ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel Comparison 2020: (Pros & Cons)

ThriveCart vs ClickFunnels Comparison
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      Thrivecart vs Clickfunnels!! You may think that why we are even comparing these two?? Don’t they offer two different services to their users?? Yes, you are right, they both are different in their products but the ultimate goal of both of these products is to give you more customers by converting normal visitors to your loyal customers.

      ClickFunnels + ThriveCart Sales Funnel Tutorial

      So, as the owner of a website, you have to decide which one to trust as your marketing partner. But Don’t worry!! You don’t have to search anywhere for an answer. I am the one who put you in this spot and I will do my best, of explaining both of these products in detail so you can decide which one to get, at the end of this article.

      ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnels 2020: Comparison In Detailed (Updated)

      About Thrivecart

      Thrivecart is an online marketing platform whose sole purpose is to convert your random visitors to your customers. They provide a variety of services like template generation, one-click landing pages, and affiliate management to give you an all in one package for an online marketing campaign.

      ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel - ThriveCartThrivecart integrates with more than 50+ companies like Paypal, Hubspot, etc.. to give you the best experience possible.

      About Clickfunnels

      Clickfunnels is also a marketing platform with lead generation as their sole purpose but unlike other platforms, Clickfunnels focuses only on creating sales funnel for your products to make it more simple and attractive to your visitors.

      ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel - Clickfunnels

      Unique Features of these platforms:

      (Quick mention of their cool tools!!)

      Unique features of Thrivecart:

      Let’s take a look at some of the features of Thrivecart to prove you that they are a big deal in the business

      1-click Upsells:

      This feature gives your customer their discount service or product in just a one-click, once they finished the main purchase on your site. This will save your customer so much time which will make them happy and it can result in a sales increase.

      upsell setting- ThriveCartEmbeddable Cart:

      This feature gives you all the shopping steps on one page so that you have to never leave or redirect to other sites for payment or for any activities during shopping. This cart feature will reduce the risk of customers getting irritated due to buffering or other internet issues.


                 Webhook will help you to create a server based on a trigger response or a feedback-based method so that your website will give a personalized experience to your customers. This feature will give a personalized look to your websites which will definitely impress your customers.

      Subscription payments:

      Thrivecart offers you flexible payment options in your site design with a built-in dashboard to give you all the data regarding your customer’s payments. This feature will help you to sell your products in different payment modes like one-time payment, split payments, etc.. and you can maintain all these data without any difficulty.

      Unique features of Clickfunnels:

      Let’s see some of the cool features Clickfunnels has to offer

      Follow up Funnels:

      This feature regularly monitors your old and new customers and it will constantly notify them with new updates regarding your products and it will give a personalized experience to your customer when they visit your site.


      This is an affiliate management feature that helps you to maintain your affiliate program smoothly and you have to pay commission only after they generate a lead for your platform. This will reduce the risk of your investment and you can find your potential affiliates easily as well.

      Drag and drop editor:

      This amazing user friendly editor will save you hundreds of dollars in designing your websites and you can easily create and customize your website without any professional web designer. This will save you a lot of money and your interface will be more confidential until you launch your site.

       ClickFunnels - leadpages start Marketing Funnels Made EasyFree Business tools:

      Clickfunnels offers various kinds of online tools like QR code generator, Image compressor, Privacy policy Generator, Invoice Generator, and much more to give more functionality to your website and they regularly update their free tool list to give as many services as possible. This feature will save you and your customers a lot of time searching for each tool individually.


      Thrivecart vs Clickfunnels

      (The moment you have been waiting for!! The epic duel!!)

      Enough of their showoff tools!! Let’s see these two platforms have what it takes to be the king of online marketing. Let’s do a comparison of the basic features for a marketing campaign and see how well these platforms are performing in each aspect.

      Comparison of basic features

      A/B testing

      A/B testing is an important step in an online marketing campaign. Before launching your landing pages or sales funnels to the public, you can test it before with a sample audience and various SEO techniques to find out how it will perform in the market before even launching into the market. So, Let’s see how accurate the A/B testing in these platforms.


      Thrivecart gives you a split-testing feature which helps you to test your marketing ideas at each stage of your campaign. By automating most of the process Thrivecart makes it quicker to set up each of your split tests so that you don’t have to spend time setting it up.

      A/B Testing of checkout pagesClickfunnels

      Clickfunnels also provides a split-testing feature for each of your landing pages to increase the success rate of your campaign and it also provides the results of these tests in your funnel dashboard itself so that you can easily acquire and manage the test results.


      Even though both of the platforms provide a similar A/B testing experience Clickfunnels displays the test results in your dashboard itself which Thrivecart misses to do it. So For A/B testing, Clickfunnels will be a better choice.

      Click upsells

      These upsell suggests related products and wide offers related to their recent purchase. This feature will induce your customers in buying multiple products instead of one which is a major achievement of your marketing campaign. So, Let’s see how well both of these platforms are playing this strategy!!


      Thrivecart creates an upsell page for your product depending on the funnel you are using for the product. For multiple funnel products, Thrivecart customizes each of your Upsell pages and you can easily use it for all of your funnels.

      Thrivecart Click sellAs you can see, you can add multiple upsells for a single product and you can copy it for other funnels as well.


      Similar to Thrivecart, Clickfunnels also provides you upsell service under each of your funnels and you have to decide the landing page template for each and every one of your upsells.

      Clickfunnels-Up sellFrom this image, you can see during the creation of each of your funnel you can add the upsell product with the landing template you want for each of your products.


      Based on my observations, Thrivecart makes it easier for you to create and customize your upsell page more quickly than Clickfunnels. So, for creating a upsell page and adding a upsell product Thrivecart will be a wise decision to choose.

      Affiliate Management program

      Affiliates are the most important part of your marketing campaign and nothing tops in marketing than a product suggestion from another consumer. So, maintaining an Affiliate program became an unskippable part of the marketing campaign. So, Let’s see how well these two platforms are doing in their affiliate management skills.


      Thrivecart gives its utmost importance to its affiliate management program. They are providing all kinds of services for affiliates so that you can decide which service will be suitable for your affiliates. It includes

      add affiliate to your products

      • Creating a unique signup page for your affiliates
      • Deciding which products will be promoted by which affiliates
      • Determining the commission type for each of your affiliates.
      • Customizing some of the commission types for some of your special affiliates.
      • And much more

      You may think that maintaining all these data will be stressful, It is but Thrivecart takes care of it by maintaining an exclusive dashboard only for affiliate management to maintain all these data so that you don’t have to waste any time on this.


      Clickfunnels also impress various business owners with their affiliate program and they also provide various services offered by Thrivecart like

      • Creating new Affiliate types
      • Maintaining Leaderboards to induce competition between affiliates.
      • Adding or deleting an Affiliate manually etc..


      Even though both of these platforms impress the users with their affiliate program, Based on various customer reviews, Thrivecart is doing a good job in tracking the performance of the affiliates than Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels needs some development in dashboard maintenance and tracking. So, For affiliate management clearly Thrivecart is the winner.

      Template design and creation

      Most of the marketing campaign involves creating a perfect template and designing it in such a way that it attracts more customers. Companies spend a huge amount of time perfecting the technique of template preparation. So, Let’s see how these platforms are maintaining the template preparation.


      Thrivecart offers its customers pre-built, ready to use templates with A/B tested feature to ensure their performance in the market. These templates are compatible and it can work in all electronic devices including tablets, laptops, etc… This will save your time from creating a template from scratch and also vastly reduces the time of the testing period.

      add shopping cart templatesClickfunnels

      Clickfunnels also offers ready-made templates to its users with a huge variety in each of the applications compared to other competitors in the market. It’s A/B testing feature makes their templates reliable and the drag and drop editor feature makes it easy to customize all of your templates.

      clickfunnels review automatedThis will make your template 100% unique and you can easily modify your under-performing templates within seconds.


      Based on customer ratings, even though both platforms offer A/B tested pre-built templates to their users Clickfunnels has a more versatile template for all applications compared to Thrivecart and it’s drag and drop editor feature makes the customization of a template a child’s play.

      Uniqueness in the business

      Compared to other fields, Uniqueness is the most important aspect of the marketing field since it is the only way you can differentiate your products from your competitors when he sells a similar product of yours. So, Let’s see how they are being unique in their products


      Thrivecart registers its presence in the market with some of the amazing features they provide to their users like


      • Link Tracking


      This feature helps you to track the number of clicks of a certain link you posted on your website. You can modify the location and the design of your links and you can review their performance with just monitoring the number of clicks.

      add affiliate to your products


      • Embeddable cart


      This feature helps you to build all your shopping steps in just one page so that you don’t have to redirect your customers through multiple sites to complete their purchase. This will save your customer’s time and it reduces the risk of irritating your customers.


      • Auto Followups


      This feature automates all your promotions so that you don’t have to do every step manually. If a visitor shows interest in your products, this automated system will automatically get in touch with the visitors and gives them a personalized experience of your products to make them your customer.


      Like Thrivecart, Clickfunnels also has some unique tools to amaze the market.


      • Build your own membership site


      Clickfunnels provides you all the tools you need to develop an exclusive site only to your members and you can amaze them with the wide functionality of your site.


      • Marketing Automation 


      Unlike other platforms, Clickfunnels automates the entire marketing process from start to finish so once you created the funnel and decided your template you can just sit back and relax.


      Even though it seems like Thrivecart offers more unique features but the performance and user-friendly wise Clickfunnels generally amazes the customers with their uniqueness in their functionality and automation in the process.

      Customer Review

      (What the previous victims have to say?? Just kidding!!)

      In these Marketing campaigns, Customer review is the only source you can trust in to know the genuine performance of the products and their usefulness in the campaigns. So, Let’s see what the customers have to say about these products.


      Based on customer reviews, Thrivecart really stands out in Affiliate management and upsell creation but it needs some development in the areas of Pre-built template design and automation process.


      For Clickfunnels, customers are really happy with their unique tools and template preparation but they need to concentrate in the areas of Affiliate management and Upsell inclusion.

      Pricing ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel Comparison 

      (Well, Here comes your least favorite part!!)


      Thrivecart offers a 30 day free trial for their products with the money-back guarantee if you don’t like the products. Apart from that, these are the plans Thrivecart has to offer

      ThriveCart - PricingFor the standard plan,

      Thrivecart charges $495 for a lifetime and it includes

      • Easily manageable subscription pages
      • Unlimited templates for checkout pages
      • Affiliate program

      For the pro plan

      It costs around $690 for these features

      • All standard plan features plus
      • Business tools for a variety of functions
      • Premium user support.


      Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial for their products and these are the plans Clickfunnels has to offer when you want it.

      Clickfunnels -PricingFor the starter plan

      Clickfunnels charges $97 a month for these features

      • The number of funnels up to 20.
      • 3 fully customizable domains.
      • More than 100 landing pages.

      For the premium plan

      It will be $297 a month and it offers

      • All of their features for unlimited pages
      • Premium support throughout their project.

      Pros & Cons ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel Comparison



      • The affiliate management program will be easier.
      • Quick to create an Upsell page for all of your products.
      • Link tracing and Auto followup feature to ensure a high conversion rate.



      • Template construction will be easier and quicker.
      • Wide variety of business tools to improve the functionality of your site.
      • Membership site creation for your exclusive members.
      • Drag and drop editor makes their interface more userfriendly.



      • Pre-built templates are more basic and don’t have any variation.
      • Unable to create a membership site in their platform itself.



      • Poor tracking of the performance of the affiliates.
      • Needs development in the creation of Upsell pages.

      FAQs ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel

      👉🏻Do these marketing campaigns work?

      Yes, of course, these strategies are completely based on the user’s feedback and the performance trends of the market.

      👉🏻Do I need any prior knowledge to run these campaigns?

      No, None at all, the tools offered by these platforms are so simple, you can create a stunning landing page entirely by yourself.

      👉🏻Can I try these platforms before investing in it?

      Yes, of course, oth the above-mentioned platforms offer free trials of their products to gain your belief.

      👉What are the Benefits of Using ClickFunnels?

      If a user does not have technical experience, ClickFunnels helps to build a high converting sales funnel. ClickFunnels has a provision of autopilot, once ads and funnel are setup.

      👍What are the benefits of using ThriveCart?

      It is easier to check pages of high converting products, services, or memberships. You need to pay once in a lifetime to use these services. It is accessible to non-tech users also. It's a user-friendly platform.

      ✅Does ClickFunnels offer customer support?

      ClickFunnels offer 24 hours support for 7 days a week to solve any queries or problems of the customer.

      ➡️Do I have to install any software to use ClickFunnels?

      No, you do not need additional software to operate ClickFunnels. It gives you the freedom of using this software individually from anywhere and any device.


      Testimonials ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel Comparison

      ThriveCart Customer Review

      Thrivecart TestimonialsThriveCart Customer Review

      ClickFunnel - SuccesFull StoryQuick Link

      Conclusion: ThriveCart Vs ClickFunnel Comparison 2020

      By comparing these two platforms side by side in numerous features we can safely say that both are good marketing platforms and they both provide something unique to their customers.

      So, Thrivecart will be suitable for those who need an accurate affiliate management program with a wide variety of unique tools that are ready to compromise in template variation. Also to unveil your exciting offers Thrivecart’s Upsell pages will be the perfect solution.

      For Clickfunnels, it will be perfect for those who want to impress their customers with their template choice and needs an all in one toolbox in their site. Even though their automation in marketing is good they still need some development in the affiliate management area.

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