Starbox Plugin Review 2023: Discount Coupon Upto 15% Off

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When a human reader reaches to your post and reads your post. If your content seems good to him then they will definitely try to look at the Author box. And in this case, if you have a website/blog then you do an author bio plugin. Here you will need the Starbox plugin.

When you give a gorgeous look to your author box then it makes your readers click all the way through to see more about the Author

In this post, I have featured  Starbox Plugin Review 2023 which is a product of

Starbox Plugin Review 2023: Discount Coupon | Get Upto 15% Off

Starbox Plugin Review- Pricing Plan

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Detailed Starbox Plugin Review

Starbox is a reliable WordPress Author Bio plugin that help you to display functional and attractive author profile boxes after your every post on the WordPress blog.

You’ll fall in love with Starbox if you are just an author on your site or a superstar of a team of Authors because you are choosing the professionally built themes and landscaping.

Starbox Plugin Review- StarBox Plugin

If you love your job and also want to boost your social proof then put your Author Box on the top of the content so that human readers will know that they’re reading things that a real great person has written. Let your readers know more about yourself with Starbox. This is a great way to establish a good reputation.

If you are a leader of star Authors and they want different things from you. Then let them know about the Starbox plugin and allow them to place their Author Box on top or bottom of the content with the better-looking themes. The more human reader will engage in their article they will get more attention to their social media profiles. With Starbox, soon they will get Google or Facebook Authorship.

Unique and Powerful Features of Starbox Plugin

As I mentioned to you that Starbox is a great Author Box plugin for WordPress. This plugin will be great when it is being used by multiple users and bloggers can take advantage of its features. You don’t need the Gravatar if you want to add a picture of your own. You can also add your social media profiles so that people can follow you. 

These are some cool features of Starbox Plugin:

  • HTML5-coded
  • Starbox Plugin uses Google Microformats (vCard) to display Rich Snippet in Google search results
  • Very easy to set up and Customize
  • You get Google and Facebook Authorship for all your Authors
  • You can link your various social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, etc. (with Starbox Pro)
  • Your Authors can add their different set of social media profiles to their posts.
  • You can set links to your other articles
  • You will also get a section that displays the latest posts of a certain Author.
  • Various themes to choose
  • You can set the name of Author Box
  • You can set a Job Title
  • You can set your Company with the link to that site.
  • Each Author can edit their Author Box as they want to
  • You don’t need a Gravatar to upload your own image
  • Paragraphs in the Author Box (Bio)
  • Add Starbox in the post or widgets with the shortcode

How to Install Starbox Plugin?

Starbox Plugin can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory. Just go to the WordPress plugin directory and click on the Add New button then search for the Starbox. When you see the Starbox plugin in the results then just click Install and Activate

Once the Starbox Plugin has been installed and activated, you can configure it from under the settings sidebar menu.

Configuring The Author Box Plugin

You can choose where to display the Author Box on your site from the Starbox settings page. There are six themes to select which you can use for the Author box on posts as well as in the blog feed of your site. You can also show the global positioning of the author box before or after the post content. The options of the Author Box are all very professional looking and perfectly fit with most WordPress themes.

Confuguring The Starbox- Starbox Plugin

Don’t be afraid of having spent too much time setting up Starbox. You will set up Starbox with just a matter of minutes. There will be no coding or complication required for setting up. 

How to Create An Author Profile For Starbox?

Once the settings are done, you can move to the default WordPress user profile page to customize your personal profile. Once the plugin has been installed, you can upload your author profile photo or simply use the Gravatar image which is associated with your email address.

Each author of your team can customize their author box by choosing where to display and which theme should be used to style it. You can also add a job title, company name with a link, bio of the author which will be displayed in their author box.

Starbox Plugin Review- Create Author Profile

Users can also link their social media profiles to their Author Box. How your Author Box will be displayed after your every post, it totally depends on your chosen settings. You can complete your post with custom Author’s bio, social media links, and a tab that displays more posts from the author. Using the plugin shortcodes, you can replace your Starbox profiles to default or insert the Author boxes anywhere in your site.

Starbox Pro  Pricing

Starbox Pro is a paid part of the Starbox plugin. Starbox Pro provides professional themes to choose from HTML5, social media profiles, and Authorships. Starbox Pro will cost you $29.99 (inc. VAT). Starbox Pro helps you get to achieve many things like Authorship of Facebook and Google. This is a cool way to increase your popularity among people.

Starbox Plugin Review- Pricing Plan

Starbox Pro allows you to link multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, etc. (where lite version only allows you to link only Facebook & Twitter accounts)

Other Benefits of Starbox Pro

  • The profile image of each author will be used as a global image.
  • You can set Starbox on which post to display.
  • It works great with the WP Multisite plugin
  • Theme Integration support
  • 100% free future updates
  • Doesn’t lower the website’s speed
  • Fully optimizes plugin
  • Through Starbox shortcode it supports multiple author access.

Customer Review:

StarBox Plugin Customer Reviews

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Conclusion: Starbox Plugin Review 2023 | Should You Go For It?? Starbox Plugin Discount Coupon Upto 15% Off

As I mentioned above that Starbox Pro provides so many genuine features and very easy to use. Use Starbox and see your Authors becoming real Stars. The reader will get to know about the person behind better articles. With Starbox you can increase your social proof and credibility as an Author.

After reading your articles and author box, your readers will feel like they know you better so they will return for more. The recent posts tabs feature is a good thing which makes it easy for your readers to find more content from the same author and it makes them spend some more time on your site.

I would suggest you use this Starbox plugin and if you want more features then also give a try to Starbox Pro. With these amazing themes and designs, your authors will become a Superstar for sure.

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