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  • Speed in Data analytics and data mining.
  • SEM or Search engine Marketing tools offered
  • Report Scheduling
  • Auto-update possible
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Social Media Ad channel Support
  • Google Adword Support
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Multiple API integrations
  • Easy to use and flexible


  • No Data Storage
  • Support Unavailable at times
  • Does Not Clean Up

Supermetrics is a business analytic programming that puts every one of your measurements and execution markers together, in a proper and accessible location. In this post, we have actually featured Supermetric Review 2020 that includes detailed insights into this platform.

At first, intended to enable organizations to streamline their entrance to their Google Analytics information, Supermetrics has developed to end up an out and out business detailing stage that works with different analytic motor and apparatus.

In this post, we have also featured our honest and trustworthy Supermetrics Review 2020 that includes all the detailed insights about Supermetrics pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Detailed Supermetrics Review 2020: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

What is Supermetrics?

The product has turned into a perfect stage to accumulate information and bits of knowledge to encourage devise and execute web examination, web-based social networking, and web-based advertising.

Supermetrics Review- Marketing Platform

Supermetrics lead item, the Supermetrics for Google Drive, empowers organizations to run questions, invigorate their information with only a push, and easily share reports and dashboards with other colleagues. Supermetrics Data Grabber conveys an Excel-based report mechanization application that can perform without much of a stretch interface with various driving information sources like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube.

Supermetrics Uploader gives you a chance to import publicising costs information from any source into Google Analytics. Supermetrics Functions in an apparatus intended for cutting-edge Excel clients. This module empowers them to enter their business measurements effortlessly into Excel and Google Spreadsheet for a more custom and minute details.

Supermetrics latest Integration With Hubspot

Supermetrics for HubSpot
Supermetrics for HubSpot

With Supermetrics for HubSpot, you’ll be able to move all your HubSpot marketing & sales data into Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio. You can then create your very own automated HubSpot reports and with Supermetrics, marketers can now, for the first time, combine data across HubSpot portals with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the key benefits of Supermetrics for HubSpot:

  • Analyse your data in any way you want and create custom automated reports in spreadsheets and Google Data Studio

  • Blend data from multiple HubSpot accounts and create cross-portal reports – this is perfect for multi-brand marketing teams and marketing agencies

  • Combine multiple dimensions in a single report such as Contact, Company, and Deal data

  • Free your HubSpot data and enjoy limitless reporting opportunities that are not available in the native UI

  • Get a complete and custom overview to your full-funnel performance, from new visitors to closed customers

  • Combine your HubSpot data with data from other marketing platforms such as ad networks, social platforms, and Google Analytics to get a complete overview to your marketing performance

Sales funnel performance

How To Get Started:

You can try their HubSpot connector with a 14-day free trial.

For Google Sheets & Excel:

  • Get the Google Sheets add-on or Excel add-in if you don’t have it already

  • Choose HubSpot from the data source tab

  • Authenticate with your HubSpot credentials

  • Once you’re data has transferred you’re all set! (Please note that depending on the amount of data in your HubSpot portal, it may take days to cache all the data for reporting)

For Google Data Studio:

  • Get their HubSpot connector for Google Data Studio

  • Authorise with your HubSpot account and the connector will be added

  • Once your data has transferred you’re all set! (Please note that depending on the amount of data in your HubSpot portal, it may take days to cache all the data for reporting)

Why You Should Choose Supermetrics? 

  • Joining With Major Marketing Platforms/Multi-Channel Reporting

Supermetrics can be coordinated with an excess of 40 stages. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Insights, Bing Ads, Twitter are a portion of the regular ones.

Supermetrics Review- Google Sheets Reports
Paid Traffic Report
  • Not any more Manual Copy/Pasting or Importing CSV Files

For advertisers, time is money. Incidentally, now is the ideal time expanding to sign into every stage each day and gather the information to be displayed to our customers. Particularly, in the event that you are extending to new channels, it will just build the time devoured.

  • Spare PPC Reporting Time

With expanding customer base and promoting channels, information revealing and perception has turned out to be more testing and tedious compared to previous times. Incorporating information from various publicising channels into the equivalent exceed expectations sheet, refreshing them day by day and contrasting the outcomes is a repetitive procedure.

Supermetrics Review- PPC Reports
PPC Reports
  • Track Your Daily budget

In the event that you are associated with web-based promoting, you know the agony of the following day by day advertisement spends for each customer to guarantee the greatest ROI.

Supermetrics Review- Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio
  • Robotized Dashboards For Performance Tracking

To guarantee a high ROI for every customer, you can set dashboards and computerise cautions dependent on when the execution plunges beneath the normal level.

Review of Supermetrics Benefits

With Supermetrics for Google Drive, you can computerise detailing forms in your Google Docs and Sheets. That implies you can import every one of your measurements from various information sources like Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Google Webmaster Tools, and have every one of your information changed into spreadsheets and archives.

Overview of benefits

At whatever point you have to take a glance at the latest figures, the module gives you a chance to invigorate your information with only a tick of the catch. You can likewise set the framework to consequently refresh your information once a day. On account of its easy to understand interface, getting to the information you require is super breezy.

Supermetrics Data Grabber gives you a particular edge to effectively and rapidly create Excel reports dependent on information from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube. You don’t have to introduce anything or implant a content. What used to be long periods of work has turned into a rapid procedure that spares you an immense measure of time and exertion consistently.

Supermetrics Review- Paid Channel Mix
Paid Channel Mix

Need to know how your promotion spending is performing? With Supermetrics Uploader module, you can use Google Analytics to show your promoting cost information and additionally your ROI from various information sources, including Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini, or even CSV documents.

Summary of Supermetrics Features

  • Information Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Mining
  • Information Visualization and Presentation
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Adwords
  • Report Scheduling and Automation
  • Supermetrics Position In Our Categories

Supermetrics Products (All Products Offered By Supermetrics)

There are a number of products available for the Supermetrics. Supermetrics offers various services.

1) Supermetrics for Google Sheets: 

  • Supermetrics makes it easy to manage and report on Google Sheets.
  • Easy access to data from all your marketing platforms, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more.

  • Automating boring manual data transfer and save dozens of hours a month with automated reporting.

  • Best-in-class integration with top data sources. All metrics and dimensions you need.

  • Create your marketing reports in seconds with the pre-built templates, built by top marketers.

2) Supermetrics for Google Data Studio:

It brings all your metrics and data from marketing platforms to the Data Studio.

  • Unite data from all your marketing platforms into Data Studio.
  • It can connect to platforms such as PPC, SEO, social, analytics, email marketing, payment platforms.
  • It also lets you compare various reports and data from various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Bing campaigns.
  • There are a number of pre-made templates for creating marketing reports for PPC, SEO, social, analytics and more.

3) Supermetrics for Excel:

Excel is one of the most important Google Docs for various purposes. You can manage and analyse the Excel documents in one place.

  • Even if you are running the Excel online or Excel Desktop, it would run perfectly for both.
  • Suppermetrics automates your entire workflow, from fetching and analysing data, to creating, refreshing dashboards and emailing them to colleagues.
  • It lets you download all the data directly into the intermediate storage. You can also view and edit the reports even when you are offline.
  • It has got an intuitive UI that lets you get any marketing data you need with a few clicks. No VBA or coding knowledge required.

4) Supermetrics Uploader:

This Supermetrics uploader collects your data from different sources such as the cost and the ROI on different platforms and sends it to Google Analytics. It certainly saves you a lot of time as it doesn’t require to switch from one platform to the another.

Facebook Ads / Bing Ads Cost & ROI in Google Analytics

5) Supermetrics Data Grabber

Now you can easily create reports,  monitor and analyse your marketing campaigns in Excel with Data Grabber.

Simply drag all your marketing statistics to Excel. As here it offers integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter and other marketing platforms it uses.

Automate tedious manual labour and save time. It is not necessary to copy/paste or import CSV files manually. Save 10 to 30 hours a month easily with Supermetrics Data Grabber.

Personalise your reports according to your needs and requirements. Get all the dimensions you need, combine them with all dimensions and visualise them in a way you choose it to be.

Supermetrics Data Grabber- Get Your Marketing Data
Get Your Marketing Data

Simply get an instant ROI. The productivity you earn easily exceeds the cost. Get excellent reviews for the price of one coffee per day.

This is the latest addition to the tools for Supermetrics. It gathers the data from different sites at one place.

Data Grabber pulls all your marketing skills to an excel sheet. It integrates well and automates the report for Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook & Adwords. It gets the metrics from dozens of sites.

It creates beautiful charts of your data considering the factors such as unique visitors, average page views or new visitors which could be helpful for your business and save up a lot of time preparing charts.

You can also customise the reports and add or remove any data that you want with ease. You can remove or add any column or rows.

You can choose metrics and split by week or month with so much ease. Once you have prepared the different metrics and obtained the stats on the Excel sheet, you can create them in a powerpoint within few minutes.

6) Supermetrics Functions

This product is designed for the advanced spreadsheet users as they can integrate with excel spreadsheets and Google sheets without making the use of it.

Supermetrics review

You can type in the custom function just like you do in the spreadsheet such as SUM or COUNTS. You don’t need a plugin to install for this purpose.

If you are sharing it with your team, you can embed the code fetching the data into that workbook and that data can be shared with anyone. They can refresh or modify the data anytime and obtain the latest data for it.

You need no programming skills for excel. The functions work simply as any inbuilt spreadsheet functions.

7) Supermetrics for BigQuery

Now you can connect your data to Google BigQuery. You can also create intuitive panels in Data Studio or other BI tools as easily and effortlessly.

This platform offers powerful analytics on demand. Simply use the computing power of Google Cloud. Unlimited amount of data set size. 

Supermetrics for BigQuery

Also, there will be an advanced and fast data mixing. Compare paid campaigns with networks or link advertising data right with web analysis or CRM data too. 

The best part is that you will have full ownership of all historical data. Like you can see many of the marketing platforms store data only for a limited number of months. All your data is stored in BigQuery and not in any third-party reporting tools which you can access it anywhere and anytime. 

Supermetrics BIGQUERYUnmatched robustness and speed right for Data Studio. Fast data recovery can often be slow or unreliable. Herewith Supermetrics you will have unique Data Studio connector optimised right for marketing data in BigQuery.

Key Features Of Supermetrics BigQuery

  • Designed with simplicity

  • Best-of-breed integrations

  • Data fully transformed ready-to-use

  • An exclusive Data Studio connector

8) Supermetrics API

Here the Supermetrics easiest way to feed your marketing data into BI tools and data stores. Built by dealerships for dealers. And the best part is that no programming knowledge required.

Skip the cell, row or speed limits of the worksheets. A more robust way to get your data. Create your queries with the Supermetrics sidebar for Google Sheets easily. 

Now you can pull all your marketing indicators in one place. As here Supermetrics API has Optimal integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms as well. 

Supermetrics API- Supermetrics Promo Codes
Supermetrics API

Just maintain full control over your data. Do not be afraid of losing historical data. Restore your data at the speed of light easily and effortlessly with Supermetrics. 

Supermetrics API- Supermetrics Promo Codes
Supermetrics API

Also, you can easily create API requests as if you were using our sheet add-in. It has an intuitive self-service query generator that generally reflects the experience of the Supermetrics sidebar for Google Sheets.

Supermetrics Add-on Integrations:

  • AdSense
  • Bing Ads
  • DoubleClick (all)
  • Facebook Ads and Insights
  • Google AdSense. AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, My Business, Search Console and, Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • MailChimp
  • Moz
  • Optimizely
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Searchmetrics
  • SEMrush
  • Stripe
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Google Cloud SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redshift

Easily Start with Supermetrics Add-Ons

You will need to get the spreadsheet add-on. For this, go to the spreadsheet and click on ‘get add-ons’.

Review for Supermetrics


A window will pop-up where you can search for the supermetrics add on and get the add on added to your Google sheet.

After adding the Supermetrics add-on to your Google Sheet account, launch the supermetrics toolbar and it will appear on the right side of the spreadsheet.

Supermetrics spreadsheet coupons
Supermetrics Spreadsheet

You can connect any of your social accounts with the supermetrics and run queries related to your accounts. You can connect multiple social accounts with your supermetrics account. For instance, I connected my Twitter with the Supermetrics.

Remember, you will have to choose the desired template for it. There are over 30 templates for different social media accounts. You can choose or create any template that you wish to.

Supermetrics Templates
Supermetrics Templates

After choosing the template, insert the keyword for which you want the data. You can easily fetch the data from any of the social media accounts. You can use metrics, splits or keywords to make it narrow.

For instance, I searched the keyword SEO and obtained the result for it such as Retweets, likes and users followers.

Supermetrics Coupon Codes

These are just a few basic things you can do with Supermetrics. The options and insights are nearly limitless, and you will need to tailor your solution for you. Supermetrics offers great guidance from within the add-on, and also on their forum and solutions page.

The position of Supermetrics in the primary classes:

Supermetrics is one of the main 100 Business Intelligence Software products

In the event that you are keen on Supermetrics, it may likewise be a smart thought to break down different subcategories of Best Business Intelligence Software gathered in the database of B2B programming audits.

Since every association has specific business needs, it is fitting for them to avoid searching for a one-measure fits-all ideal programming framework. Obviously, it is useless to attempt to discover such an application even among market-driving programming arrangements. The keen activity lists the different essential factors that need to be thought of, for example, key highlights, spending plan, ability levels of staff individuals, organization measure, and so on.

You need to do some research work before that. Read some Supermetrics surveys and explore every one of the alternate frameworks in your waitlist in detail. Such comprehensive homework can guarantee you remove sick-fitting stages and focus in on the application that gives every one of the components you require for business achievement.

Pricing Plans: The amount Does Supermetrics Cost? 

1)Supermetrics for Google Sheets – Starts from $69/mo

  • Report, investigate, and screen in Google Sheets
Supermetrics Review- Paid Channel Mix
Paid Channel Mix

2) Supermetrics for Data Studio – Starts from $19/mo

  • Assemble a world-class dashboard and promoting reports in Data Studio.
Supermetrics Review- Data Metrics

3) Supermetrics Data Grabber – Starts from $39/mo

  • A report dissects, and screen in Excel.

Supermetrics Review- Data Grabber Pricing

4) Supermetrics Functions – $11.99/mo

An adaptable method to get your advertising measurements into Google Sheets and Excel.

Supermetrics Review- Supermetrics Functions

5) Supermetrics Uploader – $39/mo

  • Booked and programmed transfer of promoting cost information into Google Analytics.

Free trial with all features for 14 days.

Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Yahoo Gemini

5 daily uploads*


20 daily uploads*


200 daily uploads*


* Maximum number of scheduled uploads running simultaneously. You can change the scheduled uploads at any time.

CSV File Uploads

License period 1 year

100 uploads


200 uploads


500 uploads


Google BigQuery Pricing

1) $190/Month

  • 1 Data Source
  • 1 Account

2) $490/Month

  • 1 Data Source
  • 5 Account
Supermetrics BigQuery Pricing
Supermetrics BigQuery Pricing

Get started with Supermetrics Uploader.

Cost and ROI of all your advertising in Google Analytics, just like you see in Google Ads.
14-day free trial with full features. No credit card required.

Gadgets Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Macintosh
  • Electronic

Dialect Support


Evaluating Model

Regularly scheduled installment

Client Types

  • Private venture
  • Expansive Enterprises
  • Medium Business


Cloud Hosted

Utilize Cases and Deployment Scope

If you are a computerized showcasing office with numerous customers crosswise over different stages, the super metrics is perfect for you. Supermetrics is being utilized as a device to interface measurements and announcing from the majority of the customers’ crusades, no matter how you look at it. It enables you to screen execution, spending plans, and different measurements comprehensively, and precisely, across the board put.

Pros And Cons:


  • Supermetrics works perfect and gives precise writing about measurements
  • Supermetrics works admirably of announcing crosswise over stages
  • Supermetrics is extraordinary at coordinating with things like Excel or Google Sheets to adjust the reports to our requirements


  • Supermetrics is genuinely expensive than different instruments
  • Supermetrics is once in a while a bit excessively confused, making it impossible to make sense of, and expects time to learn
  • It was troublesome at first to make sense of how precisely to incorporate Supermetrics crosswise over stages (yet once we made sense of it, it was great)

What their users say | Supermetrics Testimonials

“With its large and varied client portfolio, iProspect needs to create multiple automated reports and dashboards that are updated on a regular basis. Supermetrics has been very helpful in this way. Apart from its flexibility and ease of use, the large number of APIs available makes it the number one choice for dashboard automation”

Axel Queffeulou

Head of Data & Analytics, Conversion

“Supermetrics’ native connectors in Google Data Studio immediately made our team more efficient and our reports more valuable to our consulting clients. Through visualization of advertising together with the results they drive, we’re able to better illustrate a digital narrative for our customers, and Supermetrics continues to find ways to help us achieve this”

Andrew Garberson

VP of Marketing Services, Bounteous

Supermetrics Coupon Codes & Supermetrics Free Trial  FAQs

🔥 Does offers any Supermetrics Coupon Codes?

No doesn’t offer any coupon codes. As of now Supermetrics doesn’t offer any Supermetrics coupon to help you get the discount coupon.

🔥 Does Supermetrics offers any free trial?

Yes, Supermetrics offers a fully-fleged 14 days free trial which enables you try all premium tools and features offered by Supermetrics.

🔥 Does Supermetrics offers any money back guarantee?

No Supermetrics doesn’t offer any money back guarantee. Instead you can try 14-Days free trial of Supermetrics right away.

🔥 Does Supermetrics offers any special Supermetrics Promo Codes?

As of now Supermetrics doesn’t offer any Supermetrics promo codes. Apart from that Supermetrics does offers a free trial which you can make use to try all the features and tools offered by Superemtrics.

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Conclusion: Supermetrics Review 2020 

Supermetrics has been extraordinary for us with substantial information, complex organization, as we require precise and point by point detailing of measurements for our customers over various stages.

It is additionally versatile to different organizations, for example, Excel or Google Sheets – with the goal that we can change and configuration reports in the manner in which we require them to work. With Supermetrics, you can get 22% Off on their annual plans.

Have you ever tried Supermetrics? Did you like my Supermetrics Review? Share your thoughts below?

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