Thrive Ovation Review 2020: Display Testimonials For Social Proofs ( 200% ROI)

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  • Leverage Social Testimonials
  • Collect Testimonials On Auto-Pilot
  • The Bird’s-Eye View
  • Testimonial Tags
  • Display Dazzling Testimonials
  • Customized & Professionally Designed Templates
  • Transform WordPress Comments Into Testimonials
  • Offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Customer support needs improvement

Do you wanna manage testimonials on your WordPress website effectively?  Yes! Now you can easily manage and showcase testimonials to your website visitors. Here we are going to review a testimonial plugin called manage testimonials

According to VWO, testimonials can help us in boosting conversions by 34%. So why we are not using this conversion boosting formula for our website. Now you can use the WordPress Testimonial Plugin in order to showcase and manage testimonials on your website easily.

Here comes Thrive Ovation – A powerful all-in-one WordPress Testimonial Management Plugin. This plugin generally allows us to collect testimonials from our audience wisely and allows us to show them on our website along with that they offer ready to use templates to showcase the testimonials in an extraordinary way.

In this post, we have features Thrive Ovation Review 2020 that includes detailed insights about its functionality, features, pricing and more. Let’s get started here.

Thrive Ovation Review 2020: A Legit Testimonial Plugin For WordPress

About Thrive Ovation

Basically, Thrive Ovation is a flexible and all-in-one testimonial management plugin for WordPress. Here this plugin helps us in adding testimonials to our WordPress website and through that we can easily drive more conversions and sales as well.

Thrive Ovation can help all types of online businesses in boosting conversions and that’s the motive behind Thrive Ovation. As here it allows any business no matter the size and stages it help you in adding testimonials to your website.

Thrive Ovation Review- The All in one Testimonial Management Plugin

Using this plugin you’ll be able to gather and manage all of the testimonials from within your website. And the best of all you can easily display it with a single click of a button. You can get a library filled with ready-to-insert testimonials you can choose from to insert.

Thrive Ovation Review 👉 Boost Conversions (Upto 300% On Websites)

Even here you can easily transform WordPress comments right into testimonials in one click. All you need to do is just find a WordPress comment that you want to use as a testimonial.

Then in the other step, you don’t have to copy it, just add it to your testimonial library with a click of a button.

And here Thrive Ovation will automatically grab all of the important information like the name and the picture. Then the WordPress comment will be available to insert as a testimonial on your sales page and more.

Key Features:

  • Transform WordPress Comments Into Testimonials:

Using this feature you can easily transform WordPress comments right into testimonials. Simply save your comments to testimonial library with a click of a button and then follow few steps and you are ready to use your WordPress comments as your testimonials.

  • Leverage Social Testimonials:

You can use your social media comments as a testimonial as here using this plugin you can simply transform those comments into ready-to-insert testimonials. As here this plugin fully integrates right with Facebook and Twitter in order to grab the comments and import it into your testimonial. And then leverage those social media mentions right on your website without using the old screenshot way.

  • Collect Testimonials On Auto-Pilot:

We all know that asking for testimonials is painful and it takes time and efforts as well. But here with the help of Thrive Ovation, you can easily automate the complete process simply by dedicating the testimonials gathering landing pages, blog posts or the opt-in forms.

Even using this tool you’ll be able to send the automated messages right to your customers to simply ask for feedback and forget the process of “testimonial gathering”.

  • The Bird’s-Eye View:

Now you don’t have to misplace or forget about any testimonial again. As here in the thrive Ovation dashboard you’ll get a perfect overview of each and everything. Like here you get user-submitted, WordPress Comments, social media, and imported testimonials and many more things managed right in one testimonial library.

You can easily preview your testimonial in the blink of an eye and just find out which testimonials is ready for display, waiting for approval or the review has rejected or just missing a photo. Just checkout everything and then make your decision.

  • Testimonial Tags:

Here you can simply use the flexible tagging system in the Thrive Ovation. Just add tags to your testimonials as it allows you to simply filter and find the best one that you need in a few seconds with a click of a button.

And the best part is that the tags can be automatically added right to the user-submitted testimonials or even you can manually import ones.

  • Display Dazzling Testimonials:

ALways show the best testimonials wherever needed and also boost your conversions too. Here you can easily insert testimonials immediately right through Thrive Builder or you can even generate the shortcodes for that.

Using this feature you can easily insert testimonials anywhere you want like on the sales pages, landing pages, dedicated testimonial pages or even in a blog post.

  • Customized & Professionally Designed Templates:

Here the Thrive Ovation comes with a library of grids, slider or standalone templates. Just choose the number of testimonials to display, the color scheme and with the Thrive Content Builder, you can easily customize every detail to fit your brand.

How To Display Testimonials Using Thrive Ovation?

Step #1: Go To Thrive Dashboard

Thrive Ovation Review- Dashboard

Step #2: Add New Testimonial

When you’re in the Thrive Ovation dashboard you’ll be able to new testimonial. Just click the add New Button easily.

Thrive Ovation Review- Add New Testimonials

Step #3: Enter Details

Step #4: Testimonial Created

Thrive Ovation Review- Testimonial Created

Thrive Ovation Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans offered by Thrive Ovation is very simple and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with. Just get a copy of Thrive Ovation & simply start leveraging the conversion power of testimonials.

Let’s check out what pricing plans they are actually offering:

Thrive Ovation Review- Pricing Plans

  • Starter ($39/Month)

1 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in one single website.

  • Advanced ($47/Month)

5 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in five websites.

  • Pro ($97/Month)

6 License: Allows you to Install & Activate the plugin in 15 Websites.

The stats of Thrive Themes tools users are very big as here there are more than 79,392 satisfied customers all over the world. These people are using Thrive Theme products in order to increase the conversions of the site, build marketing campaigns along with generating more leads and sales as well.

The best part about Thrive Ovation is that here they are actually offering 30 days Money back Guarantee and that I think is quite impressive. Somehow if you’re not satisfied with their service you can just get your money back within 30 days.

Thrive Ovation Customer Support

Here for any of the Thrive Themes products you don’t have to care about the customer support. As here they have an excellent support staff and they are willing to help you and resolve the issues that you might encounter.

Along with the purchase of your plugin includes one year of full support and after then you can even extend your support for another year just by paying small fees.

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Conclusion: Thrive Ovation Review 2020

Now you don’t have to worry about your testimonials as here Thrive Ovation plugin will be going to manage all of your testimonial tasks. And with that, you can easily leverage conversions boosting power.

This plugin will really help you to gather, manage and display all of the best testimonials at the right place without putting any efforts. We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you liked the post then kindly share it on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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