The Habit of Ferocity Review 2024: Is It Worth It? My Thoughts on The Habit of Ferocity Program

The Habit of Ferocity

Overall Verdict

The Habit of Ferocity has got all that you need to shape yourself into a better person.

Out of 10


  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Dashboard is super easy to use
  • Responsive smartphone app let you learn from anywhere
  • You will feel balanced after course completion.
  • It is made for focus and concentration.
  • The method itself is simple and easy to use.


  • Pricing are bit higher
  • Study Material don't get updated regularly


Price: $ 399

In this review of The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler, I’ll go through my personal experiences of the program.

When it comes to self-development, achieving peak performance is often the ultimate goal.

Our goal is to reach a level of performance where time no longer matters. We sometimes achieve this. Most of the time we don’t.

Some people, on the other hand, always perform when the pressure is on.

The Habit of Ferocity Review

Throughout their careers, athletes like LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo have set the bar high in their fields.

When it counts the most, both of them perform at the top of their game. No matter what. Almost at will, they produce legendary performances.

The business world has similar examples. Elon Musk is famous for his ability to persevere under pressure.

His associates have often praised his apparent ability to make split-second decisions under high pressure.

Is this just a case of genetic luck or is there more to it?

Among the most popular Mindvalley courses, “The Habit of Ferocity” explains peak performance isn’t mythical and unattainable.

 Mental and physical habits are the sum of carefully developed mental and physical habits.

“The Habit of Ferocity” is exactly about teaching these habits.

I decided to take this enormously popular class despite my skepticism.

As human beings, we all have an interest in peak performance.

Keep reading to learn more about my experience with “The Habit of Ferocity”.

What Is The Habit of Ferocity?

Steven Kotler’s online self-development course “The Habit of Ferocity” is incredibly popular.

Attendees will be able to achieve and sustain peak physical and mental performance.

The habit of ferocity, according to Kotler, is the ability to respond to any challenge immediately and instinctively.

What are the best ways to cultivate this ability? The most effective method is to “hack” the human brain.

Yes, in this class, Kotler uses the latest advances in neuroscience to show you how to wire your brain for maximum efficiency.

Adaptability, self-reflection, and willpower are essential to the process.

You will begin to see your life turn around if you follow the course down to a T and put in the effort.

Who Is Steven Kotler?

The Pulitzer Prize-nominated author and award-winning journalist Steven Kotler is a pioneer in the field of peak performance.

He spent a lot of time exploring the almost mythical state of flow in his book, “The Rise of Superman”. Humans perform best when they are in a state of flow.

Another of his best-selling books, Abundance, focuses on the future of humanity.

Over the next 20 to 30 years, the four emerging forces described by Kotler in “Abundance” have the potential to significantly impact our global standard of living.

steven kotler- The Habit of Ferocity Review

Kotler is an expert on high performance both on a societal and individual level, as you can see from his research and teaching.

We’ll begin with a clip from a recent interview with the man himself. During this 5-minute clip, Kotler discusses his own tricks for reaching flow:

You can also see in the clip that Kotler dislikes complicated terminology. “The Habit of Ferocity” is so successful because of this, by the way.

Kotler’s teachings are based on neurobiology. The lessons he teaches are also very clear, practical, engaging, and easy to follow.

Let’s dive straight into “The Habit of Ferocity” now that Steven Kotler is a familiar name.

What Is The Purpose of The Habit of Ferocity?

Anyone can benefit greatly from enrolling in “The Habit of Ferocity”. This, I believe, is also a major reason for the success of this class.

How do you explain the appeal of Steven Kotler’s teachings to such a wide range of people?

We are not just concerned with helping you excel at your present position.

The idea of finding your MTPs (Massively Transformative Purpose) is a key concept in “The Habit of Ferocity”.

Through multiple quizzes and guided reflections, Steven Kotler will help you identify your MTPs.

Why Is It Important To Find These MTPs?

To put it simply, identifying your MTPs will be the difference between feeling motivated and inspired.

The class that Steven Kotler teaches WILL positively impact ANYONE, whether they are in their nine-to-five, going to school, or running their own business.

Identification of your MTPs is only the first step of the journey. The class also covers a number of other topics.

The Habit of Ferocity Covers What Topics?

A sustainable system for peak human performance is at the center of “The Habit of Ferocity”. Students will learn that building grit is crucial to high performance.

I am going to use this concept to tease you about some of the topics that are covered in “The Master of Ferocity”.

In this class, you will develop 6 types of grit:

  • Perseverance
  • Managing your thoughts
  • When you’re at your worst, you’re at your best
  • Continually improving your weaknesses
  • Fear mastery
  • Recovering and resting effectively

It might seem intimidating to look at this list at first. How will we grow into superhumans in 35 days?

No, not at all. Grit training has been broken down into small pieces by the instructor.

 The Habit of Ferocity Review

It is therefore not a good idea to train each type of grit at once. Instead, you should take small steps at a time.

All of your actions will begin to add up little by little. In addition, you will see firsthand why developing grit is so critical to success.

As a reminder to all the skeptics out there, Kotler teaches you grit through scientific methods.

Specifically, neuroscience. So, even if you associate terms like “perseverance”, “life purpose”, and “thought control” with hippies, do not let that discourage you.

Bill Clinton and Elon Musk have praised Steven Kotler for his teachings.

Musk and Clinton, it seems to me, are not interested in new-age practices.

My Motivation For Doing The Habit of Ferocity Quest

As a child, my family’s unofficial motto was “if you don’t try, you can’t fail”.

It wasn’t intentionally done. All my parents wanted for me was a safe and comfortable life.

The place where I grew up seemed very normal, with nothing out of the ordinary happening.

I knew people who followed the paths expected of them.

My life lacked the “more” I desired. Nevertheless, growing beyond my comfortable limited expectations has taken a lot of years of effort.


Rather than just settling for what you think you can get, I can attest to the power of going for what you really want.

From letting go, feeling the fear, and doing it anyway, I have been offered incredible opportunities and experiences.

Even though some of my life decisions may have been bold, I know that I am still nowhere near living up to my potential.

Most days, I am held back by apathy, fear, and insecurity. The challenge I want to take on is to turn it into something that fuels me rather than scares me.

Fury might sound aggressive at first, but to me, it refers to a strong sense of inner power.

You might also find this course helpful if you want to learn to roll with the punches and stand up even stronger than before you had been knocked down.

The Habit of Ferocity Is For You If…

you feel the need to take your life to the next level.

It seems like you have a thousand brilliant ideas, but you never seem to follow through because you are not sure what steps to take to make your fantasies a reality.

In order to make real progress in your career, business, or creative endeavors, you need some tough love to get rid of procrastination, shatter overwhelm, and get past procrastination.

You enjoy learning about how the brain and bodywork.

Despite my spiritual beliefs, I am also fascinated by the language of science and so I thoroughly enjoyed studying neuroscience, psychology, and physiology.

Straight-talking is something you appreciate. Steven Kotler’s direct style is refreshing.

In another Q+A session, when asked whether sound can effectively enhance performance, he responded: “We don’t have a clue.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you crap so that they can steal your money.” I literally laughed out loud.

Why The Habit of Ferocity Might Not Be A Good Fit For You

In order to accomplish the work recommended, you need to free up 30-60 minutes daily.

Spending half an hour a day on this sounds like too much for you.

You’ll be lucky if you come away with ferocity comparable to a kitten from this program.

Self-reflection doesn’t appeal to you. If you don’t want to do some introspection about your values, motivations, etc., then this is not for you.

Your sensitivity makes you easily offended.

Habit of Ferocity Might Not Be A Good Fit For You

Steven Kotler’s communication style might not be a good fit for you if you can’t handle the occasional curse word or if you don’t want to be confronted over some of your beliefs.

The use of a journal for self-inquiry doesn’t appeal to you. Among your favorite exercise techniques is writing.

It’s no secret you’re a “bliss junkie”. It is an expression used by Kotler to describe people who only pursue personal development that makes them feel good.

Those who want the next “high” instead of working hard will not be satisfied here.

What Exactly Do You Learn During The Habit of Ferocity?

What are the actual results of this quest? You’ll cover the following topics in this quest:

1) Grit and Resilience

When life gives you lemons, you learn how to make lemonade.

Determination and grit go hand in hand. In spite of setbacks, you will keep going even when others give up.

2) Career Development

Whether you’re looking to land a dream client, get a raise, or become the star performer at work, put your ferocity into your work for more external success.

3) Passion & Purpose

Get to know what really motivates you and align yourself with that so that you can take action and pursue your dreams.

4) A motivational approach.

Start your day with enthusiasm and energy so you can perform at your very best.

5) Productivity

By optimizing your systems and processes, you can accomplish more in less time.

6) Focus

You can focus on any task, no matter what is going on around you, by harnessing mental frameworks that give you incredible clarity.

7) Creativity

Learn how to access your creative side even if you think you’re not creative.

8) Getting and Staying in Flow

Find out how to get in the zone consistently using a researched methodology.

How Is The Habit of Ferocity Structured? Here’s what to Expect:

Each week, you will learn three or four new concepts through this quest.

On other days, you will practice theory and take action.

There are five distinct parts to each week’s information, which coincide:

Part 1: 

Set yourself up for success. As part of this groundwork, we’ll explore the flow state and how it applies to the habit of ferocity.

Part 2: 

The key to overcoming challenges and achieving success is automating motivation.

Discover the neuroscience of turning curiosity into passion, how to become a “master” of something (hint: it’s not as hard as you think), how connecting with others can 10x your motivation, and how to turn passion into purpose.

Part 3: 

Flow automation. You can amplify your productivity and focus by mastering this state of peak consciousness.

Among the highlights of this week is the simple daily habit that puts you in flow more often without you even thinking about it, the neuroscience of goal accomplishment, and knowing how to distinguish between goals that will encourage flow from those that will break it.

Part 4:

Grit automation. This course will teach you how to retrain your nervous system and physiology so that you can handle whatever comes your way.

The course will cover 6 different types of grit, how to overcome fear, and developing a growth mindset.

Part 5: 

The key to creating ferocity for life. To make this a lifelong habit, the final section brings everything together to wrap up the course.

The Pros and Cons of The Habit of Ferocity

Here are the pros & cons:


This course has an effortless flow to it. By building upon concepts, you can progress step-by-step.

As a result, these “I don’t know” thoughts are transformed into clear ideas and action plans.

It is particularly engaging to watch the video content.

Steven Kotler is an accomplished communicator, great motivator, and compelling storyteller with a background in journalism.

You should keep an eye out for the story about the Xprize – an incentive worth $10 million to the person who creates a space shuttle that can land more than once.

Taking complex ideas and breaking them down into bite-sized chunks makes them more digestible.

The content is taught in 30-60 minutes of daily content and exercises, which can easily fit into busy schedules even if there are some big concepts and scientific terms.

Besides being interactive, it features fun quizzes that give you an idea of how you learn and what may be the most effective learning method for you.

In the form of the “Tribe”, there is a great deal of moral support and accountability. 

This is a community of other students who are starting the quest at the same time as you.

Your thoughts will be regularly solicited and we encourage you to start your own small accountability groups.


As a fair warning, this course is not a quick fix but rather a long-term commitment. I don’t think it would be a crash diet to lose weight if it was a weight loss program.

Achieving true ferocity is a lifelong endeavor that does not end with the completion of this 35-day course.

However, it does not mention diet as an important factor in optimal performance, even though it factors in sleep.

Fueling your body properly is no doubt important. The absence of real research in this area is the reason for its absence.

Other than discussing basic nutrition, Steven Kotler says there is nothing else to say.

In order to receive a certificate of completion, you will have to pay $50 more.

In general, I don’t think a certification is necessary; however, if one is offered, I’d rather see it simply included in the price.

Is The Habit of Ferocity worth It?

It’s a big fat yes from me because this quest is completely my cup of tea.

Besides devouring Steven Kotler’s course, I also bought some of his bestseller books and signed up for his newsletter – now that I’ve discovered Steven Kotler, I’m a fan.

It’s not hard to know how good he is, since he has received testimonials from a long list of big names including Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson, SpaceX founder Elon Musk, and Huffington Post CEO Arianna Huffington.

Are there limits to my potential as a superhuman? I guess we’ll see what happens.

My conclusion is that this program gave me the motivational boost I needed along with the practical strategies for establishing habits that will allow me to be more productive, focused, and motivated.

How Much Does The Habit of Ferocity Cost?

The Habit of Ferocity is available for $399 for a lifetime. In addition, the course can also be purchased in three payments of $149 each.

In addition to offering a 10-day refund policy, “The Habit of Ferocity” also offers a 30-day refund policy.

Those still on the fence about taking the class have a solid insurance policy here.

I recommend purchasing Mindvalley All Access if you are already familiar with and satisfied with the Mindvalley experience.

All the quests offered by Mindvalley are available to you for 499$ a year.

price- The Habit of Ferocity Review

With All Access, you can also access future content.

You can check out Steven Kotler’s free masterclass if you’re not sure whether to get the course or not.

The short video will give you an idea of what to expect in the full-length Habit of Ferocity online class.

Ultimately, you must decide whether “The Habit of Ferocity” is worth your time and money.

Keep reading if you would like to hear more about my own experience with this class.

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Final Verdict: Is The Habit of Ferocity Worth It?

I have taken a fair share of productivity courses in my life. And, I can confidently say that “The Habit of Ferocity” is one of the best ones out there.

However, this statement comes with a catch.

The Habit of Ferocity requires your full participation in order to reap its benefits. Therefore, you must do everything Kotler asks you to do.

You can find quick and cheap productivity courses if you’re interested in quick productivity tips.

If you are looking to sustain high performance, here is your step-by-step guide.

Both in your professional and personal lives, your mind is a source of new ideas and new approaches.

In order to succeed at whatever you are doing, your system must be at its best.

In the Habit of Ferocity, you learn how to mold yourself to become a great performer by constructing a strong will within yourself.

The Habit of Ferocity has got all that you need to shape yourself into a better person.

Get access to this incredible program and climb up the success lane like never before!

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