Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN 2024: Which One To Choose?



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$ Pricing
1.99/ month 6.67/ month
Best for

Choice of OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2P2, Shadowsocks & more

Over 2,000 servers in 148 locations

  • Allows unlimited connections, double VPN and split tunneling
  • Money back guarantee is 30 days
  • Major security and privacy focus
  • Split tunneling available
  • You can expect faster speeds from ExpressVPN
  • Data is encrypted with an AES-256 cipher, SHA-512 hash Auth.
  • WireGuard protocol with Surfshark
  • Has no connection limit
  • Lightway protocol with ExpressVPN
  • Best in class for security
  • Surfshark only offers static IP addresses, unfortunately.
  • Speed issues on some parameters
  • Support can be improved
  • Maximum simultaneous connections: is limited to 5
Ease of Use

Anyone that wants multi-hop: More servers mean more encryption, which means that your web activity is more hidden than ever before.

ExpressVPN has many servers that are good for torrenting. When you use them, your downloads will be fast.

Value For Money

Surfshark prices Monthly Plan: $12.95/mo 6-Month Plan: $6.49/mo 2-Year Plan: $2.49/mo, SurfShark have better pricing structure

ExpressVPN prices Monthly Plan: $12.95/mo 6-Month Plan: $9.99/mo 15-Month Plan: $6.67/mo, so ExpressVPN is bit expensive.

Customer Support

If you are looking for high quality support then SurfShark is much better than ExpressVPN here. With a huge knowledgebase of articles plus almost instantaneous 24/7 live-chat support SurfShark beats ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN support is great but not good as compared to SurfShark.

“Can’t decide between Surfshark and ExpressVPN? Our in-depth comparison will help you choose the right VPN for your needs.”

Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two of the most popular VPN services, with superior security features, fast connections, and streaming capabilities.

To help you choose the best VPN, we have researched and compared Surfshark and ExpressVPN in critical areas such as security, performance, usability, and pricing.

Surfshark vs ExpressVPN

The two in focus VPNs are Surfshark and ExpressVPN. 

Let’s start with a short summary of why a VPN is important for you and what privileges it provides. 

VPN or Virtual Private Network takes care of your information online. It acts as a protective sheet when you are accessing your files online, protecting them from foreign entities on the same network you are accessing like hundreds of others.

When you access your data via Wi-Fi, you may be exposing your personal data, putting your personal files and browsing history at risk, and to protect against this leak of information, VPNs are used. You should own one of the VPNs if you don’t want to be concerned about your data’s safety. 

Let’s start by getting to know both brands individually and comparing their services.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

🚀 ExpressVPN and Surfshark are two of the most trusted VPNs. We put them to a test to see which is better. They’re both very fast, have excellent no-logs policies, offer 24/7 live chat support, and can unblock geo-restricted services.

They both have excellent performance. ExpressVPN has servers in 90+ countries, special servers for torrenting and bypassing geo-restricted streaming services, affordable, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

🔥 Surfshark also offers 24/7 live chat support, performs well, is not as expensive as ExpressVPN, but does not offer a money-back guarantee. Which one should you use?

💥ExpressVPN is the winner for security, speed, and accessibility.

Surfshark is a good low-cost premium VPN. If you want to spend more money to get a full-scale premium VPN, then ExpressVPN is better. But if you want an inexpensive, fast, and secure VPN that does most things you want it to, then Surfshark is better.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Overview


Surfshark is one of the best VPNs out there. It offers you ultimate quality with minimum cost. Surfshark is used by hundreds of people and has more than 1700 serves in more than 60 countries. Surfshark does have a really fast network speed, and it also is very safe for torrenting.

Surfshark is a space that is a full-blown advanced functional experience with a particularly low price. It is difficult to find a VPN with the same features as Surfshark and at such a low price.

Surfshark allows you to unblock Netflix, which is a huge deal. Along with the many features the brand provides, it has a cheap two-year plan. It also provides speedy and helpful live chat support if you get stuck somewhere. 

 Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN Comparison - Surfshark


But Surfshark also gives a few hindrances. The trial program the brand provides only applies to mobile apps and Macs. They don’t share a detailed privacy policy that other VPNs may provide. The kill switch may also create a few issues. 

Overall, Surfshark gives the best quality at a cheap price. 


ExpressVPN is a well-known brand in the VPN world. It provides a lot of advantages for the users. Being one of the top 10, ExpressVPN has to be on the go in the market and provides the necessary important features when you are in such a huge competition.

ExpressVPN has 160 locations in more than 94 countries and performs well on most of its servers. ExpessVPN also provides amazing support from their side. 

 Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN Comparison - Express VPN

However, ExpressVPN has above-average rates and not as many features. Unlike a few other brands, ExpressVPN also requires a Browser Extension for its app. The Android App that the brand provides operates on OpenVPN only. 

Now, Let’s get on with comparing these two brands. We will compare the two with the help of a few criteria, which are VPN essentials. 

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: At a glance

Surfshark ExpressVPN
Devices Unlimited 5
Server countries 100 95
Protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, Lightway
Price $1.99 $6.67
Money-back guarantee 30 days 30 days

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Features & Benefits


  • 1040+ servers in 64 countries
  • It gives browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Offers unlimited connections and strong encryptions
  • Accepts bitcoins
  • Gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Offers a 7-day trial 
  • 24/7 Live Chat is available. 
  • It offers an unlimited number of devices to be attached. 
  • It offers a mobile app. 


  • Installs smoothly and fast and is user-friendly.
  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries
  • Has no traffic limits and is very fast
  • No-Logging Policy
  • Allows streaming geo-restricted sites. 
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 7-day trial 
  • Available as a mobile app
  • Permits 5 devices to be attached. 

Surfshark vs ExpressVPN: Pricing Battle


Pricing is an important aspect when you buy anything, for that matter. You do not want to spend a lot of money each month. 


Surfshark does have an edgy monthly value. 

  • 24 months: 1.99$/month
  • 12 months: 2.99$/month
  • 01 month: 10.99$/month

The monthly price that the brand provides is a little greater than usual. However, Surfshark’s features are greater in number and hence justify the price.

However, you do save loads if you apply for a year directly. But, honestly, the two-year plan blows my mind. It is the cheapest plan out there, and with so many features, it is hard not to accept it. 

If you are worried about the long commitment, let me tell you that this two-year plan is cheaper than what other brands charge for their one-year plan.

You get a 7-day trial period for Android, iOS, and Mac, whereas other brands won’t even give a trial period. But even if unsatisfied with the product, you have the advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee. So it is a win-win situation. 

Surfshark also provides various payment options. So you can pay using credit cards, Amazon, Google, and Ali Pay. 


Among the two most expensive VPNs out there is ExpressVPN. But its Quality standards overpower this expense. There are three standard plans offered by this VPN. 

Pricing and plans for ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN offers three monthly, half-yearly, and annual packages like most VPN providers. All three plans have the same features and services. The price of the packages differs according to the duration; their annual plan is cheaper than the semi-annual and monthly plans.

Their monthly plan will cost you $12.95 per month, and if you sign up for a 6-month plan, you can save a few bucks as it will cost you $9.99 per month. If you are going for the yearly plan, your wallet will thank you as it will cost you only $6.67 monthly.

The payment options include all major credit cards and debit cards. Other options are Bitcoin and PayPal. The VPN offers you a money-back guarantee limited to 30 days, which is fuss-free and easy to start.

Like other brands, ExpressVPN gives you a 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the service. 

In this round, Surfshark clearly takes the lead. It provides amazing features at a low price. 

Winner : SurfShark 

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Server Comparison

Servers clearly are an important aspect when you talk about a VPN. It strictly applies to the saying that the more, the merrier.

If your VPN has a small number of servers, your internet speed will be hampered. Your video streaming and downloads can really suffer due to this. This happens when a lot of crowd is accumulated on your server.

So you must choose a VPN with many servers to avoid the annoying buffering. 


Surfshark - Server

Surfshark provides as many as 1040+ servers.


The competitors we are discussing today understand the importance of providing as many servers as possible. To clear the air, Surfshark provides as many as 1040+ servers, but ExpressVPN owns 3000+ servers, which is a really big achievement. 

Winner : Express VPN

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Privacy

Almost all VPNs claim the best privacy policies, yet they fail to prove that their brand is the best in privacy. Both brands we are comparing today are based in the British Virgin Islands, so the companies don’t have to keep a log of their customer’s actions. This justifies that both brands do have a strong foothold when it comes to privacy. 


Surfshark’s privacy features contain secure protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch that makes sure to lose internet access to prevent identity theft if there is any risk of connection failure. 

Surfshark also has its private DNS connected to every server, which allows you extreme privacy, and the VPN hop allows you to keep your identity super secret. 

Surfshark - App

Surfshark only keeps a record of your email address and your billings. Other than that, a few obscure things like the performance your device allows or the frequency of your use are usually kept anonymous. 


ExpressVPN, unlike other companies, gives you actual reasons why it is better at privacy. Along with the regular privacy protocols that every VPN has to feature, ExpressVPN also uses HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code), which protects the real data from being altered.

The brand also supports Perfect Forward Secrecy, which adds another layer of protection for the user’s privacy. This layer assigns you a new code every time you get connected and replaces it after every hour of online use.

Just like Surfhsark, ExpressVPN also features DNS. It has its own private DNS, a zero-knowledge, 256-bit encrypted DNS on every server. This gives you the security of any attackers wanting to access your data. 

Both the competitors are equally amazing when it comes to keeping your private data secure. 

Winner: Tie

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Server Location

Several locations allow you to have more flexibility in your use. It also gives you an advantage of increased speed. The more locations your VPN is on, the more ink advantage you will have.

If you connect to a server that is close to your country or is in your country, the stronger network you will receive. Not to mention way better speed. Hence, you need to consider the location of your VPN. 


ExpressVPN Features

If you are a resident of a country that censors the internet you use, these servers available outside your country will allow you to surf the internet with maximum freedom.


No actual number confirms the better brand, but Surfshark has its servers based in 64 countries, whereas ExpressVPN has it based in about 94 countries, which cover about 160 locations. 

Clearly, ExpressVPN has the better hand over this feature. 

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Connection Speed

The connection speed of both providers was checked, and a few speed tests were conducted at two very different locations (the US and the UK). First, we recorded the connection times in the U.S. by logging into servers with enabled OpenVPN.

Then, we conducted several tests for checking latency and geolocation tests, establishing whether servers are part of the countries. Three tests with eight-hour gaps were run.

1. U.S. Connection Speeds (local) Surfshark

For Surfshark VPN, the best speed came out to be 106 Mbps. It is not an impressive speed, but it is way more than the 78Mbps speed we typically encounter during downloads. 

2. U.S. Connection Speeds (local) Express VPN

The result of ExpressVPN is a speed of  108 Mbps.

Speed Winner (local): ExpressVPN

3. Connection speed (International)

Surfsharks’s result in the UK server was 78 Mbps, about a 3% decrease from normal, without VPN speeds. 

ExpressVPN offers a speed of 91Mbps.

Speed Winner (International): ExpressVPN

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Operating System Support

This is an important aspect. You want a service covering your desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Paid services often allow such services, so our competitors will obviously provide maximum operating system support. 

Both Surfshark, as well as ExpressVPN, serve the following:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux

So, it pretty much can be used by most of the system operators. 

Winner: Tie

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Number Of Devices

The number of VPNs that your service provides is a huge deal. The number of devices that connect to the internet in your house is more than two at least. There’s your laptop, phone, and voice assistant, so you must ensure that the VPN you purchase covers all your devices to enjoy that amazing security and privacy. 

ExpressVPN allows only a limited number of 5 devices to be attached, but Surfshark allows you to connect unlimited devices, which is pretty cool. Surfshark is the only VPN that allows you this unlimited access. The most device connections you can expect from other VPNs range to not more than 10. 

Winner : Surfshark 

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Kill Switch

If your connection with the VPN is disconnected, your device probably starts using the public IP address, which may add a little risk to whatever the user is working on. Which will allow people to access your IP address until you reconnect to your VPN? 

Surfshark - Features

To avoid this situation, many VPNs provide a kill switch that quickly servers your internet connection and avoids any damage to your data. This allows you to keep your IP address and online activities a secret. 

Surprisingly, Surfshark and ExpressVPN have the kill switch feature, which has proved reliable. 

Winner: Tie

Surfshark and ExpressVPN: Customer service

Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer round-the-clock support via email and live chat. You can contact them by email or live chat if you have questions. They also have a lot of information on their websites for your questions about how to use the service.

You can find videos on YouTube if you would rather watch them instead of reading them.

Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two companies that responded to our emails fast. The average response time was very quick. Some of their answers were pre-written, but they went into a lot of detail about how to use their services on an Amazon Firestick.

They both encouraged people with more questions or problems to contact them again.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Which is better for Netflix?

An advantage of using VPNs is that it gives access to geo-blocked websites. For example, what you want to stream is US-based and can not be accessed by anyone outside the country. You can simply switch to the US-based server and enjoy streaming your favorite shows. 

Surfshark has claimed that you can bypass various websites. This includes Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer, which can sometimes be a little issue, but Surfshark has successfully allowed it to be accessible. Amazon Prime Video is accessible, too.

However, not all servers give access to Prime Videos. Surfshark has around 15 Netflix Libraries, which you may not find at ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Netflix

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, allows you to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and even geo-blocked YouTube sites while connected to the network. But, here is an advantage when it comes to Ad blocking.

Surshark blocks most of the advertisements from your page, but ExpressVPN fails to do so. 

This proves that both brands are as good as the other regarding accessibility. 

Winner: Express VPN

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Which is better for Torrenting?

People use VPNs for a lot of reasons. One reason is to protect themselves while they are downloading things. Some people use it for downloaded movies and music.

Both providers have a way to keep you safe when you download something, too. They both have a kill switch that will stop the download if your connection gets lost so that no one can steal what you were downloading.

They also have split tunneling, which means that if there’s one server with excellent connection speeds, that server will be used instead of just picking any old server for the download to work better.

The only difference is that ExpressVPN has 3,000+ servers, some specifically for P2P downloads and not other things like streaming.

Surfshark is a good torrent VPN, but it’s not as good at P2P connections as ExpressVPN. Surfshark starts with about the same number of servers, but not all are good for P2P.

Even if you use the Surfsharks app to automatically detect when you’re doing torrents and then switch to a different server, this does mean that you have fewer choices of servers, which might make your connection slower.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Which has better apps?

VPNs have special apps. The features on the app make a big difference to people who use them.

Both VPNs are good and can be used on Fire Stick and Android devices. Surfshark’s app is simple and easy, with few options, but ExpressVPN has an attractive design on all platforms.

ExpressVPN has a lot of good things on the inside and outside. It is easy to get into it, too. Sometimes, ExpressVPN might be better for people who want to customize it more than other VPNs.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Which is better?

Both ExpressVPN and Surfshark are good choices. You can’t go wrong with either one. These VPNs work with streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO.

They both scored well in our speed tests, but Surfshark has a slight edge because of its security features.

If you want the best VPN all-round, go for Surfshark’s discounted 2-year deal; it is hard to beat when it comes to value for money. On the other hand, if you need access to servers in a wider range of countries or want a specific country (e.g., China), go with ExpressVPN instead, as it has more servers in more countries than Surfshark.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Who has the best value?

ExpressVPN is good for people who are always on the move. For example, in 148 countries, people with dynamic IPs change their addresses whenever they connect.

SurfShark also has options like this, but we think ExpressVPN would be better for you because of the larger amount of servers and more places to be available. However, if you want to save money, you can use SurfShark instead.

Why Surfshark VPN in brief:

Surfshark would be good for people who really care about privacy. It logs less information than other services, like ExpressVPN, which logs more information.

Surfshark would also be good for people who want static IP addresses because they will always have the same IP address each time. For those who want multi-hop connections (servers), Surfshark is the best service as it has many servers, so there are many layers of encryption.

However, you should not use Surfshark if you need something that can change dynamically or a dynamic IP address because it does not provide this option to its users.

Why ExpressVPN in brief:

ExpressVPN is good for travelers. It can be used in 148 countries. This is better than Surfshark because it changes your IP address whenever you connect. You can also expect faster speeds from ExpressVPN than Surfshark on macOS and Windows devices.

Express VPN would not be good for someone who doesn’t want their web activity or private IP address logged, but it will not log either of these things anyway.

Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN: Customer Reviews

Surfshark Reviews

Surfshark Trustpilot Reviews

ExpressVPN Reviews

Expressvpn trustpilot reviews

ExpressVPN customer testimonials

Quick Links:

FAQs: Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN

👉How do Surfshark and ExpressVPN differ in terms of server locations?

ExpressVPN has a larger server network, with servers in more countries (over 160), while Surfshark offers servers in around 65 countries. The number of servers may also vary.

✔Which VPN service is faster, Surfshark or ExpressVPN?

Speed can vary depending on your location and the server you connect to. Generally, ExpressVPN is known for its fast speeds and reliable performance. Surfshark also offers good speeds, but individual experiences may differ.

👀What platforms and devices are supported by Surfshark and ExpressVPN?

Both VPNs support a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers. They also offer browser extensions and have apps for Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

🤷‍♂️Do Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial?

Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try their services risk-free. However, they do not usually offer a free trial.

💁‍♀️Which VPN service is more affordable, Surfshark or ExpressVPN?

Surfshark is often considered more budget-friendly, offering competitive pricing and discounts on longer subscription plans. ExpressVPN, while a bit more expensive, is known for its high-quality service.

Conclusion: Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN Comparison 2024

ExpressVPN won the most important categories like privacy, coverage over the globe, and speed; they also offer 30-day money-back guarantees.

By this point, we are sure the winner of this Surfshark Vs ExpressVPN battle is no surprise.

So, let’s do a quick summary of our eight test categories and call it a day:

  • Company background and jurisdiction: ExpressVPN
  • Speed tests: ExpressVPN
  • Features: ExpressVPN
  • Streaming and Torrenting: ExpressVPN
  • Encryption, VPN protocols, and security: ExpressVPN
  • Privacy: SurfShark & Express VPN
  • Price and Refund: SurfShark in 2 years deal
  • Value: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, gives many more commendable features. The server network that ExpressVPN has is plausible and, no wonder will give amazing speed with the extent of its bandwidth. 

We tried Surfshark, but the prices were higher than what you get in return for your money.

They are good if you’re looking to gauge whether or not the speed deterioration is worth it because they trade off the consistency of speeds at different servers around the world for gaining an edge on large streaming sites that give them trouble, like HBO GO or Netflix US.

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  1. I love Surfshark. It is the best VPN for people who want great features at a cheaper price than other brands that may be more well-known. I love their live chat support since it’s unlike any other brand that provides this service, and there are so many benefits to the app like allowing you to unblock Netflix which has really helped me out!

  2. Surfs up! I always rely on Surfshark. They have the speed and features that you would expect from a large VPN company at a low price. It is difficult to find something as reliable and affordable as Surfshark, he recently updated their IP addresses for better security and unblocking of websites blocked by some countries such as Netflix or Hulu.

    I am so glad they updated those IPs because now I can go back to watching my favourite shows on Netflix with nothing blocking me- talk about convenience! The live chat support is also great when I get stuck somewhere without internet, they’re super fast getting back to me with whatever my question may be.

  3. Have you ever tried to use your favourite app, like Netflix or Spotify, when you’re travelling outside the country? I used to think that it was just impossible to unblock my data when I needed Netflix International. And then someone introduced me to SurfShark! Now I can access all of my apps anytime anywhere for less than what other VPNs charge. Seriously, not only does this gigabyte monster super stream video in HD at up to 480 Mbps so it doesn’t slow down when streaming videos on multiple devices simultaneously, but if you get caught in a sketchy place and need quick help with getting access back, their live chat support is fast and helpful too!

  4. ExpressVPN offers VPN service on a variety of platforms and devices.
    The connection speed to its servers is not comparable to any of the competitors I have tested before, including NordVPN.
    It has great support and is almost always available online. Also, their help section and blog meet almost all the educational needs of using a VPN.
    ExpressVPN’s UX and UI in Windows and Android are beautiful, simple, functional, and regularly updated.

  5. Surfshark is a great service if you’re looking for one. It has many servers so there are many layers of encryption, AES-256-bit encryption, and it will keep your IP address static so you can get to the desired website quickly. Surfshark has Netflix and torrenting access and its headquarters are outside of the Five Eyes alliance.

  6. I used many VPN and I think that Surfshark is one of the best solutions I found.
    -Best in class speed, all the servers are very fast and routing is very good for Italy and other countries.
    -Many locations, maybe not so much but enough for all users.
    -The client is very nice, easy to use and very fast to find and connect to the server.
    -good support, people answered fast and in a technical way.
    -the price is fantastic if you consider the functionalities

  7. Surfshark is an amazing VPN service that does everything! Not only has it given me the ability to unblock Netflix, but it also offers a wide variety of features. The monthly price ensures that I’ll never overspend on my VPN needs, and the two-year plan keeps prices affordable in case something goes wrong. This company provides fast and helpful live chat support 24/7 so you can get set up with Surfshark for just about any need whether it’s security or entertainment.

  8. I’ve used several VPN services over the years, and ExpressVPN is by far the best I’ve used so far. It is extremely easy to set up and works flawlessly across all of my devices. The best thing about the service is that it has worked for several locations, and it’s a “set it and forget it” tool that does exactly what it says it should do.

  9. I’ll tell you, there are not many VPNs that have all these features for this low of a price. Surfshark provides the ability to watch Netflix without any hassle at all, something that is not always possible with most VPNs. Occasionally I get stuck somewhere and need help however, my experience with their customer service is excellent! They are fast and knowledgeable which has helped me out in many tough situations. The two-year plan includes additional features like cookies protection which really helps keep your browsing data safe. If you’re looking for an affordable option with high-end services then this product is perfect for what you need!

  10. As a user, I liked using Express VPN since it can be used freely on any page where I can send documents or files without tracking problems and I can choose the country that I want to use the VPN in a secure way since it always protects the data of the equipment and gives me that confidence to always use it again. It has good performance and easy handling.

  11. Surfshark works perfectly well for me, it has all the features that will help you!
    Surfshark offers consumers a leg up in privacy and security. This is accomplished through the usual dedicated service.
    It also offers multi-hop connections. This means that users connecting to the Surfshark network have the option of routing through two VPN servers consecutively. This increases the anonymity factor for greater ease of mind.
    I’ll highly pursue you to try it out!

  12. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for years and it has never let me down. The speeds are super fast, the customer support is excellent, and they have many servers around the world. Particularly handy when doing things like downloading torrents. For those looking for a top-tier VPN at a fair price, I highly recommend this one.

    🔥 If you don’t need all of that fancy stuff on ExpressVPN then Surfshark will be perfect for you! Super solid performance with decent speeds that can unblock any geo-restricted service or website without breaking a sweat! 👌

  13. ExpressVPN is as simple to use as anything on the market. Its large “power” button interface and its automatic disconnect feature that cuts off your internet connection if the VPN loses connectivity make it simple for people with no networking or VPN experience previously. It effectively protects your IP address and identity at a time when that kind of private information is bought and sold through online companies for advertising and other purposes. It is also useful in viewing content that is regional specific or logging into work networks that require a local IP address as you can select what region you want to be in. It takes the complexity out of a relatively complex approach to online interactions. Even the simple included Speed Test is a nice touch for making sure your VPN is an optimal distance from your actual location.

  14. ExpressVPN has amazing features including blocking all non-vpn traffic options which utilise better and more user-friendly infrastructure. This can help a lot as it will block any regular traffic Meaning with this option on you will be secure at all times!

  15. Expressvpn has an outstanding service bringing and giving privacy and security to all its users! Us as a business we need this security especially because we have to keep our documents and files stored securely throughout the internet as much as sending messages securely and that’s what exactly expression does it ensures everything is secure!

  16. Surfshark is an affordable and versatile VPN that provides a lot of features. With Surfshark, I’ve been able to unblock Netflix and many other streaming services like Hulu. The two-year plan doesn’t disappoint- you can use up to 12GB monthly for free! Like any good VPN, it also encrypts your data with military-grade encryption.

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