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Synthesys is an virtual media platform powered by AI that enables you to quickly produce your own films utilizing its innovative lip-synching AI video technology, where you can build a unique, virtual spokesperson to offer high-quality images to communicate your message. This cloud-based program makes creating and editing voice-overs very straightforward.

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  • It is simple to produce a human voice from any script.
  • 100% 3-day novice-friendly money-back guarantee
  • No monthly fees; one-time payment only
  • No complicated technical expertise required
  • Great customer support
  • Vidually appealing videos


  • Lips Sync isn’t Good Enough


Price: $

Looking for Synthesys Review, you are at the right place.

Have you ever used the most recent Synthetic Speech Technology? This technology enables you to convert any writing into a human voiceover in a matter of minutes. Individual voice-over artists will be in high demand for voice-over work from businesses.

The introduction of Synthetic Speech Technology to the market is a game-changer for all firms’ marketing strategies.

Today, I’d want to tell you about Synthesis, the world’s first program to use Synthetic Speech Technology. This outstanding program produces human voices for you. With Synthesys, businesses no longer have to frantically search for dependable and talented voice-over performers.

So, let’s continue reading my post below for more information about this excellent tool, and I’ll demonstrate how to use this program from the beginning!

What Is Synthesys? 

Synthesys Review

Synthesys is at the forefront of creating algorithms for commercial applications that convert text to voices and videos. Imagine being able to add a real human voice to your website explainer films or product tutorials in a couple of minutes.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text-to-Video (TTV) technologies from Synthesys translate your script into lively and dynamic media presentations.

Using clear, authentic voiceovers lends credibility and authority to your digital message, fostering an emotional connection with your consumers. With the assistance of the Synthesys ai voice generator, you can transform static text into dynamic, engaging digital content.

Who Is Synthesys For?

  • Marketing consultant: With a commercial license, you may provide Synthesys as a premium service to your corporate clients for a substantial one-time cost. Provide quality audio for your clients’ videos. Remember that it will just take a few minutes, but you may charge them a lot of money if you tell them you’re utilizing a side feature.
  • Product creator: Utilize Synthesys to generate traffic to your sales page. You may generate product demonstrations and teach video calls just like an eCommerce proprietor. Give your consumers a superior product presentation. Get greater outcomes and more sales and money.
  • Run an e-commerce store:  Use Synthesys to create a high-quality voice-over for your welcome video to greet your guests. Give them a tour of the business and display your items. Impress them as soon as they enter your business, and your sales will increase.
  • Run an offline business: Utilize the Synthesys technology to produce fantastic sound for your video… by describing your goods and services to the viewers. A presentation that sounds professional demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to providing them with the finest possible service. It reassures your consumers that the quality of your goods and services is exceptional since you don’t seem to make shortcuts even while preparing a presentation for them.
  • Social media marketer or Affiliate: Add a voice-over video powered by Synthesys to your landing pages, websites, and blogs to entice your visitors to click on your affiliate links or sign up for your mailing lists.
  • Freelancer: Bid on jobs that are open to both male and female applicants to easily crush the competition.

Synthesys AI Audio Review

Synthesys is a next-generation text-to-speech system that produces a human-like voice to read your content. Synthesys is user-friendly and provides a variety of female and male voices, reading speeds, languages, and tones, enabling you to create podcasts, tutorials, documentary-style messages, warm welcomes, radio ads, and a lot more. 

  • Everything You Need Has a Voice: Create immersive learning environments, training, real estate movies, advertising aural marketing materials, and product tours, among other things. You are only limited by your ideas!
  • Share Your New Corporate Voice:  Your selected voice or voices become a useful brand asset that you can share with your colleagues to maintain consistency in company communication. Your voices may be specified in your brand standards and made accessible in your marketing library, much like your logo or photos.
  • No Experience Necessary: Unlike arranging studio time and conference calls, Synthesys does not need media or production expertise. Using this user-friendly platform, you may produce your voiceover 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, your voiceover and narration production is more efficient, easy, and cost-effective.

How To Use Synthesys AI Audio?

Step – 1: Choose Your Voice: Choose your favorite ambassador from their broad collection of professional voices. You will choose your gender, accent, style, and voice to reflect your business.

Step – 2: Enter Your Text: Paste or write your content into the interface of the AI voice generator. Choose your reading rate and the duration of your pauses between phrases. Now is the opportunity to make any last-minute brand-consistent modifications to your message.

Step – 3: Click ‘Create’: Your new voice will be rendered and available for evaluation within seconds. Imagine you are a consumer receiving this message and listen closely. If necessary, make modifications and re-render the text to voiceover.

Synthesys AI Video Review

Want to transcend TTS? In minutes, you may create your own text-to-video presentation with SYNTHESES Human Studio. There is no need for cameras, third-party software, or taped voiceover.

SYNTHESES Human Studio offers all the tools necessary for text to AI video at your fingertips. Need Version B or TTV in several languages? No issue. Change avatars, script, and voices in a matter of minutes. Add your logo and a call to action to increase brand recognition and conversions.

  • Pivot Quickly: Respond immediately to the request for fresh material. With their 24/7, on-demand video creation service, you may address current events, product promotions, daily offers, and unforeseen demands.
  • Distinguish Your Messaging: According to statistics, viewers are 85 percent more likely to interact with and recall video material than text. In omnichannel marketing, video content is rapidly becoming the standard.
  • Hi-Res Production Quality: Viewers anticipate a realistic digital experience. Synthesys Human Studio provides a variety of resolutions to accommodate your needs for TV, monitor, YouTube, social networks, and online embedding.

How To Use Synthesys AI Video?

Choose Your Spokesperson: Choose the perfect face (actor or actress) for YOUR company, brand, and narrative.

Choose the voice of your AI Video: You have complete control over your voice and tone.

Add Your Script: Input your script by cut-and-paste (or typing) into their interface.

Select Your Background: Choose from a variety of available Synthesys backdrops, or submit your own.

Click “Create”: The rendering time for your video will vary based on its duration.

Synthesys Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Synthesys from here, scroll down and click on ‘Get Started’ below the plan of your choice. 

Synthesys Pricing & How To Buy Guide step1

Synthesys Pricing & How To Buy Guide step1.1

Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Complete Purchase’.  

Synthesys Pricing & How To Buy Guide step2

Why Do I Recommend Synthesys?

  • Works seamlessly on any device: Access your protected Synthesys dashboard using any online browser. It is hosted in the cloud, therefore there is no need for program installation or downloads!
  • No need to cut corners and compromise on quality: Calls are required immediately after the completion of product development and accompanying marketing materials. The majority of businesses have already exceeded their budgets. However, currently with Synthesys No longer will voice quality be compromised to save money. 
  • Easy-to-use: Simply input or copy and paste your screenplay into the text box, pick your voice option, then click the “Render” button to generate your script. Obtaining a voice-over of superior quality has never been simpler and quicker.
  • Easy-on-the-pocket: This excellent technology is inexpensive. In addition, the expense is a fraction of that of a studio-recorded report. You can give films and presentations with a professional voice while saving time and money.
  • Multi-purpose use: It may be used extensively for ads, walkthrough videos, instructive videos, real estate promotional videos, animations, movies, podcasts, gaming, and more to produce professional personal audio promotional material and more.
  • Never Hire A Voice Actor again: Through the neural network, both male and female voices from real-life performers are accessible. The author has given special attention to tone, breathing, sentence breaks, etc. To guarantee that your remarks seem really natural.
  • Bring your scripts to life: Professional voice-overs on your terms, according to your timetable, and without price wrangling. Bring your scripts to life with only three clicks.
  • Done-for-you voices: Start immediately with ready-made voiceovers. Use them for movies and presentations to save time and money.
  • Guaranteed higher engagement and reduced bounce rate: Synthesys increases visitor engagement. They are not repulsed by a robot with a weird voice describing the goods or services.
  • Unmatched quality at an unmatched price: With the most recent advancements in synthetic digital audio and high-speed text-to-speech conversion and rendering…, there are no comparable programs, software, or solutions on the market.
  • Cutting-edge technology: In-depth researchers use voice actors’ actual speech recordings to train a neural network. This neural network generates audio samples based on text input from users. The sound created by voice calls is 100 percent authentic.
  • Find the perfect Voice for everything: Create immersive learning experiences, training, real estate movies, advertising aural marketing materials, and product tours, among other things.

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Conclusion: Synthesys Review 2023

Using a human-like narration and model in your video presentation may aid in establishing a personal connection between your business and the viewer. This will contribute to establishing credibility and authority for your message.

Synthesys, as shown by the plethora of trustworthy evaluations from verified consumers, demonstrates promising qualities that may assist you with your video project and guarantee high-quality output for your business.

Regarding digital marketing, it is recommended that you use this product to acquire an edge over your competition.

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