Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWP 2023 | Which Is The Best Affiliate Plugin? (Pros & Cons)

In this post I will be doing a detailed comparison on Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWP 2023 with details into its features, pricing and working.


You can indeed have a fantastic website, and be dealing with the sale of best products, but you still can not sell out a whole bunch of products without having people that promote your product. For the promotions to take place, you need to put out a lot of cash so that your product gets that kick start.

But with an affiliate system, you do not need to put out that much cash to promote the product, and people do this for you, which makes it the easiest way to sell more.

Cloudways affiliate program review

The Affiliate system is a whole plugin system that you install in your WordPress system to start and use the Affiliate System. An Affiliate Program is also termed as an Associate Program, and these are arrangements in which an online merchant website pays off the affiliate websites to send them traffic.

The Affiliate websites post links to the merchants to get paid. They have agreements which are based on the number of people the Affiliate Websites send to the merchant’s web site or the number of persons they send that buy or perform some other action on the merchant web site.

Recruiting Affiliate web sites is an excellent way to sell products through online sources. But it can also be a very inexpensive and effective marketing strategy to promote the product. The Affiliate website transaction takes place with the involvement of three parties; the customers, the actual sellers (merchant website) and the affiliate website (promotional website).

Over the past few years, this idea of having an affiliate website has gained extreme popularity and also taken many exciting forms. There are a lot of e-commerce web sites which are not themselves into selling of the products or services, but they function well in the affiliation to become a part of e-commerce.

To put it into simple terms affiliate websites, work as a promotional site they like the product or have a deal with the company selling the product and promote the product. When the company receives the profits, the affiliate websites also get their part of the share as they were the reason behind the product being sold. The profit share of the affiliate websites is called the commission of the company.

Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWP 2023: Which Is Better Affiliate Management Plugin?


The company wanted to create an easy-to-use affiliate market solution that was a lot like WordPress in terms of looks and its use. The company places its bets on the platform that is reliable in terms of tracking accurate data. So, they wanted to create a program that can set up an affiliate program in a simple way.

With this vision, the company worked night and day to come up with a program AffiliateWP. With this program, the user can set up and run a successful affiliate program to run a business.

AffiliateWP vs Tapfiliate- Best WordPress Affiliate plugin

The AffiliateWP was founded in the year 2014 with the goal to provide first-class services that are run by themselves and easy to understand that affiliate with the management system for WordPress. At the root level, the services offered by AffiliateWP are for you to set a global referral rate which other affiliates can share.

AffiliateWP provides a complete system that can be used to manage the Affiliate websites for WordPress sites. AffiliateWP seamlessly integrates with all the major WordPress e-commerce and membership platforms. It provides a space that has got everything that you need, and it is simple to work with, easy to use and a very friendly system.

With the use of the system, you can allow the visitors (approve them) of your site to access and sign up to become affiliates of your web site. You can earn a commission from each new customer or client that is referred by them to you.

An affiliate program can radically improve your deals and increments can be made in the incomes of the organization. Likewise, it can procure you a devoted crowd of individuals that are eager to promote the items and services you offer.

As it were, AffiliateWP gives a whole framework that you can use to make your own Affiliate network in the organization where you can deal with all the tasks with your WordPress administrator dashboard. You will be working from a current User Interface and won’t need any extra services that will cost you some additional cash.



AffiliateWP boasts all the essential features that might be required by the affiliate program to get in the market and go running for the web site. It also boasts a number of appealing extra features that will be beneficial for the web site.

Some critical features offered by the web site are:-

  • Optional front-end affiliate registration forms.
  • Auto or manual approval of affiliate applications.
  • Front-end affiliate area with reports and tracking information.
  • Integration with other plugins such as WooCommerce.
  • Set global fixed or percentage amounts for referral fees.
  • Custom referral rates for individual affiliates.
  • Mass pay your affiliates by exporting a CSV file.
  • Publish your creatives for your affiliates to use.
  • Export and import affiliates, referrals, and settings.
  • Assistant to help migrate from other systems.

How Does AffiliateWP Work?

When the program is set up, it will assist you with allowing guests that are visiting your site to join by an included registration form or become a member for your products and services. This should be possible in two different ways, either by an auto-approval type framework for new candidates or through the manual approval by the site admin clients.


The AffiliateWP system offers more traffic to the web site. It also offers higher visibility and as we know that higher visibility will amount to more and more people visiting your web site, which will enable them to see the products and services themselves and select if it is right for them or not.

Well, this feature is beneficial because it aids the user find the genuine audience that has an interest in the product or services and is invested in it. It further increases the sales of the product by converting more traffic to real customers.

It is finding a system that is very easy in terms of its application, mainly when it performs complex tasks for you. It is easy to set up in the system; once the affiliate program is installed, it will be up and running in minutes. You have to install the program and activate the system simply, and then you are ready to go. The working of the system is very accurate when it comes to affiliate tracking.

The AffiliateWP program tracks the affiliate referrals reliably, even on servers that have aggressive caching.

It offers users with integrated payouts service. The services rapidly pay affiliates directly to their financial balances with the assistance of the solid payouts. Alongside that, it has Continuous detailing made by the Real-time reporting system. The Track partner affiliate-referral visits; referrals, profit and affiliate registrations enlisted progressively, immediately. It makes Total integration with WordPress.

AffiliateWP incorporates completely with well known WordPress Web based e-commerce businesses and membership modules to offer the best services.

It has the ability to give unlimited affiliates. The services delivered have a boundless number of affiliates effectively promoting your site, items, and services. They have Boundless creatives to finish the activity. With the assistance of AffiliateWP, you can give your members boundless visual assets or text links for quicker, more compelling promotion of your site.

It has Affiliate coupon tracking. It has the connect coupon codes to explicit affiliate account records with affiliate coupon tracking. It makes the affiliate administration simple for the clients. See your top winning affiliates, see affiliate reports, alter affiliate member records and moderate affiliate registrations.

It has Automatic affiliate creation. It empowers the Automatic affiliate account creation for all clients who register another WordPress user account on your site.

It gives a Manual affiliate approval for promotion to the guests of the site. The services can direct the affiliate registrations, automatically affiliate, or records can be manually made.

AffiliateWP Plans and Pricing:

AffiliateWP vs Tapfiliate-Pricing

Tapfiliate Overview

Tapfiliate is magnificent software which enables you to create a track and optimize your entire affiliate marketing programs. Tapfiliate is a cloud-based software for affiliate tracking, and it enables the user to create, track and optimize the referrals or affiliate programs of the users.

Because of its cloud-based software, the application is straightforward to use and does the work in significantly less amount of time. Tapfiliate is the best for e-commerce and SAS as it integrates seamlessly with your site in just a few minutes as these are organizations that can discover plenty of advantages for promoting their products with this sort of outline advertising.

Tapfiliate & AffiliateWp Comparison-Overview

It is an entirely customizable affiliate program tracking arrangement that promoters can infuse with the platform with their brands to give their members steady client experience.

With Tapfiliate, the commission structure is very flexible. This lets the advertisers to apply their pre-existing arrangements or customize a new one. Additionally, the platform also supports the recurring commission payout, so the merchants do not have to pay their affiliates every month manually.

Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWp-Commissions

Tapfiliate is all in one solution with more than thirty-four plus integrations including Shopify, Squarespace, Zapier, Wix, WordPress and so on. On top of that, merchants are given a tool that encourages them when they need to deal with their partners thoroughly.

Distributors are likewise offered with the essential instruments they have to promote items and services to their crowds, for example, a dashboard in a set-up of reporting tools which permits them to monitor their performances.

Tapfiliate partners with Amazon Cloud Front to pass on standards from all around the globe since it has a low inertness combined with lightning-fast data transfer so the partners can get quick access to promoter substance.

Sponsors can likewise make custom commission structures and automize the payout to their affiliates. They can likewise do the latter through a Programming interface (API) or can permit the platform to deal with it.

This platform has a few payout strategies too to give merchants the adaptability in boosting their affiliates. If the merchants face any problems, they also have excellent customer support. With this program, the affiliates are provided with all the necessary tools for successful campaigns.

Affiliates have a feature-rich dashboard where they can instantly view real-time information. Along with that, they also receive reporting tools that let them measure their success.

The affiliate dashboards also have a multi-language option for non-English speaking partners to get familiar with the program with ease.

If you want to start your affiliate program, then this is for you. With the help of Tapfiliate, you will be able to create your affiliate programs in minutes. Tapfiliate is a cloud-based software for affiliate tracking, which enables you to create, track and optimize your entire referral or affiliate programs. Tapfiliate is best for E-Commerce and SAAS organizations.

Tapfiliate Features:

AffiliateWp vs Tapfiliate-Features

  • Easy Set up – Programs become successful when they are not only friendly to the pocket but also easy to use. Tapfiliate is a cloud-based system, so it will have no complications that need to be resolved before the installation process.

The clients should integrate the product with their web-based business site or any, at that point, mastermind their affiliate program and advertising structures, which will include marketing content for their partners to utilize and invite affiliates. Along these lines, they can begin to get a handle on the intensity of affiliate advertising as it so happens.

  • Customizable Commission Structure – The more we can customize the structure of the program as per our deeds, the more it becomes flexible for us. With Tapfiliate, the commission structure is very flexible. This lets the advertisers apply their pre-existing arrangements or customize a new one. Additionally, the platform also supports the recurring commission payout, so the merchants do not have to pay their affiliates every month manually.


  • Affiliate referral program – Tapfiliate runs an affiliate referral program because Tapfiliate supports multilevel marketing, a program which allows the merchants to incentivize affiliates who refer new potential partners. This helps the network to grow and expands the business reach.


  • Speedy Content Delivery – Speedy Delivery is significant in relentless life and business. Tapfiliate accomplices with Amazon CloudFront to pass on standards from all around the globe since it has a low inertness combined with extremely quick data transfer speeds so the affiliates can get fast access to promoter substance.


  • Publisher tools – Publishing tools are another essential feature for the Tapfiliate program. With this program, the affiliates are provided with all the necessary tools for successful campaigns. Affiliates have a feature-rich dashboard where they can immediately see ongoing data.

Alongside that, they additionally get reporting tools that let them measure their prosperity. The affiliate dashboards likewise have a Multilanguage choice for non-English talking accomplices to get acquainted with ease.

  • Fully customizable interface – The program offers a fully customizable interface that the users can modify according to their requirements. With Tapfiliate, sponsors can have an affiliate program track that is genuinely their own. This is particularly true because the platform’s interface can be modified in every possible way, like the affiliate set up page.
  • Automatic Program Tracking – It has an automatic tracking program to get an understanding of the affiliates to the users better.
  • Dashboard – Tapfiliate offers a dashboard to work with.
  • Recurring commissions – With Tapfiliate you can get recurring commissions for the users.
  • Multiple commissions types – It offers multiple commission types to the users.
  • Geo Distribution Stats – The feature offered by the Tapfiliate enables the users to affiliate the profiles and spread promotions according to the geographical distribution stats. These stats are prepared by the program to understand the responses of the promotions based on geographical distribution.
  • Affiliate Profiles – The Tapfiliate program automatically affiliates the profiles with the user’s profile so that promotions can be better.
  • Customizable Affiliate Sign-up Page – It is upon you to decide the look of your sign-up page. With Tapfiliate you can completely customize the sign-up page according to your likings.
  • Banners – You can also use the services of Banners on the Tapfiliate program.
  • Text links – The Tapfiliate program also provides text links to the users.
  • Product feeds – The program also offers the product feeds so you can review the growth and performance of the product in the market.
  • Automatic fraud detection – The affiliate program from Tapfiliate offers the special services of automatic fraud detection so that no one tricks you.
  • Triggers and API – You can use triggers and API offered by the app to automate the approval of affiliate programs, and let the interface contact the other interface, respectively. Triggers let you perform specific actions when a particular situation is faced, and it is used to automate the approvals so that the problems can be resolved without any delay.

On the other hand, Application programming interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to contact and share data with each other. There is a lot of software in the market that heavily rely on the use of API, and one such application is Facebook.

Tapfiliate or AffiliateWP-Integrations

Tapfiliate Plans and Pricing:

Tapfiliate offers a 14 day free trial for testing the services of each plan with no long-term contract to get into. This means that you can drop the services at any point in time without any hassles if you feel that they are not of benefit to you or do not suit you.

Tapfiliate Pricing

And if you like the services then after the expiry of the free trial you can opt for the plan with regular charges. The essential plan is accessible for $89 every month.

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Conclusion: Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWP 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

Affiliate Plugin is a choice for you to consider judging by all the above factors. Hence, you can choose here and decide on Tapfiliate vs AffiliateWP.

Apart from these, many other factors are also to be considered. However, these are the main factors to see and select from. You may find one plugin better than the other, and you may also contradict the facts on this list.

The choice is yours to choose and do. If you really enjoyed this post please like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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