SysTools SQL Log Analyser Review 2023 | Is It Worth It?

 SysTools SQL Log Analyser is specifically designed to read and analyze SQL Server Transactional records. With the help of this application, the user can easily open, read, and analyze Insert / Update / Delete operations. This application can quickly examine the Logfile of SQL Server database.

This application works online and offline SQL Server database environment. The most prominent feature of this application is that the user can apply the dynamic filers to export the selective transactional records. This SQL File reader software supports advanced data types. This application is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 and it’s below versions. 

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SysTools SQL Log Analyser Review: In A Nutshell

SQL Log file stores all the records of the SQL server database. This Transactional log file is an integral part of the SQL Server database.  And when it comes to disaster recovery this file also plays an important role in recovering data. Also in case if the user has accidentally deleted the SQL table records then with the help of this application the user can easily preview and recover the Transactional Log file records.

SysTools SQL Log Analyser Review - SQL Log Analyzer

In some cases, many users want to perform Logfile forensics. If the SQL database administrator wants to track the last performed action on the SQL database then the user can take the help of SQL Log Analyser to read and analyse Transactional log records.

 Features of SQL LOG Analyser 

SQL Server Log Analyser is the perfect solution to read and analyze the SQL Server transaction log files. The user can use this application to repair the LDF files and extract the information from the Log files. With the help of this application, the user can easily open, read, and analyze INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE operations. This application works on both online as well offline database environment. The user can also fetch and view records from Live SQL Server Environment. This SQL File reader software also supports advanced SQL data types.  The user can apply the dynamic filter options to export selective transactional records. This software is compatible 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and below versions.

  • Options to Add LDF Files in the Software 

The user will get the two options to add the LDF files in the SQL Log Analyser software. 

  • Online DB option 
  • Offline DB option

Online DB option 

If the users select the Online DB option then the user has to choose the Server from the available list. If the server name is not available on the list then the user can manually enter the Server name. After that select the Authentication mode and click on the select database drop-down arrow to choose the database. 

 Online DB


Offline DB option 

If the user selects the Offline DB option then choose the LDF file path from the system. Just browse the LDF file from its location and then click on the OK button to proceed. 

 Offline DB

  • Option to Apply Date Based Filters   

While exporting the Transactional Log file data this SQL Log Analyser provides Date base filters option to export the Selective transactional records. For this, the user has to check this checkbox and select the desired date range.

Data Base Filter

This will help you to selectively export the SQL server transactional log file database to the SQL Server environment

Pre-Requisite of This Application 

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or above should be installed.
  2. If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as SQL Log Analyser “Run as Administrator”
  3. Exporting in Live SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server should be installed in the user system to export the log file data.
  4. Primary Database File ( MDF ) is required to analyze the SQL database in the offline mode. 

Detail Working of SQL Log Analyser Software 

  • Launch the SQL Log Analyser on your System 


  • Click on Open for adding .ldf/.mdf file into the software. 

Open For Adding

  • The user will get two options to add the LDF file in the software. These two options are Online DB options or Offline DB options. If you select an Online DB option then the user can select the server name or the Authentication mode.  Also, select the SQL database from the drop-down list and then click on OK. 

Online DB Option Offline DB Option

  •  If the users select the offline DB option then the user can choose the LDF file path then click on OK.

offline DB Option

  • Preview the Insert / UpdateDelete operations of Transactional Log File. 


  • Now Select the Table which you want to Export.

Table with Export

  • After that click on the Export button.


  • Now Select the Transaction Export type that you want to export Insert / Update / Delete. 

Transactions Export type

  • Apply Date Range filters to export selective Transactional records. 

Data Range Filters

  • Now the user can choose the Export options from SQL Server Database, SQL Server Compatible Scripts, CSV.  After click on Ok Export button

SQL Database Server

  • Now Enter the database Credentials Server Name and Authentication type, if you select SQL Server Authentication to fill the user name and password.

SQL Server Authentication

  • Now select the destination database. The user can create a new database or the user can export to an existing database

Create New Database

  • Click on the Export button to start the process. 

Export Button to Start

  • Tool Start the Export Process and then click on the Ok button. 

Export Proccess

 Pricing of SysTools SQL Log Analyser 

Demo Version: SysTools provides a free trial version of this application to test the software for satisfaction purposes. The demo version of SQL Log Analyser provides a 7-day free trial to preview the SQL database. But the tool doesn’t provide the option to export the SQL database.

SQL Log Analyzer - Pricing

Full Version: After testing the demo version of this software, the user can purchase the Licenced version of the software. This allows the user to export and recover the complete SQL Server Transactional records. Once the user purchases the licensed version the user can use this application for a Lifetime. The user purchases the Licensed version of this application in just $999. 

Why SysTools Log Analyser Is Better Than Others Software

SysTools SQL Log Analyser is the best software as compared to other available software in the market. This is advanced software which provides remarkable features:

  •     Forensic Investigator uses this software to perform Transactional Log file forensics. 
  •     Dynamic filter options to export selective Transactional records. 
  •     The tool works with both online and offline SQL database environment. 
  •     Support for Advanced SQL data types. 
  •     Analyze Transaction Log records with the Microsoft SQL Server environment.
  •     Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 / 2017 / 2016 / 2014 / 2012 / 2008 /2005
  •     Fetch and View records from Live SQL Server Environment

User Words SysTools SQL Log Analyser?



👉🏻Does this application is compatible with SQL Server 2014 Transactional Log file?

Yes, This software is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and its below versions.

👉🏻 Does this application require Microsoft SQL Server to view and Analyse the Transactional Log file?

No, this application doesn’t require Microsoft SQL Server to view and analyze SQL Transactional log file. But in case if you want to export the data then Microsoft SQL Server must be required.

👉🏻 Can I view the SQL Transactional records in absence of MDF (primary database file)?

This software doesn’t process the MDF file alone, the user must have associated MDF file.

👉🏻Can I View who performed DML operations on my SQL database with the help of this software?

Yes, this software shows the Login Name of the user, who has made changes in the SQL database.

Trusted Reviews of SQL Server MVPs 

100 % Safe and Secure and Avail 24 * 7 Customer Support 

SysTools SQL Log analyzer is safe and Trustworthy software. This application is free from any virus or malware. Also, this utility offers 24 * 7 customer support facility. Our highly skilled and efficient support team will help you to resolve your product related queries.

Apply Coupon Code 

SysTools SQL Log analyzer is an ultimate solution to view and analyze SQL Server transactional records. Now the user can just get this application at a discounted price. For this, the user can apply discount code JBLOG100OFF to avail a 10 % discount. Don’t be late so hurry up guys!


  • Read and Analyze SQL Server Transactional Logs
  • Quick Scan to deeply Examine SQL (.ldf )files
  • Easily Preview Insert / Update / Delete Transactional Records
  • Option to export selective Transactional records
  • Tool Supports Advanced data SQL types.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and below versions.


  • Doesn’t Support Mac Operating System 

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Conclusion: SysTools SQL Log Analyser Review 2023

Many times SQL Server database administrators want to view the Transactional Log file operations. So SysTools SQL Log Analyser is the best way to read /analyze the SQL Server Transactional logs. Also in scenarios, SQL Users want to track who had made changes in the SQL Server database. It is not possible to trust any random software to perform this sensitive task.

So it better to take the help of this SQL Log file reader software. This application is trusted and recommended by most SQL Server MVP’ s and professionals.

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