SuperSaaS Review 2023: Is it the Ultimate Solution for Scheduling Appointments?

SuperSaaS Review

Overall Verdict

SuperSaas is an extremely flexible software designed to provide you with the most customizable online appointment scheduling solution. It is quick and easy to use and provides you with a number of different features that makes scheduling hassle free. You can start out with a free plan as well, which allows you to set up and test your schedule for as long as needed.

Out of 10


  • They provide complete multi-language as well as multi-currency support
  • You can send follow-up emails after your event
  • It allows you to import and export user data quite effortlessly
  • Allows you to assign additional management abilities
  • SuperSaaS as a Platform is very flexible in terms of Features


  • Lacks some reporting options
  • Interface could be a little better


Price: $ 10

Are you looking for an honest and trustworthy SuperSaaS Review 2023? Great, You have landed at the right post, so let’s get started.

Time-dependent businesses call for an online appointment scheduling system that can streamline and improve their booking processes. SuperSaaS is one such system that offers extremely flexible yet equally affordable appointment scheduling software.

Bottom Line Upfront: SuperSaaS is a great appointment scheduling platform that works best for SMEs, Individuals, and the industry like corporate events, health & fitness, salon and grooming parlors, education, etc.

SuperSaaS will surely smooth out the process. It offers different packages as per your budget. Get Started with SuperSaaS.

SuperSaas Review- Appointment Scheduling

SuperSaaS can be customized to suit most situations. Local service providers who don’t have a website and need a schedule that comes with its own web address need to look no further.

Online businesses wanting to integrate their booking process with their website and/or social media channels will be amazed at what they can achieve using SuperSaaS, too.

SuperSaaS Review

Overview of SuperSaaS Features

  • One-Stop Solution For Event Booking

SuperSaas Review- Booking

A one-stop solution for individual and group event bookings. They provide complete multi-language as well as multi-currency support.

  • Customizable

SuperSaas Review- Flexibility

SuperSaaS is extremely customizable and provides you with the ultimate flexibility in the process as well as in the layout. You can quickly adjust it so that your own look and feel is what users see when they look at your schedule.

  • Follow-up Emails

Email and/or text message confirmations can be set up easily to ensure that no one misses a booking. You can even send follow-up emails after your event. You can send verification links through email in order to ensure that the users are legit and have valid email addresses.

  • Import & Export User data

SuperSaas Review- User Activity

It allows you to import and export user data effortlessly.

  • Integrated Payment System

SuperSaas Review- Payment

SuperSaaS has an integrated payment system, which allows you to pay through PayPal or Stripe or even handle the payments on your own.

You can add on and set the price rules, promotions, and discounts in order to support your own pricing policies.

  • Online Appointment Schedule Integration

SuperSaas Review- Integrate Facebook Pages

You can integrate your online appointment schedule with your website or Facebook pages along with an iframe, or you may choose to link to your reservation calendar with a “Book now” button.

SuperSaaS allows you to use and attach your own domain name to the scheduled addresses and also to send confirmation emails.

  • Cross Calendar Scheduling

SuperSaas Review- Cross calendar

Cross-calendar scheduling is easy and reliable as it allows you to link your Google calendar along with the SuperSaas calendar. It basically displays your appointments in a certain external calendar program like the calendar on your iPhone or Microsoft Outlook.

  • Additional Management Abilities

It allows you to assign the user roles as well as the management easily. It allows you to assign additional management abilities and also to specify who can or cannot create, delete, or update reservations.

It allows you to view customer history as well as the upcoming activity. This feature also allows you to act on behalf of users and to block or unblock users.

  • Reporting & Analytics Functions

SuperSaaS helps you in the reporting as well as the analytics functions. You can easily get an insight into the booking activity through the reporting section.

It allows you the ability to export any kind of information or data anytime. It is completely secure as well as reliable; it has all the safety measures required to keep your data safe.

SuperSaaS Review: Pricing Details

Apart from a free trial version that can be used without any time limits for setting up and testing your online appointment schedule, paid packages start at the lowest prices we’ve seen on the market.

All paid subscriptions are completely ad-free and allow you to sync to other calendars, including Outlook and Google calendars.

What I like most about their pricing plan is that you aren’t limited to the number of appointments in your schedule per month or year. The limits are applied to the total number of upcoming appointments you have in your account.

So, as soon as an appointment passes, it no longer counts towards the total because the system only counts those that have not yet taken place. I haven’t seen this with any other online appointment schedule.

The benefit is that you can control the number of appointments in your schedule by limiting how far in advance your customer’s book.

SuperSaaS Pricing Details

You’ll find even larger packages on SuperSaaS’s pricing page.

SuperSaaS: Pros and Cons

SuperSaaS Pros:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
    • SuperSaaS boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible for users with varying technical expertise.
  2. Multilingual Support:
    • The platform supports multiple languages, enhancing its global usability and allowing users to book services in their preferred language.
  3. Automated Notifications:
    • SuperSaaS excels in automated communication, sending confirmations and reminders via email and SMS. This feature helps reduce no-shows and keeps users engaged.
  4. Payment Integration:
    • SuperSaaS provides seamless integration with various payment options, allowing for flexibility in pricing and the incorporation of discounts and rules.
  5. Versatile Integration Options:
    • Whether you have a website, a Facebook page, or no online presence at all, SuperSaaS can be easily integrated. It accommodates different business needs, providing flexibility.
  6. Calendar Synchronization:
    • The ability to synchronize with other calendars ensures that your availability is always up-to-date, offering efficient time management.
  7. User Role Management:
    • SuperSaaS allows for the assignment of user roles, enabling efficient delegation of scheduling tasks. Superusers can assist in managing the overall schedule.
  8. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:
    • The platform offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing valuable insights into booking traffic and customer preferences to inform business decisions.

SuperSaaS Cons:

  1. Learning Curve for Advanced Features:
    • Users might find the advanced features of SuperSaaS require a learning curve, especially for those who are new to the platform.
  2. Customization Limitations:
    • While SuperSaaS offers customization options, some businesses with specific and intricate requirements may find the level of customization limited.
  3. Subscription Costs:
    • While pricing is generally reasonable, businesses on a tight budget may find the subscription costs of SuperSaaS to be a potential drawback.

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Final Verdict: SuperSaas Review 2023

SuperSaas is an extremely flexible software designed to provide you with the most customizable online appointment scheduling solution.

It is quick and easy to use and provides you with a number of different features that make scheduling hassle-free. You can start out with a free plan as well, which allows you to set up and test your schedule for as long as needed.

SuperSaas provides you with an online support library packed with step-by-step guidelines to help you achieve the best online appointment schedule for your business. In my opinion, SuperSaas is the best scheduling software available.

You can follow SuperSaas social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube here.

Hope our In-depth SuperSaas Review 2023 serves your purpose well and will help you make your decision.

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