Why You Should Join The European Summit Conference Prague 2023

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Affiliate Marketing along with digital marketing is one of the two most prominent models of internet marketing in today’s time. Over the course of the past decade, affiliate marketing has slowly slipped into the limelight and has turned into a booming business in itself, simply because it is one of the most crucial aspects that draw the successful blueprint of any online business.

The rapid growth of the internet world and affiliate marketing has led to millions of companies, affiliates, startups, new entrepreneurs and influencers popping into the scene every second day of the week. So much so that the latest and most elite trend is to organize events and conferences for letting global influencers and followers either learn, collaborate or challenge the veterans of the internet industry.

One such critically acclaimed chain of affiliate conferences is The European Summit, or simply TES. I’m delighted to inform you all that I myself will be on the list of global internet influencers to be speaking at this major affiliate conference coming our way.

The European Summit: History

Founded in 2009, The European Summit is one of the top-rated and critically acclaimed chains of international conferences that bring together professionals from.

The European Summit- The Affiliate Marketing Summit

  • The online entertainment industry
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • e-commerce
  • Financials
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • Forex
  • Binary options
  • Health
  • Nutraceuticals

And influencers from numerous other fields under one roof for an intensive 3-day networking event.

The prime intension of the creators and organizers of TES was to create a great networking experience for its attendees/delegates. They believe that developing and fostering excellent and productive inter-personal relationships in today’s high tech world is of supreme importance as the cornerstones of building successful networking and business.

TES 2018

Carrying on with their classy and near-elite string of affiliate conferences, the brains behind The European Summit are up and ready with the TES 2018 event which is scheduled to be held from 14-17th September 2018.

The European Summit- Affiliate Buyer And Media Meets

Venue and accommodation

The venue for the TES 2018 is the plush and luxurious Vienna House Diplomat Hotel, Prague. The complete address of the venue is

Vienna House Diplomat Hotel Prague, Evropska 15, 16041 Prague, Czech Republic

But here’s the thing, owing to the extreme reputation and popularity of the even, with an added excitement among internet personalities, THE VENUE HOTEL IS ALREADY PACKED AND SOLD OUT!

However, there is nothing to be disheartened about. TES is known globally for their efforts to serve and please their attendees and delegates to the fullest. Hence the organizers have arranged THE BEST alternative, which equals the class and panache of the venue hotel. The sister hotel, Vienna House Andel’s Prague, You can your room at this luxurious hotel which has the same excellent rates as the Diplomat.

If you are planning to attend the event and book a room in this hotel, you’re your Minimum stay should be of 3 days, implying check in 14 September 2018 and check out 17 September 2018.

Rates for Attendees

  • Single rooms: € 88,00 per night, inclusive of VAT and breakfast
  • Double Rooms: € 98,00 per night, inclusive of VAT and breakfast

Rooms can be canceled free of charge until 1-month pre-show. Rooms will only be available while supply lasts.

Event schedule

The 2018 edition of The European Summit will be a full-fledged event featuring leading international brands and speakers from various fields and turns of the internet coming together to share what they do best. The entire itinerary of the event holds an overall schedule of 5 days. Day 1 (13th September) will be the pre-registration day which will be followed by a pre-event “Build-up” day on 14th September.

The European Summit- What This Conference Is All About

Here is the event schedule of the build-up day.


08:00 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

09:00 Welcome Drinks (sponsored by EPGBill.com)

09:30 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

11:00 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

11:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to CommerceGate Indoor Skydiving

12:00 Registration Open (sponsored by Imlive)

12:00 CommerceGate Indoor Skydiving *

12:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to Traffic Company & Motainment FotSal Tournament

12:30 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

13:00 Traffic Company & Motainment FotSal Tournament

13:00 Meet Market Build-Up

14:00 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

14:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus to RoboMarkets Gun Shooting Range

14:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus Indoor Skydiving to Event Hotel

14:30 RoboMarkets Gun Shooting Range

15:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus from FotSal Tournament to Hotel

15:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus Indoor Skydiving to Event Hotel

15:30 Meet Market (presented by Webvork/LeadGid)

15:30 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

17:00 Hot Dog Stand (sponsored by TBA)

17:00 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

17:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus from Gun Shooting to Hotel

17:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to YNOT Karting Grand Prix

17:45 Paxum Shuttle Bus to YNOT Grand Prix

18:00 YNOT Karting Grand Prix

18:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to First Mobile Cash & MMG Payment Czech Evening

18:30 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

19:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus to First Mobile Cash & MMG Payment Czech Evening

19:00 First Mobile Cash & MMG Payment Gateway Czech Evening

20:00 EPGBill Airport Shuttle

Don’t be amazed, pleased or even convinced by just this much. What I just mentioned above are the scheduled even for the build-up day (14th September), prior to the first day of the event. You will have to visit the TES official website to know the entire 3 days schedule. The entire schedule list is so long, that I will run out of writing space in listing them down.

Highlights and reputation

Hospitality at its best!

The dedicated and hardworking team behind The European Summit always kicks off the grand event in style with a hospitality day, allowing everyone to participate and gel with one another. The organizers are always coming up with new activities in which all delegates have every opportunity to network and meet as many new business associates as possible. The previous TES events have seen activities like

  • Karting grand Prix
  • Taking part in a gun shooting event
  • A casual round of golf
  • Indoor Skydiving

And many more interesting activities to spice up the hospitality of the delegates and attendees!


The second and third day of the TES will comprise the main conference & expo days. Both these days in combination would feature an intense schedule comprised of specialty seminar tracks, expert-to-expert panels, product presentations, speed presentation sessions and keynote speakers. You will find details of all their upcoming events on their official schedule.

Luxurious Expo Experience

At The European Summit will sport an array of luxurious sponsor lounges to conduct your business and promote your company, making your expo experience as comfortable as possible.


Apart from just housing around 1500 delegates at the event, TES will also bring in top influencers and internet personalities who will share their knowledge, expertise and success mantras with the attendees, all under one roof. The event this September will be graced by 80 speakers from around the globe who have overpowered the bests and conquered every niche in the industry like affiliates, advertisers and publishers alike.

I, myself being one of the speakers, will help explore and expand the hidden and unexplored paths of the internet and digital marketing.

Registration and prices

The organizers of TES are offering a 3-tier pricing for registering a slot in their event. The prices primarily depend on when you book your registration. As per the guidelines mentioned on their official website, the registration prices are as follows:

The European Summit- Registration

  • €349,00 per person

For the registration time period of 19 April 2018 until 30 August 2018

  • €450,00 per person

For the registration time period of 1 September 2018 until 17 September 2018

  • €0,00 per person

For the entire registration time period of 19 April 2018 until 7 September 2018

(**For qualifying affiliates only)


Qualifying affiliates will get a special, fully sponsored affiliate pass for anyone whose PRIMARY FUNCTION in the Online Entertainment Industry is the one of being an “affiliate” or what others may call “webmaster”. This includes Individual Affiliates, Individual Webmasters, Individual Bloggers, Individual SEOs, review Sites and similar.

However, please do not get too hopeful that you will definitely get a free pass for the entire 3 days event. The TES organizers receive a large volume of requests for sponsored affiliate passes from affiliates and have a limited number available. So I strongly recommend you to read the details mentioned in the link mentioned below and then complete the general registration form if you would like to make a request for a sponsored affiliate pass.


The last day to submit a request for sponsored affiliate passes is 5 working days before the event starts.

Future of TES (The European Summit )

From the humble beginnings in 2009 we have seen a strong growth during our events in 2016 and 2017. Expectations are that a further, strong, growth will take place in 2018/2019. For our September 2018 show in Prague we will be looking forward to 1,200-1,400 delegates while Lisbon in March 2019 is projected to have 1,400-1,600 participants.

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