Tapfiliate Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Investment? (14 Days Free Trial)


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Tapfiliate is a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketing that stands out for its user-friendly interface, extensive integration capabilities, and powerful tracking features. With real-time analytics, customizable commission structures, and a robust set of tools for affiliate management, Tapfiliate is an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their affiliate marketing efforts.

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  • Conversion Metadata
  • Beautiful tracking links
  • Enhanced social affiliate sharing
  • API accessibility
  • Six supported affiliate languages
  • Custom sign up fields & payout methods


  • Better pricing options needed


Price: $ 89

In my journey of exploring affiliate marketing tools, I stumbled upon Tapfiliate, a platform that’s been getting quite a buzz. From setting up to managing affiliate programs, Tapfiliate promises ease and efficiency, which caught my eye.

As someone who values simplicity and effectiveness, I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. My review of Tapfiliate is based on firsthand experience, focusing on its features, usability, and how it stacks against competitors.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, join me as we dive into what makes Tapfiliate a noteworthy option in the crowded affiliate marketing landscape.

Tapfiliate Review

Bottom Line Upfront: Tapfiliate is a powerful tool for managing affiliate marketing programs, offering easy creation, tracking, and optimization. With vast integration options through API, webhooks, and Zapier, it’s perfect for E-Commerce and SaaS, setting up in minutes. Renowned for its exceptional, quick, and friendly customer service, Tapfiliate helps reward brand ambassadors and increase sales. Try Tapfiliate now and get started with a 14-day free trial.

tapfiliate reviews

Tapfiliate Review 2024: What is Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based platform that helps create, manage, and optimize referral networks and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for businesses and organizations to increase sales by attracting affiliates and compensating them.

The program assists marketers in developing, managing, and optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns. You can automate most of your affiliate marketing tasks, such as monitoring affiliates, commission administration, and even multi-level marketing.

Tapfiliate Review

The platform offers engaging branded content to increase social reach. It connects with affiliates and enables them to earn commissions on any sales they refer to your website.

You can set goals and provide attractive incentives to boost sales and motivate affiliates to become active brand advocates. You have full control over your affiliate programs – choose your own affiliates, recruit them, and pay them.

The platform is user-friendly and enables you to quickly and easily build up an affiliate network. The Getting Started Dashboard guides you through the options available, while customization and automation tools help you handle all other aspects of your affiliate network with ease.

You can use its Affiliate Recruitment tool, create white-labeled affiliate sites, and integrate marketing materials into your platform to promote your brand.

You can also establish affiliate levels and provide various incentives to attract and retain affiliates. Affiliates have access to a dashboard and reporting tools to monitor their success.

The software’s completely customizable interface enables you to tailor it to your preferences. You can design a new commission structure or modify an existing one.

The Recurring Commissions Payout feature ensures that affiliates are paid consistently by automating the process. Additionally, you can establish an Affiliate Referral Program to compensate affiliates for bringing in new prospective partners.

The software benefits not just you but also your brand’s affiliates. Affiliates have access to all critical information through a feature-rich dashboard. They can track their progress using the built-in reporting tools. This dashboard can be modified to the affiliates’ tastes.

Finally, Tapfiliate is easy to set up with just a few clicks. The software integrates with over 30 major eCommerce websites and digital marketing platforms through plug-and-play.

After integration, all you need to do is establish your revenue structure and affiliate program. You can use social and affiliate marketing to build your brand for as little as $74 per month.

Tapfiliate Offers Following Features:

1. Accurate Affiliate Tracking:

The advanced affiliate tracking system revolutionizes the way you monitor sales and affiliate performance. With our platform, accurately tracking conversions from purchases, batch orders, or one-off sales has never been simpler.

Accurate Affiliate Tracking

They offer the flexibility to track both online and offline sales through customizable links and coupons, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all sales channels.

Affiliates can personalize their tracking links based on your preferences, allowing for a perfect balance between brand consistency and affiliate creativity.

This seamless integration of tracking tools and customizable options makes managing your affiliate program effortless, providing you with the insights needed to optimize your marketing strategy effectively.

2. Top-Notch Affiliate Tracking Features

Top-Notch Affiliate Tracking Features

There are three important features in affiliate tracking: asset management, fraud detection, and automation. With Tapfiliate’s asset management feature, you can easily manage your advertising resources from one platform.

The fraud detection feature ensures that each affiliate conversion is legitimate and comes from real purchases without the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Additionally, Tapfiliate offers the option to set up various automation through the platform’s ‘Triggers’ feature and Zapier application. For instance, you can automatically add your affiliates to a MailChimp list with a simple and free Zapier integration.

3. White Labeling & Branding

White Labeling & Branding

Apfiliate is a software that lets you create your own affiliate program while keeping your brand intact. With its branding feature, you can customize sign-up and sign-in pages for your affiliates, as well as sub-domains and custom domains.

You can even replace the Tapfiliate logo with your own logo, giving your affiliates a fully branded experience.

Additionally, the domain aliasing feature allows you to use your own domain name to cover your affiliate sub-domain. This feature has built-in SSL support to ensure your domain stays secure.

4. Custom Commission Structure

Custom Commission Structure

The software’s adaptability allows for various commission occasions. You can compensate your affiliates for driving sign-ups or pre-buys or offer them a repeating commission for membership-based items.

Additionally, the platform enables you to choose when and how you want to pay out your affiliates. This way, you can manage your affiliate program according to your preferences and the needs of your affiliates.

Some More Tapfiliate Features 

  • Add affiliate support to your site with a plug-in or line of code.
  • Customize affiliate payout levels for various items or sign-up routes.
  • Manage links, marketing content, recordings, and pictures to impart to affiliates.
  • Track the majority of your affiliates together in one place.
  • Customize the affiliate sign-up page to fit your marking.
  • Use API to track point-by-point occasions in your information exchange process.
  • Built-in fraud detection.

How Does Tapfilate Work?

Affiliate programs are an effective way for sellers to promote their products or services online. Essentially, an affiliate program acts as a bridge between the affiliate marketer and the company or brand that sells a product or service.

Through the program, affiliate marketers can easily access the available products and select the ones they want to market to their target audience.

This approach benefits both parties as the vendors or brands only pay a commission on the products sold, and the affiliates earn a commission for promoting the products.

Tapfiliate integrates with all major eCommerce platforms and payment gateways

It’s a much better deal than traditional marketing on platforms like Google and Facebook, where companies have to pay for every impression or click.

1. Create and launch

With Tapfiliate, you can easily create your own affiliate program within minutes. The tool offers intuitive guides and modules that make the process simple and straightforward.

You can seamlessly integrate Tapfiliate into your existing marketing campaigns and set up your program with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, Tapfiliate is a great solution to get started with affiliate marketing.

tapfiliate form

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based campaign that does not require complex installation on your own web server. The product has already been installed on Tapfiliate servers and is available for immediate use.

However, to track sales, you need to incorporate a custom code or install available plugins. Popular platforms like WordPress have plugins available, but some technical knowledge is required to install them.

Even with the guides provided, some people may find it difficult to follow depending on the vendor’s website platform.

Once the program is set up and tracking is activated, the next step is to add affiliate links. These links are to products or services sold on your website and can be in the form of both text and banner links. Affiliates will use these links for their marketing efforts.

When affiliates join your program (after your approval, of course), they will have access to your promotional campaigns.

They can get custom links and other marketing materials that they can use in their promotions. If visitors use these custom links to sign up, affiliates earn commissions.

tapfiliate dashboard

2. Affiliate market

There is a company that has an affiliate market where brands can showcase themselves to potential partners. It’s more like a brand directory rather than a network of integrated affiliates.

This means that affiliates have to register separately for each brand’s affiliate program and manage their links, commissions, and payments through the brand’s affiliate back end.

Additionally, Tapfiliate can be integrated into Viglink and Skimlinks within its market, which provides merchants with access to more partners.

3. The Tapfiliate Dashboard

The Tapfiliate dashboard is accessible with all installment plans, and it contains every one of the highlights and instruments that are utilized for making and observing an affiliate program.

tapfiliate dashboard

This is the administrator board for a vendor to use for setting up the campaign. Diverse insights and points of interest can be found here, which are useful for altering your battles and tweaking them for ideal execution.

4. Mix and match feature

The mix-and-match feature allows you to create customized commission structures. This is ideal if you want to organize a program with different commissions for different types of products.

You can also build bonuses based on various commission types, such as percentage-based commission, fixed commission, or recurring commission.

5. Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Tapfiliate software offers the ability to create unlimited sub-levels for your affiliate programs, allowing you to take full advantage of multi-level marketing.

This type of affiliate marketing encourages affiliates to recruit new members, who in turn promote your affiliate program to their own partners, resulting in additional revenue for both affiliates and vendors.

By using this approach, vendors can promote their affiliate program for free and attract affiliates more quickly, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties involved.

6. Main Toolbar

The Tapfiliate toolbar located on the left side of the website offers users an overview of the affiliate program’s performance and reporting capabilities.

The Dashboard provides a clear picture of essential metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions. Meanwhile, the Reports page presents a general description of the reports generated by the company.

Affiliates are advised to refer to the “Payments” page, as it covers all commissions that have been approved and the total sum of commissions that are pending or have not been paid by each company.

Additionally, you can download a summary file that contains the payment details and the total amount that needs to be paid to each partner.

The general configuration enables users to create a completely customized experience for their partners by uploading their logo and setting up a custom domain.

Tapfiliate is a very easy-to-use solution to a complex problem: the effective and central management of affiliate marketing programs. This focus on the user experience at a high level means that the potentially complex task of planning partner projects is much easier. The design of the site is based on UX and can be defended in several ways:

Aesthetics: The website is clearly arranged and appealing. Toolbars and options menus are intuitive.

Help function: A particularly useful feature. Almost all Tapfiliate pages have a Help button. Clicking on it will display a general explanation of the purpose and capabilities of this section of the site.

Orbit Button: This is a visit feature that runs automatically when a user first enters the site. It describes the main features of the site and can be reactivated at any time by clicking on the orbital icon at the top right of the site. The function contains useful contextual explanation windows, e.g.

Tapfiliate Pricing Plans:

Discover Your Ideal Plan with a 14-Day Free Trial! Cancel Anytime.

Tapfiliate Pricing Plans

Monthly vs. Annual: Enjoy up to 17% savings with our annual plans!

1. Essential Plan:

  • Monthly: $89
  • Annual: $74/month ($890/year)
  • Features: Unlimited affiliate programs, 30+ pre-built integrations, real-time reporting, email/live chat support, and 1 team member.

2. Pro Plan:

  • Monthly: $149
  • Annual: $124/month ($1490/year)
  • Everything in Essential, plus custom domain, multi-level marketing, bonus system, priority queue, and 5 team members.

3. Enterprise Plan: (Custom Pricing)

  • Tailored to your needs, it includes everything in Pro, plus unlimited tracking requests, full white label, single sign-on (SSO), a dedicated personal manager, and unlimited team members.

Choose the plan that best fits your business needs, and start optimizing your affiliate marketing strategy today!

Other than the custom features, all plans include:

  • Automatic tracking of the affiliate projects
  • Access to a dashboard
  • Multiple commission composes
  • Geo appropriation details
  • Affiliate profiles
  • The customizable affiliate sign-up page
  • Use of picture or text links, HTML 5 banners, and item feeds
  • Lightning-quick standard delivery
  • Free reconciliation modules and guides
  • Automatic misrepresentation detection
  • Social share program
  • One-click age of affiliate payouts
  • Automation of work process utilizing Triggers and REST programming interface

In the event that you are maintaining an enterprise business hoping to discover significantly further developed features inside your affiliate software, you should contact the organization specifically to get extra data about big business pricing.

How To Get Started With Tapfiliate?

If you’re interested in using Tapfiliate or any other affiliate program, the first step is to choose a plan that suits the needs of your business. Tapfiliate offers different plans with features tailored to various types of vendors and campaigns.

You can start with a free trial by clicking on “start the free trial” and providing the necessary account details. The trial period lasts for 14 days, during which you can use the software without any additional costs. After the trial period, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Once you’ve signed up, you can create your first affiliate campaign using the software’s various features. You can install the software manually using plugins and guides or copy and paste the Tapfiliate tracking code into your website’s footer.

Tapfiliate can integrate with popular tools and platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and PayPal, among others. If you need help during installation, you can contact Tapfiliate’s support team for assistance.

Tapfiliate provides flexible tools for creating and managing your own affiliate programs. You can use a simple solution that takes only a few minutes or a fully integrated program. Their platform integrates with the tools you prefer and works seamlessly with your marketing team.

You can gain full control of your partner program by using our REST API, which allows you to automate your workflow and focus on growing your partners. They are continually improving our API by adding new endpoints.

Starting a partner program is ideal for merchants selling products or services online. Affiliates promote your products to earn a commission on every generated sale.

This is advantageous for merchants as there are no additional costs besides the costs of managing affiliate programs. Merchants pay commissions only for confirmed sales.

Tapfiliate is a simple solution that lets you create your first affiliate program in minutes. You can integrate Tapfiliate into your online marketing campaign using available modules and manuals.

The software is pre-installed on Tapfiliate servers, so there is no need for complicated installation on your own web server. You only need to add custom code or install available modules to track sales.

After setting up your program and enabling follow-up, you need to add partner links. These links are used to market products or services sold on your site.

Partners receive personalized links and marketing materials for their campaigns. When visitors use personalized links to subscribe, partners receive commissions.

Tapfiliate Provides Several Benefits:

1. Easy Set-Up

Setting up apfiliate is a quick and easy process as it doesn’t have any complicated installation instructions.

All users need to do is integrate the software with their e-commerce store, configure their affiliate program and commission structure, add promotional content for partners to use, and invite affiliates to the platform.

This way, they can start harnessing the power of affiliate marketing right away.

2. Customizable Commission Structure

With Tapfiliate, commission structures are flexible, allowing advertisers to either use their existing strategies or create new ones. The platform also supports recurring commission payouts, relieving vendors from manually paying their affiliates on a regular basis.

3. Affiliate Referral Program

Tapfiliate underpins multi-level marketing, a program that lets vendors boost affiliates who allude to new potential accomplices. This empowers the system to develop and also extends the business’ range.

4. Speedy Content Delivery

Tapfiliate partners with Amazon CloudFront to convey banners all through the globe. Since it has a low inertness combined with exceptionally quick information exchange speeds, partners get prompt access to promoters’ substance.

5. Publisher Tools

Traders are not the only ones who have access to tools that can help them succeed in their campaigns. Affiliates also have access to such tools, and one such tool is Tapfiliate.

This platform provides affiliates with a feature-rich dashboard where they can view important information. Moreover, they have access to reporting tools that enable them to measure their success.

Additionally, the affiliate dashboard is available in multiple languages, making it easy for non-English-speaking affiliates to navigate the program.

6. Fully-Customizable Interface

With Tapfiliate, promoters can have affiliate program tracks that are genuinely their own. This is because the stage’s interface can be redone all around, for example, the affiliate sign-up page, for an inside and out branded understanding.

7. Increase Productivity Through Automation

Tapfiliate automates the process of launching affiliate programs for small and growing companies to boost revenue.

The platform is scalable. You can automate tasks by configuring triggers and creating triggered emails linked to MailChimp for email campaigns. You can extend your entire business process through Zapier, webhooks, or an all-access API.

8. Offer Incentives and Bonuses

Tapfiliate is a helpful tool to build successful affiliate programs. Choose from pre-existing structures or create your own. Offer various commission structures, including Recurring and Lifetime Commissions, or set one-time or recurring commissions.

You can also reward top-performing affiliates by setting goals or creating affiliate levels. By increasing incentives and commissions on specific products or groups, you can focus on promoting particular items.

9. Integrate Your Application With Platforms and Websites

Tapfiliate integrates with over 30 third-party applications through plug-and-play. It works with popular platforms like Stripe, Shopify, Wix, and PayPal and can be connected to any online presence.

It also connects with Zapier for additional functionality. Integrating with a bespoke website is easy with a few lines of JS code and comprehensive developer documentation.

Why I Recommend Tapfiliate?

Try Tapfiliate Now

1. Quick, Straightforward Integrations: With over 30 integrated payment processors and eCommerce platforms, getting started is simple. Stripe, Shopify, and WooCommerce are just some of the supported integrations. Documentation is available to make setting up as simple as possible.

2. Intuitive Dashboard & in-depth Reporting: Affiliate programs require reporting to be successful. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can view affiliate marketing reports in detail. To optimize your affiliate program, come up with different reports by the campaign, affiliate, conversions, and clicks. Additionally, you can export all of your data to CSV.

3. Affiliate recruitment: You can invite your customers to become affiliates at the click of a button by leveraging their experience and interest in your products or services. It can help you grow your business faster and has a greater impact than traditional marketing.

4. Outstanding support: Customer satisfaction at Tapfiliate is 93% due to the quick turnaround time for support messages. It’s easy to contact, and they respond quickly.

5. Professional learning resources: Get affiliate marketing tips and resources from affiliate marketing experts. Find out how to grow your affiliate program, referral program, or influencer program. At first, affiliate marketing can seem confusing. Their simple language makes them understandable.

6. Branded affiliate portal & links: You can send your customers, new affiliates, and your website a free branded white-labeled signup page. You can log in to your affiliate account to see how you are doing, and you can also look at clicks and commissions. They have links that contain your brand name, and they are branded portals.

7. Fully self-managed affiliate program The affiliate program is in your hands and you control the marketing, whether it’s your own customers or influencers. Build your business by finding affiliates and organizing campaigns. It is possible you can find affiliates through social media, or on the internet, using Tapfiliate.

8. Free 14-day trial & no tie-in: Test the features with the free 14-day trial. It is possible to cancel within 14 days. 

Pros and Cons Of Tapfiliate


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Extensive integration options.
  • Real-time performance tracking.
  • Customizable commission structures.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Free 14-day trial available.


  • Pricing may be high for startups.
  • Limited features in the basic plan.

Tapfiliate Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Tapfiliate customer reviews


🔄 Can I try Tapfiliate before purchasing?

Yes, Tapfiliate offers a 14-day free trial for any plan, allowing you to explore its features and capabilities without commitment.

🔌 What integrations does Tapfiliate support?

Tapfiliate boasts over 30 pre-built integrations, including major e-commerce and SaaS platforms, plus flexible API/webhooks/Zapier hookups for extensive compatibility.

📊 Does Tapfiliate offer real-time reporting?

Absolutely. Real-time reporting is available, providing up-to-the-minute data on your affiliate program's performance, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

🤝 What kind of support does Tapfiliate offer?

Tapfiliate provides email and live chat support, ensuring fast and friendly assistance when you need it. The Pro plan includes priority queue support.

🚀 What unique features does Tapfiliate's Pro plan offer?

The Pro plan includes custom domain usage, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) capabilities, a bonus system for affiliates, and allows up to 5 team members.

✅ Is Tapfiliate suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Tapfiliate is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, with scalable plans to fit various needs and budgets.

🤔 How does Tapfiliate help increase sales?

Through its robust affiliate management system, Tapfiliate helps businesses expand their reach, reward loyal brand ambassadors, and ultimately boost sales through effective affiliate marketing strategies.

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Conclusion: Is Tapfiliate the Right Choice?

Tapfiliate stands out as a user-friendly, efficient platform for managing affiliate marketing programs. Its diverse pricing plans cater to businesses of all sizes, offering essential features like real-time reporting and extensive integrations.

The 14-day free trial is a great opportunity to explore its capabilities without any commitment.

Whether you’re looking to start an affiliate program or enhance an existing one, Tapfiliate provides the tools and support needed to boost sales and grow your network of brand ambassadors.

Its simplicity, combined with powerful features, makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to leverage affiliate marketing.

Hope you liked the review. If you have something to tell us about the make affiliate marketing, please share it with us in the comment box. Do share it on social media if you have liked this review.

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