10 Best Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards 2024

In this article, we will discuss the Best Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon’s days of selling just books are long behind. You may discover clothes, appliances, hardware, gaming items, and about everything else on this website besides an outstanding assortment of books.

As a result, an Amazon gift card may be a precious item – almost as flexible as cash. When you hear that you can earn Amazon gift cards by doing easy online chores, you may wonder where to join up.

There are numerous ways to make money, including links to pages for the Amazon Affiliate Program and a lot more. 

However, there are additional opportunities that arise from everyday activities. Let’s examine some of the most acceptable methods to generate money and earn Amazon gift cards in 2022, including answering questionnaires about purchasing patterns, switching your web browser, and shopping at affiliate stores.

Amazon gift cards are simple to use, but you must create a free Amazon account if you do not already have one. Then, you just input the code provided on the back of the card, and the gift card’s value will be deposited into your account.

Some items cannot be purchased with Amazon gift cards, such as collectible coins and other gift cards, but you are otherwise free to shop on Amazon!

Here are several websites that can assist you in obtaining Amazon gift cards!

Best Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards

10 Best Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards 2024

Some of the Best Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards


Pawns.app Review: Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards

Pawns is a GPT website that enables anybody to earn an online passive income by sharing spare bandwidth. This bandwidth is used by Pawns.app for commercial purposes, including pricing research, brand protection, and Content Delivery. Meaningful here is your home IP address, which is advantageous for these sorts of uses.

Internet bandwidth determines how much you may make on Pawns.app. Fast internet speed, for instance, enables you to share more resources with others. Consequently, your income will increase. However, if you have a sluggish Internet connection, you will share and earn less with them.

They also have a lot of surveys. So you can just share your internet and keep giving surveys. This way, you have two methods of earning. Add one more if you can refer to your friends. 

2. YouGov:

YouGov: Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards

YouGov offers a survey panel in several countries that conduct surveys in the local language and is tailored to that nation. This makes the surveys relevant and engaging to engage in, and you can also see the results of their surveys, which might be intriguing, on their website.

The prizes offered by YouGov vary greatly by country of residence. In general, participation earns you points that, depending on your country, may be redeemed for incentives.

In certain countries, Amazon gift cards for that nation are available, but regardless of where you reside, you will often have a choice of many payment ways.

3. Opinion Outopost:

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a basic and straightforward survey website. After joining, all you have to do is wait for survey invites.

In addition to conducting paid surveys, you will also be automatically entered into their quarterly prize cash draw, where you have the chance to win substantial incentives.

This site is especially advantageous if you desire Amazon gift cards since the payment threshold is merely $5. PayPal costs around $10.

4. FeaturePoints:


FeaturePoints is a user-friendly GPT website that is accessible globally.

In addition to Amazon gift cards, you may also receive payment by PayPal, Bitcoin, and other gift cards. Please note that Amazon is only accessible as a prize in certain areas and not globally

You may make money by completing surveys, viewing movies, accepting offers, and downloading applications. In the United States and Canada, you can also get cash back for online shopping. You may request a reward after earning $5, thus the payment barrier is rather low.

5. Triaba:


Triaba’s survey panel spans over 90 nations. In each of these nations, there is a local language panel. You may see the precise nations by clicking on the link to the entire review located above. It is a pretty straightforward survey website, since there are no distractions.

However, it has a limited number of accessible surveys, so you should also join other sites. In certain countries, you may also pick Amazon gift cards or other gift cards in addition to PayPal payments.

6. Toluna:


Toluna influencers have country-specific panels. It features a substantial number of surveys in most of these nations, it is simple to qualify for the surveys, and the platform is generally straightforward to utilize. The platform and surveys are available in your native language.

Toluna has several compensation options. Amazon gift cards may not be available in all countries, so check the platform for your country by following the link below. In areas where Amazon e-certificates are available, they will be particular to your nation, which is fantastic.

7, PrizeRebel:


PrizeRebel is another site that you should consider joining if you want to earn Amazon gift cards, as well as other prizes such as PayPal cash payments and other gift cards.

You may earn money via a variety of activities. Naturally, through completing surveys, but also by accepting other online offers, doing little online jobs, playing games, or entering one of the many competitions and lotteries. Several times every week, PrizeRebel also distributes promo codes that provide free points.

Most nations may join up for PrizeRebel, which is a nice feature. However, the fact that you may register does not guarantee that you will get many possibilities.

The majority of chances will be available to English-speaking nations, but many other nations will also have excellent prospects. I do not reside in a nation where English is the official language, yet I still have plenty of chances.

8. Branded Surveys:

Branded Surveys

If you reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada, Branded Surveys is an excellent site to join.

It provides a decent amount of paid surveys, and you can also get money by completing paid offers. Active members get a better membership level and up to a 19% bonus on all surveys, so it pays to participate often.

Depending on the location in which you reside, you may opt to receive your profits as an Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.co.uk gift card. You may also select to receive payment by PayPal or a variety of gift cards.

9. Swagbucks:


Swagbucks is one of the world’s largest and most popular survey sites, with over 20 million subscribers. It is popular since there are several possibilities to win prizes every day.

In addition to paid surveys, you may make money in a variety of different methods. If you want to purchase online anyhow, you may save money and get incentives by, for instance, receiving cash back when purchasing online. It also allows you to earn by viewing movies, playing games, inviting friends, and exploring the web, and it organizes free competitions and distributes promo coupons for free cash on a regular basis.

It also offers a substantial joining bonus for those who join via an invitation link. If you want anything other than Amazon gift cards at some point, it also provides a variety of additional valuable prizes.

You may join from almost any country, but if you reside in France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada, or the US, you will have the greatest options. If you reside in one of these countries, joining Swagbucks is a terrific way to earn free Amazon gift cards. If so, several of the other websites listed below will certainly provide you with better possibilities.

10. Freecash:


Freecash (formerly known as Freeskins) is a relatively new GPT website, and conducting paid surveys is the greatest method to earn here. However, you may also locate lucrative compensated opportunities to supplement your income.

It is simple to obtain free Amazon gift cards on this site since just $5 is required. Additionally, it provides Amazon gift cards for a variety of nations, not only Amazon.com. Additionally, you may withdraw gift cards for Amazon NL, IN, SG, SE, IT, ES, FR, DE, AU, CA, and the UK, making it more versatile than many other sites that pay out through Amazon cards.

It also provides additional excellent payment options, like PayPal, Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and CS:GO skins. If you join using the link below, 100 extra points will be added to your account immediately.

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Conclusion: Surveys For Amazon Gift Cards 2024

There is an abundance of applications that provide free Amazon gift cards. These alternatives are well-known, user-friendly, and varied. Try as many as you’d like, and investigate the benefits carefully. You can instantly add Amazon gift cards to your account.

I would recommend using Pawns.app at least because it has the highest earning potential. It has good surveys; you can earn by just sharing your internet. It’s very time-consuming as well. 

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