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  • 42 WordPress Themes
  • 25 Builder Addons
  • 12 Plugins
  • All Theme Photoshop Files
  • 5 PTB Addons
  • Includes One-year Support & Updates
  • Detailed information about the product and the supplier
  • Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards
  • One of The Best WordPress Themes
  • Detailed information about the product and the supplier


  • A Little Bit Expensive

Looking for the perfect WordPress theme? I know it’s easy to lose, but choosing the right topic can literally increase or decrease your website’s chances of success. It is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.

The problem: With so many thousands of subjects, it’s hard to be satisfied with it. In searching for topics, I have lost countless hours analyzing a good WordPress theme.

If you’re having trouble finding a topic, this release may have arrived at the right time as I’ll introduce you to one of the most popular places to buy WordPress Themify Themes.

In this release, I’ll cover all the key Themify information, including pricing, theme features, add-ons, and support quality. Read our detailed Themify Review With Themify Discount Coupon below:

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Detailed Themify Review

Themify was launched in 2010 by co-founders Nick La (originally based on the successful website of the Web Designer Wall) and Darcy Clarke. Few WordPress companies claim to be in sixth grade, making Themify one of the oldest and most respected publishers of WordPress creatives.

Themify's Master Club

The goal of Themify was simple: develop beautiful WordPress designs and powerful add-ons. Your collection of themes and add-ons can be purchased separately. This means that Themify can conveniently be placed under the aegis of the WordPress theme store.

However, Themify works primarily as a WordPress club. This means you can pay for a one-year subscription in return for access to all of its products. This is a popular way for people with multiple websites to buy WordPress products.

WordPress clubs like Themify are popular for a variety of reasons. If you’re a professional website builder, you can offer your customers a wide range of options. If you’re a hobbyist, you can test your site in a number of ways before choosing a favorite.

When you install Themify for the first time, you will instantly be able to import demo content. As a result, your site can pronto be viewed as one of the display sites you’ve seen on the web.

For those who would like to try Themify before signing up, it also offers a small collection of free themes and enhancements in the official repository.

Themify Pricing

Let’s start by discussing the product price.

For convenience, Themify offers a fixed price of $ 49 per topic. (Note: there is currently an offer for two people for all topics).

Some modules are more complex than others, so price increases are expected, with Themify offers costing between $ 19 and $ 39 each. Complementary add-ins cost $ 10 each (with the available add-on packages).

Themify Review- pricing

These are relatively normal prices in the WordPress world, neither cheap nor too expensive. Take a look at the main WordPress markets and see products at comparable prices in the same phase.

However, if you are ready to get rid of a little more money, you can get much more for your money. Memberships in the club offer exceptional value for money, with membership in the Themify Club available in four versions:

  • Standard ($79 a year) — all themes.
  • Developer ($99 a year) — all themes and Photoshop files.
  • Master ($139 a year) — all themes, Photoshop files, and plugins.
  • Lifetime Master ($399) — lifetime access to everything.

All options include full support for the duration of the membership. They can also be used on an unlimited number of websites. This means that agencies can use Themify products on their customers’ websites.

Which license offers the best price-performance ratio? It depends on how you want to use it.

(Note: Most Themify add-ons are independent versions of the features used in themes.) If you only want to use Themify themes, you may already have access to much of these features. In this scenario, you can save an article. Money, if you choose a standard membership.)

Themify Review 2020: Themes

It’s time to turn our attention to themes from Themify.

Because each theme costs $ 49, the most cost-effective method of purchase is club membership, which gives you access to all subjects from $ 79 per year.


Although most themes have a unique feature set, there is also a universal set of features that underlie each Themify theme. This is called the Themify framework.

These topics are sent with several useful features, starting with the demo import. If you’ve chosen a theme based on the qualities of the demo, you’ll be pleased to see that your website will have the same look and feel like the demo within seconds.

Themify Review- themes

Themify also supports advanced customization. This may include access to the Themify Builder. We will avoid this for the time being because Builder is also available as a stand-alone add-in. We will see it later. Customization is controlled by a special style window where you can exchange colors, fonts, and symbols with a single click.

Thify themes are also known for their excellent collection of built-in shortcodes, so you can easily add engaging content to your website. Themify shortcodes are also available for free so you can use them on other sites than Themify.

In order to make the most of your site, Themify ensures full compatibility with WooCommerce, WPML and the latest version of the WordPress kernel.

This is a set of features designed to give you a solid foundation when creating your website.


Compared to some WordPress clubs, the Themify collection seems to be relatively small: to date, there are 50 titles. The themes, however, have different styles, they look great and are designed with high specifications.

Due to the small amount Themify does not need an advanced search function. The topics are ordered in order of popularity, with a one-click demo available for each one. You do not have to click to access the product page of the subject.

Getting A Themify Theme

Before you buy a theme, I strongly recommend that you watch the demo as it will give you an idea of the design and aesthetics of your website, as well as the features you have (essentially buy).

If you need help refining your search, Themify has added more categories to the right, including categories for e-commerce, business, magazines, wallets, and restaurants. Knowing what type of topic you are looking for can help you narrow your search to a handful.

Themify Review- addons

Before you buy a theme, it is also interesting to click on the product page. Themify has made them very useful, as they provide much information about the characteristics of each topic.

Themify Plugins

Themify also offers a selection of quality accessories and accessories. This includes five bonuses and three free add-ons. This section shows some of the most popular options.

The Themify Builder

One of the add-ons for Themify is far beyond the rest: Themify Builder. The Themify Builder kernel is available for $ 39 or as part of the Master Club package of $ 139 or more.

Powerful Themify Builder is a powerful addition to Page Builder that lets you get creative and create beautiful custom designs for your pages. To support your creativity, Themify Builder lets you create your own front or back designs. In particular, the front-end building feature gives you a complete overview of how the modules are integrated into a live version of your site.

Themify Builder - Overview (2014 Version)

Speaking of modules, Themify Builder offers options and features. These include maps, galleries, call-to-action buttons, and cursors so you can uninstall multiple surplus add-ons as needed. There are also nearly unlimited customization options and more than 60 stylish animations that you can apply to individual modules.

In addition to these core modules, Themify has released 19 builder extensions so far. This includes:

  • Image Pro add filters, overlays, and animations to your images.
  • Pricing Table
  • Bar Chart
  • Content Restriction essentially turn your website into a membership site.
  • WooCommerce — display WooCommerce products anywhere on your website.
  • Progress Bars
  • Timelines
  • A/B Images — place before/after images side by side, with a dynamic slider for easy comparison.

Single extensions cost $ 10 each, or the full collection is available for $ 39. With a $ 139 Master Club license, you still have access to all extensions.

Note: All Themify Themes for WordPress include the Themify Builder feature. Since the add-on was released as a stand-alone program, I was able to use Themify Builder with a theme other than Themify.


With the Post Type Builder add-on, you have complete control over WordPress taxonomies and the ability to create custom publication types.

With the add-on, you can also create templates for your publications and pages that can be used over and over again. If you regularly publish content with a standardized design, you can save a lot of time.

There are also two add-ons to extend the main features of Post Type Builder:

  • Additional Fields: Allows you to create eight other input fields, including sliders, galleries, and maps.
  • Shipments: Users can add and edit custom publication types from the front-end server. This extension is especially useful for directories and the website owner can even charge a fixed fee for presentations.


This is a great addition to WooCommerce users who add an AJAX cart to their store. This means that buyers can add items to their cart without having to reload the page. That saves time.

Themify Review- WooCommerce

Cart items appear in a fully customizable payment section at the bottom of the page.

Title Plugin

The Tiles plugin lets you create Windows 8 inspired mosaic grids for your WordPress website. You can add any media to your thumbnails, including pictures, galleries, and videos. The add-on also supports maps, text, and buttons.

You can define custom dimensions and colors for your tiles that can be configured through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The most interesting features, in my opinion, are the nice flip animations: Check out the official demo. They give your website a really funny, dynamic and unique feeling.

Themify Customer Support

Themify provides complete documentation for all topics and add-ons: there are hundreds of guides, many of which contain videos to help you out. This section of documentation should be the first port of call if problems arise. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section to help inexperienced WordPress users find their grades.

However, support mostly takes place in Themify forums. There are special sub-forums for each topic and addition, as well as more general sub-forums.

Themify Support Forum

Forums are beneficial because they create a public knowledge base that other members can learn, and from Themify’s point of view, you do not have to repeatedly answer the same questions. Support staff is quick to respond and many discussions need to be conducted: your problem may have already been resolved.

There is also email support, although it may take longer to get an answer. It makes sense for Themify to assign the resources to the forums for the reasons described above. E-mail support is mainly related to pre-sales and billing requests.

The free collection

Although it’s about selling premium WordPress products, Themify has given the WordPress community many incredible and free things, probably for what’s so highly prized. In this section, I will analyze your four most popular tools and free add-ons for WordPress.

The Flow Of The Themify Theme

First, the free drag-and-drop page creator of Themify, Themify Flow.

Use the Themify Flow tool to create beautiful and sensitive WordPress designs. This is a completely open source code. You can export or even sell your creations for use on other websites. It is sufficient that Themify Flow is installed on the target website.

Themify Flow’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to design your website. You can customize each item and create dedicated templates for specific pages, such as 404 errors, files, and blog post pages. You can also create templates for different page ranges, such as B. for the head, foot and sidebar areas.

Each article can be customized based on the content of your heart with many incredible options. For example, you can adjust the font, colors, background, and fills with each element for truly impressive results. Make sure you see the demo that shows you the main features of Themify Flow without configuration.


As we saw earlier, the structure that manages all Themify topics has impressive built-in functionality. Some of these features are added to your website as abbreviated codes with 16 unique fragments. These shortcodes allow you to add a number of features to your website, including buttons, maps, canvas panels, and sliders.

themify review -shortcodes

With the free “Themify Shortcodes” add-in, these shortcodes can now be used with any third-party theme. If you rely on Themify shortcodes when creating your websites, you can now use them for themes other than Themify!


Themify has also launched its beautiful collection of icons inspired by iOS 7. Thanks to the built-in Themify themes, you can now use them with any theme of your choice, thanks to this incredible accessory.

Themify icons are especially popular with developers: they can be used in personal projects or added to the theme you are developing. Especially with designers and developers, Themify has launched a symbol source that allows you to use your symbols as you like, even in commercial projects.

Looking to get more subscribers? Social media followers? Or just increase traffic to your site? Whatever your objective may be, Landing theme can help you design an effective landing page to increase your site conversion. It comes with Themify’s drag & drop Builder which includes all the tools you’ll ever need to make beautiful landing pages.

Landing DEMO

Each page can have different header design by choosing from various header design options. To make it easier for you, the theme also includes 10 beautiful layouts which you can easily import to your site. Visit the demo to see what you can build with the theme.

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Build Awesome Landing Pages by themify

Check  out video :

Responsive & Retina Ready

The theme design is completely fluid and responsive that displays consistently on all devices and resolution.

Themify retina themes

Portfolio Post Type

 Themify Build Awesome Landing Pages

WooCommerce Support

Themify WooCommerce Support

Feature Highlights:

  • Various header design layouts & options
  • Drag & drop Builder for creating landing pages
  • 10 beautiful pre-designed landing page layouts
  • Parallax scrolling, background video, sliders, galleries, and more…

40% coupon code: LANDING

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Conclusion: Is Themify Worth Your Money (Themify Review With Discount Coupon Code Summary)

In general, Themify offers everything you expect from a WordPress club: your subscriptions are affordable, your choices are impressive and your products are of high quality.

Although the products can be purchased individually, the value of Themify increases enormously when you are ready to get rid of a little more money. For less than the price of a second article, you can access the full collection of 50 articles and other articles.

With themes created for a variety of purposes and virtually unlimited customization settings, these Themify subscriptions are ideal for serial site creators and ad agencies. Let me know in the comments section below, what you think about Themify and which feature you liked most.


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