Stellar Repair For Outlook Review 2023: Is It Worth Trying? (Why 9 Stars)

Over 400 million people use outlook regularly for various storage needs.

Besides mailing, you can use Microsoft Outlook to store data offline.

Microsoft Outlook PST data file is an offline data file used by Outlook to manage various types of personal data including Storing mails, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, etc all in one place.

Basically, Outlook is a one-stop solution for offline storage. It makes life easy, isn’t it?

But, when you have such a big user interface there are chances of facing technical cliches which also increases the chance of losing data.

Imagine losing your hours of hard work, your important files which you’ve saved at the most trusted server is no less than a nightmare, right?

Well with Outlook users it’s quite common to lose files, files getting corrupted, pressing the delete button mistakenly, and losing an important file.

You can lose your data due to several reasons like Virus Attack, Sudden Power Failures, Source Device Failures, Faulty Network, there are chances that your PST Files can get corrupted, and also you can lose them. But, there is always a solution when we look out, a Stellar Repair is a tool which can help you get back your lost files & also your corrupted files.

In this blog, I am going to give you the best solution I have come across to recover the lost file on outlook, to repair the corrupt files by a trusted source on outlook.

Stellar Repair For Outlook Review

Stellar Repair For Outlook Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money??

Are you wondering How I will know when I need Stellar Repair?


How do I identify that my PST files are corrupted?

Well, I am here to help you understand.

Following are the errors which you can face when you have an issue in the Outlook, the time when you’ll have a need of Stellar Repair Tool if you see any of these errors or pop-ups on your screen then understand it is the high time to get your files repaired:

  • PST File Could Not Be Accessed
  • Outlook PST File Not Found
  • Locating Lost PST Files & Screen goes Blank
  • MS Outlook Timeout Error 0x8004210a
  • Unknown Error on PST

If you face any of the above-mentioned issues or errors while using Outlook/ PST then here is a tried and tested solution for you.

Stellar Repair for Outlook is the best solution for you.

In this review you will get to know:

  • What is Stellar Repair for Outlook?
  • Key Features of Stellar Repair
  • Why Do We Recommend Stellar Repair?
  • How to install Stellar Repair
  • How to restore data from a corrupted PST file using Stellar Repair?

For better understanding, let’s first know the software and understand the software.

What is Stellar Repair for Outlook?

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a tool that helps you restore lost or corrupted PST files stored on Microsoft Outlook. It is an advanced PST repair software which is useful for instant restoration with 100% integrity & precision.Stellar Repair For Outlook - Stellar

Stellar Repair has such a powerful search engine that can restore severely corrupted PST files of any size to extract mailbox data including deleted emails and contacts in a New or Existing outlook profile.

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a complete PST recovery solution

It can help you recover your mails in almost every format which includes PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, & PDF

It’s a super vulnerable & compatible software which can be used with Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000

It can help you Recover & Repair ALL PST files including the severely corrupt and encrypted PSTs. The recovery time of the file depends upon the size of the file and the extent it is corrupted.

Key Features of Stellar Repair

Stellar Repair For Outlook is basically built to make the PST repair easy for Non-techies without having a need for any prior technical training. It is one of the easy-to-use software for repairing PST files in Outlook

Stellar Repair for Outlook works with 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan the files for finding the exact problem
  2. Displaying a preview of recoverable items
  3. Once you select the desired files to ve saved, it saves the selected data after the outlook data recovery

These steps are further explained in detail in this article.

Important Key features of Stellar Repair which make it stand apart from other similar software include:

  • Stellar Repair for Outlook repairs large PST files with 100%  Accuracy

The latest 10.0 version of the Stellar Repair tool consists of an advanced scan engine that can easily scan and resolve the issues of severely corrupt PST files of very large size and reconstruct the mailbox data with 100% accuracy.

This tool can also restore mailbox data stored in password-secured PST files without having to use the password.

  • Quick & Easy Recovery of Outlook PST Files

Stellar Repair for Outlook provides an instant data recovery solution.

Anyone using PST on Outlook including office or individual users of Outlook can easily & quickly fix corrupt PST files and restore mailbox data in 3 simple steps with the software.

This software helps you recover all mailbox items including, Mails, Contacts, Journals, Notes, and other data, and restores them in a new PST file which is readily importable in Outlook.

You can either save these recovered or repaired files under another or new Outlook account or you can save it in the existing one, as per your convenience and choice.

  • It Helps to Recover Deleted Outlook Mailbox Items

Yes, this software restores emails deleted from Inbox or deleted from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in Outlook Mailbox accidentally for purposely.

Deleted email recovery feature comes handy for restoring emails and attachments which were removed/ deleted by mistake, voluntarily or were lost due to unplanned system formatting or because of any virus attack on your Outlook Mailbox by a file or due to any other reason.

After scanning a corrupt PST file, the software Previews the recoverable deleted items for the convenience of the users.

You can choose the items you wish to recover & select them for recovery.

  • Availability of Preview of Recoverable Data

The Stellar Repair for Outlook, an email recovery software shows an enhanced ‘tree-like’ preview of recoverable mailbox components. Which can be recovered immediately.

The latest version 10.0 of the software previews email body text and embedded hyperlinks along with previewing calendars, tasks, journals, and contacts. Users can retrieve individual emails directly from the Preview pane and save them at the desired location.

  • PST Recovery at Your Convenience

This software can save scan results for PST files, which can be loaded later to restore the email recovery process.

You can save the scan result as a DAT file by using the “Save Scan Info” feature and reload the scan file by using the   “Load Scan Info” feature. And start the “Restore” process later.

This  feature helps in saving the time spent on restoring Outlook mailbox data, as you don’t need to rescan the PST files again

Recovers  Mailbox Data in Multiple File Formats

Stellar Outlook PST repair tool can export the recovered mailbox data in PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats at one click.

You can use this feature offers the benefit of ‘portability’, allowing access the mailbox information after PST file recovery through various software applications including Outlook.

  • Save Mailbox Data at Location of Your Choice

Stellar Repair for Outlook helps you for email recovery which allows you to save the recovered PST file on any storage location & device of your choice which includes Internal System Storage, External Hard Drive, Network Storage (NAS, SAN, Cloud, WAN) which are accessible via the host system.

Also, users can also view and save detailed log reports of the PST file restoration process for later reference.

  • Split or Compact PST & Export to Office 365 also known as Technician Edition

Technician edition of the software can also Split and Compact large-sized PST file to optimize Outlook performance, improve manageability, also it reduces the chances of corruption.

Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician directly exports the recovered mailbox data to Office 365 at one click. It can also save the PST file in MBOX and DBX formats easily.

Why Do We Recommend Stellar Repair

Stellar Repair has an experience of about 26+ years of experience into making data recovery software, they won around  100+ awards, has a team of 100+ R&D engineers, serves across the globe to about 190+ countries, has about 8000+ partners & has a consumer base of around 3M+ individuals & businesses globally.

It requires to have high-quality products at affordable rates to build up such a reputation in the market globally.

Apart from this following are the major & important reasons we believe which make “Stellar Repair” a perfect choice for your use as an individual or as a business.

No Precise Technical Knowledge Required

Stellar Repair for Outlook Repair is one of the most easy-to-use software we have come across so far. Normally, when you go through other repairing methods for repairing or restoring any file lost or corrupted on outlook it requires technical knowledge and the process is quite complex. But, not with Stellar repair. With Stellar Repair you can easily repair or restore a file with 3 easy steps mentioned above. Which makes it easy to use.

Reasonable Pricing

Affordability of pricing really matters when it comes to software purchases. It’s really important to buy software that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are the different plans for Stellar Repair for Outlook with Lifetime License:

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Stellar Pricing Plan

Authenticity & Reliability

Stellar repair for outlook is one of the most used and positively reviewed outlook repair tools by the experts. The software has received an average user satisfaction rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on few of the most popular tech websites and forums.

It also provides you with a free download option for before purchase experience. So, before you spend your money, you know what you’re getting into.

A lot of praise for the software can be found at several platforms online by its actual users & experts.

Such responses from actual users and Experts of the product give out a very strong message about its authenticity, capabilities, and reliability which ends up making it a trustworthy tool for your sensitive data.

Also, Stellar Repair for Outlook has a consumer base across the globe and has also won several awards.

How to install Stellar Repair for FREE

Yes, you can install & use stellar repair for FREE before making any purchase decision. Here’s how:

Go to :

Step 1: Download the .exe file from Stellar Repair’s site by clicking on “Free Download” & install it in your system using the following steps:

Stellar Repair For Outlook - How To Download

Step 2: Go to your PC’s “Downloads folder, you’ll see Stellar Repair for Outlook’s icon, click on it

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Logo

Step 3: A pop-up window will display once you click on the icon, click on “Run”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Open File

Step 4: Once you click on “Run”, Another pop up window will display on the screen with a welcome message. Click on “Next”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Licence Agreement

Step 5: Once you click on “Next” in the above mentioned window, another window will show up displaying the “License Agreement”. Select “I accept the agreement” and click on “Next”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Storage Location

Step 6: Once you accept the license agreement, another window will be shown showing “Destination Location” This will be the storage location for your Stellar Repair for Outlook, If you’re okay to save at the default chosen location then click “Next”.

In case, if you want to choose any other location =, click on “Browse” and select your desired location and click “Next”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Confirm Folder Name

Step 7: Once you decide the destination location, confirm the folder name and click “Next”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Lunch Icon

Step 8: Once you finish deciding the destination Folder & Folder Name, you’ll be asked to choose the additional tasks which includes “Create a desktop icon”, and “Create Quick Launch icon”

You can choose either of them or both it’s up to you. And click on “Next”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Create A Desktop Icon

Step 9: Once this window pops up. Click on “Install”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Install

A similar window will display while installation of The Stellar Repair Software

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Finish

Step 10: Click on “Finish” by after clicking on “Launch Stellar Repair for Outlook”

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Lunch Stellar

Once you finish your installation, a shortcut to the software tool will be displayed on the desktop screen. You can open it and start using it.

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Tool ShortCut

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Click On Stellar Repair For Outlook

Once you click open “Stellar Repair for Outlook” this is how your window will look like.

Further, I have also explained the process of using thisHow to restore data from a corrupted PST file using Stellar Repair?

In the free version, you can easily recover data or files only up to 1 GB, which I think is enough to give you the quality, usage, and other ideas about the software.

With the free version, you can recover data which includes, Deleted photographs, Videos, Other Critical files, Recover formatted systems, Recover data from any storage media, Recover data from NTFS, exFAT, FAT (FAT16/FAT32), BitLocker Data Recovery.

Activities you cannot perform on Free Version includes Files from Lost Partition, It will not support unbootable system recovery, Optical media recovery (CD, DVD, HDDVD, Blu-ray Disc, Cannot Create Disk Image, Cannot monitor Hard Drive Health (SMART) & HDD Cloning, Cannot repair corrupt or Distorted Videos, Cannot Repair Corrupt or Distorted Photos, Cannot Repair Multiple Videos Simultaneously, Cannot Extract Thumbnails of Images, RAID 0, 5 & 6 Data Recovery

How to restore data from a corrupted PST file using Stellar Repair?

Step 1: Launch Stellar Repair for Outlook. On the Top Ribbon Click on “Outlook PST” and then a pop-up screen will appear to find or browse a file for repair in PST

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Outlook PST

Step 2: If you know the location of your PST file click “Browse”, in case, if you don’t know the location of the PST file click on “Find” to search the file. Click “Repair” to begin the outlook restoration process for outlook mailbox recovery.Stellar Repair For Outlook - Browse

Step 3: Stellar Repair tool will scan the corrupt PST file. Also, The estimated scan duration depends upon the size of PST and extent of corruption it carries.

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Scan Corrupt PST

Step 4: Once the scanning is complete, the software previews the restored Outlook mailbox items in the Left pane. You can easily Browse and Select mailbox items by selecting individual folders.

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Select Mail Box Itom

Step 5: Select any folder of your choice and click “Save Repaired File” in the Home tab displayed in the top ribbon. A pop-up screen will appear with file format options to select from and save the recovered mailbox data. Select PST and click Browse. Click “OK” to save.

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Save Repair File

Customer Testimonial

Stellar Repair For Outlook - Stellar Testimonial

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Stellar Repair for Outlook Conclusion: Stellar Repair For Outlook Review 2023

Overall, I found Stellar Repair to be the most authentic, reliable, affordable & trustworthy tool.

It has an amazingly easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for a non-techie to understand and work without wasting time on learning and focussing on other things.

Stellar Repair offers various recovery tools apart from Outlook for Individual & Business purposes.

With an industry experience of 26+ Years, winning several awards, and having a bunch of positive reviews across different platforms makes it more trustworthy.

When it comes to Data, we save a lot of important, confidential, personal information on these platforms. Stellar Repair not only comes with accuracy but also with “Security” which is really crucial.

There is a lot of other software I tested out before installing Stellar Repair, but neither of them provided security, when you go ahead with such software there are chances of your information being leaked, your account getting hacked, virus attack, malware attack, etc. Which can end up making your Outlook an Unsafe place for your Data storage?

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