Top 7 Terapeak Alternatives 2023: Which One Is Better?

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In this post, we have featuredTerapeak Alternatives that include detailed insights into these tools

eBay and Amazon sellers need to be able to research products quickly and easily to make the best decisions for their businesses.

The Terapeak product research tool is a great option for sellers, but it can be slow and cumbersome to use.

I’ve created a Terapeak Product Research alternatives article that makes researching products on eBay and Amazon quick and easy. These tools allow you to search by keyword, category, or ASIN number and provide you with all of the information you need including sales data, prices, estimated shipping times, and more.

How To Do Market Research For eBay?

Listing and selling products on eBay may be a lucrative endeavor, particularly if you invest time in market research. There is more to study than just determining what price to seek for an item.

You must also devote time to study to discover techniques that will provide you a competitive advantage, resulting in shoppers clicking on your listing and purchasing from you rather than someone else.

1. Research After You List:

Once you post your goods for sale, the market research continues. Instead, after creating a listing, use eBay’s free Listing Analytics tool to monitor its performance. The tool allows you to browse listings by keyword to see where your product ranks in search engine results, which is particularly significant if the competition is intense.

Use the tool to discover the behavior of prospective purchasers, such as whether they click through to your ad or avoid it. The tool also provides statistics on trends over the previous 30 days for finished and live listings, allowing you to evaluate the number of clicks and sales for comparable goods.

2. Learn About Positioning:

Effective marketing research requires familiarity with eBay’s positioning. Then you will understand how to optimize your listings for maximum clicks. Examine eBay’s Best Match algorithm — its default sort order for customers who are looking for things — to ensure that you comprehend the aspects that influence your position.

These include your track record, price, and whether or not shipping fees are included. Your study will also teach you how to create a listing that attracts buyers and compels them to click for further information. (See Resources for further information on Best Match.)

3. Track Trends:

Using third-party software is an additional technique to monitor eBay trends. Zik Analytics, for instance, assists you in analyzing the items being sold and recommends changes to enhance your listings.

HammerTap is another tool that enables you to generate more revenue from your eBay listings by gaining a deeper knowledge of the things customers look for on eBay. In addition, you learn about your immediate rivals, how to create attention-grabbing names, and the optimum days to conclude your auctions.

4. View Completed Listings:

One of the cheapest and most accessible locations to begin your study is using eBay’s completed listings, a free resource open to eBay users. Examine completed postings to determine the ultimate selling price for things comparable to those you want to sell. Examine the number of items sold to determine their popularity.

Any amount of sales indicates that the item is not popular, thus you may choose to market an alternative product. Examine the titles and descriptions used by other vendors to get an understanding of the sales language used.

Examines the assurances, delivery methods, and listing types of other vendors, such as auction or Buy It Now listings. Examine the clarity of the images used to explain the items and ensure you can provide comparable or better imagery.

Top 7 Terapeak Alternatives


1. Zik Analytics:

Currently, every seller desires for their goods to be on the homepage or page 1 of eBay or any another online marketplace. Without this tool, it is almost difficult for your business to expand and generate a profit. It may assist merchants like us by targeting a variety of elements with its many built-in capabilities.

It may assess the online market based on a variety of characteristics that might increase your income and product sales. The function analyzes the data based on a variety of parameters, including top items, niches, and distinct categories.

Once you purchase a Zik Analytics tool, you will get training to familiarize yourself with the built-in features. They provide different training sessions so that you may fully use this application. The training staff may explain the features through webinars, live demonstrations, and written materials.

Zik Analytics: Terapeak Alternatives

In case of an emergency or for assistance, you may contact the support staff immediately. They provide excellent online support in addition to assistance during office hours. Based on my past experiences, I had a problem with functions and features. I sent an email to the support staff, and they responded and corrected my concerns relatively immediately.

In addition to an eBay product research tool, Zik Analytics provides an AliExpress product research tool, a supplier database, and other services

You may examine a list of products for sale on the website, along with details like the number of listings and total sales.

With Zik Analytics, you’ll be able to observe which products are the most popular in every region, as well as examine product data and sales patterns, which will help you identify the top-ranking listings.

You may check your rivals’ sell-through rates, active listings, sales earnings, average selling price, sold items, and much more, both for the market as a whole and each product listing.

2. Algopix:

Algopix is a powerful platform for product market research that allows online sellers, producers, and brands to access and evaluate product data, market needs, and pricing.

Additionally, it creates useful and actionable information. Algopix provides customers with all the information they need to make intelligent choices, regardless of whether they are searching for the correct things to sell, identifying the proper markets, analyzing the worldwide demand for products, or doing competition analyses 

With its sophisticated algorithms, the platform automatically refreshes the purchase and sale data of items on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

The platform may inform users of the costs associated with purchasing certain goods, the advantages of selling the product on a specific market, and any associated fees (for example, to process Shipping and Payment).

Algopix Review -Terapeak Alternatives

You can also determine if the rivalry among providers supplying identical items is robust or weak.

In addition, information on Google AdWords will be supplied. Include a suggested search phrase and the related cost per click and cost per acquisition for each product.

Everything begins with an appealing product. The Algopix engine starts the process of comprehending with a product identification such as an ASIN, UPC, or EAN.

Algopix captures the most vital data points with its links to 13 eBay and Amazon marketplaces throughout the globe.

The Algopix engine employs patent-protected algorithms to evaluate the data and gives vital information for each market, including a “recommended” or “not recommended” index for merchants desiring to make rapid judgments.

With this data, online merchants may make more informed purchasing and selling choices. Algopix, which serves more than ten distinct marketplaces, delivers globally applicable data.

With crucial information such as product IDs, the suggested market price, a full cost breakdown, a competitive analysis, the amount of demand, and expected profits, online retailers may achieve greater success.

Algopix delivers a suggested or non-recommended index for each market utilizing real-world data and sophisticated algorithms to simplify the procedure as much as possible.

Depending on the items you seek, Algopix Google AdWords Analytics will offer you a suggested search phrase, the average cost per click, your degree of expertise, and the anticipated cost per acquisition for the suggested search term.

With a more comprehensive understanding of the AdWords environment for each product, online vendors can make more educated investment choices.

3. ShelfTrend:

Run a report for any product identifier, search phrase, category, or rival; they have the proper data report to assist you to generate the insights you need to make crucial business decisions, remain on top of sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

Identify and investigate the competitor’s actions. Observe their listing levels, price adjustments, and Best Match position over time. Observe alterations to the Top 500, identify rising rivals and new items, and assess sales and evolving consumer demand.

ShelfTrend review: Terapeak Alternatives

Know where you stand about competitors providing comparable items. Consider potential in search rank, listing level declines, and pricing competition. Identify eBay supply gaps that indicate customer demand. Browse based on category or keyword. Sort by product specifications and qualities. Compare pricing.

Customized analytical reports for the Professional Online Seller. Simple data structure. Navigate based on sellers or brands, or see everything at once. A concise summary of the search position, inventory levels, sales velocity, location, price ranges, and listing volume.

Intelligent interactive charts Use filtering, sorting, and searching to zoom into various views. Compare the evolution of major data patterns such as sales, inventory levels, pricing, and Best Match ranking.

4. Google Trends:

Google Trends is a website that evaluates the popularity of the most common Google search queries across several countries and languages. The website compares the search volume of various keywords throughout time using graphs.

Additionally, Google Trends enables users to analyze the relative search volume of two or more phrases. Google has integrated search quotas for Trends. This restricts the number of search attempts per user/IP address/device.

The specifics of quota limitations have not yet been disclosed, however, they may vary based on the user’s geographic region or browser’s privacy settings. In certain instances, this limit is reached relatively rapidly if a user is not signed in to a Google account before attempting to use the Trends service.

Google Trends- How to start dropshipping

Google Hot Trends is an extension of Google Trends that provides the top 20 hottest, i.e., fastest-growing, searches (search-terms) of the previous hour across many countries. This section is for recent queries that have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity. [55] It gives a 24-hour search volume graph with a blog, news, and online search results for each search keyword.

Hot Trends has a history function for individuals who desire to see prior popular searches. Hot Trends is an iGoogle Gadget that may be installed. Additionally, Hot Trends is accessible as an hourly Atom web feed.

Since 2008, Google Trends has included a subsection that analyzes website traffic rather than search phrase traffic. This service is comparable to that offered by Alexa Internet. After the September 27, 2012 introduction of the new Google Trends product, Google Trends for Websites became inaccessible.

Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google at the time, unveiled an API to complement the Google Trends service. This was announced in 2007 but has not been published as of yet.

5. is one of the free keyword research tools that provides information from Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, the Apple App Store, and Instagram hashtags, among others. On search engines such as Bing, you may also monitor the statistics for a certain term. is comparable to other keyword research tools available on the market in several ways. Similar to Google Keyword Planner, the application will display the most-searched terms and associated information, therefore providing keyword suggestions.

Similar to Ahrefs, you may get more information on the search results statistics. However, the keyword tool is more approachable and less frightening than these other tools.

Assume you have recently begun your SEO and PPC efforts. You do not need a keyword tool that provides you with a mountain of data. It might sometimes be excessive.

However, a keyword tool such as will evaluate every piece of information and provide it in an easily digestible style. The ease of this keyword tool is one of the reasons we chose to study in the first place.

This simplicity is immediately apparent when launching the platform. You are not even required to pay. Remarkably, you may begin using the free edition of without even creating an account. In comparison to its rivals such as Keyword Planner, this service provides 99.9 percent dependability.

Did you aware that Google’s analytics tool conceals a significant amount of keyword research data and search volume? The corporation does this to boost the cost of its advertising efforts.

However,’s keyword tool promises to prevent this problem and deliver reliable keyword research data with little effort. Although it may seem sophisticated, the tool operates using straightforward methods.

This free keyword tool utilizes Google Autocomplete to give keyword research, search volume, term suggestions, and more data. When you input a keyword into the search tool, Google searches will be conducted to determine the long-tail keywords Google recommends. utilizes Google Suggest to go further into search engine results pages.

The combination method used by the keyword tool is so sophisticated that it can get information from 192 different Google domains. Additionally, keyword information from 83 languages is available.

Due to the system’s reliance on Google Autocomplete and Google Suggest, the keyword data provided by the tool is highly accurate. You should not worry about concealed outcomes either. employs many technologies to get a comprehensive understanding of keyword performance and search analytics. Notably, the keyword tool is designed for content authors and SEO specialists, not advertisements. Consequently, the information you obtain through this platform is more suited for SEO marketing and associated considerations.

6. Limestats:

Limestats is a data mining software application that helps professional eBay sellers by creating and distributing business intelligence data about their eCommerce activities.

The platform is equipped with competitor and product research capabilities that provide customers with data-driven insight into their competitors, compile and distribute extensive analytics and metrics reports, and provide product-level insights.

The program is prepared to measure daily, weekly, and monthly changes and metrics such as revenue, sold inventory, and pricing adjustments, identifies the optimal selling prices for users and allows businesses to adopt data-driven plans. In addition, the platform organizes duplicate titles while researching sellers, provides unit-level statistics, and provides access to email support teams.

7. Salehoo:

In 2005, Salehoo was established. It originated in Christchurch, New Zealand, where it grew to become one of the Internet’s most prominent drop-shipping and wholesale directories.

Since its inception, Salehoo has grown into a list of over 8,000 wholesale and dropshipping providers. The firms themselves sell more than one million branded items to thousands of Salehoo members who pay a fee.

Salehoo is an online directory, not a manufacturer. Essentially, it provides a database for individuals seeking products to sell to their customers. Salehoo, which is headquartered in New Zealand, has built a service that spans many nations, including China, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Salehoo helps you grow your income and sales by providing you with all the tools and connections you need to be successful in the wholesale and dropshipping industries. You may contact suppliers from a variety of sectors and have access to the most popular products in each area.

SaleHoo review

In addition, you do not need to through the hard process of evaluating wholesale providers. Salehoo has accomplished this for you. You need just to contact the suppliers of the items you want to sell and begin a relationship-building process.

When you discover a product you are interested in selling and a manufacturer that can give you the most potential profit, you should establish a supply chain with them. On the SaleHoo platform, all suppliers include their contact information as well as crucial aspects of their businesses, such as minimum order quantities and shipping times.

It is not very easy to locate a wholesaler using prominent search engines such as Google. Even if you were fortunate to locate them, you must go harder to get their contact information. Salehoo expedites the process of evaluating vendors. On popular eCommerce sites, it is simple to locate the most recent products and their pricing.

You may also check the pricing of the products with those of their makers to guarantee you get the finest deals. When you feel comfortable with them, you should immediately contact them.

FAQs On Terapeak Alternatives

What is Terapeak?

Terapeak is the world’s leading product research tool. With over 100 million live auctions and billions of data points, Terapeak helps you understand what’s selling, why it’s selling, and where to sell your products for the most profit.

How does Terapeak work?

Terapeak uses data from eBay to surface actionable insights that help sellers make more informed decisions about their business. By analyzing past sales data, Terapeak can predict future trends, identify hot products, and uncover opportunities for sellers to capitalize on.

Who is Terapeak for?

Terapeak is for anyone who sells on eBay. Whether you’re a casual seller or a professional eCommerce business, Terapeak can help you boost your sales and profits.

What is Zik Analytics?

Zik Analytics is a Terapeak product research tool that provides sellers with insights into what products are selling well on eBay, and how they can improve their listings to increase sales.

How does Zik Analytics work?

Zik Analytics uses terapeak’s data to provide sellers with insights into which products are selling well on eBay, and how they can improve their listings to increase sales. Terapeak is a market research company that collects data from eBay’s database of transactions, as well as other sources.

What the information does Zik Analytics provide?

Zik Analytics provides sellers with information about which products are selling well on eBay, as well as tips on how to improve their listings to increase sales.

How can I use Zik Analytics to improve my listings?

Zik Analytics provides sellers with information about which products are selling well on eBay. This information can be used to improve your listings by making sure that your listings are optimized for the keywords that buyers are searching for.

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Conclusion: Terapeak Alternatives 2023

If you’re looking for an alternative to Terapeak, there are a few things you should consider. Zik Analytics is one of the most popular options on the market, and for good reason. It offers all of the features that Terapeak does, plus more.

Some of the advantages that Zik Analytics has over Terapeak include –

  • More data. Zik Analytics provides access to more data than Terapeak, meaning that you can get a better idea of what’s selling and what isn’t.
  • Better tools. Zik Analytics provides better tools for analyzing data, so you can make more informed decisions about your product strategy.
  • More customization. Zik Analytics allows you to customize your reports to better suit your needs, so you can get the most out of the data.

In conclusion, Zik Analytics is a superior product research tool to Terapeak. If If you’re looking for an alternative to Terapeak, Zik Analytics is the way to go.

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