for me.

Springboard Coupon Code | (Read full Pricing plan)

springboard coupon code - pricing plan choise

  • Data Analytics Career Track:- $5,500.00
  • Data Science Career Track Prep: – $490
  • Machine Learning Engineering Career Track:- $7940
  • Data Science Career Track:- $7500
  • Digital Marketing Career Track:- $2400
  • UX Career Track : – $5400

springboard coupon code - pricing plan

Pros and Cons


  • Are you sure of a job?
  • 6-8 month study plan
  • Unlimited support from an individual mentor
  • Develop a professional data science portfolio.
  • Get (or refund) a job within 6 months
  • The program meets your professional goals
  • An average salary increase of $ 23,000
  • 0 refunds for more than 1,450 students
  • Flexible payment terms
  • The active online student community
  • Unlimited calls from career coaches
  • Simulated interviews


  • Job guarantee only eligible to those in US/Canada
  • You need a lot of discipline
  • Can be considered expensive
  • Minumum knowledge requirements

Quick Links,

Meet a few of mentors

Conclusion: Is Springboard Worth It? | Grab Discount Coupon Code Here

I think the Springboard Track is certainly more effective than self-study, but the real question is whether it’s worth paying the price of $ 1,000 / month. You benefit from about 2 hours of expert advice per month, a DataCamp membership of $ 30 per month, and free resources. It’s a judgment that you have to make, but I personally do not think there’s enough value to justify the price.

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them!

If you like about Springboard Coupon Code Review then don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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