Springboard Review 2024: Does Springboard Really Work

Springboard Review

Overall Verdict

Springboard is an online programming school offering flexible and mentor-focused online courses, including Data Science etc.

Out of 10


  • Real projects
  • Online Courses with an industry-relevant case study, each time, every time!
  • Quality Instructors
  • Exclusive Learning manager
  • Lifetime access to reference material
  • Ѕaving your timе and monеy


  • There are no custom internal conferences
  • A bit expensive


Price: $ 999

We have shared with you the best alternative to springboard above, as Springboard is expensive in terms of their courses to upgrade your skills. though you can surely go through the entire review below in case of Springboard as a platform is your preferred option.

You’ve had enough of the 9-to-5 routine. You’re looking for a career that offers you more flexibility and control over your time, though, in today’s scenario, it is challenging to find a job in the tech industry. The most in-demand careers are inaccessible without the right skills.

Solution: Springboard is an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry’s most in-demand careers with comprehensive, mentor-led online programs in software engineering, data science, machine learning, UI/UX design, and more. Learn everything you need to know about your chosen field, with our immersive and affordable online programs.

It is providing accessible courses for students around the world. In a part-time approach, students learn at their own pace and meet with mentors individually to help them advance in the curriculum, so let’s begin with Springboard review 2024

Springboard offers a variety of courses, programs, and workshops.

Springboard offers options for beginners, seasoned programmers, and even beginner computer scientists to improve their skills and careers.

Bottom Line Upfront: Springboard is the finest online platform to learn UI/UX, coding, data science & other most in-demand tech career. They offer expert mentor guidance and provide opportunity to work on real- world projects. Spring board cutting edge curriculum prepare student for the high skill & in demand career in tech industry, it’s a e-learning platform that makes student future ready for modern career. Get Started with Springboard Today.

Springboard-customer Review

You may have questions for SpringBoard like: I will answer everything for you today –

-Are SpringBoard courses free?

-Can I learn UX design for free?

-Can I take two SpringBoard courses?

-Do SpringBoard mentors get paid?

-Do you need a degree for UX design?

-Does springboard give certificates?

-Does UX design require coding?

-How can I learn UX design online for free?

-How do I accept a course on SpringBoard?

-How do I cancel SpringBoard?

-How do I contact SpringBoard?

-How do you use a SpringBoard?

-How good is springboard?

-How is SpringBoard data science course?

-How is springboard UX?

-What Does Springboard offer?

-Spring Board Best Alternatives!

-What are Springboard Pricing details ?

-Springboard Pros & Cons!

Recently, I signed up for the Springboard Career program to publish a summary of your platform and compare it to other online courses and training camps. Since I started, I was very impressed by the platform and the people involved.

Spingboard online courses

The program is very well organized, the mentor I was with had considerable experience in the industry and was extremely knowledgeable. If I learned the science of data to make a career again, Springboard would have had everything I needed.

At this time, note that Springboard does not have any personalized internal content (other than professional services/advice). Data science content comes primarily from free online sources and is structured to give students the best results.

The main value of the career is tuition, personalized tasks, portfolio plans, professional services, and placement.

In addition, Springboard’s career path does not resemble Coursera, edX, or other MOOC courses because you must actually submit an application and complete the challenges to demonstrate that you understand some prerequisites before you begin. First of all, I would like to consider the requirements that you need before you submit the application.

Springboard Review

Springboard Review 2024: Should You Really Go For It??

Springboard-Review by users

Springboard is an online programming school offering flexible and mentor-focused online courses, including Data Science Career Track, UX Design Career Track, and Machine Learning Career Track (all offering job guarantees) and training courses such as digital marketing and cybersecurity.

As students fully learn their advanced digital skills online, they get to benefit from training and mentoring from industry experts. Springboard offers a range of personalized mentoring workshops as well as a comprehensive Data Science Career Track program.

The Data Science Career Track course includes an option for late entry, allowing students to sign up for a small down payment and complete the payment after they start work. In all Springboard courses, students acquire off-the-shelf skills that feature industry-leading reference and portfolio projects.

springboard Review - Career

Throughout the process, students receive support from their mentors in the industry, as well as Springboard Resident Advisors and the large student/alumni community.

Springboard combines specialist study courses and one-to-one tuition. Springboard has served thousands of students worldwide.

To apply, candidates fill out an online form, pass an aptitude test, and then discuss their background and motivation with their school representatives.

Springboard Data Science Course

Springboard-Review by a user

Springboard-Review data science

For data science, professional experience in statistics and/or programming is required. For UX’s professional career, students must have an academic or professional background in user design or development.

All graduates receive one-to-one career coaching that includes networking counseling, resume and LinkedIn support, interview preparation, and salary negotiation. Graduates are seeing significant achievements:

Those who accepted new jobs reported an average annual salary increase of $ 19,919. And because of the job guarantee, students who can not find work within six months of graduation will receive a full refund.

Future of Data Science

LinkedIn mentioned data scientists as the number #3 job in their emerging jobs report 2020, with an expected yearly growth rate of 37 percent. The high demand for skilled data scientists will require a need to refine the positions in the future within the data science field which will be interesting to see over the next few years.  

future of data science - Springboard reviews

Source ~ Forbes

How to get started with Springboard?

Springboard courses in detail

  • Enroll in a Springboard course

Your education matches your schedule because cohorts run on a monthly basis. Enrollment opens a few weeks before the start of each program; if spots aren’t available, sign up for the waiting list to be notified when they become available.

  • Get matched with your mentor

You’ll create an online profile that details your availability as well as the talents you’d like to improve. This information will be used by your student adviser to pair you with a mentor. You’ll never have to contact an anonymous help desk again. Your personal student adviser will learn about your objectives, help you handle obstacles, and be there for you every step of the way.

  • Best-in-class curriculums curated by experts

Diverse viewpoints lead to improved learning results. Our learning materials are hand-picked from the best sources by industry professionals and are updated on a regular basis to reflect new technology and trends.

  • Test and learn through real-life projects

Case studies, problem sets, and project-based assignments allow you to apply what you’ve learned in class to real-world problems.

  • Get invaluable feedback

Following that, you’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with your mentor to discover the power of online learning. On your weekly mentor call, you’ll go over concepts and obtain project feedback. In addition, your mentor will assist you with career planning, job search advice, and interview techniques.

  • Stay accountable—and on track

To keep you moving forward and on pace to complete your course, you and your mentor will develop and evaluate weekly learning goals.

  • Perfect your final project

Put the finishing touches on your final course project with your mentor, then give it to them to demonstrate the abilities you’ve gained. Eventually, you’ll be able to start your dream job!

  • Graduate and earn your certificate

A certificate of completion will be presented to you by your mentor, which will look great on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

How to Learn Online With Springboard?

Springboard testimonial and reviews


Learn online at your own pace. All you need is an internet connection.

Learn from the best online resources

We partner with hiring managers and domain experts to create a program of articles, videos, and exercises that help you develop the skills you need.

Plan your learning

The estimated time for each resource and assignment helps you to better track your education.

Track your progress

You can review the chapters and tasks as you complete them. A progress bar indicates your progress in the program.

Get help with the program

They are responsible for weekly calls. Post the agenda and share your goals. Your mentor will help you with this.

Search for comments on projects

Your mentor will give you constructive feedback on your work and stimulate your thinking.

springboard community

Learn from your classmates

Use their Student Forum to ask questions and get in touch with students and alumni in your city and follow the same career path as you.

Stay up to date on industry trends

Their weekly office hours include specialist speakers and student presentations. Learn more about the opportunities and developments in the industry and see what your colleagues are doing.

Springboard mentors lead to results

You will be paired with a mentor who will adapt perfectly to your background and abilities.

Studies show that people with mentors achieve higher growth and more satisfying career. Your mentor will show you how to apply the concepts you have learned to solve problems in your day-to-day work. He will provide you with professional advice and help you expand your professional network.

springboard review - mentor lead

Requirements and application process for Springboard

Experience and knowledge of programming and statistics are required to access the Career DS program. Before the program is accepted, it will be a challenge. So if you are looking for something more fundamental without any prior knowledge, you will also have a preparatory course for the Data Career Track. Everywhere on the internet, you’ll find tons of positive Springboard reviews.

This beginner’s course helps students learn the basic Python programming and statistics skills required to participate in Data Science and prepares students for their careers.

Springboard Application Python

After reviewing a large part of the program, I realized that I really should know the basics of Python programming so that I do not get lost right away. The professional trajectory jumps directly to Pandas, Matplotlib, and the rest of the data stack so you can not enjoy the basics of Python while learning these libraries at the same time.

If you want to learn or improve your Python language, you can get started with Springboard videos on YouTube for free. If you are more interested in reading, read the free Python books in our list of free books.

In addition, statistics at the university level and the basic concepts of linear algebra are needed. Of course, the challenges of the application will eliminate many candidates who lack knowledge, but in the curriculum, we really do not devote much time to linear algebra, as in the first week of the course.: Andrew Ng Machine Learning in Coursera (Link).

The application process is generally quite simple. The general procedure is:

  • Send request (10-15 minutes)
  • Take the challenge (~ 3 hours)

Once you have mastered the challenge, choose an appointment, and a payment plan to reserve your seat.
Join in and start learning.

Let’s get to what I found out and what the pros and cons of the program are.

What does the Springboard offer?

Below is a detailed description of what Springboard Data Science Career Track offers in terms of program structure, tasks and pillars, mentoring, and professional services.

The Curriculum 

As stated at the beginning of this review, Springboard data processing scientists, unlike many other platforms, have not created personalized content, but have developed a curriculum based on well-designed conferences and tutorials.

These come mainly from free online sources, such as the CS109 Data Science Harvard course, the discussions of the PyCon, and the Khan Academy.

In addition, the proposed learning path will continue to evolve depending on the comments of students and mentors, new course offerings, and other factors.

springboard marketing Course

Here is a breakdown of the programs and modules that have been structured:

  • Getting started
  • Intro to data science
  • Job search strategies
  • Programming bootup (Python)
  • Data wrangling
  • Effective networking 1
  • Data story
  • Inferential statistics
  • Capstone project 1 milestone
  • Effective networking 2
  • Machine learning
  • Machine learning
  • Capstone project 1 final
  • The right job title
  • Machine learning advanced topics
  • Machine learning advanced topics
  • Creating a data science resume
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Capstone project 2 milestone
  • Get interviews with your network
  • Data science at scale
  • Capstone project 2 final
  • Effective interviewing
  • The art of negotiating
  • Conclusion

Statistical coverage and machine learning are very good. They included lectures on the following topics:

Machine Learning

  • Time series analysis
  • Neural nets intro
  • Logistic regression
  • Trees
  • Bayesian methods
  • Best practices
  • Clustering
  • Recommendation systems
  • SVM
  • Anomaly detection
  • Linear regression
  • NLP

StatisticsSpringboard Course

  • Applying inferential statistics
  • Regression and correlation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Inferential statistics
  • A/B testing

There is certainly a lot of material to discuss and you have all the interest in understanding everything.

Since most of this understanding comes from completing the work and commenting on the tasks and pillars, we move on to the next one.

Springboard courses on data science

Job Placement Guarantee with Springboard

Springboard testimonials

As of 2019, Springboard is one of two online data science platforms that provide a location guarantee (see also Thinkful!). I hope there are more platforms (hopefully universities) that offer a similar guarantee to stay competitive.

To qualify for the Labor Guarantee, you must:

  • You must be allowed to work within one year of completing Springboard studies in the United States
  • Mastery of English in spoken and written.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a university in a subject.
  • Be prepared to live and work in one of eleven US metropolitan areas. UU.
  • Actively find a job and get involved in the success of your career.

I think the most important point here, at least for me, is the “desire to live and work in one of the eleven metropolitan areas in the United States, namely Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Diego. , San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle or Washington DC

Springboard careers

Personally, I do not think I really want to give up my current position, so that would be the biggest problem for me.

Springboard Pricing Plan

springboard pricing

  • Data Analytics Career Track:- $5,500.00
  • Data Science Career Track Prep: – $490
  • Machine Learning Engineering Career Track:- $7940
  • Data Science Career Track:- $7500
  • Digital Marketing Career Track:- $2400
  • UX Career Track : – $5400

springboard pricing

Springboard Review: Pros and Cons


  • Real projects
  • 7-day money-back guarantee,
  • Large program structure.
  • Investment guarantee.
  • Active community.
  • Personal weekly private calls with data scientists.
  • Own missions with ranking.
  • Career services such as simulated interviews and CV creation.


  • Price: $7,500/ month in advance; $ 1490 per month (deferred tuition and other funds available).
  • The interface could be easier to use.
  • There are no custom internal conferences.
Quick Links: 

Mentorship At Springboard

Spriongboard courses review

I believe the main value of the Springboard program is the tutoring offered. First, he is your personal mentor, with whom you make calls every 30 minutes every week.

My mentor was nice and knowledgeable. Under the program, you will need to complete 2 Capstone projects, independent projects under the guidance of your mentor. My mentor gave valuable comments and advice on many of the machine learning methods I’ve tried, and as a starting point for creating neural networks for my projects.

My only criticism is that my mentor did not follow the progress of my program very well. When I had problems with the tasks of the program, he did not know the notebook and could not help me directly. I cannot speak to all the mentors of the program, but in general, I was satisfied.

Professional trainers are available for 30-minute calls. For a CV or Linkedin review, I found everyone friendly and reasonably helpful, so I have no complaints. I have not received any extraordinary advice from them, but it is always good to ask someone to read your documents as a second opinion.

At the end of the program, he does some mock interviews with other mentors, and I have had good experiences with these mentors as well. I hope you enjoyed reading our review on Springboard.

Springboard on Social Media

Springboard Alternative


Springboard Alternative- edX

edX is a platform that allows traditional and non-traditional students to connect with colleges that are undeniably huge and well-funded. Typically, those students are adults interested in science, but owing to a high school project and a professional education program, that is changing.

Some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including UC Berkeley and Boston University, as well as both founding schools, provide its courses. edX, on the other hand, supports a larger learning community than the entire UC system, with over a million students.

EdX provides free self-paced and timed classes, however, there are some drawbacks. Students have minimal contact with their professors, TAs, or coworkers, and assessment, though best in class, is still inadequate, particularly in the humanities.

Despite the fact that edX offers a variety of certificates (Honor, Verified, and XSeries), students will not acquire the same credentials as they would at a typical university. EdX uses a freemium approach, in which students can audit classes for free or pay a donation ($50 or more) to participate in identity verification certificate programs.


Springboard Alternative - Coursera

The hallmark of Coursera is that it includes courses from top colleges and makes many of them open to anybody. To put it another way, you can access all of the lectures and reading materials from a real Yale University class for free.

Coursera also collaborates with other businesses to provide accessible education in a range of sectors. You can take free programs for personal enrichment or pay for a professional certificate, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree.

Coursera offers courses on a wide range of topics. Arts and Humanities, History, Music, and Art, Philosophy, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Health, Math and Logic, Physical Science and Engineering, and other disciplines are among them.

The platform supports a wide range of languages, with numerous courses taught in languages other than English, as well as closed captioning, subtitles, and a full text of every video’s spoken parts. 


Springboard Alternative-Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a renowned web-based company that provides professional individuals with tech and creative training. On its website, the platform provides a large number of video training courses for software engineers, IT administrators, and creative professionals.

Users can search Pluralsight’s course catalog using a variety of methods. The solution includes a number of fundamental courses to help beginners learn quickly from the ground up, as well as advanced topics for on-the-job IT professionals and developers. Pluralsight customers now have access to the whole portfolio of courses at Digital-Tutors, a site dedicated solely to design software and creative professionals.

Pluralsight is an online training company that charges a monthly fee to allow consumers access to a wide range of high-quality learning materials and training courses without requiring them to sign long-term contracts.

For organizations, the system offers a platform that can provide expert-authored, on-demand video training and sophisticated learning tools to maintain your team’s skills fresh and current without breaking the bank or jeopardizing business operations. Pluralsight allows specialists to join their author network and share their skills and knowledge with learners all around the world.

Linkedin Learning

Springboard Alternative - LinkedIn-Learning

Lynda was acquired by Linkedin and rebranded as LinkedIn Learning, but there is still some wonderful Lynda content for learning to code on LinkedIn Learning. There are a variety of courses available, catering to both beginners and experts.

There are classes on everything from the fundamentals of programming to the user interface, responsive design, and mobile app development. Many tutorials, including some that are free, are specially designed for youngsters, which will please teachers.

You can set a weekly goal for how many minutes you want to spend watching videos in LinkedIn Learning, and you can track your progress in your account. Your progress in various classes is also saved in your account. A premium Premium LinkedIn account is required to access LinkedIn Learning.

You can access everything in the catalog once you have a premium account. There is no opportunity to purchase individual course access, which is a shame because there are some fantastic courses for certain hard skills, particularly software learning.

LinkedIn Premium comes in a variety of flavors to suit the needs of different sorts of businesspeople. All of these paid subscription packages provide you with unrestricted access to everything on LinkedIn Learning.

Log into LinkedIn and choose Learning in the upper right corner once you have a Premium account. When you first visit the Learning section of the site, you’ll see a few brief surveys asking what kind of stuff you’d want to learn. Then LinkedIn Learning provides material that is relevant to you.

You may also look for material by exploring categories. There are three areas at the highest level: business, creativity, and technology. Subjects, Software, and Learning Paths are the three subcategories of each. There are more topics below those subcategories. 

Data Camp

Springboard Alternative-DataCamp

DataCamp is a self-paced online learning tool that helps students develop data skills. Non-coding basics such as BI tools, data science, and machine learning are covered in DataCamp courses.

DataCamp offers interactive classes offered by experts, practice challenges, and real-world projects, as well as data skill evaluations to track progress and make individualized recommendations. Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle SQL, Scala, Excel, and spreadsheets are among the 350+ courses available at Datacamp. Datacamp offers online training that is adaptable to any role or skill level.

Because instruction videos are concise and thorough, learning through Data Camp may be incredibly motivating and retainable. Every module has several guided coding activities that do not require the installation of any IDE locally. Everything is done through the internet. The guided and unguided projects will provide me with practical experience working with real-world data.

Anyone exploring R and/or Python for in-depth data analysis should attend DataCamp. DataCamp is the place to go if you want to learn how to properly apply statistical analysis to data you currently have or if you want to eventually become a Data Scientist.

If you’re a Data Manager who’s always wanted to go deeper into analysis but doesn’t have the time to do so, DataCamp’s teachers can help you get started in both R and Python. For experienced programmers, the introductory classes are rather simple; my previous languages included Assembler, FORTRAN, VB, C, C++, and C#.

Springboard Testimonials by Students

Springboard courses review Springboard courses review Springboard testimonials by students

Springboard FAQS

👉Which one is better Springboard vs Udacity?

Springboard beats Udacity when it comes to the quality of the course and specializations offers such as — Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing. However, Udacity provides good courses at affordable pricing compared to Springboard.

👉Is Springboard worth it?

Yes, Springboard is worth it, online customer reviews are mostly positive and their team is focused on customer satisfaction. Springboard offers a horizon of courses, they have an upper hand when you do competitor analysis when you signup for any course you get a dedicated mentor.

👉What is Springboard Online?

Springboard online is basically a coding school that offers flexible, mentor-led courses various courses online, some of the courses include Data Science Career Track, UX Design Career Track, and more.

👉Is Springboard Data Science legit?

Springboard is a legit option and their mentors play an important role, You will get great value such as feedback on a personal level, guidance on projects and topics which are difficult to understand, and they will also help you to get through interviews, With a job placement guarantee, They also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the platform.

👉Is springboard a good bootcamp?

Yes, Springboard Courses are Worth It, Springboard's courses include great mentors, a pre-built syllabus, high-quality on the job projects, and a job offer guarantee for the deserving students. These all elements ensure Springboard a value for the money platform.

👉What is the springboard program?

Springboard is a great online coding platform which offers different online courses that are Data Science, Machine Learning, UX Design, with one-on-one mentorship, they offer job guarantees too.

👉When did springboard start?

The company was founded in the year 2013 with a name SlideRule with an aim to provide an edge to the learners in their professional careers.

Springboard Review Conclusion 2024

If you started with something like Coursera and think that’s not enough, Springboard is a great option. You’ll get comments and personal advice on topics you do not understand, the projects you work on, and even interviews that you seem unable to break.

The program structure, personalized tasks, tutoring, and personalized professional advice make Springboard one of the best value for money data preparation and training platforms.

In addition to the Data Science Career Track Placement Guarantee, you receive 7-day money-back guarantee if you do not like the platform for any reason. This essentially makes the program a risk-free investment.

As long as you meet the location requirements, you will receive all your money if you can not find an IT Manager position within 6 months of completing the training.

If you really want to start a career in data science, you are ready to work hard for a few months, need a flexible online platform, and just want advice and customization, the Springboard Career Track is the ideal platform for you.

If you like the Springboard Review, then don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section.

Data Scientist Interview Tips & Career Advice (Uber, ex-Amazon)

For regular updates on the springboard, courses follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and read their stories on Medium you can check their About Us page to get a glimpse of their dynamic Team & journey.

In Short:

Features: Springboard offers a single, one-stop solution for all of the skills necessary to be successful in a career in the tech industry. It is designed to give you an opportunity to learn about your chosen field while earning certifications, staying on top of new technology developments, and helping others succeed.

Advantages: You will be able to master the skills you need at your own pace, without having to worry about finding a job or obtaining employment that matches your skills.

Benefits: Students who use Springboard can pursue their studies with confidence as they learn from experienced mentors who are qualified experts in their fields. The program includes training from companies like Microsoft and Google, so students will get opportunities to work with leading-edge talent.

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Comments (15)

  1. Springboard has been there every step of my job search since I enrolled. The world is changing, and their programs teach you the skills absolutely necessary to stay competitive in an ever-changing field.

  2. It’s very helpful, If you wish to get market all set after that choose this program. You will certainly get all the support particularly from Mentor, Job trainer as well as Pupil Advisor which are extremely essential to exhale in Data Analytics area. This training course will drive you in the direction of Self Study which is good for students.

  3. I was looking for a course to help me break into the startup world, and Springboard’s curriculum matches my skill set. I also really enjoy their mentorship program: it’s reassuring to know that I have an expert there with me whether I’m struggling or excited about new insights.

  4. I thought my transition to information analytics was challenging yet thanks to springboard they made it less complicated than I expected although it was overwhelming and interesting. As well as yes the career mentoring was exceptional.
    There was endless access to various mentor calls when I obtain stuck at whenever of the day.

  5. Springboard is the most fun you’ll ever have while you learn how to code. I used it for web development basics and was able to get a job at Microsoft just months later!

  6. I wanted to learn data science, but the only way I knew how was by slogging through books and tutorials. When I found Springboard’s online course, it opened up an entirely new world for me.

  7. This springboard instructor was fantastic– quick to respond and so friendly. Plus, they taught me how to use Git! I’m feeling really knowledgeable about data science now. Springboard is a great way to fill your resume gaps with projects and courses that will teach you new skills. As someone who’s working two jobs right now, I have time for my kids AND learning something new? YES PLEASE!!! (Online program offered)

  8. Springboard’s mentor-led online programs are a great alternative to the soul crushing world of degrees and majors. Springboard is an affordable, accessible, and efficient way for you to learn some marketable skills from anywhere in the world. You won’t find any traditional computer science courses on Springboards’ self-paced program module, but what you will find are courses on subjects like web design 101 or coding essentials that genuinely prepare students for careers out there in today’s job market.

  9. I can’t believe it took me so long to sign up for Springboard! The project-based curriculum teaches not only coding, but also how to find work as a coder. When I graduate I’ll be ready to take on any new jobs out there because of the different types of projects we completed in grad school.

    I especially liked that one of our projects was interviewing people about their love of music – and then using those interviews in a website build! Everyone had such thoughtful insights into what they like listening to these days.

  10. It helped me land my dream job I was so happy that it was such a good fit!” -a Springboard user.
    Every program has its own personal story, but all stories end in success. With every project you complete, the skills and experience you gain get pushed onto your resume directly from coursework, not to mention the industry-respected certificates you earn along the way. This mentorship continues even after graduation with help finding fulltime work once your certification is complete! Speaking of which: modules like interview courses are included at no extra cost—just enjoy your new career as soon as today!

  11. Springboard was an amazing course! Their instructors are professionals from the industry, so not only do you learn the fundamentals of web design with HTML and CSS, but also a ton about how the internet works. I learned more than I ever thought possible in three months and got a great job because of it.

  12. The hardest thing about getting back into the workforce was learning a new skill set. I found Springboard and enrolled ASAP. I’m not a person that quits, but it never felt like anything good would happen for me with my current education. Springboard changed all of that!

    The course is affordable, uses cutting-edge technology to keep up with current trends in demand, and best of all–I now have an overwhelming number of job options within my field.”

  13. I’m currently student with springboard India, and I’m greatly disappointed with the course. First of all it’s not at all worth spending the amount they are charging.
    I’m writing this because, when I was joining spring board and when checked for reviews, didn’t find any reviews and so, fell into their trap. With this review I literally want to save at least few of them from falling into their trap.
    If you are thinking of joining springboard. I urge you to ask them these questions.
    1.) Statistics of the no. of people joining springboard India and their job status. Also, ask them how many got their refund ( I assure you that it would be zero)
    After one week of my course, I asked springboard for the refund as I was completely disappointed with the course content, and they denied it.
    The suggestion which I gave them was, as you have so many mentors working for springboard, Why can’t you ask them to write an ML algorithm to design the course content which makes sure that the students joining springboard would love?
    Their answer was a simple smile.
    I’ll mention some of the points wrt to what they say and what really happens (Reality)
    What They Say:
    They say that the mentors are CEOs/VPs of some of the big companies.
    The mentor that gets assigned to you would be having an experience lesser than you. And as they are almost freshers they would be having good knowledge, but only confined to a particular small modules. And so, they would have grip on the complete content of spring board.
    What They Say:
    They say that their content is curated content and approved by some of the industry leads/mentors working for springboard.
    The complete content if too old, when data science was evolving. Each and every video/content of them is available for free on YOUTUBE. Not even one article/video/podcast are done explicitly for the springboard students/ by the springboard members.
    And, secondly the content that’s present is completely random. You wouldn’t know why/what they were talking about, at some times.
    What They Say:
    Guaranteed JOB.
    First of all, JOB is guaranteed only when you complete the course with out any breaks (For a working professional, that’s not at all possible).
    You have to complete the course/project within 6 months. (They make sure that completing course content within 6 months is impossible). Course content is huge and completely random.
    If you get a job lesser than you current pay also, you’ll have to accept it.

    • Thank you for the wonderful reviews in the comment section. Explained the reality clearly.

  14. My Experience with Springboard .

    I joined the springboard course in the month of Aug,2019 and I left/discontinued the course in the month of Jan,2020 and i do carry 6+ years of exp in IT.

    It’s not worth at all, simply i can say waste of your hard earned money and waste of time as well.

    So called mentors will be not available as per the schedules and they don’t spend much time with the students in explaining their doubts or explaining the concept.

    Next coming to so called office hours , coding support sessions it’s just for the name sake they fix up the sessions without even asking/discussing our availability time, i can they do as per their need.

    They force you to enroll for the course by paying 1.9 Lakhs and they also provide you easy EMI/Loan by third party finance company, after your enrollment they don’t even care/bother about you concerns related to course .

    Most imp thing is, they state you like 100%per job guarantee after the successful completion of your course in 6 months but the hard fact is you can’t complete the course within the stipulated time as they mentioned since you don’t get proper support from mentors/support team after your enrollment in any manner and course is not easy at all as they state you while enrolling.

    Whenever you try to reach support team/student adviser to discuss your concerns they don’t pick your call many times and if they receive the call they just say will come back to you in few min/EOD or will solve within EOD but you don’t get any solutions on time or they try to convince you as per their needs.

    whenever you try to raise your concerns regarding the course, you will get only one statement/answer like you are not attending sessions properly, not following the mentor instructions or you are not spending your time. They will never ever agree their mistakes and listen you concerns as well.

    Most pathetic part – When you say i am not satisfied with the course or if you ask for the cancellation and your money back, they simply say we don’t have refund policy at all and they will again try to convince you to the fullest with the flashy words/statements. It’s like mental harassment .

    My suggestions please don’t waste your hard money and time as well.

    if you are interested to learn data science and to make career transition , we have many institute in Bangalore who offer data science course, ML , AI course with very minimum fee ranges like 15–45k with excellent course structure so please don’t get fool y enrolling Springboard.

    All the videos/materials provided by springboard are available for free in YouTube .

    When the entire course material is free resources why they are charging 1.95 Lakhs I don’t understand

    Mentor ship(mentor call) is something they make as a star of the program. But you will get to interact with your mentor once in a week only for half an hour.

    I never got a chance to discuss in detail with my mentor as there was a time constraints (mentor is be not available after 30min )

    Whatever the things/words which i explained above, it’s my pathetic experience and wasted money as well.

    I definitely made a wrong decision by joining Springboard.

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