How To Streamline Your Social Media Presence

Managing one social media account can be tricky enough, but staying consistent over several can seem completely overwhelming. Here’s how to make life easier on yourself, and keep your social media campaign running the way it should be:

Define your company voice

Your company voice needs to be the same across platforms — and you need to choose it carefully. It’s good to sound friendly and approachable, but you don’t want to come across as too casual.

If you’re running all your company’s social media accounts on your own, this might be easier, but if you have several admins on your Facebook page and a different person running your Twitter and G+, things can quickly get complicated.

Set up a shareable document — you can use Google docs, or Dropbox — and outline your company’s online voice. You need to be consistent, even with the smallest things. Overusing exclamation marks and smiley faces is fine in your admins’ own time, but if some of them are doing it on the company profiles, it’s going to start looking messy quite quickly.

Use a dashboard

Platforms like Hootsuite allow you to manage all your social media accounts from one place — and if you’re doing all the work yourself, this can save you so much time. You can also track hashtags and trends, and organise your feeds into different categories. Arranging your dashboard so you have all your interactions on one tab, all your new friends and followers in another tab, and everything you’re tracking in another can save you checking each account in turn.

Schedule posts

You can use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite (among others) for this, too. Schedule posts at the beginning of the week so you don’t have to put aside so much time each day for content marketing and posting updates. By cross-posting from different accounts, you can minimise the amount of time you spend putting up content on Twitter that you’ve already posted on Facebook, so make use of this feature where available.

Stash away some evergreen content

There are going to be times when you’re too busy to update your company blog or curate content for your Facebook page. If you’re already sitting on a stash of useful, evergreen content, then these times won’t be a problem.

Even if you can’t actually write the blogs in advance, keeping a list of potential headlines is still better than nothing, and can help you out if you’re in a fix.

When it comes to promotional posts (which you shouldn’t be overdoing, by the way — keep it to around 30% of your total posts) you can schedule these weeks in advance to save you copying out the same things over and over again.

For example, if you’re promoting a new online course or seasonal discount that’s going to be available for some time, schedule the post to go out once a day for the next few weeks, and then forget about it. If you normally just copy and paste things that need reposting, you’ll be amazed at how much time and energy this actually saves.

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How you streamline your social media presence, any suggestions would be welcome. Please share it in comments !

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