ThriveCart vs PayCartPro 2023 | A Showdown Between Digital Carts Who Wins?

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Being a businessman or an entrepreneur no longer merely means running a shop or a manufacturing house. There are many more aspects involved with it, and one such point is e-commerce or online business.

Today, everything sells online, and everybody purchases goods online. To gain a significant market share, you also need to have a digital presence. You must have an e-commerce platform to sell your products because it is the only way you can survive in the market.

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To gain most of the opportunities that the advent of the internet has provided to us, you must understand your customer’s requirements and needs. Today’s customers are aware of the choice they have and want nothing but the best. Be it products for shopping or the shopping experience itself. 

It is worth noting, more than 35% of customers abandon their carts after spending considerable time looking for the products. As disheartening this is, the primary reason behind this is that it takes too much time to complete the order.

Considering the requirement of an efficient user-interface and especially the cart systems that automate and make the checkout process, many companies like ThriveCart and PayCartPro have set up shops.

These cart service providers provide you with the digital version of the shopping cart, which helps you quickly make sales and many additional benefits. In this blog, we will compare two big market players in the e-cart industry – ThriveCart and PayCartPro. Before we proceed ahead, let’s look at some similarities between ThriveCart and PayCartPro.

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ThriveCart vs PayCartPro 2023 |  In-Depth Comparison?

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Similarities between ThriveCart and PayCartPro

As these two are different providers for one service, there are bound to be many similarities between them. Let’s look at some key similarities that these two cart service providers have.

Up-sell and Down-sell

Both of these cart function providers support up-sell and down-sell techniques, which help in boosting your sales.

upsell setting- ThriveCart

bump offers and one click upsells

Bump Offers

Both ThriveCart and PayCartPro provide the availability of a single click checkout offer called Bump Offers. These offers provide your brand with a last-minute opportunity to increase sales at the point of check out.

ThriveCart- setup up the offer

Detailed Analytics and Trackers

Data is an essential tool for any business. Data does not only help in gauging a clear picture of the current status of the business but also help you make future decisions.

add affiliate to your products

With the help of detailed analytical reports and trackers like sales trackers, both of these cart service providers provide detailed analytical reports. These analytical reports help in supporting your business.

Customized Templates

Most of the digital shopping cart providers need knowledge of coding for customization. However, ThriveCart and PayCartPro both provide customized templates that you can use to personalize your carts easily.

add shopping cart templates

Supports Mobile

Most of the consumers prefer to shop on the go with the help of a mobile phone. This new shopping preference of consumers makes it imperative that your e-commerce platform supports both computer websites and mobile websites. ThriveCart and PayCartPro help you create a cart feature that supports your computer websites and your mobile websites.

Supports Multiple Languages

If you are a progressive seller who caters to different regions and languages, it is essential to support multiple languages. ThriveCart and PayCartPro make sure that you can cater to people of different lingual bases. They make sure that you don’t lose any opportunities for sales.

Supports Payment in Multiple Currencies

Today’s business is not confined to geographical locations and political boundaries. Instead, the company operates in multiple countries. So, it is natural that you have customers from different countries who can make payments in their regional currencies. 

setup the pricing of cart pages

By supporting multiple currencies, ThriveCart and PayCartPro make sure that nothing hinders your sales. They allow you to take payment in numerous currencies, which you can later convert.

These are some of the prominent similarities between ThriveCart and PayCartPro. However, there are various differences between these two cart service providers as well.

Differences between ThriveCart and PayCartPro

 Let’s look at some of the differences between ThriveCart and PayCartPro

Retarget Customers Abandoning Carts

Not all those who visit your website will buy something. At many times, they will add the items to the cart and will still go away. In such cases, the intent to purchase the products is there, but they are still making up their mind.

An optimized cart at the end of the sales process reduces the number of customers who fall out. Something has to be done about the customers who will still leave the items in the cart. 

ThriveCart has a solution to this problem. ThriveCart reduces the number of customers abandoning their carts and retarget those who have left. ThriveCart will send prompt messages to the customers, reminding them that they have items in your cart. These messages increase the likelihood of your sales going up.


This ability to retarget the customers is absent from PayCartPro, which makes ThriveCart a better choice. This is specifically so when you want to retarget the customer base, which you thought was lost.

Shipping Physical and Digital Products

Here are many websites that sell digital products. The education service providers, videos and image sellers, music websites, etc. are examples of those sellers. There is no involvement of physical products.

Most of the cart service providers support digital products only. However, thriveCart makes sure that no matter the state of your product, you get delivery support for all your products. ThriveCart has a strategic partnership with Kunaki for this specific purpose. 


If you are a seller who ships physical products, then ThriveCart is the right choice for you.

Access to More Payment Platforms

The many modes of payment platforms accepted, the more the sales. The business caters to different customers who have various payment habits.

While most of these digital cart service providers like PayCartPro support many payment platforms, ThriveCart just supports more. Both ThriveCart and PayCartPro support Stripe payment gateway, which is a very popular payment platform.

However, ThriveCart also supports PayPal and Apple Pay. It is worth noting that ThriveCart is the only digital cart provider that supports Apple Pay.


If you want to target the customer base who use ios devices, then ThriveCart is the choice for you without any second thoughts.

Calculation of Digital Sales Tax

Calculating digital sales can be a painstaking task. Digital sales tax needs to be calculated regularly and accurately until the last decimal. You can certainly refer to your CPA, who is an expert in this matter. However, he will take considerable time and will be prone to human errors.

Digital cart service providers have taken upon themselves to do this task for you. Cart companies like PayCartPro have third party partnerships like with Taxamo. Because these are third-party services, these companies charge you some money for this service. Even if the cart providers do not mention these costs directly, they are hidden and included in the base prices. 

However, ThriveCart lifetime deals has an inbuilt digital sales tax function, which calculates sales tax for you. The best part about ThriveCart is that they don’t charge you anything for it. There are no explicit or hidden costs whatsoever.


If we compare the digital sales tax calculation ability of these two digital cart service providers, then ThriveCart is the clear winner.

Customization of your Carts

We already know that both ThriveCart and PayCartPro provide beautiful customized templates, making the designing of the digital cart easy. However, ThriveCart provides some additional features, which makes it stand out from the rest. These other features are:

  • Supports the integration of Video

ThriveCart has a unique feature that allows you to integrate videos at the check out point. These videos help you convince your customers to buy the products through visual representation, which is a great feature.

  • Supports Countdown Timers

ThriveCart helps you to show a countdown timer at the checkout page. After the timer runs out, they’ll have to add the items again to the cart. This countdown creates an urgency in the buyer’s mind, and they end up buying the product. 

  • Show testimonials

ThriveCart allows you to place testimonials along with the checkout pages strategically. These testimonials act as the validation factor and boost your customer’s confidence as the customer’s confidence in the product increases, the chance of sales coming through increases.

  • Affiliate Programming and Payments

Affiliate Programming is an excellent upcoming method of increasing sales. ThriveCart helps you manage your affiliate programming and enables you to increase the sales. Also, ThriveCart facilitates automatic and manual payments to affiliates. 

While tracking the affiliates can be a time-consuming and challenging task, ThriveCart does this job for you.

Manage your subscriptions

Sending out a daily invoice for singular purchases can be a tiresome task. ThriveCart not only allows you to take care of stand-alone investments but also enables you to create subscription-based memberships. 

Using these subscriptions, you can send a monthly invoice to your customer, reminding them to make their payments on time. Moreover, you can automate this process, automatically sending the invoices without having to configure them again manually.


While both ThriveCart and PayCartPro have many unique features, ThriveCart stands out. ThriveCart has many unique features that improve the overall functionality of your digital cart.

Quick and efficient customer support

As much as sales are essential for a business, so is customer service and support. After the initial development and the incorporation of the digital carts, there is a need for maintenance. Also, a glitch may arise at any point in time.

While all of the digital cart function providers have customer support emails and phone numbers, they are not efficient. Sometimes, it takes days to connect with a customer support agent, let alone with the resolution.

ThriveCart makes sure that there is no delay in the resolution whenever you face a glitch or a problem that needs an answer.

Pricing ThriveCart vs PayCartPro

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PayCartPro Pricing

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Testimonials ThriveCart vs PayCartPro

ThriveCart Customer Review

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ThriveCart - Testimonials

PayCartPro Customer Review

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Conclusion: ThriveCart vs PayCartPro 2023

 While these are a few critical differences between ThriveCart and PayCartPro, there are many others. It is essential to go through all the features of the different options available. It is essential to note that some features might work for you and might not work for someone else.

So, before you finalize the cart service provider and cart design, make sure that you make a need-benefit comparison to understand what is best for your business.


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