Tapfiliate Review 2024 Features & Pricing (14 Days Free Trial)



  • Conversion Metadata
  • Beautiful tracking links
  • Enhanced social affiliate sharing
  • API accessibility
  • Six supported affiliate languages
  • Custom sign up fields & payout methods


  • Better pricing options needed
  • Some of the settings are oddly placed and they are hard to find unless you use them daily


Price: $ 89

Every week we highlight an application that has grabbed the eye of the network. We search for exciting features that make our lives easier, applications that adopt a radical strategy to existing issues, or an administration that everyone is discussing. Or we can say we think you should know about it So today’s highlighted application is our Tapfiliate Review.

Tapfiliate Review

Bottom Line Upfront: Tapfiliate is a magnificent application which enables you to create, track and optimize your affiliate marketing programs. Massive integration possibilities with their flexible API/webhooks/Zapier hookups. Trusted by more than affiliate tracking software for E-Commerce and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with your site in just minutes. They have very positive customer service which is fast and friendly. Begin affiliate marketing to reward loyal brand ambassadors and boost sales, Get Tapafiliate with 14 days free trial.

tapfiliate reviews

Three reasons to choose Tapfiliate

Flexible commission structure

Fixed or percentage commissions, recurring for SaaS or even variables for different products/references. They support multiple currencies and languages.

Brand inspection

Stay in control of where your brand is published online. You choose the partners you want to do business with. Having the right product: Adjusting the audience creates the highest return on investment with the least amount of effort.

Track clicks, links, and conversions

Their advanced affiliate tracking software helps you take control and provides you with all the tools you need to build, track and optimize your own affiliate marketing programs.

What can truly make affiliate marketing effective and smooth to set up campaigns, easily taking care of payments, and monitoring the activity? In this post, we have featured Tapfiliate Review that includes detailed insights into its pricing, features, functionality, and more.

Table of Contents

Tapfiliate Reviews February 2024

What is Tapfiliate?

What is Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based platform that enables the creation, monitoring, and optimization of referral networks and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for internet-based businesses and organizations to boost sales by attracting affiliates and compensating them.

It assists marketers in developing, managing, and optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns. Tapfiliate enables you to automate the bulk of your affiliate marketing tasks, including monitoring affiliates, commission administration, and even multi-level marketing.

By delivering engaging branded content, the program aids in increasing social reach. By connecting with affiliates, it enables them to earn commissions on any sales they refer to your website.. You may set objectives and provide attractive incentives to boost sales and motivate affiliates to become active brand advocates.

It enables you to exert full control over your affiliate programs – you get to choose your own affiliates, you recruit them, and you pay them.

The platform is easy to use and enables you to quickly and easily build up an affiliate network. The Getting Started Dashboard will guide you through the many options available, while advanced customization and automation tools enable you to handle all other aspects of your affiliate network with ease.

You may make use of its Affiliate Recruitment tool, create white-labeled affiliate sites, and integrate marketing materials into your platform to help promote your brand. You may even establish affiliate levels and provide various incentives to attract and retain affiliates. Affiliates, on the other hand, have access to a dashboard and a variety of reporting tools that enable them to monitor their success.

The software’s completely customizable interface enables you to tailor it to your preferences. You may design a completely new commission structure or modify an existing one.

The Recurring Commissions Payout feature guarantees that affiliates are paid consistently by automating the process. Additionally, you may establish an Affiliate Referral Program to compensate affiliates for bringing in new prospective partners. 

Additionally, the software is designed to benefit not just you, but also your brand’s affiliates. Affiliates have access to all critical information through a specialized dashboard that is feature-rich. Additionally, they may track their progress using the built-in reporting tools. As with the rest of the UI, this dashboard may be modified to the affiliates’ tastes.

Finally, Tapfiliate is a breeze to set up with only a few clicks. The software integrates with over 30 major eCommerce websites and digital marketing platforms through plug-and-play. After integration, all that remains is for you to establish your revenue structure and affiliate program. You may use social and affiliate marketing to build your brand for as little as $69 per month.

Detailed Tapfiliate Review

Tapfiliate Review by us shows how incredible is this software for web-based businesses and SaaS organizations, as these sorts of organizations can discover plenty of advantages for promoting their items with this sort of online advertising.

As the very own maker of your affiliate program, you take control of your battle, by picking where the campaign will be noticeable, which kinds of campaigns you need to utilize, which partners to pick, and so forth. This results in an online system that will enable you to boost your benefits and increment brand awareness.

tapfiliate review

So how does Tapfilate work?

Tapfiliate Review With Coupon Promo Code 14 Days Free Trial

An affiliate program works well for sellers looking to sell their products or services on the internet. Now, the affiliate program helps these affiliate marketers can see the available products in one place. So, basically, an affiliate program connects an affiliate marketer to the brand or companies selling services or products.

While affiliates choose from the products to market them to their target audience, it helps vendors or brands to save extra bucks in marketing as they only need to pay a commission on what is sold.
. This makes it much better a deal than marketing on Google and Facebook where they have to pay for per impression or click basis.

Create and launch

Here in this Tapfiliate review, you will understand how this tool is a simple solution that helps you in creating your very own affiliate program in just a few minutes. It is quite simple with its intuitive guides and modules. You can integrate Tapfiliate into your already-running campaigns for marketing your product and it’s equally easy to set up.

Affiliate is a basic arrangement that enables you to make your first affiliate program within two or three minutes. By utilizing accessible modules and aides, you can coordinate Tapfiliate into your online advertising effort and set up your first affiliate program through the stage.

tapfiliate form

Since Tapfiliate is a cloud campaign, it implies that there will be no complicated establishment on your own web server. Rather, the product is preinstalled on Tapfiliate servers and prepared to utilize. You should incorporate a custom code or introduce accessible modules, however, with a specific end goal to track deals.

There are plug-ins accessible for mainstream stages, for example, WordPress. This generally requires a touch of specialized know-how, and despite the fact that the aides are accessible on their webpage, not every person will have the capacity to tail them effortlessly, contingent upon the site stage the vendor is utilizing.

Once the program is set up and tracking actuated, the subsequent stage is to include affiliate links. These are links to items or potential benefits sold on your site. You can incorporate the two standards and content connections, all of which will wind up access to the affiliates for their promoting endeavors.

At the point when affiliates join your program (after your endorsement obviously), he/she gains admittance to your limited-time crusades where he/she can get custom connections and other advertising materials. These links are utilized as a part of advancements that keep running by members and if guests utilize the custom links for signup, affiliates earn commissions.

tapfiliate dashboard

Affiliate market

This company has an affiliate market where brands can be presented to new potential partners. It seems to be more of a brand directory than an integrated network of affiliates. This means that the affiliate must separately register in each brand’s affiliate program and manage its links, commissions, and payments through the back end of the brand’s affiliates.

Tapfiliate can also be integrated into Viglink and Skimlinks in its market, giving merchants access to more partners.

The Dashboard

The Tapfiliate dashboard is accessible with all installment plans, and it contains every one of the highlights and instruments that are utilized for making and observing an affiliate program.

This is the administrator board for a vendor to use for setting up the campaign. Diverse insights and points of interest can be found here, which are useful for altering your battles and tweaking them for ideal execution.

tapfiliate dashboard

Mix and match feature

The mix-and-match feature will enable you to set up custom commission writes, which is perfect if you want to make an organized program with various commissions for various kinds of items. You can likewise construct your bonuses with respect to various kinds of commissions, for example, rate-based commission, settled commission, or repeating commission.

Quick Links:

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Tapfiliate software enables you to make boundless sub-levels for your affiliate programs, which means you can make the most out of multi-level promoting, an affiliate showcasing methodology in view of the approach where you urge affiliates to enroll new members.

This implies that the affiliates are inspired to elevate your affiliate program to their partners keeping in mind the end goal to procure additional from their subsequent deals. Vendors get free member program advancement and snappier affiliates join rates this way so it is a win-win circumstance.

Amazon CloudFront

This element is a content delivery web benefit that encourages you to exchange standards rapidly with your affiliate’s accomplices.


All affiliate pages are accessible in a few dialects; this makes the software more open to affiliates from all around the globe.

A fully branded experience

Affiliate programs are ideal for enhancing branding and Tapfiliate software enables you to modify your program totally. Since branding is a critical part of every business these days, with this product you gain access to a branded Affiliate gateway, a custom sub-space, and in addition area associated with full SSL bolster.

Different features which can be exceptionally useful while dealing with your Affiliate program asset management (enables you to upload marketing materials identified with your program), conversion metadata (obvious and accessible meta-information), fraud detection (every transformation is checked), multi-currency (the product bolster every single thinkable money), one-click social sharing (advantageous apparatus for effectively sharing your program via web-based networking media).

Affiliates will uncover your items and company everywhere throughout the web, and regardless of whether their exercises don’t really bring about deals – your business picks up mark presentation and bunches of outside movement and connections. Outside connections additionally help with positioning on web indexes.

Main Toolbar

The Tapfiliate toolbar on the left side of the site provides users with an overview and reporting capabilities. The Dashboard provides an overview of the performance of the affiliate program and a clear picture of key statistics such as views, clicks, and conversions, while the Reports page provides a general description of the reports generated by the companies.

Affiliates Users are advised to refer to the “Payments” page, as it covers all approved commissions and the sum of all commissions that are not paid for each company and not approved. You can also download a summary file that contains the total amount you need to pay for each partner and its payment details.

The general configuration allows users to create a completely custom experience for their partners by uploading their logo and setting up a custom domain.

Tapfiliate is a very easy-to-use solution to a complex problem: the effective and central management of affiliate marketing programs. This focus on the user experience at a high level means that the potentially complex task of planning partner projects is much easier. The design of the site is based on UX and can be defended in several ways:

Aesthetics: The website is clearly arranged and appealing. Toolbars and options menus are intuitive.

Help function: A particularly useful feature. Almost all Tapfiliate pages have a Help button. Clicking on it will display a general explanation of the purpose and capabilities of this section of the site.

Orbit Button: This is a visit feature that runs automatically when a user first enters the site. It describes the main features of the site and can be reactivated at any time by clicking on the orbital icon at the top right of the site. The function contains useful contextual explanation windows, e.g.

Tapfiliate Pricing Plans

There are a few designs accessible with various sorts of features or restrictions. 14-day free time for testing is accessible for each plan, and there is no long-term contract, so you can drop the service at any minute.

Tapfiliate Pricing

The essential plan is accessible at $89 every month and it incorporates the accompanying highlights:

  • All fundamental highlights
  • Customer branding (white label)

Pro is the name of the second plan, accessible at $149 every month with the accompanying highlights:

  •  All essential highlights
  • Customer marking (white name)
  • Track numerous spaces
  • Use your own particular space

For the Enterprise plan you need to get in touch with the Tapfiliate team, the pricing plan will be on the basis of requirements and the highlights incorporated into this arrangement are the accompanying:

  • All fundamental highlights
  • Customer marking (white name)
  • Track different spaces
  • Use your own area

Other than the custom features, all plans include:

  •  Automatic tracking of the affiliate projects
  • Access to a dashboard
  • Multiple commission composes
  • Geo appropriation details
  • Affiliate profiles
  • The customizable affiliate sign-up page
  • Use of picture or text links, HTML 5 banners, and item feeds
  • Lightning-quick standard delivery
  • Free reconciliation modules and guides
  • Automatic misrepresentation detection
  • Social share program
  • One-click age of affiliate payouts
  • Automation of work process utilizing Triggers and REST programming interface

In the event that you are maintaining an enterprise business hoping to discover significantly further developed features inside your affiliate software, you should contact the organization specifically to get extra data about big business pricing.

How to Get Started?

The main thing you require while beginning with this, or some other affiliate program, is to pick among a few plans offered by the organization. Each plan comprises an arrangement of features, adjusted to satisfy the necessities of various types of vendors, and the distinctive sorts of campaigns they need to have.

Tapfiliate offers a free trial period for testing all projects, so basically tap on the “start free trial” button and give account points of interest important for your record to be made. You will have the capacity to utilize the software for 14 days, with no extra expenses, and once your trial is over you can pick a plan you find most important for your organization.

Tapifiliate free trial

When you join, you are prepared to make your first affiliate campaign by using the majority of the features that could make the campaign proficient and effective. You can either install the software physically, utilizing modules and by following guides, or you can reorder the Tapfiliate tracking code into the footer of your site.

Tapfiliate underpins combinations with numerous prominent tools and applications, for example, WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, PayPal, Weebly, and so on. In the event that you require any help amid the establishment, you can simply contact the help with a specific end goal to get assistance from Tapfiliate’s group.

tapfiliate review integration

Modern affiliate marketing software for modern sellers

Tapfiliate creates the most flexible tools for creating and managing your own affiliate programs. Whether you need a simple solution that only takes a few minutes, or a fully integrated and deeply integrated affiliate program, Powerhouse – Tapfiliate makes it easy for you. We integrate the tools you like and integrate seamlessly with your marketing group.

All-access APIs

Go ahead and gain full control of your partner world through our REST API. Automate your workflow and use the time to focus on growing your partners. We are continually improving our API by adding new endpoints.

So How Does it Work?

Starting a partner program is ideal for merchants selling services or products online. The affiliate program works for distributors to make their products available to potential partners. Affiliates are users who promote their products to earn a commission on every generated sale.

This is advantageous for merchants, as there are no additional costs besides the costs for managing affiliate programs (software management or network platforms), but many advantages.

Partners who participate in the program are looking for the products they like and would like to promote to their target audience (your website, blog, etc.). If the affiliates do not generate revenue, the merchants have nothing to pay. Only confirmed sales are eligible for commission payments.

This makes affiliate programs really interesting for merchants rather than standard print or clicks advertising on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. In the case of affiliate marketing, the dealer only pays for the results.

Tapfiliate is a simple solution that lets you create your first affiliate program in minutes. With the modules and manuals available, you can integrate Tapfiliate into your online marketing campaign and use the platform to set up your first affiliate program.

Since Tapfiliate is based on the cloud, it means that there is no complicated installation on your own web server. Instead, the software is preinstalled and ready to use on the Tapfiliate servers. However, you must insert a custom code or install the available modules to track sales.

Plugins are available for common platforms like WordPress. Generally, this requires a bit of technical knowledge, and even if the guides are available on your site, not everyone can easily track them, depending on the website platform used by the merchant.

Once the program is configured and follow-up enabled, you will need to add partner links in the next step. These are links to products and/or services that are sold on your site. It may contain both banners and text links that are available to partners for marketing purposes.

When the affiliate joins the program (after his approval, of course), he has access to his advertising campaigns, where he can receive personalized links and other marketing materials. These links are used in affiliate actions. When visitors use personalized links to subscribe, partners receive commissions.

Tapfiliate Benefits

Easy Set-Up

Tapfiliate does not take long to set up as it has no confounded establishment guidelines. All clients need to do is incorporate the software with their e-commerce shop, mastermind their affiliate program and commission structure, add advertising content for accomplices to utilize, and welcome affiliates to the stage. Along these lines, they can begin utilizing the intensity of affiliate marketing from the get-go.

tapifilate setupCustomizable Commission Structure

With Tapfiliate, commission structures are not inflexible. This gives publicists a chance to apply their prior courses of action or modify another one. Also, the stage bolsters repeating commission’s payout, with the goal that vendors do not have to physically pay their affiliates consistently.

tapfiliate review 2018

Affiliate Referral Program

Tapfiliate underpins multi-level marketing, a program that lets vendors boost affiliates who allude to new potential accomplices. This empowers the system to develop and also extends the business’ range.

Speedy Content Delivery

Tapfiliate partners with Amazon CloudFront to convey banners all through the globe. Since it has a low inertness combined with exceptionally quick information exchange speeds, partners get prompt access to promoters’ substance.

Publisher Tools

Traders are by all accounts not the only ones furnished with devices for fruitful campaigns—affiliates are as well. Tapfiliate gives them access to an element-rich dashboard where they can right away view significant data. They likewise get reporting tools that let them measure their prosperity.

Additionally, the affiliate dashboard is accessible in a few dialects to empower non-English talking partners to get around the program easily.

Fully-Customizable Interface

With Tapfiliate, promoters can have affiliate program tracks that are genuinely their own. This is because the stage’s interface can be redone all around, for example, the affiliate sign-up page, for an inside and out branded understanding.

Increase Productivity Through Automation

Tapfiliate leverages the power of automation to enable even small and growing companies to launch affiliate programs and increase revenue. The platform grows with the growth of your company. You may build processes and automate tasks by configuring triggers.

Create triggered emails and link them to MailChimp so they may be used in conjunction with your email campaigns. By extending your whole business process through Zapier, webhooks, or an all-access API, you can ensure that your tools adapt to you, rather than the other way around. 

Offer incentives and bonuses

A successful affiliate program comes with a slew of benefits and incentives. Tapfiliate enables you to build your affiliate structure or use pre-existing ones. Recurring Commissions may be used to compensate high-performing affiliates. Alternatively, use your Lifetime Commissions features to recruit famous influencers. You may establish one-time commissions and recurring commissions.

Additionally, you may select percentage-based or fixed-based commissions to increase your profits. By increasing incentives and commissions on particular goods or groups of products, you may promote specific products or sets of products. 

Apart from offering product-based incentives, you may increase sales by rewarding top-performing affiliates. You may encourage your affiliates by setting goals based on your conversions and forecasts. Create affiliate levels or teams, each with its pay structure.

Integrate Your Application With Platforms and Websites

 Tapfiliate integrates with over 30 third-party applications through plug-and-play. It is compatible with a variety of popular platforms and websites, including Stripe, Shopify, Wix, and PayPal. That means you can connect your affiliate programs almost wherever you have an online presence. Additionally, the platform integrates with Zapier, allowing you to expand its functionality without ever touching a line of code.

Tapfiliate is simple to integrate with a few lines of JS code if you have a bespoke website. It has comprehensive developer documentation, ensuring that you never get lost.

Tapfiliate Features

Tapfiliate Review With Coupon Code 14 Days Free Trial

  • Easy Launch Configuration

Building an affiliate program with Tapfiliate is basic and simple. You can have your affiliate program set up in only five minutes – you should simply incorporate your site with Tapfiliate, and set up your program. Once you’ve done this you can begin including affiliates and follow your affiliate program immediately.

In case you’re not in such a rush, you can include different advertising resources in your affiliate program and set up welcome messages for your affiliates. Along these lines, when members begin to join they will have extraordinary onboarding knowledge and in addition advertising materials to begin advancing your program immediately

  • Top-Notch Affiliate Tracking Features

There are three affiliate tracking features that emerge, this asset management, fraud detection, and automation. Tapfiliate’s asset management feature enables you to store and deal with your advertising resources with a platform.

Your affiliates would then be able to make utilization of Tapfiliate’s single tick social sharing to share these straightforwardly from their affiliate accounts.

The fraud detection feature guarantees that each affiliate transformation is honest to goodness, and originates from genuine buys without the likelihood of deceitful exchanges. Tapfiliate additionally offers their customers the likelihood to set up different computerizations by means of the platform’s ‘Triggers’ feature and Zapier application. For example, you may need to automatically add your affiliates to the MailChimp list; this is conceivable with a basic (and free) Zapier coordination.

  • White Labeling & Branding

Tapfiliate enables you to mark your own particular affiliate program, so you can keep your expert business brand unblemished while utilizing this product. The branding feature offers adaptable sign-up and sign-in pages for your affiliates, and additionally sub-domain and custom domains.

You can likewise swap out the Tapfiliate logo with your own particular logo, giving your subsidiaries a completely branded experience. Adding to it, the domain aliasing feature enables you to cover your affiliate sub-domain with your own particular domain name. This component accompanies the implicit SSL support to keep your area secure.

  • Custom Commission Structure

The adaptability of the software permits plenty of various commission occasions. For instance, you may compensate your affiliates for driving sign-ups, or pre-buy, or you may even need to offer your affiliates a repeating commission for membership-based items.

The platform likewise makes it workable for you to choose when and how you might want to pay out your affiliates. Along these lines, you can deal with your affiliate program the way that works best for you and your group of affiliates.

Some more Tapfiliate features 

  • Add affiliate support to your site with a plug-in or line of code
  • Customize affiliate payout levels for various items or sign-up routes
  • Manage links, marketing content, recordings, and pictures to impart to affiliates
  • Track the majority of your affiliates together in one place
  • Customize the affiliate sign-up page to fit your marking
  • Use API to track point-by-point occasions in your information exchange process
  • Built-in fraud detection

Why I Recommend Tapfiliate

Quick, straightforward integrations 

With over 30 integrated payment processors and eCommerce platforms, getting started is simple. Stripe, Shopify, and WooCommerce are just some of the supported integrations. Documentation is available to make setting up as simple as possible.

Intuitive dashboard & in-depth reporting   

Affiliate programs require reporting to be successful. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can view affiliate marketing reports in detail. To optimize your affiliate program, come up with different reports by the campaign, affiliate, conversions, and clicks. Additionally, you can export all of your data to CSV

Affiliate recruitment

You can invite your customers to become affiliates at the click of a button by leveraging their experience and interest in your products or services. It can help you grow your business faster and has a greater impact than traditional marketing.

Outstanding support

Customer satisfaction at Tapfiliate is 93% due to the quick turnaround time for support messages. It’s easy to contact, and they respond quickly.

Professional learning resources 

Get affiliate marketing tips and resources from affiliate marketing experts. Find out how to grow your affiliate program, referral program, or influencer program. At first, affiliate marketing can seem confusing. Their simple language makes them understandable.

Branded affiliate portal & links

You can send your customers, new affiliates, and your website a free branded white-labeled signup page. You can log in to your affiliate account to see how you are doing and you can also look at clicks and commissions. They have links that contain your brand name, and they are branded portals.

Fully self-managed affiliate program 

The affiliate program is in your hands and you control the marketing, whether it’s your own customers or influencers. Build your business by finding affiliates and organizing campaigns. It is possible you can find affiliates through social media, or on the internet, using Tapfiliate.

Give personalized coupons and referral links to your affiliates 

You can make your affiliates feel closer to your brand by offering them coupons and links that are personalized.

Manage your banners & create shareable posts for social media

Organize banners and social posts in one area for different campaigns.

Custom payout methods 

Payment methods for affiliates are up to you.

Scale and automate your workflows 

Use Zapier automation to automate and simplify affiliate program management. 

Free 14-day trial & no tie-in

Test the features with the free 14-day trial. It is possible to cancel within 14 days. 

Tapfiliate Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Tapfiliate customer reviews
Tapfiliate customer reviews

Tapfiliate Review FAQs

What type of pricing plans does Tapfiliate offer?

Tapfiliate has the following pricing plans: Starting from: $69.00/month Pricing model: Subscription Free Trial: Available

Who are the typical Tapfiliate users?

The following are some of Tapfiliate's typical clients: Freelancers, large corporations, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses are all types of businesses.

What languages is Tapfiliate compatible with?

The following languages are supported by Tapfiliate: Spanish, French, Dutch, English, and German are some of the languages spoken across the world.

What other apps does Tapfiliate integrate with

Tapfiliate integrates with the following applications: Wix, OpenCart, Campwire, Magento Commerce, WooCommerce, PayPal, MoonClerk, PrestaShop, Zapier, Gmail, Segment, 3dcart, NetSuite, Shopping Cart Elite, WordPress, Stripe, SendPulse, Squarespace, Slack, Miva, Weebly, Ecwid, Chargebee, Mailchimp, Volusion, Lightspeed Retail, Evernote, BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Slack, Miva

What level of customer service does Tapfiliate provide?

Tapfiliate provides the following kind of assistance: FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support.

Tapfiliate is compatible with which OS systems?

Tapfiliate is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tapfiliate accepts which payment methods?

Tapfiliate accepts the following payment methods: monthly, yearly, and one-time payments.

What kind of deployment is it?

Tapfiliate's deployment is cloud-based.

➡️ What Is Tapfiliate?

Basically, Tapfiliate is reliable web-based affiliate tracking software that is best of web-based business and SaaS organizations.

✅ Does Tapfiliate Offer Any Free Trial?

Yes! Tapfiliate offers 14 Days Free that you can use in order to try its services. In order to sign-up just go their official website and sign-up for your free trial.

📌 What Are The Tapfiliate Alternatives?

Some of the Tapfiliate Alternatives are Everflow, Voluum, Affise, RefferalCandy, and many others.

💵 How Much Tapfiliate Cost?

Mainly, Tapfiliate pricing starts at $69/Month, and if you have higher requirements then you can just go for $149/Month plan.

Conclusion: Tapfiliate Review 2024 

Running an effective affiliate program has an inseparable tie to the nature of the affiliate tracking software that you have. Tapfiliate review well shares the fact that this software enables you to run your own affiliate program, and it offers strong features that you can use to guarantee the accomplishment of your affiliate business.

The adaptable commission structure causes you to take control of how you run your affiliate program, with the goal that you can run your affiliate program the way you generally need it.

The branding feature keeps your brand name unblemished inside your affiliate platform, so your affiliates can assemble a superior association with your brand as they are building their business with you. In general, this is a prescribed affiliate tracking software if you want to construct an expert affiliate platform for your business.

Hope you liked the review. If you have something to tell us about the make affiliate marketing, please share it with us in the comment box. Do share it on social media if you have liked this review.

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