TaxJar Review 2021: Coupon Codes Save 40% Yearly Plans (Special)

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TaxJar is a reliable value-added tax solution for busy online sellers that automates the calculation of sales taxes, reports, and tax returns. The platform removes the lengthy tasks of the tax compliance cycle and allows you to focus more on your business.


taxjar review with discount coupons
TaxJar provides a one-click connection to the places where you sell. Whether on Amazon, Etsy, Square, Magento, Stripe, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, WooCommerce, etc., the platform can be easily connected.

In addition, TaxJar offers a variety of features, including automatic sync with e-commerce channels and shopping carts, reusable reports, cross-platform support, and local and regional tax reporting, bottom and bottom collection, and support for SmartCalcs API and CSV.

TaxJar Review December 2021 Coupon Codes: Save 40% on Yearly Plans (Special Free Trial)


TaxJar free trial with coupons




TaxJar Review December 2021: Online Sales Tax Preparation & Filing Software


About TaxJar

TaxJar is the leading technology for e-commerce companies of all sizes in sales tax administration and enjoys the trust of more than 15,000 companies. Founded to help merchants and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing businesses that love them.

We offer TaxJar reports, an online reporting application that aggregates VAT data in reports that can be returned by the state. AutoFile, a service that automatically archives your returns, a RESTful API that allows you to perform real-time calculations.

review for Taxjar with online software

TaxJar has an excellent ability to automate the submission of revenue and reporting taxes to e-commerce merchants with multiple channels. The platform allows you to connect all your baskets online once, and all data is downloaded to facilitate the presentation of sales tax. Consolidate information from all your sales channels in one central, easy-to-access Dashboard.

A notable feature of TaxJar is Autoarchivo, a reliable electronic filling solution for sales tax. This feature gathers data from all e-commerce markets and vendors to prepare and submit returns and their payments. The AutoFile service eliminates the need for an online presentation of documents or forms. TaxJar performs all tasks on your behalf. With this solution, you no longer have to worry about due dates, late returns or timely tax returns for multiple payment dates.

In addition, Taxjar is a valuable asset, whether you work with CPA experts or not. Most customers who work with this platform have a CPA. However, it is very logical that they use it because it saves time and it is very useful to file VAT returns.

In addition, TaxJar provides an outstanding customer service that can manage trusted data. Your customer service is available by phone and e-mail. In addition, the program provides a wealth of useful resources that enable customers to understand aspects of sales tax. Resources include State Tax Guide, VAT Webinars, TaxJar Blog, Sales Tax Calculator, State Register, and Home Guides.


TaxJar Key Features

  • Sales Tax Features
  • Audit Trail
  • Exemption Management
  • Tax Calculator
  • Tax Filing
  • Transaction Tracking
  • AutoFile
  • Auto-sync with e-commerce channels and shopping cart
  • Return ready sales tax reports
  • Support
  • State and local sales tax report
  • Support shipping taxability
  • Support destination and origin-based sales tax sourcing


How Does TaxJar Work?


Taxjar automated sales tax filling

What I like about TaxJar is the ease of use!!

The first time you register, you must link your seller account. For Amazon, TaxJar gives you clear and detailed instructions to give TaxJar the right permissions to function properly.

When used with Amazon, TaxJar also supports a variety of other e-commerce platforms.

These include Shopify, Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe and more. If the platform you choose is not compatible, you can also try to import your sales data via the CSV file.

Once TaxJar has recorded your account information, you can see how much you owe the different status of your dashboard.

TaxJar review with coupons

TaxJar shows every state, classified by:

  • States in which TaxJar is automatically transmitted by you.
  • States that manually charge sales taxes and fees.
  • Conditions in which you can have a link, but do not collect.

The third category is the one you absolutely must consider.

Amazon can store inventories in new state warehouses, creating a link to sales tax at all times.

As soon as you notice a new status in this list, you know that it is time to continue with the registration of a new license.

review for taxjar
I want TaxJar to assist in registering states because they all have different processes. Unfortunately, they do not do that right now.


Pros and Cons of Taxjar


  • Its blog is full of helpful sales tax information.
  • Can now autofill your sales tax for every state.
  • Helpful FB group is available that will answer your sales tax questions.
  • Track of all your sales tax information in one place.
  • Easily connect to the places where you sell your product.
  • Enroll in AutoFile.



  • Relatively expensive for large sellers.


Popular integrations

Taxjar review with discount coupons

When choosing an Amazon tool, it’s important that the software is integrated with other applications currently used by your company. Here is a list of some popular TaxJar integrations:

  • Amazon
  • Xero
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Square
  • WooCommerce
  • Paypal
  • Shopify


How Much Does TaxJar Cost?

TaxJar Pricing Plans: : TaxJar Coupon Codes Save 40% Yearly Plans (Special)

  • BASIC PLAN- $19/month
  • PLUS PLAN- $49/month
  • ENTERPRISE PLAN By quote and more…

Taxjar also gives a free sign up and 30-day free trial with no credit card required for it.

TaxJar free trial with coupons

Taxjar review with coupon 2019

Click Here to know about more pricing plans


TaxJar offers various pricing plans for users to choose from. Here are the details a look, and choose the most suitable plan for your business:

Basic plan – $19/month

  • Up to 1000 transaction per month
  • Auto-sync with e-commerce channels and shopping cart
  • Return ready sales tax reports
  • Support
  • State and local sales tax report
  • Support shipping taxability
  • Support destination and origin-based sales tax sourcing


Plus plan – $49/month

  • Everything in the basic plan plus
  • Up to 5000 transactional/month


Premier plan – $99

  • Everything in Basic plan plus
  • Up to 10000 transactions per month


Enterprise Plan  – By quote

  • Everything in Basic plan plus
  • Over 50000 transaction/month

However, if you get an annual plan, you can save up to 40% on your yearly bills!!



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Final verdict: Does Taxjar Satisfy your Accounting Needs? Taxjar Review With Taxjar Discount Coupons December 2021

With TaxJar, you do not need to consider sales tax at your E-Commerce store. This powerful extension calculates sales tax at the time of payment. Next, it’ll update your sales tax, which is charged daily by state, country, and city, so you can view it anytime.

The collection and filing of sales tax is not an entertaining process, but it is a necessary evil to run an online business. States do not facilitate registration and submission, but you still have to do it.

This is where TaxJar comes in. It helps you know how much you pay for sales tax and makes it easy to pay sales tax automatically or monthly.

Most importantly, it gives me the certainty of getting things right, which is why it has become an integral part of Many Amazon FBA businesses. This was my Taxjar review December 2021 for managing the tax solutions for online business. Sign up for free and grab your discount on yearly plan here.

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