Strikingly Review 2023 Features & Pricing [Good Website Builder?]


Overall Verdict

Strikingly is one of the best & top notch free website builder for anyone to create a gorgeous, mobile friendly website easily Quick, simple and stylish.

Out of 10


  • Mobile Action Buttons
  • Unlimited Free Sites
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Site Membership
  • Customize Checkout
  • Embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript


  • Free plan have limitations
  • Newbies might find expensive


Price: $ 8

Looking for Unbiased Strikingly review dont worry I covered you up.

Building a website is hard.

You’ve spent countless hours trying to create a website. You’ve been told that you need to pay thousands of dollars to have one built.

You could have a website up and running in minutes with Strikingly. There’s no complicated coding or design skills required.

With Strikingly, you can create your own professional-looking website without having to worry about the technical aspects.

Strikingly Review

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Strikingly is a free, easy to use, and power-packed website builder with many features that allow you to customize your website to the way you want it. Its clean and modern design and layout will make you want to use it right away. If you want to try it out, it’s best if you do so without spending any money. Strikingly’s free trial offers you a 100+ page demo which is enough to give you an idea of what Strikingly can do.

Strikingly is an easy to use website builder that gives you options like: custom header, logo, links to your site, multiple pages with the ability to link between pages.

Strikingly reviews by users

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What is Strikingly? 🥇 Top Pros & Cons of  Strikingly Review

Strikingly features and pricing

So, here is Strikingly: Smart and Simple Website Builder Endorsed by Seth Godin.

Strikingly is a feature Simple rich website builder tool that enables people with no experience in Graphics Designs to create modern and beautiful websites. It is recommended by the marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin. Today I am gonna do detailed Strikingly review with all pros & cons.  

When I first started using Strikingly, I tried to use their website builder as much as possible. While it was a fantastic tool for getting a quick website created, it was not conducive to the things I do and how I do them.

That is why I wanted to see how Strikingly’s WordPress version would be for me. I had a website that was both fully responsive and had a custom theme that would be perfect for the events we work with. Right out of the gate, I noticed a major difference in ease of use–via the WordPress dashboard.

I love this new and improved Strikingly website builder. It’s free and full-featured, with an intuitive interface that’s easy to use. The Google Analytics integration is super-duper cool.

Strikigly website builder

You have may questions like this for Strikingly I will answer everything:

– Why Strikingly Website Builder for creating a website ?

– What is Strikingly Website Builder?

– Why should I use Strikingly?

– What does Strikingly offer?

– What does Strikingly cost?

– How does Strikingly work?

– What are the pros and cons of Strikingly?

What is a Website builder?

Website Builders are comprehensive tools that allow users to build a website without having to know the code or design capabilities of the site. While a good website builder may sound simple, it can offer a professional-quality website that uses mobile Friendly and integrates with social networking and e-commerce tools, and updated to stay up to date and safe.

For most people, those who create their first website, a Good and simple website Builder offers a low-cost and low-stress option to create a quality website.

Why build a website or ecommerce store now?

Three words: Join. The. Revolution.

  1. Your buyers are online. There are 2.14 billion digital buyers and ecommerce sales is expected to account for 18.1% of retail sales worldwide. They’re online, you should be too.
  2. COVID change how businesses are doneThe pandemic triggered the digital and ecommerce turning point, and everyone went online. It’s time to go all in, and go online.
  3. Technology is no longer the bogey man. The no code movement made technology less intimidating and friendly. Your competitors are only online and you don’t want to miss out. FOMO is real.
  4. Last but not least, every entrepreneur, business, or even side projects has a site or app these days. If you don’t, it’s hard to convince your audience or even your partners that you’re legit.

Now is the best time to start your business online. Launch your website or store in no time with Strikingly, and get your first customer today!

Strikingly Review 2023

The company ethics is reflected in this quote from CEO David Haisha Chen:

“Strikingly is truly fast and easy. In 15 minutes, from start to finish, you can have something beautiful and functional.  There is really no learning curve because we do a lot of the work for you.  We focus our efforts mainly on the average internet users – the people who have never built a site before.”

Strikingly customer reviews

Strikingly, is a kind of a beast to the website builder market. Since its introduction in 2012, a few years after the main competitors, it has since gained in popularity. The foremost goal of the website Builders is to create one-page sites with no programming knowledge.

review for strikingly website builder

This makes it very interesting for sellers and small businesses. Typical examples are portfolios, product landing pages or events where you display all your information on an attractive page. Besides the shop window, you can also add a small online store (maximum 300 products) and a blog.

The designs look modern and look Perfect on smartphones and tablets. You can even enhance the mobile experience by adding a mobile action, For example, an easy-to-reach “Call” or “Send Email” button. This makes it even easier to browse your website on smartphones and tablets.

Strikingly entry plan is forever free and will allow you to create a basic website and test Strikingly main features. But what happens if you need over one page? You must select the Pro package. You can manage up to 20 pages. It’s not much, but that’s enough for most small websites.

Key Features of Strikingly Review

Advantages: Strikingly is a powerful yet simple website builder that allows you to customize and build websites easily. The software features in Strikingly allow you to easily add graphics, maps, videos and other elements on the webpage without any coding knowledge or extra work.

Benefits: The Strikingly website builder is a great choice if you want to create a website with the ease of use and power of complex technology. This provides an easy way for non-technical people to learn how to make websites without having much knowledge about it.

Strikingly templates



Strikingly’s strength lies in its blogging capabilities? It contains everything you need to start your blog: analysis, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, commenting, search, and visualization categories. All you have to do is click on “Add New Section” in the page menu, select “Simple Blog” and you’re done! You can create blogs now. This is also available in the free version which is a bonus!

The description “Simple Blog” is more or less what she says on the tin. It does not be the definitive blogging platform, but it has the tools and simplicity to create a simple blog that works well.

If you’re creating your own blog but want to get started, this is a good option. You can stay in the free version for as long as you like, or upgrade your tiered price plans for additional features.


If you have a business, the requirements of a website Builder will differ from those of a blog or personal website. As you may have guessed, Strikingly is the best option if you are a fast growing company.

However, if you’re an independent professional looking to promote your brand or a small business looking for an online presence, Strikingly could be for you, if you have a tight budget and want to get something online.


Strikingly range of models is aesthetic and elegant with high-quality images. With additional options such as gallery and large media areas, Strikingly is ideal for a small wallet or personal website.

So if you’re looking for a fast, low-cost online presence and freedom of design is your priority, Strikingly will do a great job for you.


coupon codes for Strikingly

E-commerce is characterized because you can buy and sell products online. There is a “simple shop” feature you can add to your website. In the free plan, you can only add one product (with an unlimited supply). So you need to update to add more products.

You have several options for updating. The limited edition offers five products for sale through your website. That’s up to 300 in the Pro Plan and 500 products in the VIP Plan. Our research has shown that Conspicuous is one creator of cheap websites that can sell.

Regardless of which plan you are in, it is easy to add the e-commerce feature, and while it is limited, it is good to have at least the option. Ultimately, it should be treated as an additional feature rather than the sole purpose of the site.

If your business relies solely or mainly on selling products, consider one of the most targeted E-commerce sites.

Why Should you use Strikingly? Strikingly Review

Strikingly’s Tools

Help & Support

One of Strikingly’s strongest areas is assistance and support.

It possesses a great information base. Its articles frequently include videos and pictures, ensuring that you can discover information quickly and clearly.

However, if you want more assistance, live chat support is accessible 24/7. The ‘Happiness Officers’ are always there to help.

There’s also an idea forum where you may suggest new ways to make the site better. Surprisingly, you can vote on other people’s ideas. You can email them directly if you have a specific issue or wish to submit a ticket.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays, social media appears to be similar to oxygen: it appears that individuals, particularly companies, require it to grow and exist.

You may add and link to your social media accounts under the social feed area of Strikingly. Your visitors will be able to keep up with your updates this way.

Strikingly social media

Certain functionality, such as importing posts from a Facebook page rather than your own timeline, are not available in the free edition (you have to be on the Pro plan to access this). You may also use Facebook Messenger to add a live chat function to the Pro plan.

You may link your site to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so that your most recent updates appear on your website. It isn’t the most sleek or intuitive social feed, but it gets the job done, and Strikingly monitors your feed for new postings every five minutes automatically.


Strikingly analytics

Strikingly, like other website builders, offers an analytics tool that lets you know how many people have visited your site.

This information includes where countries they came from, when they visited your site, and if they came from a mobile or desktop device. These statistics may be viewed across a variety of time intervals, including the past 24 hours, the last seven days, the last 30 days, and the last 90 days.

This is Strikingly’s only default analytics tool, and it offers you a straightforward, basic summary of your site’s visitors. Strikingly recommends Google Analytics for a more extensive and complete study of your site, and even provides a guide on how to install it in their help section.

Marketing & SEO

Strikingly SEO reviews

If you want to get as many people as possible to visit your site, you may need to dip your toe into the seas of search engine optimization (SEO). We guarantee it’s not as terrifying as it sounds.

Basically, you can tell Google and other search engines what your site is about and how valuable it could be to others by doing a few things. Consider it like building signposts on your website to lead visitors in the proper path.

If you have a food blog, for example, using the appropriate signposts instructs Google not to show your site to someone looking for double-glazing. It also informs visitors seeking for cooking blogs that yours is the best option.

SEO reviews

Most people are unfamiliar with this world, so don’t worry. Strikingly keeps things simple by providing an SEO checklist to follow.

Strikingly offers less marketing features than other website builders. The sole email marketing option provided so far is for Pro users, and it requires integrating an external system called MailChimp onto your website.

To remain in touch with your visitors, you may add numerous forms and contact pages to your site, all of which are available in the free version. Because these are very basic capabilities, your decision to choose Strikingly will be based on how essential marketing is to your website.


On any of Strikingly’s plans, even the free one, you may purchase a domain. This is great since it allows you to first obtain your domain name and then upgrade to a premium plan when you’re ready. You may connect your domain to your website once you’ve upgraded to the Limited or Pro plan.

Even better, you can register your domain for up to ten years, so whether you want to lock it down for the long term or renew it on a more regular basis, Strikingly can help.

Strikingly provides a diverse selection of TLDs (TLDs). These are domains that finish in extensions like .boutique or .shop, and they provide you with a more unique website address that will help you stand out from the crowd.

These Top Level Domains can be more expensive, however standard domains such as .com, .net, and .org generally cost $24.95 per year.

When you register with Strikingly, the domain is instantly connected to your site, and domain privacy is provided as well. The knowledge base contains useful instructions that explain how to register and connect domains.

If you already have a domain, you may transfer it from another registrar to Strikingly. This allows you to manage all of your websites and domains in one location.

You may customise your site’s URL in the free version without removing the Strikingly logo if you don’t want a custom domain or don’t want to upgrade in order to qualify for one. You may have as an example.


Strikingly Security

All custom domains are enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which allows users to access your site through Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Do you have any idea what that means? It’s actually rather easy.  When a visitor comes to your site, the link between them and you is encrypted. This builds trust in your visitors and might even help you rank higher on Google.

On all custom domains, this is done for you automatically (so you must be on either the Limited or Pro plan). It makes no difference whether you purchased your domain from Strikingly or had it transferred from another provider.

Backups & Restores

When you’re working on your website, Autosaves your changes for you, which is really convenient.

However, because there is no backup feature, it’s a good idea to make a duplicate of your site just in case. You may do this by heading to your dashboard and selecting “clone” from the “additional options” menu.

This generates an unpublished duplicate of your site for you. Because it doesn’t immediately sync when you make changes, it’s good generating a fresh copy now and again to stay current.

Strikingly promo codes


We should investigate at 10 ways how Strikingly can facilitate your load while building a Website:

  • You don’t need to take in a code of any kind
  • Facilitated by the scandalous AWS, a reliable source
  • A single tick SSL accreditation, expanding brand trust
  • A front-end interface, that let you to craft as you go
  • Pre-planned segmenting for your site, Regardless with the problem of design
  • Pressed front changed, for a quicker stream
  • Unlimited resources such as storage or stockpiling and transmission capacity, no fatigue loading
  • 99 percent uptime, Saving you cash, time and bother
  • Different dialects, ideal for global groups and customers.
  • The barrier-free technician mode should allow anyone to work

 Strikingly Pricing (Strikingly Promo Code – Coupons)

Strikingly coupon code
Strikingly coupon code

Besides the above features for different prices, Strikingly gives the domains and custom emails for an extra fee.


  • $0 forever
  • Unlimited Free Sites
  • Domain
  • 5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Simple Store – 1 product per site
  • 24/7 Support


  • $24.95 / year

Domain names  give your website a personalized address and improve SEO. A Strikingly flashy plan is required to connect your sites to a custom domain.


  • $25 / year

Custom email addresses (for example, [email protected]) make your customers’ communications much more professional. Adding emails requires a domain name.

Strikingly Customer Support

Strikingly’s support team is friendly and helpful. They will help you set up your new site, walk you through the editor, or show you what else Strikingly has to offer. You can reach them through email or live chat on their website at any time of the day.

Their live chat is great, and you can even request a call back if the circumstances require it.

They have an FAQ page with some simple questions and answers to help you get started on your site as soon as possible. So, if you’ve never built a website before, they can quickly walk you through how to create a striking, professional website with little to no effort.

They have a growing library of tutorials and documentation with detailed explanations for almost any topic you can think of, from editing the styling of your site, to adding background images and videos.

The Strikingly documentation page is comprehensive and organized into clearly labeled sections that will help you find the answer you need quickly.

They also have a page that provides more explanations on some of their special features, such as their featured images and photo galleries. So, if there’s a specific feature you’re struggling to work with, they can point you in the right direction.

 Strikingly Testimonials & Reviews from Customers

Strikingly testimonials

Bestselling Author

I started using this tool and it turns out it’s a simple web development tool that is all plug and play… It’s hard for me to imagine a website being ten times more beautiful than what you can build with Strikingly.


Editor & Writing Coach

I run a small business from home and I quit GoDaddy long ago because it was expensive and pretty byzantine. I work part-time and I don’t want those hours spent on satellite website issues — I want to maximize my earnings. Strikingly is so intuitive and functional. I love it! I’ve told tons of my friends about it already.


Lead Advisor

I actually just want to say how impressed I’ve been with the site/software/mobile app. I looked at a few options before going with Strikingly, but I’m so glad I did. Amazing UI/UX, perfect balance between being simple, yet customizable – and at no point was I “stuck”; everything just seems to work. Great stuff and thanks again!



PR Manager & Teacher

I’m one of your big fans! Strikingly is just amazing! I always had problems choosing templates or themes whether it’s on Tumblr or WordPress, with a bunch of options, but only few (like really few) that suits my taste. But Strikingly won my heart!


Founder, ArtMap

When we first starting looking at Strikingly, we were taken back by how beautiful things were. Strikingly makes it so easy to make their templates your own that by the time you’re done, the page won’t have a “theme,” it’ll be yours. Ease of use, check. Beautiful, check. Different, check.

Pros & Cons of Strikingly Review


  •  Ease of use – Stay in line with your simple approach. Creating a mobile website with Strikingly is incredibly easy and straightforward. With a ridiculously simple and intuitive editor, you can display everything you need on one screen. You do not even need coding or design experience. You can click on everything to immediately edit and publish it. In addition, you can choose from a large number of professional templates, so you are not afraid of web design.
  • Optimized for mobile devices that are ready to use – Even if strikingly technical websites are not created for mobile devices, at least not, it is guaranteed that every single page of your website available here will be displayed correctly and perfect for any screen size, whether on the PC or on the phone. This is because each of the available templates responds, which means that they can automatically adjust to the size of the screen displaying your website.
  • Great knowledge base: Thanks to an impressive knowledge base, you can not lose or confuse with the strikingly service.


  • Simplicity: Although some people definitely fall in love with the surprising simplicity, others prefer a more advanced approach. For example, some would like to create websites for high-quality mobile content. In this case, sites on a page are not the solution. Due to the limitations of sites with one page, they are best suited for online business cards, simple purses, presentations and more.
  • The brand will not be cut off from all paid plans: even though this is not really important, some users may not agree that the Strikingly brand is still in one of the two paid plans. Ideally, as what other services do with the advertising service, the brand should only be included in the free package.

FAQ’s  Related to Strikingly Review 2023


🔥Is Strikingly a good website builder?

It is dependent on the type of website you wish to create. Strikingly could be a decent alternative for you if you only need a simple landing page and don't care about customisation. If you want to create a fully functional website with a distinct style, you'll probably need a more powerful tool. For more ideas, have a look at our list of the top 10 best website builders.

🔥What is the price of Strikingly?

The cheapest Strikingly subscription is $8 a month, however the features you get are pretty limited. For example, the entry-level plan only allows you to create one-page websites, whereas with Wix, regardless of the plan you choose, you may fully customise your site.

🔥Strikingly or Wix: which is easier to use?

Both are incredibly simple to use, however I believe Strikingly is the superior option if you want to spend as little time as possible developing your site. Strikingly, on the other hand, has a small number of templates to choose from, and customization is limited, so you won't be able to make a significant change to the look of your site. Even on the free plan, Wix allows you significantly more creative freedom, with over 500 templates to select from. It takes a little longer to get used to, but it's well worth the extra effort if you're serious about your website.

Is it simple to use?

Strikingly, like most drag-and-drop site builders, is simple to use. You won't have to write a single line of code thanks to the graphical editor. You simply drag and drop page elements onto different sections, then adjust their characteristics.

🔥What is the total number of templates that strikingly has?

Strikingly has 29 website designs to choose from, with categories like company, personal, and portfolio.

🔥What are some Strikingly integrations?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Eventnook, Peatix, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instragram, Twitter are some Strikingly integrations.

🔥Can I only use Strikingly to make single pages?

No. You can have a maximum of 20 pages on the Pro plan. Terms & Conditions, product pages, and blog entries are not included as a single page.

Does Strikingly provide email accounts?

Yes. They are $25 each year. You must either register a domain or transfer an existing one using Strikingly.

🔥What is Strikingly?

Strikingly is a feature-rich website builder tool that allows users with no prior expertise to create modern and attractive websites rapidly.

🔥Can I use Strikingly to build an e-commerce store?

Although Strikingly has e-commerce capabilities, it lacks the functionality required to create a full-fledged online store. To sell a few items, it will work.

🔥Is hosting included in the Strikingly plans?

Yes, all of the plans come with fully managed hosting. You won't have much control over your hosting, but that shouldn't be an issue for a small one-page site. They also offer most of the capabilities you'd expect from a host, such as HTTPS.

🔥Is there a free trial available for Strikingly?

Yes, they provide a 14-day free trial. They also provide a free subscription with restricted features. As a result, you may create your site for free (with a few limitations) and then decide whether or not to upgrade later.

🔥Is it safe to use Strikingly?

Strikingly provides every website with a free, integrated SSL certificate, ensuring that you have at least a basic degree of security. To keep your site secure from unwanted assaults, you must conduct your own virus scans and maintain frequent backups.

🔥Is Strikingly good for SEO?

Strikingly does offer users SEO tools to help them work on their website. Image alt texts, titles and descriptions, favicons and page categories. There's a pretty good choice pool of possible customizations, too.

🔥Is there a free plan with Strikingly?

Strikingly offers a free plan that is available forever. Unlimited free sites, a domain ending in, 5GB monthly bandwidth, one Simple Store product per site, and 24/7 support are all included.

🔥What is the procedure for deleting my Strikingly account?

For free users, they have the option to delete their accounts. Please email or chat with them at [email protected]. You'll have to downgrade first if you're on a paid plan.

💁‍♀️ How much can I save with Stirkingly Coupon Codes & Promo codes?

With the Stirkingly discount code, you can get a good discount and you can save up to 30% on your purchase.

🙆‍♂️ How often does Stirkingly update new discount code?

Stirkingly releases new coupons every month throughout the year. You can get the best coupons and discount code in this article as we keep adding new promo codes every day.

🙋 What is the best valid Strikingly discount that I can use?

All plans come with a risk-free 14-day free trial. Get started below! Sign up or login first, then upgrade here. Strikingly Discount comes with 5 years plans and save $528.

🧏‍♂️ Can I use more than one Strikingly s Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

Strikingly only allows you to use one coupon or promo code per order. You can use the coupon that gets you the value and delivers the best savings.

🤷‍♀️ How many coupons are available for Strikingly ?

At the moment we have listed 7+ Strikingly coupons and deals. You can select the best offer as per your requirement and save BIG!

🙎‍♀️ Can I change the language of a Strikingly?

Strikingly come with a package consisting of all the languages, you may choose the desired one to translate content.

👉 Can I use Strikingly on multiple sites?

You need to verify whether the package contains multiple domains license access or not on the purchase page rest all allow unlimited domains on Strikingly .

✌️ Which payment types do Strikingly accept?

Payment modes accepted by Strikingly are Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard. These payment gateways are safe and secure.

👍 Can I test a BuddyBoss theme before purchasing it? Any Strikingly Free trial available ?

To test a Strikingly has given a provision named demo in the theme section while choosing any theme to select it and click on demo before purchasing it to see the look of the theme.

Strikingly Best Alternatives 2023


WordPress is the most widely used website builder on the planet. It is responsible for more than 39% of all websites on the internet, which translates to millions of webpages all over the world.

Wordpress org reviews

The content management system (CMS) should not be confused with the blog hosting service.

WordPress began in 2003 as a simple blogging tool. Since then, it has evolved into a content management system and a framework for developing applications. In other words, WordPress makes it simple to create any form of website. Please visit our article on the evolution of the WordPress user interface to see how WordPress has evolved over time.

WordPress is open-source software, which means that anyone can download and instal it for free. You might be wondering why WordPress is free. What’s the catch, exactly?

It’s as free as a bird in the sky. You can use it for whatever you want, and no one can take your website down due to censorship or a breach of the terms of service. You also have the freedom to tweak WordPress to meet your specific demands.

However, just like any other website, you’ll need to get a domain name and web hosting.

Depending on your requirements, you may need to pay extra for premium WordPress themes or extensions.


  • WordPress is a free platform that provides you total control over your website. You own and manage all of the files and data on your website. You are not bound to a web hosting provider and are free to migrate your website wherever you wish.
  • It gives you access to a large number of extensions, add-ons, and plugins that you may use to customise your website. With so many professional programmes at your disposal, you can create anything you desire.
  • Because you are the one in charge of your website, you may keep it basic and add new features as needed. You may speed up your website and employ all of the useful SEO best practises to attract new visitors.
  • With thousands of website designs and themes to select from, it’s really simple to personalise. Each one offers a variety of customization choices, allowing you to construct genuinely one-of-a-kind websites. Simply said, it simplifies the process of creating a website.
  • Because of its popularity, practically all prominent third-party solutions already have WordPress integrations. As a result, WordPress will integrate with your email marketing software, lead generation software, SEO tools, CRM software, and payment gateways.


  • Your website is under your control. This means you’re also in charge of security, backups, and software updates. All of these activities can be automated, but unless you use one of these managed WordPress hosting firms, they will still demand your attention.
  • WordPress does not have a drag-and-drop website builder built-in. Most newcomers will need some time to become acquainted with it and learn the fundamentals. You can, however, utilise one of the popular WordPress drag-and-drop page builder plugins.
  • To utilise WordPress, you don’t need to know how to code. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS, on the other hand, will make things a lot easier.  Most beginners pick up these fundamental skills as they use WordPress.

2) Wix

Wix is a cloud-based service that allows you to design and develop your own website or online store without having to know how to code. You won’t have to bother about purchasing web hosting or installing software because almost everything you’ll need to construct and maintain your site is offered “out of the box” and all takes place online.


The Wix website allows you to create and manage your site entirely in a web browser.

Wix is one of the most well-known website builders, having been created in 2006 and presently employing 4,000 people. Wix has a large user base: according to, about 4.6 million live websites are now using Wix.

Wix has offices in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and the Ukraine, in addition to its headquarters in Israel.

In comparison, Squarespace employs around 1,100 people and maintains 2.6 million websites. According to Wikipedia and Builtwith, Jimdo employs 200 people and hosts 494,000 websites.

Wix Overview - Simvoly Vs Wix

Because of Wix’s big scale, you can expect regular feature improvements as well as long-term security (i.e., the risk of the company dissolving and taking your website with it).


  • You receive upgraded design templates.
  • The interface is intuitive and useful.
  • You’re not locked into long-term plans.
  • Wix takes care of your site security without compromising speed.
  • You receive an all-in-one solution


  • The starter plan doesn’t remove ads from your site.
  • There are no unlimited plans.
  • Drag and drop designs can limit your creativity.
  • The App store on Wix doesn’t really offer apps.
  • SEO is a pain in the neck with Wix.

3) ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels began in 2014, but in just three years, it has “silently revolutionised the online marketing industry,” according to Forbes. Here’s how ClickFunnels works: It makes it easy for firms and entrepreneurs to sell things online using sales funnels, which are otherwise difficult marketing technology (more on those in a second).

Clickfunnels pricing plans

Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, is as well-known as his product, and for good reason. He’s made a fortune through ClickFunnels as well as other marketing endeavours. He experimented with email marketing for a time before settling on sales funnels.

Brunson and his colleagues created ClickFunnels as a solution to help them design funnels more quickly for various ventures, as funnel development would normally take weeks. They quickly realised, however, that their invention would be valuable to others and had a lot of promise as a product.

ClickFunnels achieves its main goal of making it easy to funnel traffic and increase conversion rates. Even poor ClickFunnels reviews agree that it can be quite useful for entrepreneurs who aren’t as familiar with the internet. I’m confident that the page builder provides enough options for the vast majority of potential users. ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool if you’re searching for a simple yet effective sales solution or landing page editor. Check out Clickfunnels reviews here.

Clickfunnels customer reviews


  • You can duplicate or download the exact same funnel into your account using the shared funnel function instead of having to recreate it from scratch.
  • Due to the straightforward and straightforward design, users may begin constructing and customising their first funnels without much assistance.
  • You may quickly add product and service upsells to boost your chances of getting more income by using the upsell features.
  • Risk-free 2 week free trial
  • Best for sales funnels
  • Best ROI-value for the price
  • Includes FlunnelFlix training library
  • 6 pre-built sales funnels included


  • While ClickFunnels Actionetics isn’t as sophisticated as other CRM solutions, it does occasionally experience system issues.
  • Just funnels, not a perfect solution for establishing a website or a blog.
  • Support can be slow to respond
  • Doesn’t track across non-CF web pages
  • Not designed for complete websites
  • Bad for SEO

4) Squarespace

Squarespace is an excellent platform for building professional websites. It offers the highest-quality designs and features on the market, and though it takes some getting accustomed to, the end results are well worth the effort. It is recommended for those who are interested in design or have some technical knowledge.

Squarespace Overview

The cheapest Squarespace package is $12 per month. This website builder has 113 templates that are mobile-friendly, and it has a good customer support live chat service. Squarespace currently does not provide phone support.

Bloggers, small company owners, and creatives can benefit from Squarespace’s built-in capabilities. SEO features, ecommerce capabilities, and easy social network integration are all available, as are G Suite and PayPal connectors. Squarespace does not require any coding knowledge, but a little technical confidence will go a long way. The new version of Squarespace, 7.1, also enables for more design customization than ever before.

Squarespace is ideal for photographers, artists, and anyone who appreciates outstanding design and wants their website to match the quality of their content. This is where Squarespace thrives, and if you don’t have high-quality photos – or if your site is very text-heavy – you might find it difficult to take use of Squarespace’s aesthetic designs.



  • Elegant templates for PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Squarespace mobile apps allow you to make changes to your website’s pages, blog articles, and ecommerce features while on the road.
  • For up to 30 days, you can restore deleted posts and pages.


  • It’s not the fastest builder to develop a website using because it’s difficult to grasp at first.
  • The editor is a touch too manual at times; for example, you’ll be requested to save your work after each modification, but it doesn’t save automatically.

5) Webflow

Webflow is a feature-rich website builder that aims to “empower designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to develop for the web.” The company provides a number of tools to help users create a beautiful, fully customisable website without sacrificing their freedom or forcing them to utilise pre-designed, static templates.

Webflow - Overview

Webflow is a straightforward website builder that includes a visual web design tool.

You pay for it on a monthly basis because it’s hosted software. They make money by selling hosting services and charging extra for upgrades and more features. You can sign up for a Webflow account and link it to your domain. You can also download your website and host it on a different server. Check out Webflow Review here.


  • A professional real-time web design tool with built-in mobile compatibility that generates clean, exportable code as you work.
  • Modify one of dozens of free and premium templates, working with a wireframe, or starting from scratch to create your design.
  • Advanced CSS and JS managers provide granular control over styles and animations as well as convenient site-wide administration.
  • Right from the Webflow Designer, you may deploy to a staging environment and/or your custom domain with just two clicks.
  • From pages and blog posts to projects, reviews, and team members, an integrated CMS with a powerful custom content type constructor may be utilised to produce any form of static or dynamic content.
  • Advanced distributed hosting, backed by renowned names like Amazon Cloudfront, ensures that your visitors have the fastest page load times and the least amount of downtime possible.
  • At no additional cost, an integrated content delivery network (CDN) offers both speed and security for your website by serving content from the most appropriate geographic regions and benefiting from the extra protection of the CDN layer.
  • Built-in SSL certificate for no extra charge (normally $50-$100 per year) to assure out-of-the-box compliance with current web security standards.


  • Those who have never worked with web programming before should expect a high learning curve.
  • Multilingual capabilities are limited out of the box (easily fixed with extensions such as Weglot, though)
  • It takes time to understand the complicated pricing structure with separate schemes at account and site levels.
  • Firefox and Edge are still not completely compatible with the website builder UI. That’s over a quarter of all installed browsers.
  • Webflow’s e-commerce kit is still in development, thus online shop capabilities need a little more polish and refinement before they can be labelled a standout feature.

6) Simvoly

Simvoly is a newcomer to the market that has piqued the curiosity of small and medium-sized businesses for all the right reasons. You can construct personalised websites, blogs, stores, and landing pages with our non-technical user-friendly website builder.

Simvoly - Builder

Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, contractor, or business owner, Simvoly’s E-commerce solutions make selling your products or services an easy. PayPal and Stripe are integrated effortlessly into online stores. Simple responsibilities include uploading product photos, monitoring promotions, keeping track of inventories, and securely storing and maintaining customer information.

There are over fifty responsive mobile-friendly themes to pick from. The website wizard lets you see all of your themes and changes in real time. Simvoly also has a fantastic blog feature that lets you submit articles, photographs, and videos, as well as comments and social sharing links. Check out Simvoly Review.


  • The user interface is basic. For newbies to technology, Simvoly’s user interface is straightforward to use.\
  • For newbies to technology, Simvoly’s user interface is straightforward to use. The platform is proud of the huge range of designs on the web. There are several professional subjects in the collection for your store, site, landing page and sales funnel. All are mobile and responsive to the desktop.
  • You can create a blog for users. Simvoly allows you to establish a page that is exclusively designed for blog entries if you want to begin blogging. You may write as many of the basic visual aids as you want and include movies and images.
  • It delivers its tools at a very low cost. For example, their company plan is about 24 dollars a month. And all platform features include complete access and limitless use.
  • There is free trial. In addition to its four low-cost choices, Simvoly offers free access to interested users. Ideal for people who want to first test and test the programme.
  • Both drag and drop applications are funnel and page designers. As a result, there is no need for manual coding if you wish to, say, tweak a template or develop from scratch.
  • It is reliable and operates quickly. You don’t have to worry about your site’s maintenance, security, or backups, unlike with WordPress. Simvoly, on the other hand, will take care of it by running the tools required for the conditions listed.


  • It does not have an email marketing tool. Simvoly lacks email automation software, which makes running email campaigns difficult. It’s particularly confusing because it promotes itself as an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • It is quite new to the web development scene. Simvoly, the market’s newest website builder, has yet to gain the same level of trust (although it has been making a buzz). I saw that the platform still need significant modifications, particularly new features provided by other organisations, as well as corrections to some of its tools.
  • The builder only has a limited set of features. Simvoly’s capabilities are somewhat out of date for comprehensive marketing software.

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Conclusion: Strikingly Review 2023

With no code or design experience at all, you can set up a quality site in less than 30 minutes. Your site will look great on your smartphones, tablets, and computers. Get on it now. The new age has just begun. Don’t get left behind! Trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives Strikingly have its own name in page builders and you can enjoy 14 days free trial of Strikingly.

Each page is divided into several sections. Just click on the desired location and add it. It can be an image, a text or a contact form. If you do not find what you need, you can find it in your App Store (which unfortunately does not offer a wide range of applications), or you can add HTML code directly. Remember that you need a paid plan for this.

Why Strikingly ?

Where the strikingly really shines, is support. They have won our extensive support test, pounding the established website creators like Wix and Squarespace. Now it is also logical that the Strikingly prices seem a bit high in comparison.

So if you just need a small website for an event, personal wallet, or other landing pages, Strikingly will be the perfect match for you. You will configure it in no time. I highly recommend you try it.

I hope you like my detailed Strikingly review & 10 active Strikingly coupons, promo codes deals for December 2023 Most popular 10 Off for New Customers Only.

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65 User Reviews on Strikingly

  1. Strikingly is a sleek site builder that’s straightforward and to the point. It doesn’t roll around in features like other builders, rather Strikingly provides you with an excellent website through its straightforward user experience.
    I really loved how easy it was to design my site. Setting up content took me about one hour tops and it already looks professional! The layouts are helpful and everything came together nicely without any issues. A great product not only for what you get but for what you don’t have to think about or trial-and-error because of all the tutorials provided by the company right on your site!

  2. Strikingly was the perfect blog maker for me and my friends. The free version also contains a lot of website options and functions I’d never seen on other company’s sites; for example, it has Google Maps integrated into their site-building. It makes creating an attractive webpage as easy as pie!

  3. Strikingly is what your site needs. Sure, there are other site builders out there and we’ve seen it all before but not like the Strikingly way. You can get started with a 100+ page demo which gives you an idea of what Strikyngly has to offer (you don’t want to get halfway through building your site and find out that this funky feature isn’t included). The best part about it? It’s easy to use – let me tell you, I am no tech wiz! This is perfect for people just getting into web design or the in-the-know guru who wants something Instagram style Instagram shape sliders theme in bold colours that will have all their fans drooling over every post they

  4. Strikingly is so easy to use and has so many customizable features it’s unbelievable. I don’t know what made me think that creating my own website would be hard but Strikingly makes it surprisingly simple. They not only give you the basics like title, logo, header image with text, etc., but also some interesting ways to express yourself through graphics! Sometimes I feel like choosing all those intricate details can seem overwhelming because there are just too many cool things to choose from (hello options paralysis!). So happy they designed this builder for us—and at such an affordable price too!

  5. I have a small business that I run from home, and after taking the plunge with GoDaddy for years, I quit. It was expensive and really bizzare—and my free time is precious to me. At the end of every month many hours go into reconciling royalty statements, setting up new domains, transferring sites over to new hosting providers…ugh! Strikingly has changed all of this – it’s so simple and intuitive. My friends love it too

  6. On internet it often becomes difficult to find a website builder with everything you need. They usually have limitations and features that are hard to remember or else the specialty of the company being represented is just one service that they do. Strikingly is not just a website builder; I would describe them as an all-in-one package for anyone looking to start their own business or create something beautiful online.

    They provide all kinds of useful services like SEO, targeted advertising, hosting packages, pre-installed frameworks (e.g., WordPress), Google Analytics integration etc — but their best feature has got be the detailed analytics dashboard where you’ll see data on your visitors’ location, time spent on site/per visit, bounce rates and many more data for your website. I highly recommend Strikingly website builder.

  7. I am really happy with my Strikingly account! The website is amazingly fast, and I love how many options you have. It’s also super easy to make a great looking website – the only problem was deciding on a design!

  8. Strikingly is a great way to personalize and create your own professional-looking website, without writing any code. It’s free to use! You can easily place text, images or videos onto pages to match your needs and requirements with the themes that Strikingly offers you. The whole app has been decorated well too–reading through it feels like you’re reading blog posts on Tumblr since they used plenty of relevant stock photos and editorials to help illustrate points throughout the builder process.

    You can also change settings to make sure your website will rank higher online. SEO optimization is super easy: you only need three clicks (title, keywords and tags) and one pop-up window (description) for Google Search Console integration! I love this tool very much.

  9. Strikingly has never been this good. It’s clean and modern design is exactly what you’ll be looking for when it comes to creating a website for your content. The price of building such a website would usually add up with charges coming from different parts, but Strikingly offers all these features in one simple page so there are no hidden costs or extra fees when designing your site with them.

    Strikingly is easy and quick- they’re aiming to make it easier than ever before to create and maintain a beautiful and impactful site that will get the message across wherever you need without breaking the bank!
    I highly recommend Strikingly for your business go ahead without a doubt.

  10. Sites on Strikingly are automatically mobile-responsive, making it easy for users to browse your content even if they’re using mobile devices. You can create forms right in the designer without any coding knowledge. The drag and drop feature is almost like playing with play dough, but better because you get to make something that will actually be used not just tossed aside. Customizing fonts, colors, backgrounds, logos and more makes designing websites fun! And all of this comes with an amazing customer service team who are ready to help 24/7 worldwide – I never had any website problems before when I was stuck.

  11. Strikingly is a one stop solution for creating professional websites for your business. It takes less than 3 minutes to create a site on Strikingly that you can update anytime from anywhere with our mobile app. Their intuitive design makes it easy to use and the power of real-time collaborative working means all of your team can work together seamlessly, even if they’re in different parts of the world!
    I love Strikingly alot and can say that it will grow your business

  12. I love this app! It’s not too complicated or difficult. You can try it risk-free for 30 days, then pay what you think it is worth. I like the live chat feature for help when I get stuck…plus, voting on new features helps make sure this builder is constantly improving!
    They also gave me a 40% off coupon code which actually saved my money.

  13. Strikingly is the perfect platform for small business owners who need an affordable, easy-to-use web builder. You can literally build your website in less than 10 minutes without spending any time on technical stuff like figuring out hosting and domain name registration. It features templates for all kinds of businesses including blogs, magazines, shopping carts, ecommerce stores, portfolios and social networks that people use to share their projects or hobbies with the whole world. I love that Strikingly helps you communicate your ideas literally amazing way!

  14. With this website creator, there’s no need to be stuck. The perfect balance between simple customization without any points of confusion, Strikingly is the answer you’ve been looking for. A wonderfully easy UI/UX experience will get your site up and running in no time! I love this tool and can say that it is worth every penny.

  15. Many users love Strikingly for its simplicity. You don’t need any design experience, coding skills, or technical expertise to get on the site and start building your dream website. Creating a homepage is simple; you select an option on how many columns you wish to have on the homepage, what size they should be (small, medium, large), and choose their alignment (left-hand side of the screen (-overlapping images in this area-) left centre of the screen (overlaying image in this area) right centre of the screen -), then fill out some headline information like a company name. There are free themes available if you try them out! When I was creating my Strikingly page I actually discovered about 15 new ones that I can try.

  16. The unique selling point of this website builder is the fact that it facilitates you being able to start up your blog quickly. You can have blogs now, easily! The alternative website builders are really tough to get started with-not so Strikingly. Sure, there’s a lot of other things you can do on this service but I ain’t got no time for that. What I want is something simple yet professional and that delivers what it promises? Enter Strikingly -shouts from the rooftops-and extract all these pesky ads!!!
    Strikingly also provided me with a 40% off Coupon Code.

  17. I love this product! I was exploring website builders online and read about Strikingly. The description of features on the page interested me, but after signing up for free trial (without paying anything), I then found out how easy it is to put together your own site. You can edit everything from color scheme, text size and font style to uploading a photo gallery or even adding widgets like google maps and social media. Just change what you want and click save – it’s amazing! If you’re looking for a professional website builder that has all these neat features without having to spend any money, make sure to visit Strikingly before building with somebody else.

  18. I was looking for an affordable, intuitive solution to my satellite website problems and found Strikingly. With Strikingly I get more time in the day with no extra fuss. A+

  19. I’ve used many website builders and many of them weren’t as easy or powerful as Strikingly. I thought it would be worth a try – even if it was free, because some things are better than nothing. The site is super simple to use- like really really simple – you can go from not knowing anything about web design to having your own website in minutes. Plus the premium features that you get for free? Well those make me think that Strikingly gave up too easily on trying to sell a paid version! You’ll have no trouble at all with this one people so happy designing!

  20. When you first enter Strikingly, you can create a site with their website builder. But to be honest, I quickly found out that the one thing they lacked was WordPress Compatible options. That is why I went back and tried their web builder which had all of these features!
    A traditional design option looks like this: plain homepage with text boxes next to it like “About us” or “Testimonials” where you could upload pictures for each section (or use stock photos). Then there are more complicated layouts if that does not work for you too. There are also easy-to-use customization tools that will give your site a professional look without having any graphics skills whatsoever.

  21. The thing that I dislike the most is the lack of free fonts. I mean, I totally get that I am not paying for the PRO service, but I would love more fonts to chose from. I am not complaining, just wish that there were a few more to work with. The same I guess go for the colours and such, although that I am able to customize to my liking.

  22. I used Strikingly to update my website. It’s easy to use and really gives you a lot of creative control over the look and feel. I love all the add-ons it offers too, from websites themes to animated backgrounds for banners on your homepage.

  23. When I was building my Strikingly website, it took me all of five seconds before I was in love. There are so many different templates to choose from that are just waiting for you to customize them with your life’s motto or favorite pics of the family A/V club. The editing itself is super easy, and they have done a ton of work making sure not only is their customer service great but so is the interface!

  24. When we first joining Strikingly, we couldn’t believe how easy it was to make their templates our own. Within minutes we had personalizing all the content and design elements. Not just that, but best of all they have a plethora, or should I say selection, of themes for you to choose from because not everyone likes the same thing!

  25. I was reluctant to start using Strikingly because I didn’t know how it would look, but after trying out a few of their templates, I realized that it’s so easy to create something fresh and different. My website looks so professional now, no one will even think that I built my site myself!

  26. Strikingly is an easy to use web builder for people looking to launch a website quickly. I love how simple it is to build a modern website for those with very little knowledge of web development. The drag and drop interface doesn’t take away from the quality of the code behind the design and helps both developers and designers create great looking websites quickly.

  27. Strikingly is one of the easiest website builders out there, perfect for both novices and experts. If you have zero coding experience, Strikingly’s interface gets you up to speed quickly. It’s also simple enough for someone who has never considered editing a website before to be able to use it intuitively.

    As an experienced web developer myself, I know that other systems are frustrating because they force you into small boxes where all features are crammed together or make editing cumbersome and limiting with tiny text on the screen (my ex-husband uses GoDaddy!). With Strikingly I can edit any page with ease — it really feels like someone single-handedly dreamed up my custom plan.

  28. When I went to the Strikingly website, it was really easy to get started. It’s not hard at all. Some things are free and some of the premium packages won’t cost you anything for your first month with Strikingly. They have a YouTube channel and forums that people can go in and talk about their experiences with this site builder. It’s like unlimited professional help is available when you need it! Plus, there is no risk in trying out their service for 30 days—I’d say that checking out Strikingly needs to be on your list if you’re looking for an awesome website!

  29. After hours of deliberation, I came to the realization that Strikingly is not only highly customizable but also aesthetically pleasing. The design choices are hard to ignore and it’s difficult not to take off running with them once you’re given the chance. It’s like playing dress up for your website – who doesn’t love doing that?

  30. Strikingly is the best way to make your own website. It’s as simple as 1, 2 3! Try it now and see for yourself.

  31. The ease of use is great, but it’s the design that really won me over. Strikingly has a ton of different designs to choose from and tons more you can make your own – it’s hard not to find something this good looking for what they charge. You get your site up in minutes with no coding or command lines required, so start breathtaking projects anytime without hassle.”

  32. I wouldn’t normally mention a template website as a product, but I’ve been spending way too much time on Strikingly lately. Once you create your page and start adorning it with different colors, fonts, and sidebars you’ll think that not only will your page have its own distinctive style but also that it’s going to be brand new.

  33. Strikingly is my favorite website builder app. I was looking for a free web hosting type of site, and this one fit the bill perfectly. You can edit your design to be whatever you’re in the mood for, with custom colors and fonts. The layout functionality is easy-to-use, with options like “fixed width layouts” or “full width”. So if you are marketing an app made specifically for Apple products or Android – look no further!

  34. Strikingly is the best website builder on the market. Managing your online presence can be complicated, but not with Strikingly. It integrates seamlessly with all social media platforms and an incredible design will make people believe you if anything!

  35. Now you can use Strikingly to build your own web page! I love this tool and I cannot live without Strikingly.
    Strikingly gives you the ability to customise all aspects of web pages starting with the logo, overlays and header images. You can even change fonts on certain parts of the website or throughout the entire site. Once that’s done you just fill up with content using one of many intuitive tools they provide for adding text, image uploads, social media buttons and marketing banners. With this tool it’ll be easier than ever to refresh an old looking page or set up a completely new website without needing any technical skills at all!

  36. I love how wildly simple it is to use Strikingly. You can micromanage/customize every aspect of your site if you wish, or you can pick a quick template, import your information from LinkedIn and be ready to publish in minutes. The templates are eye-catching and there is a lot to choose from, even in the free version.
    I also Thank Strikingly for giving me a Coupon Code of 40% off.

  37. You can’t go wrong with strikingly website builders! I was always hesitant to use a web builder, but I am so glad I tried strikingly. What had previously taken me 24 hours – more if you count the research on best-hosting companies, email suffixes for domain names and subdomains, available languages or tracking IDs – took Strikingly less than 10 minutes. It does take some time though to find an excellent design that feels like your own. However, there are plenty of others already uploaded that are worth taking a look at. If you’re looking for something even faster then try the 8-page options and don’t need as much design flexibility, they’re perfect too!

  38. Strikingly is a responsive, blog-hosting website that boasts an intuitive design and easy setup. You can add your content using any type of media — photos, embedded videos, slideshows — you name it! Strikingly has no complicated equipment or software to purchase and uses up-to-date technology so you know your webpages will be compatible with major browsers and devices. Thousands of smart businesses already understand why Strikingly means quality: check them out today!

  39. Strikingly is, by far, the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website builder I’ve used.
    At first glance, Strikingly has a more simple interface than some web design tools. However, once you move into the more advanced features such as template editor and email integration calendaring you find that it is just as equipped as any other builder on the market. It was so easy to build our site within an hour of signing up with its online business education bookstore template! If we need help or have questions they are glad to cooperate through live chat or a phone call giving us support 24/7 day long! We love that they give us tips about how best to promote our site.

  40. I just say that Strikingly’s WordPress version is more my size. It has a ton of features that I can manipulate and change exactly to fit what would make me happy and excited for this site. And it’s free!
    Just one example: all the themes on here are really good and they have everything from light to dark or childlike we’ve never had any issues; not with compatibility, server load times, or anything like that!

  41. Strikingly is perfect for those who need help building a website. With the added support from ‘Happiness Officers’ and an interactive forum, there are numerous opportunities to learn from others as well as ask questions yourself. With live chat services available 24 hours per day, they’ll always be there to answer your queries!

  42. Absolutely fantastic! Strikingly has been a lifesaver! I have no idea how to put together a website and it took me less than 45 minutes with this site builder. This is the only type of software that actually simplifies things for you, which is something a lot of companies excel at. The interface was so easy to navigate and being able to see what my new site would look like on any device before making final changes saved me from headaches later on when figuring out mobile compatibility. Sometimes you worry about all your hard work going into an outdated design, but this helped tremendously! And they don’t charge outrageous fees or make unusual demands-they’re affordable and user friendly, exactly the kind of company anyone who’s looking for help should try.
    Thank you Strikingly for giving me a Coupon Code of 40% off.

  43. I would like to tell you about Strikingly, a new website builder that I feel is awesome. When it first came out, I had some issues with the speed and all of that on the free version, but then this past week they totally fixed that! You can get your site up for just $0 and they do not charge anything more than what you pay them so there’s nothing else to worry about after launch. Another thing I love is how easy it is to upload your designs and templates-they’ve made it really simple so anyone can use their tool which makes making websites way easier than it used to be!

    It also has a 40% off coupon code available.

  44. I use WordPress for my blog, but I needed to create a new brand. Strikingly is the answer! Their WordPress version is easy to use and I was able to build my full website in just 10 minutes- if that! I bought it when their price was $20 which they’ve raised now that it’s so popular. The best part of working with Strikingly? You don’t need any design or coding skills – only some time!

  45. I am very satisfied with my Strikingly service. I had the most amazing experience at their office and my website is exactly what I was looking for! The layout, design, and function are all perfect. I never thought I could have a website so quick! Thank you for creating such an excellent product. No regrets from me whatsoever.

  46. Don’t waste your time, download this! It’s worth it and you’ll be happy with the results.

    “I never know what to say on these things but please don’t waste your time downloading this like I did by not trying Strikingly first!!!!!” “It has everything needed to create a blog. It was so easy to start too!! From creating new sections, edit colours, adding photos, etc. And they have tons of templates that are unique. Join now!!!”
    Thank you Strikingly for giving 40% off!

  47. When I was looking for a website builder that would do all of the work of designing my site for me, one of the most important aspects I looked at was pricing. The high cost seemed to be discouraging but it’s not really an issue if you think of them as monthly fees. With Strikingly, you get so much more than just a website design. You can produce dynamic sites with animated widgets and responsive mobile-optimized designs—things that are expensive enough on their own! That makes the low monthly fee seem like nothing when it includes content management systems, hosting services, marketing tools, analytics packages, mailing tools and on top of that expert customization by web designers who know exactly what they’re doing! All this is backed up with amazing Strikingly team.

  48. I created my blog with one click. The interface is minimalist and easy to use it requires no installation or previous knowledge of coding. It seems automated, but there are humans behind the scenes that answer your questions and help you with any problems you might come across during the process.

    This website builder does what it says: builds a website. This makes sense to me since I didn’t have to do anything other than enter single words every time I wanted something added on my site – easy peasy!
    Thank you Strikingly for giving me a 40% off Coupon Code!

  49. Strikingly is great for individuals who need help to get their website started. It’s got an awesome video library that helps save plenty of time when it comes to building your layout or picking fonts, for example. You can go browse forums on the site and offer feedback in a number of ways – from voting on others’ ideas to emailing them directly if you have a specific issue or submitting a ticket! I work in customer service and Strikingly has been my favourite support experience yet!
    They also saved my money by providing me with a Coupon Code of 40% off!

  50. I fled to Strikingly with my head down after Blogger was no longer an option. It took me all of five minutes to create a sparkling new blog, but I managed to pick up many useful features along the way that made the experience more pleasant than ever before.

    I had always hated blogging with Blogger because it is so open-ended and time-consuming. With Strikingly, you have your work cut out for you so long as you stick with what’s available? there are plenty of preloaded pages which is nice if running your own site becomes tiresome or something comes off without so much effort on your part.
    I liked how Strikingly gives an offer of 40% off coupon code.

  51. Strikingly is easy to use a site builder that will help you launch a striking website in less than 10 minutes. You can do so without any prior knowledge of coding or technical blueprinting, and with nothing more than a few clicks. And they’ve got live chat support if you need it!
    A big Thank you to Strikingly for giving me a coupon code of 40% off.

  52. Strikingly is way better than using a template made by someone else. Because of the powerful features, its modern design and layout, and a 100-page demo with tutorials to show you how it works, Strikingly will have you building your website from head to toe. If I could give this 20 stars out of just 5, I would!

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