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Stephen Curry Masterclass is an online coaching class where the instructors are world renowned professionals. There are various coaches teaching different skills and Stephen Curry, the popular NBA player will be focused on here.

Curry teaches shooting, ball-handling and scoring a basket. Shooting is the attempt at throwing a ball and scoring a basket. Ball handling is as the name suggests the handling of a ball, dribbling and having control over the ball. It is the most essential part of playing well in Curry’s words, and having effortless control over the movement of a ball and body movements required to perform different moves is what sets apart the casuals from professional players.

Stephen Curry Masterclass consists of 17 topics covering the basics and advanced game techniques relating to their mechanics. He also analyses NBA footage to unravel the various moves used by the pros. Here are the various basketball techniques an aspiring player should know.

Shooting and Scoring: Stephen Curry Masterclass Review (Detailed)

Shooting the ball through the basket and scoring for the team is what wins the game for a team. It is like scoring a goal in football, as well as the two teams, might play the only deciding factor to who wins the game are the goals displayed on the scoreboard. A player might play amazingly well in the court and master dribble, but if he does not score he will be relegated to a supporting player.

The most renowned, famous and desired players in basketball and football are the ones who know how to shoot on target and score for the team. Stephen Curry and Lebron James are among the highest scoring basketball players in NBA, so Curry’s coaching on the shooting is sure to help novices become better scorers.

A player has his feet facing the basket. Players hold the ball on the fingertips of the dominant hand and the other hand supports the side of the ball. The dominant hand is pulled back slowly before quickly extending it for a powerful shot. Players may jump for a more accurate shot. Curry recommends to load the hips and drive through the arches.

“To maximize the quickest release possible for you, lock in on the path of the ball it takes from your catch at the ready position to your final release points.”

These are just a few general methods of becoming a better shooter suggested by Stephen Curry.

Curry’s coaching program consists of three classes on shooting, which are the second third and fourth class. The introductory class is aimed at encouraging players who feel they are novices and aren’t sure if they have it in them to be the most valuable player, as Curry himself had a similar mindset before two life-changing events which lead to him becoming a successful NBA player.

Stephen Curry Masterclass

Here are the classes for improving shooting game:

1. Class 2: Shooting – Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics

Curry breaks down his shooting techniques. He provides a detailed analysis of his ball game. He talks about the stance which he uses, the alignment of his body and the ball and the mechanics of shooting. Stance is the position of the body, the position of feet and hands are the most crucial to the game. The body should be aligned to the basket. The physics are necessary for players to understand to try different shots.

2. Class 3: Form Shooting Practice

Understanding the mechanics are the first steps to being a good shooter. The following steps consist of using them in the court to have a better sense of it. Curry teaches players on how to practice on the court to improve consistently and get a better feel of the play. This leads to the transformation which players seek.

3. Class 4: Shooting off the Catch

Players familiar with the catch and shoot mechanic understand the huge difference it can make to their ability to score. Basketball is a dynamic game which requires shooting on the fly whenever a player has the ball and is close to and inside the three-pointer line and team play enables opportunities which can arise anytime. Passing and shooting is a mechanic used by successful players. It puts them in a position to score at a moment’s notice. This class teaches how Curry shoots when he receives a pass.

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Scoring is frequently mentioned above and it is the goal of the game to score points. The team which has the most points wins the match, which is akin to runs in cricket and goals in football. Basketball has three-pointers, two pointers and one pointer which reward the aforementioned number of points.

Three-pointers are scored from outside the three-pointer line, a two-pointer is scored when the shot is taken from inside the line and one pointer is scored during foul play where the player who is fouled is awarded an attempt at shooting from inside the line with players from the two teams standing in the blocks along the sides of the free-throw lane and back behind the free-throw shooter and they cannot enter the lane till the shot is taken and the tally is determined.

Curry’s coaching consists of two classes for scoring. Here are the classes:

  1. Class 13: Scoring at the Rim

The class is targeted towards keeping the ball in control, pouring over the defenses and scoring. The rim is the centerpiece of the game, and it really boils down to having the ball put inside the rim preferably beyond the three-pointer which requires fantastic ball-handling skills, and this is class 13 because ball handling skills come first and ball handling is the game.

  1. Class 14: Off Screens: Curl, Pop, and Fade

Curl, pop and fade are scoring techniques when coming off of screens with no ball in hand. Curry uses these techniques and teaches how to score when a defender is onto a player when the player has the ball.

Ball Handling and Using It to Score

Ball handling is the meta of the game, in Stephen Curry’s words as he states:

“Being able to shoot is all about being a complete and confident ball handler.”

Ball handling is the control of the ball in a player’s hand. It consists of dribbling, dodging, sidestepping, passing and decision making. The main purpose of dribbling is to get a lay-up and an experienced ball handler does not put it on the floor unless it settles its purpose.

Dribbling is a skill which can be practiced alone and is separate from other ball handling skills. Handling the ball requires knowledge and understanding of the gameplay mechanics in basketball and combines dribbling with the other ball handling skills to allow the player to use that knowledge during gameplay.

The ball should be dribbled hard as it spends more time in the hands which gives the player more control over it. Players should focus on moving towards the basket and when they move towards the sidelines they should resume their path towards the basket as quickly as possible.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Techniques

Curry’s coaching consists of five classes to become a good ball handler, with two of them involving a combination of the dribble and shooting a ball as these are put to use together to score.

Here are the classes on dribbling and ball handling:

1. Class 5: Ball-Handling: Foundations

Ball handling is required to become a good shooter as it requires control over the ball which lends itself to accurate shots and putting the right amount of force on the ball during shooting depending on the player’s position in the court.

Curry teaches the right positions and posture during ball handling when the ball is in a player’s hands and how to practice being in posture during the game. These are stationary ball handling mechanics to ease into it.

2. Class 6: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 1

When players build a strong foundation in ball handling and shooting, they can begin to combine them. It is the way the game is played similar to how a football shoots at the goal while he is dribbling the ball. Its a necessary part of the game, to score while dribbling during the heat of the game because basketball is a dynamic game.

The only time that is not applicable is during foul play, and a good player has to know how to score during the two situations. Still, the chances of foul play during a game are limited while endless possibilities can be created during regular play. It’s also important to note that foul play baskets are one pointer while regular play baskets are two and three-pointers.

3. Class 7: Ball-Handling: On the Move

Ball handling foundations should be strong before a player starts practicing ball handling on the move, and here Curry teaches the meta of the game. This is where players understand what to keep in mind while taking the dribble on the move by practicing running dribble and using their feet to move swiftly while retaining control over the ball.

3. Class 8: Shooting off the Dribble, Part 2

Keeping ball handling on the move in mind, Curry teaches how to combine movement, dribble and shooting to take accurate shots when the player is on the run, which is the main purpose of a scorer. Curry uses his movements and foot positioning in shooting off the dribble.

The player should combine East to West movement, which is moving between the sidelines, with North to South movements, which is moving towards the basket and position their feet such that they can constantly remain on the move and are never cornered in a disadvantageous position. It is also to take advantage of the opponent when they are in a disadvantageous position.

He shows such a clip in an introductory clip where he is on the attack and a defending opponent has his lead foot right in front of Curry so he takes advantage of the situation and takes an angle towards the basket where the defender cannot follow him.

4. Class 9: Creating Space From Your Defender

Curry shows how to create space from defenders to comfortably dribble and move forwards while not risking giving the ball away and being in a compromised position with his practice partner Brandon. It is safe to keep a distance from the defender so the ball is not within his reach and the player can change the direction of his movement and not get blocked by the defender as well as to have a focus towards the basket.

5. Class 10: Film Session: Creating Space and Beating Your Defender

The knowledge of how to create space from a defender is not enough by itself, and here Curry shows footage of real matches and players in the NBA analyzing the techniques used by defenders and showing ways to exploit them using mechanics from previous classes. They are footage of him using the mechanics to overcome his defenders and keep the ball in his hands.

6. Class 15: Ball-Handling: Overloading

Curry didn’t become a fantastic ball handler till he started overloading himself while in practice with two basketballs and a tennis ball. Overloading is the approach to understanding ball handling by requiring players to dribble and control multiple balls on the court.

The two basketballs by themselves would be a fair challenge but a small tennis ball takes it to whole other ball game. Curry teaches ways to practice with his routine to make players more confident ball handlers and make faster decisions.

Stephen Curry Training

There are two classes are on ball screening. Ball screen is when an offensive player legally blocks the path of a defender to open up the path to another offensive player to take his desired course of action such as passing the ball to another player and taking a shot. Good basketball teams set very good screens. They open up the offense in many ways.

Here are the classes:

1. Class 11: Ball Screens

Curry encourages and teaches using ball screens for team play with concepts, techniques and practice tips for effective and legal blocking methods and to use screens done by teammates to the player’s advantage.

2. Class 12: Film Session: Ball Screens

The knowledge of ball screens is not enough, as it requires lots of practice and studying to master. Curry shows real-life footage of himself using these techniques in the game to open up play. He analyses them to show the correct way to use them.

 Stephen Masterclass

The remaining classes are to build up the right mentality in players. Here are the classes:

1. Class 16: Pregame Preparation

Mental preparation for the game is necessary. Curry teaches ways to practice ball handling to build up confidence before the game.

2. Class 17: Conclusion: The Journey Towards Perfection

Curry shows players on ways to continue their journey to hone their skills further and encourages them to push themselves to become the best.

Stephen Curry and his MasterClass: Detailed Review

Stephen Curry is an NBA icon and won the NBA Most Valuable Player award in 2014 to 15 and won the Warriors their first championship since 1975. Curry helped the Warriors to reach the finals in 2016 and 17. He is considered one of the greatest scorers in basketball ever and has legitimized three-pointers as an effective tactic now employed by several teams.

Curry’s coaching program can be bought for Rs 7775 and as part of the All-Access Pass which gives access to multiple classes by several MasterClass teachers for Rs 15550 per year. The single purchase is a one time purchase for permanent access.

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Conclusion: Is Stephen Curry Masterclass Worth Your Money?

I hope you like our Stephen Curry Masterclass Review in detail. Share your experience in the comments section below, what’s your viewpoint on Stephen Curry Masterclass. What features of the Stephen Curry video you liked the most. Also, mention your experience if you have already jumped into the masterclass courses.


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