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From Monday, November 23rd to Monday, November 30th you get a 50% discount on all ThemeShift WordPress themes. This Black Friday Cyber Monday deals  2023 save money on Themeshift themes.

ThemeShift Black Friday

Just head over to, select one (or more) of our fantastic WordPress themes and add it to the shopping cart. Then apply the promotion code.

Latest ThemeShift Cyber Monday Deals 2023 | Save 50%:

How to Use ThemeShift Coupon Codes?

1. Click “Show Coupon Code” button

2. Copy the code

  • Select and copy the code that is highlighted on this page (in place of the button after clicked)

3. Enter the code at checkout

  • Paste your code in the appropriate box.

4. Enjoy your savings

  • Hopefully, you saved a lot!

What Is ThemeShift?

ThemeShift is an elegant WordPress blog theme. This WordPress theme is perfect for modern authors, content authors, and bloggers.

If you could not generate more visits to the page with the current blogging platform, now is the time to move to a new topic. With this WordPress blog template, you can not only improve the page views but also create a very attractive platform.

Themeshift belongs to a German web designer and WordPress expert, Simon Rimkus, who manages it alone. He is responsible for the web design and design of each WordPress theme as well as customer service for customers.

Premium Responsive WordPress Themes- ThemeShift Black Friday
Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

Here Are The Key Features Of ThemeShift

  • Social media links on the header
  • Documentation and many more
  • Widgetized home section
  • Custom auto-scroll menu-bar
  • One page homepage
  • Responsive: Adjust to all viewports
  • Parallax effects
  • Logo uploader
  • Minimal design
  • Customization options: Colors, Typography, Homepage modules

Why ThemeShift?

Flexibility is the main goal of this premium WordPress theme. As a result, you can place the content in the desired order. Take a look at the home page, which contains several blocks of content, including services, contacts, news, reviews, and more. All of these content areas are managed and organized using content widgets. Just drag the widgets in any order, like in the demo.

ThemeShift has integrated all the necessary widgets into the Juniper theme. As a result, he will publish the list of team members, social media links, company details and everything as a demonstration.

The wide layout of the full-width homepage provides plenty of room for displaying large sections or multiple columns. In this way, you can easily add details to all team members, different services, and more.

During checkout and save 50% instantly.

ThemeShift provides a small number of own premium WordPress themes and some exclusively handpicked themes from other authors.

Benefits Of Using ThemeShift

You can use themes on multiple sites at no extra cost. This is huge if you think about it! Most other marketplaces and theme creators charge a significant fee for more than one website license, but that’s not true here in ThemeShift- they let customers buy individual WordPress Themes instead of having to pay the Marketplace Fee every time you want some new design or color scheme (which would add up pretty quickly).

Plus with our bundles option there are even discounts available; saving money without sacrificing quality—a win/win situation all around!!

They provide high-quality designs handcrafted by experienced developers who specialize exclusively in building scalable websites powered by WordPress ⚔️

What is best about ThemeShift?

The theme includes custom fonts, icons, widgets, and page templates so you do not have to use other add-ons. After seeing the live demonstration, we found that all the models had a sleek design that was compatible with good distance and good typography style. As a result, site visitors can easily search for their services, products, and other sites.

Some WordPress themes also feature codes and parallax features that allow you to create unique pages while providing an engaging experience.

Support At ThemeShift

Customer support offered by Themeshift is unique. With the ability to post questions in German, Spanish and English you may ask your questions on any of these languages with no problem!

Post them through our forum where they will be answered by Simon who personally moderates it all when he’s out traveling or otherwise unavailable for help; but rest assured that this delay usually doesn’t last too long since his team helps handle most cases anyways so there shouldn’t be an issue if things aren’t going smoothly while someone else takes care of them .

Themeshift Varieties of Options- ThemeShift Black Friday
Themeshift Themes

Pricing Plans at ThemeShift

Themeshift Premium themes are priced in Euros and not US dollars. The cost per piece is 39 € which makes them much more affordable compared to Press75 at $75/piece or Modthemes’ All-in Package price of $70/.

This one competitor offers only a limited number of premium packages, but you still need an account with Themeshift if what your looking for isn’t available elsewhere on their site because there’s no bulk discount like other competitors have when buying multiple licenses from them.


ThemeShift Pros and Cons


  • The ThemeShift theme is extremely adaptable and customizable. It has some of the most advanced customization options on the market today. You can change fonts, colors, add more than 20 widgets, add custom CSS code and add Google Analytics code.
  • The blog design template has a fresh and attractive color scheme that presents articles in an attractive and modern way.


  • The ThemeShift WordPress theme is not free. You need to pay $40 per theme for this template.

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Top 4 ThemeShift Alternatives


1. Duplicati


Duplicati is a backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on local storage, cloud storage services and remote file servers. The Duplicati project was inspired by Duplicity and had similar functionality until 2008.

In that year the storage model was redesigned completely and the program was rebuilt from scratch. This manual describes Duplicati 2, the version based on the new storage model.

Duplicati operates much like other backup tools in that it maintains a full or partial snapshot of file system resources and allows recovery in case of failure (software defects, hardware failures, theft). The unique Duplicati features are encryption of data at rest and in transit, block-level incremental backups (only new changes are stored), deduplication (single instance storage), compression, and multiple backup targets.

2. Restic 


Restic is a program that does backups right. Well, actually it’s more than just that: it also undoes the changes made by your latest backup in case you deleted some files unintentionally or your hard disk crashed, but let’s start with the backups themselves first.

By keeping incremental ‘diffs’ between successive backups, restic can save space and transfer time, while still allowing you to easily recover older versions of your files.

Restoring data with restic is efficient too: by using information stored in the archive for each file it can determine which parts of your files are only needed to restore a particular version.

This means that when you request an older version of some directory, restic will only restore the files in that directory and its subdirectories needed to recreate that version.

Restic uses cryptography (authentication and encryption) to protect your confidentiality, so even if somebody else gets hold of your backups, he can’t see or use your data unless you allow it explicitly. Restic is written in Go and is therefore easily portable to many different environments and architectures.

3. Areca Backup

Areca Backup

Areca Backup is a file backup software that can be run on Windows or Linux. It creates backup copies (which can be encrypted and compressed) of your files and stores them on external drives, USB keys, FTP servers, supporting incremental, differential, and full backups.

It also allows you to browse your backups and navigate among different versions of the files contained in your archives.

Areca Backup is also able to trigger additional actions, like storing a backup report on your hard drive, sending it by email, launching shell scripts before or after your backup.

4. Duplicacy


Duplicacy is another age cloud-reinforcement instrument supporting 5 significant distributed storage suppliers (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, and Backblaze), just as nearby circles and SFTP workers (like Mac/Linux PCs or NAS boxes). Duplicacy is the main cloud-reinforcement apparatus that offers every one of the accompanying 7 fundamental components:

* Incremental backup: just back up what has been changed

*  Full snapshot: albeit every reinforcement is steady, it should act like a full depiction for simple reestablish and erasure

* Deduplication: indistinguishable records should be put away as one duplicate (document level deduplication), and indistinguishable parts from various records should be put away as one duplicate (block-level deduplication)

* Encryption: scramble record substance as well as document ways, sizes, times, and so forth

* Deletion: each reinforcement can be erased autonomously without influencing others

* Concurrent access: numerous customers can rear up to a similar stockpiling simultaneously

* Snapshot migration: all or chose depictions can be moved starting with one stockpiling then onto the next.

Conclusion: ThemeShift Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Whether you’re a freelancer, a commercial business, or a content editor, ThemeShift offers different types of WordPress themes to meet your needs.

Your topics will be delivered with appropriately detailed documentation so you can easily learn configuration and customization.

Now You Get The Full Information And We have mentioned great deals for you that you will not get somewhere else, so what are you waiting for go and grab the deal now on this black Friday sale.

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Get 5% OFF On Website Themes

87 People Used
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Rating 5.0
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ThemeShift is an elegant WordPress blog theme. This WordPress theme is perfect for modern authors, content authors, and bloggers.

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  1. I absolutely love the ThemeShift theme; we’ve been using it for a few months and continue to be excited about its features and performance. Its design is sleek and simple, making it easy to find what you need on the page rather than navigating through a long list of extra layouts or multiple pages in order to get there.
    Find fresh deals on ThemeShift Black Friday Deals this weekend only! This elegant blog theme is perfect for modern authors, content creators or bloggers looking for an efficient way

  2. When I first started my blog, I wasn’t sure what to write about. All of my potential topics were either too vague or not very interesting. I needed a theme that would attract visitors and allow me to write better content without doing much work at all. This is where ThemeShift came in: this clean and user-friendly WordPress blog template made it easy for me to get the most out of every minute spent blogging on my website. It has excellent search engine optimization so people can find my site easily when they search for whatever topic interests them most.

    Ever since updating my layout with ThemeShift’s Black Friday deals, traffic has been soaring! The best part? My inbox seems to be getting filled with comments from satisfied readers.

  3. I was really struggling to design my website, because I couldn’t find a theme that let me put content in the desired order. I got ThemeShift and now it’s like creating treasures for gold: treasures that anyone can use. This premium WordPress theme lets you organize content with widgets, and any order is possible! It’s the perfect solution for all different kinds of websites. Try it out today and grab one of these Black Friday deals (I think they’ll run out soon!).

  4. ThemeShift is an incredible theme. Most of the content on the site has this really cool UI design, with text blurbs in different colors! The layout for my portfolio items are also really engaging, and it’s easy to see what you want to read-just scroll your mouse wheel or swipe across the desktop site. You can even change some colors too which is neat. It allows full responsiveness so that the site looks dope no matter where you view it on any device! Oh ya I should mention there’s shopping carts too which is pretty cool if like me you like making money 😉

  5. ThemeShift is probably the best theme I’ve used on WordPress yet. I wanted to upgrade my blogging platform, and this was perfect for all of my needs (which are simple). Plus, it totally helped increase page views. Highly recommended!

    ThemeShift offer everything you need to update your blog — beautiful design with unlimited layout options, SEO enhanced shortcuts for speed and easy editing permissions where you control who does what when posting content with tons of add-ons too like quote boxes, video embedding options or social media buttons. It’s a great bargain during this time of year with killer savings off hefty price tags in terms of design and features!

  6. I tried the ThemeShift Black Friday Deal one year ago and I was impressed! It’s really original. Seriously, this is THE BEST theme on the web today. It has hundreds of top-quality features – tons of locations to monetize your site, color options for endless personalizing, etc. Just amazing!

  7. The best Black Friday deal for ThemeShift is to get the amazing theme at a discounted price. I don’t think there’s anything not worth buying on this site-so happy with my purchase!

  8. I’ve always been a sucker for ThemeShift Black Friday Deals. I’m not really sure why though. All the discounts are great, but there’s something extra special about them. Maybe it’s because they’re available for only two days every year or maybe it’s the discounted theme markup? Anyway, I can’t say no to these deals.

    It has everything you need in order to make your company website look rad without the hassle of coding: sweet visual content editing tools and colors that won’t drain your wallet this holiday season–just like Hello Kittens!

  9. ThemeShift Black Friday Deals is a great way to put your best foot forward and reach the top of search engine results. It’s also perfect for business owners that need an eye-catching website to attract more customers and better compete with their competitors.

    For anyone who wants the look and function of a WordPress blog, ThemeShift Black Friday deals is high quality, easy and quick installation within minutes, and easy accessibility! With these Thanksgiving discounts you’ll be well on your way to achieving success in less time than it takes another blogger.

  10. ThemeShift is the best premium WordPress theme for those who don’t want to deal with any hassles of design and coding as it’s all done automatically thanks to the drag-n-drop interface. This setup makes customization a breeze, so you can do things like resize widgets by dragging their borders or move them around the screen, manage page length by chopping off unwanted content before publishing your blog posts, spaces out rows of posts using custom spacing between posts, change image sizes without taking down the entire post through freeform column widths.

  11. ThemeShift is a premium WordPress theme that has smooth and flexible content organization. With built in widgets, you can manage your pages easily to create the desired set up. Drag the widgets with ease! Incorporate these designs in any place of your choice – single-page website, wedding demo site with 24 sections for tables, even a food blog tutorial in three steps. ThemeShift includes embedded plugins like MailChimp for mailing lists and OneSignal API with push notifications in order to make it easier for users to subscribe or follow their websites. The developers are active on social media channels if you want more info about the product!

  12. I LOVE the ThemeShift Black Friday deals! I have always used WordPress, but there are so many plugins that I never knew existed. Designing my site is so much more fluid and flexible with this theme. Plus, all of the design can be customized to please any customer. If you’re looking for a beautiful and easy-to-use website (no matter what size), look no further than ThemeShift Black Friday deals!

  13. ThemeShift gives bloggers a free WordPress blog template. Not only is the interface easy to use, but it also offers a number of great features and benefits that make this an extremely popular choice for content producers.

    ThemeShift Black Friday Deals mean you’ll be getting an elegant WordPress theme designed with modern authors or other content creators in mind, perfect for those looking to enhance their page views while adding on some nice aesthetics, at a great discounted price.

  14. ThemeShift is the most amazing blog theme I have ever seen. It’s difficult to find good blogs with great design, but this ThemeShift blog template is just what writers need. This WordPress blogging platform has everything you could want in a content website – it looks awesome and very easy to use. With its unique features like one-click demos for bloggers and developers alike, I’m so impressed! This long-awaited black Friday offer will not disappoint – hurry up to buy it now while still in stock!

  15. I’m searching for a premium WordPress theme that offers flexibility when it comes to placing content. With ThemeShift, I really love the way you can rearrange content by dragging and dropping widgets in any order (because themes with no customization can be frustrating). What’s even better is the features: it’s responsive, retina ready, has five custom widgets, and more.

    I recommend this theme because of its beautifully designed layouts and modern feel — which make it perfect for my needs. If you plan on switching website hosts soon or upgrading your hosting package this year, buy ThemeShift Black Friday Deals now before they’re sold out!

  16. I like this theme for its simplicity and ease of use. I wanted to be able to tailor the site design and layout, but still have it pre-made with mobile optimization and SEO settings; this was perfect! Installation is easy too — you just upload the theme files, log into WordPress Admin account (it usually has your username as an installation username), then go to Themes -> Add New Theme. Drag the ThemeShift file that you downloaded into there, click Install Now, provide your password when prompted; that’s all it takes! After that, I went back to my WP admin dashboard to find a link for changing Site Settings – towards the bottom of the page is a section call “Theme Options”.

  17. I was hesitant to download it at first, but after searching on the ThemeShift website, I saw that it won an award for being “drop-dead gorgeous.” The Black Friday Deals page specifically has some amazing discounts from WordCamp speakers this year! Just go ahead and get a new premium WordPress theme with a powerful administration panel right now – you’ll be so glad you did.

  18. ThemeShift Black Friday Deals is the best chance to grab 40% off on its pricing plans. ThemeShift is an elegant WordPress blog theme perfect for modern authors, content creators, and bloggers. This WordPress theme offers a fresh new look to make your page more desirable. You can cash in on the best discounts this season with ThemeShift Black Friday deals!

  19. This theme is so easy to work with, and the customer service is top-notch. When I first got ThemeShift with the ThemeShift Black Friday Deals, it was tricky maneuvering the widgets at first because I wasn’t sure how exactly they were supposed to go (I know that sounds silly), however the live chat support team helped me out right away! It’s like having your own personal tech support even when you’re building an site yourself.

    The Themeshift WordPress theme builder allows for unlimited homepages too, which means you can create any number of different headers. With all these options available, this makes customization possible for everybody—even if they don’t code or design websites on a regular basis like some designers do.

  20. ThemeShift is an elegant WordPress blog theme. This WordPress theme was created with content authors in mind, but it would be perfect for modern journalists too. It’s sleek design makes your content stand out more on the page, which will improve your page views and create a very attractive platform to promote yourself. With ThemeShift Black Friday deals, you can not only get the best deal of the year – you could also grab that developer or designer that’s just what you need to take your blog live and stay live!

  21. ThemeShift is the best theme I have ever purchased just over a year ago. It really takes all of the brainless work out of designing your site, or adding content to an already existing website. Let ThemeShift manage your content for you!

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