TextMagic Review 2023: Best Business Text Messaging Platform


Overall Verdict

TextMagic is one of the most dependable choices available. It's very user-friendly and needs little to no programming expertise to get started.

Out of 10


  • Subaccounts enable collaboration
  • Extensive API tools
  • Amazing message templates
  • Amazing User Interface
  • Wealth of materials
  • You can communicate to various countries.
  • Feasible for small business


  • You must pay a monthly charge for a virtual number.
  • Lack of price levels limit.


Price: $ 1

Looking for the best TextMagic Review? Here is our detailed post!

SMS marketing is counter-intuitive in several ways. Among all the available choices, it frequently chooses the simplest, most straightforward method. You cannot add dazzling movies, lengthy paragraphs of fascinating content, or tag individuals. You cannot do much more than what you can write in between 160 and 800 characters.

However, it is effective. It reads at a rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of delivery, is inexpensive, and is often successful. 45 percent of campaigns result in a positive return on investment.

Therefore, the real question is why you haven’t already begun utilizing SMS marketing.

TextMagic is a comprehensive SMS marketing tool that enables customers to send mass notifications, reminders, and alerts. Users may send messages to over 200 countries and integrate with other applications through an API, among other features.

We’ll cover all you need to know about TextMagic in our comprehensive TextMagic review. We’ll walk you through its main features, price options, and rivals, as well as how to get started with a free trial.

Will TextMagic elevate your marketing to new heights? Discover today.

What is TextMagic? TextMagic Review

TextMagic Review

TextMagic is a pioneer in the field of SMS marketing. It was founded by Dan Houghton in 2001, at the dawn of the texting age. Houghton saw how mobile phones were altering the way we interact long before iPhones, Facebook, or even widespread MP3 player use.

What began as a side project during his undergraduate years evolved into the full-service TextMagic that exists today. The firm has worked with over 100,000 companies since its inception. If you look at the testimonials on the site, you’ll see a consistent trend. People like how cost-effective and simple TextMagic is to use, and have used it to increase engagement rates.

TextMagic enables you to import contacts, manage user lists, and send messages in bulk to over 200 countries and 1,000 mobile network operators.

TextMagic also has a dedicated mobile app, which enables you to run campaigns on the move and use branding features like dedicated virtual numbers that show your company or product name. The program supports various languages and messages with a maximum length of 918 characters. Additionally, using the reporting and analytics tools, you can monitor performance and determine the return on investment for each paragraph.

Finally, TextMagic has a straightforward price structure. You are charged depending on the number of messages you send, which means you will never face unexpected charges.

How Does TextMagic Work?

Textmagic review by customers

TextMagic’s numerous text message marketing solutions are accessible through their internet, desktop, or mobile application.
Once logged in, you may instantly write a message by clicking the “Compose” option. It takes just a few clicks to choose a group of contacts, compose a message, and send bulk SMS. You may include tags, files, and even pre-formatted content in your bulk messages.

Users may either manually enter contacts into each new message or import them into TextMagic from other applications. The software enables you to build customized subscriber lists to improve your SMS marketing strategy.

Through subaccounts, you can share inboxes and contact lists with your team, and each member may plan messages to go out at particular times while monitoring delivery rates. TextMagic has a chat feature for communicating with your customers, who may also message you on your virtual phone.

Additionally, TextMagic offers API gateways that enable the application to be integrated with almost any business software. Their site has many tools and prewritten code to assist you in optimizing this procedure. Non-programmers may use Zapier to connect TextMagic to tens of thousands of different apps.

Major Features of TextMagic

TextMagic Features

TextMagic is brimming with features that will help you maximize the efficacy of your SMS marketing campaigns. Here are a handful of the primary tasks you’ll do with it:

1. Mobile Application:

With SMS marketing, you’d assume that every provider would have a mobile app, but that isn’t always the case. Fortunately, TextMagic’s iOS and Android apps cover all bases and can do almost all of the functions available on the desktop version of the site, allowing you to manage campaigns from anywhere.

2. Services:

You’ll also discover a slew of additional helpful tools under Services. This includes forms, APIs, and text-to-speech. This is where you can put TextMagic to work for you, so take some time to go through them all, watch the lessons, and explore all the amazing features.

3. Reporting:

The reporting feature in TextMagic enables you to monitor important metrics such as the number of messages sent and received, your delivery rate, and response percentages. It also features a convenient Product Usage page that displays which parts of TextMagic are being used the most, allowing you to truly focus on what’s working or identify new areas for development.

4. Contact Management:

TextMagic simplifies the process of tracking and managing contacts. You may import Excel or CSV files, tag them with custom fields, and implement custom actions such as sharing with sub-accounts, hiding and adding additional profile information.

5. Chat:

This is an additional fantastic TextMagic feature. You may use this section to keep track of all open discussions, review past messages, and follow up. Additionally, if you activate notifications, you may get message alerts whenever your computer is open.

6. Templates for Messages:

Additionally, TextMagic has a large template library. It covers a broad range of applications, including appointment reminders, call-back requests, and more. Additionally, you may build templates that are tailored to your business’s unique requirements.

7. Composition of SMS Messages:

This is the essence of TextMagic. It enables you to quickly create numerous messages from your dashboard. It’s all very straightforward. Choose recipients from your contacts, lists, or commonly sent items.

Following that, choose the sender ID and type your message. That is as simple as it gets. Additionally, you can utilize the scheduling tool to construct a calendar and ensure that messages are always sent on time.

Zapier connects the following apps to TextMagic:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Active Campaign
  • Gmail
  • Mailchimp
  • Pipedrive
  • Facebook Lead Ads

Who is TextMagic For?

TextMagic Elements

TextMagic’s scalable services are ideal for a wide range of sectors, especially small companies. TextMagic is most popular among the following kinds of businesses, according to their testimonials:

  • Marketing firms
  • Travel agencies
  • Software engineering companies
  • eCommerce sites
  • Charities and nonprofit organizations
  • Call centers
  • Freight hauling and other industrial companies
  • Banks
  • Law firms

TextMagic offers a diverse range of services that may be used by a range of various businesses seeking to expand their reach. Their text messaging capabilities have proven beneficial for many smaller businesses in terms of outreach and client retention. Several companies use TextMagic, including the following:

  • Maxus
  • CCTV Aware
  • Cataphract
  • Marketplace Homes
  • Prospect Expert

Benefits of Using TextMagic

Enable you Business Today'

1. Money-back guarantee:

They will promptly refund any unused credit. There are no questions asked.

2. No surprises:

Before you submit, check the entire pricing. Examine prior transactions.

3. Cancel anytime:

There are no commitments or obligations. You may cancel at any moment.

4. Credit never expires:

No credit purchased from us expires. Credit stays valid in perpetuity.

5. Pay as you go:

Credit may be added and used at any time. Maintain complete control.

6. No account fees:

There are no setup or account maintenance costs. You are only charged when you send messages.

TextMagic Pricing

Pricing TextMagic


Their pricing depends on which country you wish to send messages to. Prices vary depending on whether you want to send a text message, MMS, or Lookup. Also, inbound SMS is free.

  • No obligation 30-day trial period and credit for testing are included.
  • Send and receive messages using virtual numbers, your email address, your business’s name, or an existing phone number.
  • Your account is completely free of charge and provides access to all of our premium features. Pay just for text texts sent.

TextMagic offers the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Additionally, you may pay by normal bank transfer by requesting an invoice on our payment page – SMS credit will be applied after your bank transfer clears.

TextMagic is very reasonably priced. As previously stated, your account is free; you just pay for text messages sent. If you live in the United States or Canada, however, you must have a dedicated virtual number to send and receive messages. This is a legal requirement, not a TextMagic need.

Because all accounts include a free trial, you will get this number for free for the first month. After that, it’s just $4/month, and there are many more advantages, like increased customer engagement rates.

Pricing is dependent on the destination country. Text messages cost $ 0.04 apiece in the United States and Canada. To send messages, you buy credit blocks in different denominations.

Additionally, TextMagic offers a 10% incentive on your first purchase in addition to $ 0.40.
TextMagic’s price is often around the center. For instance, Textedly charges $ 29 a month for 1,200 texts. While this is less expensive than TextMagic, this is only true if all of your messages are sent. Otherwise, it may be more costly. We’ll discuss this in more detail later.

Getting Started With TextMagic

Because all TextMagic accounts are free and contain all premium features, you do not need to submit a credit card upon registration. Simply enter your email address, create a password for your account, and choose your location—don’t worry, you can send messages from anywhere. This just assists TextMagic in localizing information.

Once your email address is verified, TextMagic will guide you through the account setup process. Then choose your number type and the purpose for which you’d want to use TextMagic.

TextMagic includes a wealth of lessons and videos that will guide you through the process step by step. Alternatively, you may skip these steps and go directly to your dashboard.

Because the program is very simple, you won’t need much onboarding, but if you do, you can access resources on the website or speak with a TextMagic representative.

TextMagic Pros and Cons

TextMagic Pros

  • They have a wealth of materials available to assist you in integrating APIs into your SMS toolkit.
  • Subaccounts enable collaboration between you and your team on SMS marketing initiatives.
  • Extensive API tools and connectors make it easy to connect TextMagic to other applications.
  • Additionally, creating message templates and importing contacts was a breeze and significantly accelerated our procedure.
  • A simple but adaptable user interface that will take little time to master.
  • Their coverage is greater than that of many other SMS carriers, enabling you to communicate with people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • Without a monthly fee, companies will not be priced out of particular services, as is the case with current SMS systems.
  • Due to its simple but scalable price structure, it is a feasible choice for smaller companies that may not use SMS as frequently as larger enterprises.

TextMagic Cons

  • Several customers have already complained about unresponsive customer support.
  • You must pay a monthly charge for a virtual number, which is unlikely to be a problem for some but was not fully apparent when the free trial ended.
  • Its lack of price levels limits its scalability since many bigger businesses will not profit from the pay-as-you-text model.
  • If you send a high number of SMS and get responses from consumers, the cost may add up.

FAQs on TectMagic Review

💥What is included in the free trial version of TextMagic?

During your TextMagic free trial, you will have full access to all features. No credit card information is needed. They give you 0.4 credit. You may evaluate the service for a period of up to 30 days. You may experiment with sending SMS worldwide as long as you have sufficient credit.

✔ Are they capable of providing worldwide SMS coverage?

TextMagic provides SMS coverage around the world. We operate in over 190 countries and have over 700 networks globally. Sign up for a free trial to evaluate delivery to the country of your choice.

👀 How do they ensure my privacy is protected?

They guarantee that no third parties will be able to use or access any of your sensitive information unless required by law. Their staff and professional security software safeguard this information. The transmission of data between the customer's computer and our servers is encrypted (256-bit SSL certificate issued by GlobalSign). TextMagic complies with the GDPR to the letter.

✔ Is TextMagic compatible with my smartphone/tablet?

You may use TextMagic from any mobile device by installing the iOS or Android mobile app. The mobile application is completely integrated with the web application. Additionally, all TextMagic Web App pages are completely responsive and will automatically adjust to your screen size.

✔ Is it possible for me to get SMS from my clients?

You may receive customer responses and incoming SMS. If you use a shared reply number for free, you will only get responses to messages you have previously sent. SMS Chat will show all responses. If you buy a dedicated number, your customers will be able to reach you at any time. SMS Chat will show all incoming messages. Using a dedicated number, you may send and receive SMS. On the Buy number page, you may purchase a dedicated number.

💥 How safe are transactions on the TextMagic website?

They handle payments on our behalf via a secure payment channel called Stripe. TextMagic's website does not save credit or debit card information. All payment information is securely held by a PCI-compliant third-party payment gateway. TextMagic servers are housed in a secure, password-protected environment with restricted access. They guarantee that no sensitive information will be utilized or accessed by a third party unless legal authorities seek it. Their staff and professional security software safeguard this information. The transmission of data between the customer's personal computer and their servers is encrypted (256-bit SSL certificate issued by GlobalSign).

Conclusion: Is TextMagic Any Good? TextMagic Review

When it comes to robust SMS marketing systems, TextMagic is one of the most dependable choices available. It’s very user-friendly and needs little to no programming expertise to get started.

Its user interface is simple to use, and it took us just a few minutes to send messages to our friends. The ability to include pre-formatted templates and files into your writings is a convenient tool.

We saved a lot of time by being able to import contacts. The ability to have two-way text discussions with consumers was also a wonderful feature, as was the ability to share inboxes with other team members.

Their pricing model is unmistakably geared at small companies. Because customers are effectively paying for each text message sent, they are not concerned about underutilizing TextMagic.

Without a monthly cost, companies have much greater flexibility regardless of how often they utilize SMS marketing. However, for bigger companies that send a high number of text messages, this may become very costly.

TextMagic places a premium on efficiency and automation, which we appreciated. API Gateways and Zapier connections will be very beneficial for small companies who are already used to using various forms of marketing.

On their website, they provide a plethora of API resources, including wrappers for roughly a dozen different programming languages. Additionally, how-to articles and video lessons are accessible, as is 24/7 customer assistance for customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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