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100% Compatibility
Network Performance


  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • No Advertisements
  • Highly Anonymous
  • Worldwide servers with with fast speeds
  • Proxies are Immediate delivery
  • Fresh IPs Monthly
  • 24/7 Access to proxies
  • Guaranteed Access


  • Not Supported: Craigslist non-verified accounts

Price:$ 2.99

Over the years I have been involved in Internet marketing, I have tested and verified other proxy service providers that I want to consider.One company that has been leading the industry for several years is SquidProxies.

If you spend time on Internet marketing forums, you probably already heard about this company.

They have a large presence and a large clientele everywhere.

Your criticism is positive, but I prefer to delay our judgment on the service until I have tried. That’s what we did.

I decided to test private and shared proxies to launch an automated account creation campaign on YouTube and Instagram.

Each automated campaign focuses on speed and efficiency with minimal downtime or downtime.

In this post, I have featured SquidProxies Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, proxies, features and more. Let’s get started here.

SquidProxies Review With Discount Coupon 2021: Exclusive Offers

About SquidProxies

SquidProxies is an open-source proxy cache server that mediates between the user and the Internet. It offers shared agents and private agents for large projects and guaranteed quality. The private proxy is exclusive because it only serves a user at all times. The proxy server is assigned to provide some IP addresses with speed and uptime.

SquidProxies Review- All Purpose Proxies

Private proxy servers provide HTTP proxy and anonymous HTTPS that can access any Web site using the main web browsers such as Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome, and soon. SmartProxy is a reliable proxy provider, you can check the detailed review of SmartProxyhere.

Shared proxy servers are suitable for large projects with unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP subnets, and ultra-fast anonymous servers with up-to-date IP addresses.

Squidproxies Key  Features

  • Multiple Locations
  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxies
  • Multiple Subnets
  • Monthly Randomize
  • Server UpTime 99.9%
  • High Anonymity / Elite Proxies

Special Features

  • Offer unlimited bandwidth without server restrictions.
  • It is not necessary to configure. Just enter the IP address and the port in your browser.
  • They also provide multiple IP subnets from multiple US cities
  • You do not see any kind of advertising.
  • Anonymity: Your actual IP address disappears without you using a proxy.
  • Random IP Address: Receive IP addresses from multiple non-sequential sites and subnets.
  • Access your authorizations at any time.
  • Economic prices compared to other similar services.
  • Since it works with all browsers and bots that are compatible with HTTP / HTTP proxies, there are no compatibility issues.
  • IP addresses can be updated every month.
  • Bitcoin payment is supported.

Delivery time by proxy

One of the key factors I observe when reviewing a new proxy service is the time it takes to deploy our proxies.

I have a group of impatience and I do not like sitting and keeping our fingers crossed until our representatives are configured and delivered.

Fortunately, the speed of treatment with Squid Proxies was one of the fastest we’ve ever experienced.

The forces were ready in a few minutes.

Compared to some big names, whose authority often takes between 30 minutes and a few hours, it was refreshing to see that.

Server Locations

You can get multiple GEO locations. Here are the locations of the networks that provided by the Squid Proxy service and that offer an exclusive US proxy, and Europe (Bern, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Zurich), Proxies, Proxies from China, etc.

These locations are available for private and shared proxy servers. They, therefore, offer an excellent selection of locations.

Remember! If you need one or more specific locations for your agents, you will need to send a ticket after exiting. Otherwise, proxies will be randomly assigned to the US and you will not be able to access the placements you want.

What’s up with the speeds?

SquidProxies has the largest network of proxy servers in the industry and reports on its homepage with a dedicated speed of over 1,000 Mbit / s with unlimited bandwidth.

The agents I selected were in the USA. UU., Where Squid Proxies currently has 12 servers.

If you need a little more, you also have 13 more servers across Europe, including the UK, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland and many more.

During our tests, I am constantly achieving the speed I expect from private and shared agents.

They did not affect us, but they were fast and consistent, that’s all I need.

When tracking the Internet, I found that many users reported low speeds or delays in their proxies. However, I am sure that these issues are more likely due to a lack of user knowledge about the proper configuration of proxies. optimal performance

This brings us to our next point …

How is Customer support?

If you’re having trouble achieving the speed you expect from high-end proxies, or if you can not get them up and running, you can always turn to their outstanding support to guide you through all of your problems.

SquidProxies Review- Customer Support

For the purposes of this case study, I decided to send a quick email to Squid Proxies asking a random question that I do not even have to answer.

The aim was to test the reaction speed and the friendliness and sharpness of the support staff.

I got an answer in 30 minutes and the answer was deep and easy to understand.

I would not have been happier with the support system.

Of course, an email is not a conclusive amount of data to really give an informed opinion, but all I need to know is that we’ve never received an answer as quickly as Squid Proxies.

More Features of Squid Proxy

Refreshing proxies

By default, SquidProxies does not offer new proxy IP addresses every month. However, you can request the upgrade of your proxy servers as soon as the renewal payment is made every month. Note, however, that proxies for shared proxies will not be updated.

Unlimited bandwidth

All private proxy squidproxies packages have unlimited bandwidth. However, shared proxies are shared among multiple users, and the use of other users may make the network look a bit slow. This should not affect the overall bandwidth.

Fast delivery

Proxies will be automatically distributed within 5 minutes of payment via PayPal. After completing the registration process, there is no delay and the proxy servers can be used without further delay.

Fast delivery

Proxy IP addresses are automatically distributed once the payment has been made. After completing the registration process, there is no delay, and the proxy IP addresses can be applied immediately with the specified username and password.

7 days return policy

Squidproxies applies a generous refund for seven days. Since they do not offer a trial period before buying proxies, customers often hesitate before investing. The 7-day refund policy is helpful to many customers who need to check if their agents are a good option for the need.

Active customer service

For the users to be happy, one of the most important tasks is to solve them as soon as a problem arises. Squidproxies focused on it and created an excellent customer service. They respond to all support tickets within 24 hours of the presentation and are also very helpful.

Rich knowledge base

Squidproxies has a very detailed knowledge base where new users can easily understand how to use their service. The knowledge base also includes answers to the most frequently asked questions so that as a potential customer, you can know everything you need to know without answering it.

Downloads and Tools

Squidproxies provides tools for users. One of the downloadable software you provide is the proxy manager, from which you can manage and authenticate the proxies.

An online proxy tester is also available. With this tool, you can verify that the proxies are working properly.

Squid Proxy Warranty

If you are not satisfied with the proxies or are not working properly and your support team does not solve your problem, you will receive a full refund of your payment. This is another feature that distinguishes it.

Quick Start

After purchasing the package, the proxy servers will automatically be delivered within 5 minutes. The proxy details will be emailed to you and can be used after login through the proxy control panel.

How To Add Your Authorized IPs?

Step 1 Add Your Authorized Ip

SquidProxies Review- Add Your IP

Step 2 After that Login to the VIP dashboard

SquidProxies Review- Enter Your Details

Sted 3 To Add your IP Click “Add to Auth List” and Submit. And Wait For 5 Min For system Propagation, After that go on to the Next Step.

SquidProxies Review- Authorized IPs

Step 4 Now You Can Start The Proxies Listed under the “Proxies”

SquidProxies Review- Add Proxies

More Features of Squid Proxy

Network Performance

Squidproxies does not provide sequential IP addresses with a fast connection. The servers offered by the SquidProxies is incredibly reliable and Don’t Have too much error in comparison to other services. For your private agents, you have the guarantee that it works for your goals and fulfills your satisfaction. There is no such offer for a common proxy. They are less reliable and probably work. It is recommended to switch to the private proxy option to maximize the value. They provide 24/7 access to their proxy servers.

Update and deterioration

The proxy package can be upgraded at any time by sending an application, and the cost is pro-rated. In addition, you have the option to retain your existing proxy servers or obtain all new proxy servers.

The deterioration of the proxy package, however, can not be performed at any time and must be requested 7 days before the expiration date. However, you will be refunded the remaining days in your existing package and receive all new powers.


It offers its users an Affiliate Program where you receive a commission of 20% of the payment of your referral per month.

If a person you refer to uses your referral link with each payment, you will still receive a commission. If you want to withdraw the earned commission, you can do so after 30 days. This will be credited to your PayPal account.


  • Clear focus on providing working proxies for marketing bots
  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxies
  • 21 Server Locations
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Squid Proxies proxies best used for social media automation

Proxy Squid Free Trial

Squid Proxy has a three-day free trial period when you read the TOS (Terms of Use). You can request a refund by e-mail in the customer billing portal.

Squid Technical details

Squid proxies will be banned for the IP address you specify and you are entitled to 10 ips per order.

You have access to a VIP client area where you can see your deputies and add, delete, or edit your authorized IP addresses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to wait for Squid proxies make the changes for you.

SquidProxies Review- Check Your Selected IPs

Squid Proxy Service Locations Include:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle, WA
  • Dallas, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, IL
  • Scranton, PA
  • Bucharest, Romania

Squid Proxies customer service

Proxy companies are generally unaware of their customer support and their ability to get free client support with a proxy server, but Squid Proxies provides excellent email client support. Proxy servers are intended for technically oriented persons. So do not wait for many maneuvers if you can not operate the cutting box properly, but if you have a legitimate problem.

About their Website Navigation

The Squid Proxies website is very easy to navigate and fun to use it. There are many useful tutorials to help with setup, a FAQ section, and easy customer service.

Throughout the site, you’ll find tips and useful information to help you better understand the service and use your proxy servers. Your website and servers are also ad-free.

It seemed to me that their resource was the most useful. There are step-by-step instructions to answer your questions, including using your proxies on a platform or browser, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and using the HTTP proxy in your browser in PHP code.

These tutorials are very easy to follow, with pictures attached to the instructions. There is also a section with articles on various topics.

SquidProxies Price  | Pricing Plans

One aspect of the Squid Proxy service we could not give up was usability.

Everything is so intuitive.

SquidProxies Review- Private Proxies

When you switch to your home page, you get two options:

Shared Proxy and Private Proxy.

This makes the entire shopping experience quick and easy from start to finish.

At the time of writing, the prices were as follows:

Private Proxy – $ 2.40 (for 10) – $ 0.75 (for 2000)

Shared proxies: $ 1 each ($ 100 each) – $ 0.65 each ($ 1,000 each)

As with all proxy service providers, the more purchases there are, the less economical they are.

Despite the highest price ($ 2.40 per private agent), they still have a reasonable price and are cheaper than some of their closest competitors.


Private Proxies

SquidProxies Review- Private Proxies


  • -10 Proxies | $2.40/proxy | $24 monthly.
  • -From 2 Cities & 4 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -25 Proxies | $1.92/proxy | $48 monthly.
  • -From 3 Cities & 6 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -50 Proxies | $1.74/proxy | $87 monthly.
  • -From 4 Cities & 8 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -100 Proxies | $1.60/proxy | $160 monthly.
  • -From 5 Cities & 10 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -200 Proxies | $1.45/proxy | $290 monthly.
  • -From 6 Cities & 12 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -350 Proxies | $1.30/proxy | $455 monthly.
  • -From 7 Cities & 14 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -500 Proxies | $1.15/proxy | $575 monthly.
  • -From 8 Cities & 16 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -1000 Proxies | $0.91/proxy | $910 monthly.
  • -From 9 Cities & 18 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -2000 Proxies | $0.75/proxy | $1500 monthly.
  • -From 3 Cities & 6 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -IPs refreshed every month.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.
  • Shared Proxies


  • -100 Proxies | $1 /proxy | $100 monthly.
  • -From 4 Cities &8 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -250 Proxies | $0.90/proxy | $225 monthly.
  • -From 5 Cities &10 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -500 Proxies | $0.80/proxy | $400 monthly.
  • -From 6 Cities &12 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -1000 Proxies | $0.65/proxy | $650 monthly.
  • -From 7 Cities &14 Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.


  • -2000-5000 Proxies | $ custom/proxy  | $custom monthly.
  • -From 8+ Cities &16+ Subnets.
  • -Anonymity.
  • -Instant Setup.
  • -Automatically Randomized.

If you are interested in purchasing thousands of proxies, the best option would be Private, simply because of the value they offer for such a small difference (private agents cost $ 0.10 per proxy) they will be in bulk Bought).

We decided to buy 100 common proxies and 100 private proxies.

The total monthly cost is $ 260.

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Conclusion: SquidProxies Review With Discount Coupon 2021 

During the tests, I had no problems with the proxies purchased from SquidProxies.

There were many options, the preparation times were fast, the representations worked very well and the support was fantastic.

There is nothing more to say about this service.

If you are looking for cheap and high-quality proxies, I recommend SquidProxies.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “Squid Proxies” website. Share your Review about Squid Proxies in the comment section. Have you ever used Squid Proxies for your business

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