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While scouring across a plethora of themes on the internet I came across the Swift theme. I was stuck on its demo page as I analysed its various features and offerings. I have to say that I was impressed by what the site had to offer. I try to be as critical as possible when reviewing a theme and my conclusion for SWIFT is that it is best suitable for prolific bloggers who have a more adventurous side to them like travel bloggers or food bloggers.

It can also be used by companies and firms to showcase their goodies and rake in increased customers.

Let’s not waste any time and discuss the Swift Theme.

swiftthemes wordpress theme review

It is incredibly swift

The first thing which I gathered from the demo was that the theme is incredibly fast. I mean incredibly fast. This first came as a pleasant surprise to me because there was a lot of content on the landing page. They have achieved this by comprehensively working behind the scenes on reducing page weight by using high quality base64 images which are easy to load and establishing a system where different page avatars are loaded after the main page appears.

swiftthemes speedtest features

Speed is essential when it comes to retaining site visitors. If your blog takes too much time to load then your will lose audience even if you provide top quality content. Thus this theme is an excellent choice for such kind of website owners.

Mobile Optimization

swiftthemes features mobiel responsive

Mobile optimization is very necessary if you want your content to reach a greater audience. The Swift theme is completely optimized to adapt to the different mobile and smartphone specifications. This reduces your work load and allows you to increase your outreach by leaps and bounds.

The theme is smartly built to fit comprehensively to any shape and sign and also the coding is done in such a manner that the ads which appear in the desktop version will not do so in the mobile site.

This is very top feature they have added because with other themes the problem of ad clutter often occurs when the theme is mobile optimized.

The Smart Text Widget

swiftthemes features widgets

This is an interesting feature which caught my eye. It has a very interesting function. When your site is optimized for mobile it will automatically adjust text and make them disappear so as to make sure that there is no clutter and the user or viewer has very engaging experience even on his mobile.

This is definite advantage over other themes and makes Swift one of my top favourites for bloggers and website owners in general.

The HTML5 advantage

swiftthemes review

This theme is built on the HTML5 interface which can work wonders for you. You see for you to be a successful blogger, it is important for you to rank high on search engines. This means that your content should be easy for search engines to find. Well, with the new semantics in HTML5, it becomes easy for search engines to identify the most important content on your page and rank it accordingly.

This will help you get the interested traffic which you have always wanted. It is important for a blogger to work on his SEO and other ranking techniques but when the base also provides you with support then your efforts are greatly reduced, saving you time and energy to work more creatively on your posts. This is a great advantage according tome.

Design and Layout

swiftthemes features

Coming to the more general features, there is nothing disappointing here too! Instead, there are 100s of layouts which you can use and customize according to your own specifications. The key here is that you won’t the necessity to hire any technical help. The whole interface is quite easy to understand and comes packed with a whole lot of easy to use features.

The newspaper template it provides will help to you present your content to your readers in a much more beautiful and engaging manner. Seriously, these guys have made sure from their end that your blog does everything right! This template can effectively reduce bounce rate and increase the number of actual views.

They also have a built in ad management systems which assists you in placing ads on the most prominent part of your pages and making sure that you have a good click through rate.

All in all, the design and layout of the theme is clean, organized, aesthetically pleasing and allows you to get your content across to the readers in a very engaging manner.

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You can get all the support required from the website through exhaustive communication in the forums, FAQs and through mail. They also have a blog which content various extensive tutorials on how to using the website in the best possible manner.


swiftthemes testimonials

Over to You

I would like to conclude this very IN-FAVOUR review by stating that this is one of the best theme based on HTML that I have come across. It has loads of helpful features and is best suitable for all your blogging needs.


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