TikTok Statistics You Need To Know 2023: How Do I Check My TikTok Stats?

In this article, we’ve put together TikTok Statistics marketers need to know to create a powerful TikTok marketing strategy

In the United States alone the video-sharing app TikTok has been installed over Two Hundred Million Times. It is present in over 150 countries and has over 1 billion users.

You should be on TikTok immediately if your target audience is someone between the age of 13 to 60.

Without waiting any further, let me tell you the most relevant TikTok statistics (we’ll keep updating this page as new stats come to our notice — some of the data is sourced straight from our contacts in TikTok).

TikTok Statistics 2023

  • TikTok has surpassed 1 billion active users per month, according to the firm. Active members of some other social media networks as a frame of reference: Facebook has 2.9 billion users, YouTube has 2.2 billion, Instagram has 1.4 billion, TikTok has 1.0 billion, Snapchat has 500 million users, Pinterest has 480 million users, and Twitter has 397 million users.
  • Total Number of App Downloads – According to Sensor Tower in December 2020, Globally around 2.6 times the TikTok app has been installed. TikTok had Sixty-Two million installations in January 2021 alone. The app achieved 315 million installs in the first quarter of 2020, by far the highest quarter ever for any app. India accounts for 500 million, China for 180 million, and the United States for 130 million. TikTok was installed Eighty-seven million times internationally in June of 2020. (with the U.S accounting for 7.5 million downloads.).
  • Active Monthly Members in the U.S. — Today. over 138 million monthly active users are in the U.S alone.
  • TikTok garnered 22.2 million unique mobile visits in January,  In February around 23.2 million, and in March around 28.8 million among Americans aged 18 and over. In reference to Comscore’s most current data provided to Adweek (note That Comscore exclusively counts users who are above 18), that figure soared to 39.2 million in April, more than thrice the 12.6 million who used the app in April last year.

What Is TikTok stats

  • By age, the percentage of TikTok users in the United States is as follows: 10-19 years around 32.5 percent, 20-29 years around 29.5 percent, 30-39 years around 16.4 percent, 40-49 years around 13.9 percent, and 50+ age group around 7.1 percent are TikTok users. This indicates that the TikTok user base is maturing. Comscore provided all of the data.
  • Average Consumer Minutes- TikTok consumers are incredibly enthusiastic about the app. Around 52 minutes on average are spent daily on the platform. According to a new survey, kids aged 4 to 15 spend an estimated 90 minutes every day using TikTok.
  • Opens – On average, a user will open the app eight times every day.
  • TikTok users have uploaded a video 83 percent of the time. Viewers in the United States — As previously stated, The US has around 80 million active monthly users as per the estimate. 60% of the population are female, whereas 40% of the population are male. Sixty percent are within the age group of sixteen to twenty-four. Twenty-six percent are between the ages of twenty-five to forty-four. Eighty percent are between the ages of sixteen to thirty-four. This information is taken directly from TikTok.
  • Gen Z – Gen Zers account for 60% of TikTok consumers. Generation Z is a trend-setter. “Gen Z” will comprise around Seventy-Four million people in the United States next year, making it the biggest generation ever.
  • TikTok is expected to generate Five Hundred Million Dollars in income in the United States alone by 2020. (source).
  • TikTok is currently present in 154 nations around the globe (in around 75 different languages).
  • Facebook’s Empire vs. TikTok – Since November, Facebook’s “Lasso” (a clone of TikTok) has received 250,000 downloads in the United States. In that span, TikTok had 41.3 million users.
  • TikTok is said to be paying influencers $500 to join TikTok and begin producing the content. It does, however, work wonderfully making the platform exploded in popularity.
  • The app was the 2nd highest downloaded application in the United States in November, according to Sensor Tower, with Four million installations (behind only Disney+).
  • TikTok’s Fourth Quarter 2019 revenue increased by over 300 percent year over year, according to TechCrunch/Apptopia.
  • In China, Douyin, which is also known as TikTok, has surpassed 400 million per day active users (and perhaps the most frequent dance video makers are over Sixty years of age).
  • Trending tracks in TikTok are usually also the top trending tracks on Spotify. It demonstrates the platform’s actual power.
  • The TikTok Creator Marketplace is a TikTok-run marketplace that houses hundreds of TikTok creator profiles. Brands may use the marketplace to find performers whose users best match their campaign’s target market 

TikTok Statistics

  • Last month alone TikTok had over a Hundred and Four Million downloads (a 46% increase from the previous year).
  • It’s difficult to quantify engagement. However, TikTok has a phenomenal level of interaction. Consider the following example: Jennifer Lopez shared the very same video clip on TikTok and Twitter recently. She enjoys around Forty-Five Million Followers on Twitter and Five Million Followers on TikTok. The video clip received 2 million (off Forty-Five Million followers) views on Twitter.  The video was viewed 71 million (off Five Million followers) times on TikTok. So get started with TikTok right away! They recently began nightly programming, likely teaching Gen Z to tune in at specific times, similar to how appointment TV viewing used to work. Over the last few months, there has been a significant rise in engagement. TikTok usage has exploded since the Coronavirus outbreak according to the New York Times.
  • TikTok just announced the creation of a One Billion Dollar Creator Fund. To deepen its relationships with influencers, TikTok will transfer this cash straight to its creators. Facebook’s Reels, YouTube’s Shorts, erstwhile Vine developer Byte, and Triller, among others, are TikTok’s competitors. The platform should benefit greatly from this investment.
  • Forbes published an article about the highest-paid TikTok stars. Addison Rae is number one with a net worth of $5 million, Charli D’Amelio is second with a net worth of $4 million, and her sister Dixie is third with a net worth of $2.9 million.
  • Top 100 TikTok Influencers – this list displays the top hundred TikTok accounts with the most followers.
  • Six creators having at least Fifty Million followers on this platform are: Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, Loren Gray, Spencer X, Zach King, and Charlie D’Amelio
  • The TikTok Top 100 for the year 2020 has been revealed.
  • The maximum video duration on TikTok has been extended from 3 minutes to 10 minutes (which originally was just 1 minute)

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Here’s a short rundown of significant advertising and other marketing statistics:

  • The cost of a brand takeover commercial can range from $20,000 to $200,000. (according to Digiday, 2019)
  • Hashtag challenges might cost a company $100,000 or more (Adweek, 2019)
  • Campaigns on advertising the brand can now be launched for as little as $50 per day with no lasting commitment.
  • TikTok suggests spending an extra $100,000 to $200,000 on ads to encourage a hashtag challenge on TikTok. (according to 2019, Adweek)
  • Influencers on TikTok with 2.5 million or more followers charge roughly $600-$1000 on each post as opposed to $100-$200 on Instagram for every 10,000-20,000 followers ( according to Telegraph, 2019)
  • TikTok advertising can direct people to your website, an app store page, or promote a hashtag challenge on the app (TikTok, 2019)
  • Branded AR glasses, tickers, and stickers can be created for TikTok audiences to utilize in their video content. (2019, TikTok)
  • TikTok is developing a new AR ad format that will be released soon ( according to Digiday, 2020)
  • Ads are now accessible for self-serve! Because it’s such a unique platform, I recommend partnering with a competent agency.
  • TikTok is currently giving away ad credits to new firms that want to advertise on the site. There are two ad credits available: $300 and $2000.

I hope you have found this article on TikTok Statistics useful enough to plan your content and market your brand on this platform. Is there anything you wanted me to share or add here then let me know in the comments section below?


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