Freedom Mastery Review: The Legit Planners & Life Journals ? (TRUTH)

The law of attraction works on providing the basic principle of life and makes you believe in your fate and creating new visions of life.  By implying your thoughts, the law of attraction resembles all your energy and guides to creates positive vibes. For instance, if one has to become more powerful and wealthy, the most important thing which should be considered is the belief in themselves, if they are working hard to make it happen, it will anyhow work, but if they don’t believe in themselves, it won’t work.  Hence, it is how thoughts become determined and work in reality.

The Law Of Attraction is a law that is followed by the whole universe. The main motive of this law is that you can and you should trust your intuitions and develop new strategies. Moreover, the law also states that the things which we want can be achieved just by working hard. All the things in the universe are attracted by some people and some of them are not attracted. The negativity in life can destroy your ambitions and you can fail in everything you need. For example, if you think positive, everything around you will be positively handled.

At the point when we have restricting convictions, we will likewise draw in a real existence that is constrained. This is the specific motivation behind why you have to keep an uplifting attitude, without those restricting convictions. You have to chip away at your mindfulness with regard to your restricting contemplations consistently. At exactly that point they will in the long run vanish (along with the relating appearances) and will the positive contemplations with your new conviction framework flourish in your brain to make the truth you have as a main priority.

Law of Attraction Planner by Freedom Mastery : Freedom Mastery Review

On the off chance that you need to try out this Law of Attraction and begin showing a greater amount of what you need in life then this organizer is for you. This organizer is perhaps the best instrument for getting to your fantasies and to be continually reminded by recording it. This organizer strolls you through everything. Before long, you’ll be concentrating on your wants, accomplishing additionally permitting and accelerating the conveyance of your signs.

Freedom Masterly

This organizer works admirably of helping you to think in a progressively positive manner and adjusting your objectives to your month to month, week after week, and everyday activities.

With this 100% eco-accommodating Law of Attraction organizer, you can go every which way. It has a foldable vision board, which makes you ready to concentrate on the entirety of your wants and to imagine them initially. The organizer contains an appreciation diary, propensity trackers, daily agendas, a week by week and a month to month organizer, mind maps, reflection pages, feel-great records, and confirmations. So, all mindfulness devices stuffed in one organizer.

The Law Of Attraction Planner, explained by freedom Mastery is as follows:

  • Increase your chances of growth.
  • Helps in the management of Time
  • It guides you to find the directions of success and relocates it.
  • Helps to develop the passion.

Layout Of The Planner

Monthly Planner Of The Law Of Attraction Planner

You are offered two pages, each one of them is 44mm x 27 mm dimensions. The monthly planners consist of following specifications:

  • Creating and implementing monthly goals.
  • List of activities for the whole month
  • Changing or developing new skills
  • Calendar for reminding you about the meetings and appointments dates
  • Top priority Goals
  • Vacant column for additional pieces of information

Law of Attraction Planner

At the end of every month, the two pages of the planner are vacant for you to solve the questions mentioned on those pages. The part of the journal is somehow very interesting as it helps you in binding up all the activities you have done in the following month. It helps you scaling your performance so as to let you know how far you have reached into the plans of your life. The planner has some great and interesting questions, such as:

  • What are your top achievements in this month?
  • What is still left?
  • Why you couldn’t complete the tasks?
  • What difficulties you are facing for completing the leftover tasks?
  • What were your greatest motivations?
  • What are your feelings about your achieved tasks?
  • What you are going to do the next month?
  • What are the fears you faced during these months?
  • Are you going on the right path?
  • How will you improve your performance for the next month?

Weekly Planner Of The Law Of Attraction Planner

The planner is categorized into two different parts, starting from Sunday and ends on Saturday. The columns and rows provided are very spaces that are useful for mentioning each activity in a detailed format.

The main factors which are covered in a weekly planner by freedom masterly are:

  • Daily Goals and activities
  • Checklist for doing the activities
  • Skills improvements
  • Top Priority activities
  • Appointments
  • Motivational quotations on each page

Monthly Reflection Of The Law Of Attraction Planner

At the end of the month, the planner has a vacant space in which you can write a summary of exactly what you did in the whole month, and helps you figure out, how much more hard work you need in the next upcoming month. Also, it provides you the power of self-analysis of where you are exactly standing.  There are two pages of the monthly spread, which have some blank questionnaires and you need to fill it:

  • Monthly Achievements
  • Completed Goals
  • Incomplete Goals
  • Skills that you developed
  • Tracker for saved money, spend money.

Mission and Vission Page Of The Law Of Attraction Planner

The page helps you to set up a reason for your life. What you want to do in your life and how you can proceed further with your dreams. The main objective of providing this page is to decide what are your aims for life. In this you will be able to write anything into classified terms in order to be clear for your dreams.

Index and bulleting In The Law Of Attraction Planner

This page is used to allow the numbers on each and every page to get them remarked, which makes the searching easy and filterable. In such a way you can easily find the important dates as soon as possible just by checking through the page number.

Allign your thoughts to positive energy

The organizer additionally has a file and page numbers. There are a lot of Dot Grid arranging pages to assist you with redoing your organizer considerably more! in this organizer, there are 2 pages of dab framework paper toward the finish of every month and around 24 pages of more speck lattice notes pages in the back. You can utilize it for assortments, records and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Utilize the file to handily record and think back to your notes by recording them on the Index page.

RoadMap according to the planner

This page includes a well designed and understandable flow chart of your work by explaining each and every single step. It’s called the overall guide of your life motive and helps you analyze the possibilities of upcoming activities and goals.

Brilliant Quetionnaires

In order to let you know about your status, the planner provides you questionnaire of whatever work and activities you have done and what are still left. This makes your flow of activities scalable and effective. The questions help you bring back on the topics if you get confused.

Highlights from the developers of the planner

In this section, the developers- Freedom Mastery have guided and explained what is the use of the planner according to them and how it is useful for you.

Self Development Tools

The Law of Attraction By Freedom Mastery offers a journal that will help you achieve your dreams in a systematic form without missing a single fact. This is a tool that helps in personal development. You can easily write everything about your life happenings, dreams, the to-do list of life, and many things in more classified form. This will guide you instantly and help you find the best way of living life without failing anything which you need. This improves the simultaneous flow of the facts which you want to cover throughout your life. The planner guides you about your dreams and onboard your visions into reality.

Law of Planner Reviews

The planner by freedom Mastery mentions the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, and on the other pages, it includes the information of the contacts. Now, after these things, you would be able to note down all your visions and missions into the planner.

In the first few pages, they mentioned the guidelines for how you can help yourself by using the law of attraction and implying it into your life. Basically, it is the roadmap that will help you complete all the facts which you need to complete. The planner by freedom mastery includes 18 pages for journaling and these are as follows:

  • Self-analysis of inner beliefs
  • Mention at least 40 missions
  • Think and write about what you want to do in the next year.
  • Make timely resolutions
  • Plan what skills and habits you want o to develop.

The Cover Of Planner with solid Binding

The Law of attraction planner of 12 months is 17.5 cm x 24.9 cm dimensions. The binding is flexible, which is easily holdable. The size of the planner is B5 size. I t also consists of bookmarks options with a great design having colorful ribbons.

The binding of the planner is done with huge perfection as it allows you to work on both sides of the pages spread across the planner.

Features Of The Law Of Attraction Planner By Freedom Masterly:

  • Questionnaire depending on the monthly and yearly plans.
  • Grid pages of 20 dots for notes
  • Bound with elastic band
  • Varieties of Planners offered by Freedom Masterly
  • Daily Planner – A5 (5.83”x8.27”)
  • Weekly Planner with Dates – B5 (6.9″ x 9.8”)
  • Weekly Planner without Dates – B5 (6.9″ x 9.8″)

Cost Of Planner

  • Daily Planner – $38.95 USD
  • Weekly Planner with Dates – $38.95 USD
  • Weekly Planner without Dates – $29.95 USD

Colors offered For Weekly Planner

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Rose Gold

Annual Calendars in mini boxes

Advantages Of Planner

The law of attraction planner offers a huge collection of well-organized space with some attractive layouts within them. For instance, if someone who doesn’t like common boxes or simple layouts, the planner by freedom mastery built a great collection of doodles and attractive stickers suitable for each of the sections. And helps in classifying each and every corner of the planner look great.

Best Quality

The law of attraction planner has a cover of faux leather, attractive bookmarks, and colorful ribbons. The quality of the planner is supremely decent and unique to use. All these specifications make all the tasks easy to understand and interesting.

Indexed Journal/ Bullet Journal – Easy making of notes

The planner is extremely spacious with so many alternatives that can be used while listing the to-do list for a week or a month. The free spaces on the planner can be used for creativity and adding more content about the plans and the goals. Having a huge blank space in a notebook is different from this journal, as it has many more creative offers that make you work on it to increase your interest. The planner is relevant especially for those who are more interested in creating something more attractive.

Unique BookMarks

The journal offers different bookmarks for monthly as well as weekly plans. Hence it’s more suitable as it can be easily classified and founded whenever you are urgently searching for something. Also, they provide a bookmark for the last section of the planner, which helps in finding the additional parts at that moment when you are in a hurry.

Secret Pocket On The Back Side Of The Planner

The journal provides a pocket on the backside. This helps in keeping different stickers and collections properly and safely. These stickers in the planner can be used whenever required without any trouble.

Systematically Designed

The journal book by Freedom Mastery is a fully-featured planner with all the great features which are organized in many different categories which help in viewing and editing the whole planner into effective results. Each and every section can be accessed within no time and everything is simple and straightforward.

Long-Lasting Planner

Due to the quality of the leather, the planner is longer lasting and durable than all the other journals as compared to all the other journals in the market. The best part of this journal is that it has an awesome binding.


The law of attraction planner costs $40 USD for the full package which is comparatively more suitable with the best price in the industry.

Disadvantages Of Planner

  • The B5 size of the planner is very big in order to carry.
  • The space provided for date and titles is very low.
  • The weekdays mentioned in the planner starts from Sunday.
  • The questions for reviewing at the end of the month is exhausting.

Freedom Mastery Planner Reviews & Testimonials

Law of Planner Reviews

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Conclusion: Freedom Mastery Review  2023

The Law of attraction planner can be proved to be a game-changer for you and your life. While selecting the journal you must be very careful about the specifications and features your journal is providing to you. The whole impact of your lifestyle will somehow depend on the planner.

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  1. More buyer beware about “wonderful” service from Freedom Mastery!

    I tried to purchase Law of Attraction planner from Freedom Mastery twice, once in June 2020 and again now in April.

    I June last year they informed me that due to global transportation issues with pandemics, the shipping fee for my country is significantly higher than expected, and that I could add up additional 30 US dollars via PayPal to have my order shipped. I refused that, and got my money back.
    This time, when I tried again, I got the e mail with identical text, only the suggested additional fee (with the same “explanation”), was 50 US dollars.
    For the planner weighting not more than a pound it is absolutely i sane shipping fee, clearly suggesting that something is very wrong here.

    I have screenshots of both e mails in case someone needs the proof. This kind of customer disrespect is never seen by my side.

    I would NOT recommend ordering from Freedom Mastery, as they are clearly behaving unprofessionally in every possible way.

    • I am sorry to see you have bad experience I will surely ask their team to look into it.

  2. Buyer beware. Do not order from Freedom Mastery.

    I ordered two planners on December 1st. The estimated arrival was December 11th. I checked my status periodically and nothing. On December 21st I found a way to contact them and inquired about my purchase. Cecilia P responded on Dec 22 by saying that the items were out of stock and would not be in stock until January 11th. Poor customer service that they could not contact me to tell me that. Also, at that late date, dated planners were all gone. I needed my planners for my daughter and myself for the year ahead. I responded and told them of how egregious it was and they responded offering to replace it with an undated planner. If I wanted undated, I would have ordered one. By that time, I had already ordered my Passion Planners, although I was forced to get academic year planners at half price and asked for a refund. On January 31st they responded by asking me if I would like a $15 discount for my $88 order. I responded that I would like a refund. What is more infuriating is that I received notification on January 6th that the order had shipped out. I responded immediately and requested that I be issued a refund. I responded again on January 8th. It is now January 14th and I have not gotten a response.

    I suggest all that are interested get a Passion Planner because although they also ran out of stock of their planners, they did not sell what they did not have and they altered the customers of the problem and offered a slight compensation. It is unscrupulous to take money for merchandise that was not available when promised after the customer requests a refund.

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