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Considering the ever-growing need of an eCommerce website, the need for solutions to various IT needs have arisen. From eCommerce website development to add some functions to websites like countdown timers, offers on checkout, digital cart, and creating multiple payment options, there is a continuous need for a website development service provider.

This ever-growing demand for various web-development companies has made several companies pop-up in the industry. ThriveCart and Zaxaa are two market leaders who provide such website services specializing in the digital cart service.

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ThriveCart and Zaxaa, both of these service providers, are known for providing the digital cart for your eCommerce platform. Both of these carts provide a plethora of features that you can choose to fit according to your business needs. Considering the multiple features available, deciding on the best service provider for your website can become a daunting task.

If you are also trying to decide the best option for you between ThriveCart and Zaxaa, consider the following points. Here is an extensive study of all the differences and similarities between ThriveCart and Zaxaa, which will help you decide. Before discussing the difference between ThriveCart and Zaxaa, let’s look at the similarities between the two.

ThriveCart vs Zaxaa 2023 | In-Depth Comparison?

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What are the similarities between ThriveCart and Zaxaa?

Both ThriveCart and Zaxaa are industry leaders when it comes down to online shopping carts. Being in the same industry and catering to similar customer needs, they also have standard features which both of them provide. To understand which are the areas where these two are identical to each other, let’s have a look at the below-mentioned points.

ThriveCart - Managment

  • Supports upselling and down selling

Upselling is a marketing concept. In upselling, you suggest and try to convince your customers to buy better quality and expensive products. Upselling is an essential tool in the marketing arsenal, which has a direct impact on your sales. Additionally, a common type of upselling is when you add one product to your cart, the cart automatically suggests another similar product.

upsell setting- ThriveCart

Down selling is a marketing concept where you suggest a cheaper product to your customer when your system detects that he might abandon the cart. Downselling is essential because it helps you save sales, which might not have converted otherwise. A common type of down selling is when you add an item to the cart, and it automatically suggests another product. These suggestions are similar to your current selection and are a bit cheaper.

bump offers and one click upsells

Both of these tools are important for an eCommerce seller to maintain and increase sales. Both ThriveCart and Zaxaa, with the help of their carts, provide these additional yet handy tools to your eCommerce platform.

  • Bump Offers

Let’s consider that someone is buying a beautiful floral dress for the upcoming Spring. When they add that dress to the cart, they see some recommendations. These recommendations will be belts, shoes, hats, and other accessories which go well with that dress. These recommendations are the Bump Offers, which provide you with a highly possible chance of selling additional products. 

ThriveCart- setup up the offer

This ability of bump offers to boost your sales makes this feature so crucial for your eCommerce platform. ThriveCart and Zaxaa both support this feature providing you scope for business growth.

  • Product Tracking

As discussed above, product tracking is an important feature that improves the customer’s overall brand experience. Good brand experience is essential to retain customers, and for product and brand marketing. 

Zaxaa- Online Shopping Product Tracking

ThriveCart and Zaxaa make sure that your customers get the highest quality of post-sales service by providing them with a product tracker. The product trackers can be customized to show the complete step by step process of the product’s delivery, helping your customers know where their order has reached so far.

  • Detailed Analytical Insights

Through the help of various detailed reports, both ThriveCart and Zaxaa provide you with valuable data and insights about your products. These insights are based on real-time customer trends and other sales-related data. These analytical insights help you make critical business decisions and formulate business strategies.

Zaxaa- Online Shopping Analytics

Now that we have considered the similarities between these two platforms let’s move on to the key differences between these two.

What are the differences between ThriveCart and Zaxaa?

All such platforms which provide the cart function for the eCommerce websites and platforms have similar utility, more or less. This similar utility leads to many similarities between these cart function providers. However, every such platform is unique because of the extra top-up benefits that they provide.

Similar is the case betweenThriveCart and Zaxaa. Despite the similarities mentioned above between the two cart service providers, there are many differences as well. Let’s have a look at the various factors which set these two cart function providers apart.

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  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Which of the two is easier to create?

Most of the tools are complex to install and can take a lot of time and effort. Most of the time, integrating one of these tools with your eCommerce platform can become a nightmare and will make you question your choice of going digital.

However, ThriveCart makes sure that you don’t waste any time on integrating a cart into your digital store. The process is simple and comes with videos, documents, and proper guidance to make this step as easy as possible.

Zaxaa on the other hand can be a bit time-consuming and complex to understand. Integrating a shopping cart with the help of Zaxx can be a task in itself. You might find yourself contacting customer support quite often which can be daunting.

Who is the winner?

ThriveCart and Zaxaa are both top cart service providers in the market. However, if we compare these two in terms of ease of creation, ThriveCart is the clear winner. 

  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who has more payment options?

It is essential to provide as many payment options to your buyers as possible. Everybody seems to be on different payment platforms like Paypal, Stripe, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and whatnot. Missing any of these payment options might lead to a loss of sales.

Zaxaa supports all the regular features like Paypal, Stripe, Credit Cards and others. These features cover most of the customer base which makes it quite popular amongst the digital store owners.

However, ThriveCart also supports an additional payment method over all the payment methods available with Zaxaa. This additional payment method is Apple Pay. An iPhone is a trendy gadget that a considerable percentage of the population uses. Having the Apple Pay feature can cause a huge difference as most iPhone users are accustomed to using this payment method. This payment option is inbuilt in their smartphones, and they do not need to input extra credentials for their cards.

Who is the winner?

In the payment domain, ThriveCart is one step ahead of Zaxaa. Both of these platforms support multiple payment features. But, ThriveCart also supports Apple Pay, which is not available through any other cart service provider.

ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who caters what type of products?

If you are a seller who also delivers physical products, then using ThriveCart is beneficial for you. ThriveCart has strategic partnerships with Kunaki, Printful,, and Shippo. These partnerships allow ThriveCart to set up physical product delivery for your ecommerce platform.

This is a unique feature that only ThriveCart has and is missing from Zaxaa. Zaxaa only supports digital products and can only come handy when your business is all about digital products like videos, images, etc.

Who is the winner?

Because ThriveCart delivers both digital and physical products, ThriveCart is the clear winner under this domain..

  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who is a better Digital Sales Tax Calculation Assistant? 

Calculating the precise amount of Sales tax can be a bit challenging for all businesses. No matter how challenging it is, it is still essential to calculate the sales tax precisely to avoid legal complications.

Most of the cart function providers use third parties like Taxamo to provide this service. So it is natural that they have some explicit or hidden costs involved and similar is the case with Zaxaa. 

However, ThriveCart is the only shopping cart provider in the market with a fully automated and integrated sales tax calculation feature that comes for free.

Who is the winner?

ThriveCart does not only have an in-house digital sales tax feature but it also provides it to its subscribers for free. This additional utility of digital sales calculation makes ThriveCart the clear winner under this domain.

  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who has a better browsing experience?

While comparing ThriveCart and Zaxaa, the difference in their user-interface is quite evident. ThriveCart has a comparatively user-friendly interface than Zaxaa. 

It is worth noting that Zaxaa offers many additional features. The integration of these additional features makes the cart design complex. Your customers have to spend additional time to understand how the entire system works. Your buyer can utilize this time to shop more.

Who is the winner?

While the additional features that Zaxaa provide are noteworthy but it significantly lacks in browning experience. Hence, ThriveCart is the clear winner in this competition of browsing experience and customer interface.

  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who has better customer support?

It is known that sales generate profits, and post-sales customer service helps retain customers. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful brand is often customer service.

While creating a digital shopping cart is technical, these cart services can take forever to reply back. During this period of waiting, you can lose on potential sales. So, it is important that your cart function provider provides quick and efficient customer care support.

While Zaxaa also has great customer support, ThriveCart is very efficient in what they do. They have excellent customer support, which helps resolve customer queries in a quick and efficient manner. Both of these digital shopping cart providers make sure that all your queries get a resolution as soon as possible.

Who is the winner?

Both of these service providers have excellent customer support because of which, we call this competition a tie. 

  • ThriveCart vs Zaxaa – Who is better in terms of pricing?

Pricing is one of the crucial factors which highly impact a business. It is imperative that the cart service provider which you choose provides you with a budget-friendly and cost-effective service.

ThriveCart has different plans which are customizable according to your needs. Depending upon the type of service and duration of the service you choose, your cost will vary.

Similarly, Zaxxa also has many customizable plans which can fit into anyone’s pocket without having to worry about much. Zaxaa is known to be budget-friendly with comparatively lower prices than many of its customers.

Who is the winner?

Both ThriveCart and Zaxaa have different plans which can fit into anyone’s budget. However, Zaxaa has a slight edge over ThriveCart. Zaxaa’s prices are lower than ThriveCart which makes it a winner in this section.

Pricing Plan ThriveCart vs Zaxaa

ThriveCart Pricing

 Thrivecart - ThriveCart Pricing

Zaxaa Pricing


Testimonials ThriveCart vs Zaxaa

ThriveCart Customer Review

ThriveCart - Testimonials

Zaxaa Customer Review


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Conclusion: ThriveCart vs Zaxaa 2023

ThriveCart and Zaxaa, both are efficient tools for integrating the cart feature on your e-commerce platform. However, there are certain differences in both these platforms. This makes it important that you carefully research all the features and understand what works for you.

It is important to note that what set of features work for some other e-commerce seller might not work for you. Make a function comparison and try to comprehend which set of features will best help your business. Once you are able to decide on this, then only choose your cart function provider. After all this said, we must recommend ThriveCart if you are looking for a digital cart service provider for your eCommerce platform.


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