Teliad Review: Get Your Blog Monetization Going

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As bloggers, we all love to share our thoughts with others and carry our message out to the world, but there is another side to it also. In order to continue providing good content, there are several things that must be taken into account like the costs that bloggers have to pay to keep their site up and running. For that, money is required and that is where the idea of monetization comes into play.

If you are able to earn money with your blogs, you can reinvest that into your site, providing better services for your readers so ultimately the end users benefit from the money that you are earning through your blogs. Sometimes, readers complain about advertisements and pop ups that hamper their reading but proper placement will limit the distraction. Don’t overdo it though, as your readers are the most important asset you have.

The key to monetizing correctly is by diversifying your income online. Therefore, if you need to diversify your earnings then Teliad is the place for you. The platform offers various opportunities to monetize your blogs without cluttering it with ads and offers. They started their journey back in 2005 and are now available in 5 major languages including Spanish, Italian, French and English apart from German where it all started.

teliad for blog monetization

What teliad has in store for publishers!

It is the platform where you as a blogger can meet international advertisers for content and link products. You can select which advertisements and monetization strategy suits your site and you have several options to choose from in order to commercialize your websites. Payments are all recurring on a monthly basis. Teliad has strict guidelines on who is accepted as a publisher, your site is checked manually to see if it fits their quality criteria.

Blog marketing with teliad

If they find your site valuable then they will provide you with plenty of opportunities that will help you earn a regular income every month. They have a large customer base starting with digital agencies, e-shops and well-known international companies. So depending on the nature of your content, you can select which ad to place on your site.

How to start the journey with teliad!

If you want to join Teliad then you have to register with them as publisher and then start connecting with advertisers. Teliad is believed to collect ranking information extensively so that they can offer the publishers the best offer that they deserve. If any customer is interested in your offer, then you as a publisher will receive the request and then it depends entirely upon you to accept or reject the offer. If you accept then you have to follow guidelines and at the end of each month your bank account will be credited with the amount.

Commercialization of your blog made easy


Sell Backlinks   Commercialize Your Websites and Blogs

Teliad offers different products with which you can monetize your site or blog. When you have to offer not just good but great content to your readers then it is pretty obvious that your blog is not only demanded by peer bloggers but also advertisers, as both want to reach your followers and readers. You can offer 8 different types of products at teliad:

  • Text Links – These are links which are integrated on specific URLs, e.g. your homepage. There is also a content option.
  • Post Links – This is keyword specific where advertisers will provide you with keywords on content that has been published.
  • Presell pages – In this case you have to provide the advertisers with a fixed position in your website. For this offer to be accepted, the site has to have a very high quality.

As well as content products, specifically for bloggers:

  • Blog Posts – Here, you will be asked to pen down sponsored reviews along with backlinks that will be targeted to the advertiser’s specification.
  • Infographics – Here you can specify the back links. Mainly the Infographic link and the alt tag of the images are incorporated in your booking.
  • Press releases – Advertisers use this product to communicate news about their brand.
  • Advertorials – Content is written by the advertisers. The post is marked as sponsored. Advertorials also offer the choice to integrate an author and Google+ link.
  • Video marketing – This product is used to share videos given by the advertiser. The blogger also adds additional content with the video.

Teliad does not only give you the chance to market your sites to various advertisers but it is completely free to use as a publisher. This means everything, from signing up on teliad to creating the offer. The best thing is that if your offer gets accepted, you will receive the exact amount you are quoted.

If you want to get a general estimate of your blog before you set it up on teliad, the Price Check Calculator in your teliad account can help; it will give you a rough estimate about the price you can offer for each individual product. So if you are going to offer Text Links, then your payment will be different from that of a Presell Page. Keep in mind that every offer is manually reviewed before it is accepted on the marketplace.

You are the deciding factor

teliad does not interfere with your decision and placement of ads so once the offer is accepted you are on your own. teliad just acts as the platform which provides opportunities to monetize your blogs. Therefore, you have the complete freedom to exert control over your own content.

If you do not like a request, then nobody will coerce into accepting the booking instead with a single click you can easily reject the request and move on. When you are selecting teliad for monetization of your blog, then you are selecting the largest platform in Europe.

Now it’s your turn

Teliad fulfills all the prerequisites to improve your monetization model. What about you, have you had the chance to try teliad? What are you experiences?


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  1. Teliad offer good ways of blog monetizing. I prefer sponsored blog post for my blog. I think I should try Teliad.

  2. Thanks so much for the review. I’ve been using their service for a couple of weeks now and already got a booking. I like how they continue to roll out new services, like the content service and keep on developing the platform.

    Not a big fan of the monthly payments for articles though, still, better than nothing.

  3. Thanks Jitendra for sharing such a valuable source with us. Teliad will a great source of income for many bloggers those are looking for different ways to monetize their blogs.

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