Sugar Calendar Review: Is it the Best WordPress Event Plugin of 2023?

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Value for Money
Customer Service


  • A Smart Database Structure
  • Customizable Template Structure
  • Sugar Calendar plugin is extremely user friendly
  • Light-Weight WP Plugin
  • Quick installation let you create event fast
  • Great Interface, Easy to use plugin
  • Quick Setup


  • Front End live page view can be Improved
  • Limited Features

Sugar Calendar is Simple, Easy-to-Use, Light-Weight WordPress Plugin, It offer all Majors features one need for event Management.

Price:$ 29

Looking for the top-rated WordPress plugin to manage your events? In this in-depth Sugar Calendar review, we’ll be looking at a recently updated plugin from Sandhills Development, the creators of other popular WordPress add-ons such as Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP.

Sugar Calendar’s primary goal is to provide its users with all of the most essential functionality they could ever want in a very minimal, intuitive, and easy-to-configure package.

Bottom Line Upfront: Sugar Calendar is a lightweight WordPress plugin for creating and managing events. It has all the features needed to manage your event calendar but doesn’t have any unnecessary bells or whistles. This means it won’t weigh down your website’s performance while still giving you everything you need in an event manager like this! Get Started with Sugar Calendar Today.

Sugar-Calendar Reviews

Sugar Calendar Review 2023: Overview

Sugar Calendar is a reliable and powerful event calendar plugin for WordPress. You can find out that most WordPress Plugins are either too simple or they are extremely complex and bloated. 

But here this plugin is designed to be simple, and lightweight, and also it provides the major features you will need for any event management. And the best part is that the Sugar Calendar team is working very hard to make it an advanced plugin while keeping it very simple and easy to use for the event schedule. 

Sugar Calendar – event calendar plugin for WordPress

This plugin was launched back in  June 2012 with the goal of providing a simple event management system for WordPress. And at that time, the creator Pippin found out that other events management plugins are either too minimalist or extremely complex to operate. 

And then he decided to fix that simply by being an easy-to-use platform that mainly provides the primary features needed right without any of the complications. 

Sugar Calendar Features

1. Simple Event Management

The best part about this plugin is that Sugar Calendar is meant to be simple and extremely easy to use. Now just forget about the complicated and complex interface, with  Sugar Calendar just enjoy a simple and easy-to-use interface. 

Sugar Calendar- Adding Events

2. Recurring Events

With this plugin, you can simply create events that actually recur automatically right on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as well. Creating recurring events is super easy with the help of this plugin. 

3. Events Categories

Now using this plugin you can simply assign events right to specific categories and then simply display calendars for just categories. Apart from that you also have the option to create support all-day or specific-duration events as well. 

Sugar Calendar- Add New Events Easily

4. Start And End Times

You have the option to set up the events to occur on a specific day or even multiple days too. This is a kind of very reliable feature that anyone can use in order to choose the starting and ending of any specific event. 

 Sugar Calendar- Starting And Ending Dates

5. Single & Multi-Days Events

With Sugar Calendar events can be set to easily occur right on a specific day or even over multiple days. 

6. Translation Ready

The Sugar Calendar is fully localized and is fully ready for your language. And the best part is that it has been translation-ready in more than 8 languages and new languages are getting added every time when it’s possible. 

7. Hassle-Free Events Management

Sugar Calendar is something very reliable and flexible when it comes to using it. This events calendar plugin is an extremely easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful tool that you can rely on. 

Sugar Calendar Review- Events Demo

Sugar Calendar Free Add-ons

Basically, these free add-on plugins extend all the standard functionality of the Sugar Calendar

So let’s check out what are the add-ons features  that are being offered by the free add-ons:

Google Maps

Basically, this one is an add-on plugin right for Sugar Calendar that easily lets you display a Google Map of the event’s location right on the events detail page. 

Ninja Forms Form Embed

Here this add-on to Sugar Calendar mainly allows you to add Ninja Forms right to your events pages. So that you can easily add the registration forms as well. 

Gravity Forms Form Embed

Generally, this add-on right to Sugar Calendar allows you to mainly add a gravity form right to your event pages so that you can easily add the registration forms. 

Sugar Calendar Pro Add-ons (Calendar Feeds)

Here right with this Calendar Feeds Pro add-ons plug-in, you can easily synchronize events from any of your calendars with Sugar Calendar for Google Calendar, iCal, Gnome Calendar, or any other calendar application. Syncing is seamlessly done with the help of this pro-add right from your calendar and that is quite impressive.

As here it is definitely going to save a lot of your time and effort as well. 

The best part is that as an Add-On Pro, it is available to all Professional and Ultimate licenses for free you don’t have to pay for them if you have purchased the Professional or Ultimate Plan. 

 If you already have a Personal or Plus License, you can update from your account page and instantly access this add-on. If you do not have a Sugar Calendar license, you can buy one on our Prices page as well. This pro-add-on is really very impressive as it offers very reliable and advanced features. 

The calendar feed options are mainly displayed in the administrator’s calendar view. Like on the front calendar view and the editing screen for each calendar as well. 

There are four feed options present for each calendar:

  • Google Calendar
  • webcal
  • Download the .ics file
  • Direct URL .ics

.ics is a basic standard format right for the events that are being used by most calendar and event applications. 

Right for the calendar applications that require the import of a file, you can easily download the calendar file. Calendar applications that synchronize with a URL can use the direct URL option as well. 

Calendar Feeds – Sugar Calendar

These four formats support almost all calendar applications. If you somehow discover an unsupported calendar application then you can just contact them right away and let them know of the fact. 

This add-on even enables the “Add to calendar” option on individual event detail pages so that site visitors can easily add an event to the calendar application right of their choice. 

Sugar Calendar Customer Support

If you’re buying any plugin or tool then it’s super important to check the customer support of that product. As if somehow you were stuck with something who gonna help you at that time. 

But here with Sugar Calendar, you will be getting reliable and friendly customer support. They will be happy to answer any question that is being asked by you and will also assist you with any problems you have got. 

Also, they have helpful documentation that you can use, and maybe you can get to know what you’re looking for. If you don’t find the solution you have been looking for, then you can just submit a ticket. Overall it offers reliable and friendly customer support that you can just rely on. 

Sugar Calendar Pricing Plans

One of the best things that I liked about this platform is that it offers very simple and affordable pricing options so that anyone can easily get started right away. But the best part is that it also offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. 

And if you’re somehow not satisfied with its services then you can get your money back as this platform comes with a refund policy of 30 days.  Now you can try this platform risk-free without any hassle as there will money-back guarantee that will back you up. 


So let’s check out what are the pricing plans available here. 

1) Personal ($49/Year)

  • Access to all free add-ons
  • Plugin updates*
  • Email support*
  • 1 site
  • All core features included

2) Plus Personal ($99/Year)

3) Professional ($199/year)

  • Access to all pro-add-ons
  • Access to all free add-ons
  • Plugin updates*
  • Email support*
  • Unlimited sites
  • All core features included
  • Sugar Calendar t-shirt

4) Ultimates ($449/year)

  • One-time payment
  • Access to all pro-add-ons
  • Access to all free add-ons
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime email support
  • Unlimited sites
  • All core features included
  • Sugar Calendar t-shirt

Now you have a pretty idea of the pricing plans that are being offered by this platform. Also, it comes with a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth your try as here you don’t have something to lose.

Sugar Calendar Reviews & Testimonials By Users

Sugar-Calendar-Reviews by User

FAQ related to Sugar Calendar Review

Will Sugar Calendar work on ?

Sugar Calendar works on WordPress installations that you host yourself or on if you have a Business plan. A Business plan allows third-party plugins like Sugar Calendar to be installed.

Can I cancel my sugar calendar subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription from your account page. You will have access to support and updates until the license key expires. This is one year from when you bought it.

Can I purchase the pro-add-ons separately?

The pro-add-ons can only be purchased by professional or ultimate license holders. They cannot be bought separately.

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes! Automatic updates are available for free with a valid license key.

Do Sugar Calendar offer a money-back Guarantee?

Sugar Calendar as a plugin is so confident in the quality of our product that if you don't absolutely love it, we'll give your money back.

What is sugar Calendar?

Adding a calendar of events to your WordPress site is a breeze with the Sugar Calendar plugin. Organizing and planning events of all kinds are possible without the need for any third-party software to be installed. Sugar Calendar allows you to easily create a calendar for a single event or a series of events that repeat at set intervals. Manage the event ticketing process.

How do I use a sugar Calendar in WordPress?

To the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, upload the sugar calendar-lite folder, Utilize WordPress Plugins menu to activate the plugin. Create several events using the new Events post type. sc events calendar displays the calendar on any page. Visit to view the event archive.

How do you use a sugar calendar?

Install Sugar Calendar Plugin. First, you need to create an account on Sugar, Calendar. Make a new schedule. Add new events to the calendar. Take care of your plans and events. Add the Calendar of Events to Your Website.

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Conclusion: Sugar Calendar Review 2023 | Should You Go For It?

Overall, I have been using Sugar Calendar for the past few months and it has proven to be a robust plugin, with recent updates that keep the plugins updated. Additionally, there are many features that make this an excellent choice as your go-to WordPress Event Plugin

Sugar Calendar is an event management plugin that can help you easily create events and keep track of the ones you want to attend. With features like location, date, time, color coding for different calendars, and more it’s easy to stay organized when using this tool.

No doubt, Sugar Calendar is reliable and affordable as well. And the best part is that it’s extremely easy to use I mean in the dashboard everything is pretty easy to add and apply. 

You can easily create any event with many features like adding location, specific time and date, and even more. With the help of this Events Calendar Plugin, you can do much more. 

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12 thoughts on “Sugar Calendar Review: Is it the Best WordPress Event Plugin of 2023?”

  1. I was looking for a really light-weight plugin that would keep folks informed of the latest events. This did exactly what I was looking for, while making my site load faster to boot.

  2. I’ve found sugar calendar to be a robust plugin that’s well maintained and offers everything you would need for a WordPress plugin like this. The simplicity of creating events, adding details, and more make this an amazing plugin.

  3. I love the simplicity of the plugin. It’s very robust and offers all you need for a WordPress plugin; easy to create events, add details, and more. I cannot recommend this enough!

  4. Sugar Calendar is a simple event based plugin with a limited number of features you’ll probably never use. In most cases it’s completely unnecessary, which is why EventOn should be your go-to free calendar plugin.

  5. Sugar Calendar is a robust plugin that is well maintained and offers you everything you need to create events, list details, etc. Simple yet robust!

  6. Well, I haven’t tried Sugar Calendar, but it doesn’t seem to be great for whatever you’re trying to do.

  7. Sugar Calendar is the perfect lightweight alternative for bloggers that need a calendar plugin but don’t need all the features of other plugins.

  8. It performs a really vital function without taking up space or resources and, in my experience, it just works. It’s easy to install and maintain too, so it’s great if you need something quick. The only downside is that there are some glitches with displaying certain characters because of its limited character choice, but it also has features like sharing your calendar publicly which can be super helpful for others who don’t have their own calendars.

  9. Sugar Calendar – the perfect plugin for event makers and organizers of all types. Managing events is easy with this directory plugin that’s simple and straight-forward. Plus, it syncs beautifully with your LifterLMS automation platform to give you even more functionality!

  10. I loved that they made it really easy for me to create events quickly, and I loved the interface. If you’re looking for a sugar calendar plugin with simplicity and efficiency, then this is definitely what you need!

  11. I’ve been using Sugar Calendar for years, and I can confidently say that it’s the best product on the market. It really does have a sleek and polished user interface, which is just what I need to make my company calendars look professional but not overly complicated. I also love how integrated Sugarcalendar is into my CRM system—it seamlessly pulls in all of my event data from there so that I’m never sacrificing accuracy for convenience. Finding nice looking templates was surprisingly easy too—there are tons of them in both light-heavier themes.

  12. It’s not going to be for everyone. It’s a really lightweight plugin, but that’s the point. If you want a feature-laden event calendar plugin with back-end widgets and social media integrations, Sugar Calendar isn’t for you at all. On it own merits though? It does what it sets out to do quite well – offers an easy way to publish events on your website without much fuss or security.

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