Can’t Think of What to Write Next? Tips for Topic Generation

While there are topics all around you for you to write on, you’ve got to train yourself so you can spot them. To keep your blog from losing steam, you should ideally start with enough topics in your kitty already to keep things moving over several months.

Let’s consider the topic generation process and how you can simplify it effortlessly!

How to find new topics?

Creators’ block happens to everyone as it is an inevitable part of writers, designers, and other passionate artists. Bloggers face this dilemma regularly, depending on their eagerness to publish. However, the frustrating block can be beneficial as you can analyze ideas for the future instead of putting all your energy into a new project. It is crucial to find topics that will fit three requirements.

tips for writing content fast

The first relates to the fact that you should be interested in that topic. Why write something if it does not make your creative juices flowing? Secondly, it should suit your blog.

If you write mainly on cooking recipes, jumping to a news topic might seem stranger. The third requirement is that you should always consider SEO. It essentially means researching whether other people are interested in that topic and whether it is possible to get some suitable keywords.

While these guidelines are helpful, you can easily ignore them. If it is a personal blog, you can do and write whatever you like. If it is a business blog, the mentioned requirements should be taken into consideration.

Consult your customer support

If you are writing for a business blog, talk to your customer support team to know what your customers want to know. Your customer support staff are talking to people already using your product or service and answering concerns that people have regarding what you offer.

CAKE Affiliate - Customer Support

Once you’ve known what your customers are eager to know about your product or service, you have a lot of fodder; just the right topics to write about. If you come up with a blog answering what customers want to know about after taking the trouble of reaching your customer service staff, you have just the right tool to gain more online prominence.

Your blog is a mine of information for customers—a very handy platform that answers all their concerns.

Carry out proper research

As a blogger, you have a friend and ally in the form of Google. You should initiate all your online research, looking into similar blogs and sites relevant to your subject, topic, industry, or area of interest. These places will help you find topics and questions your readers want to be answered:

  • Social media. Dive deeper into the comment sections to find more information.
  • Forums. Quora is a goldmine you cannot ignore.
  • Work email. Some customers might contact you directly. Maybe some of them bring you some interesting ideas for a blog post?
  • Blogs of your competitors. The chances are you should visit your competitors’ blogs frequently. While it is not acceptable to be a copycat, their posts might inspire you.

You should, however, take care to see that you don’t abuse this tool. Use it only as a stepping stone. Refrain from stealing the topics of other writers. The trick is to try to gauge what those in your space find intriguing, fresh, and exciting. Search Google for information on what you want to write about. As you do so, you’ll see what people are discussing your topic. That’ll give you more idea of what to write about next.

Refer to keywords

There are keyword research tools that host information from different sources based on questions people ask on the net. After you are on one of these sites, type in a keyword into their search fields. There’s every chance that you find a new topic to write on from the results the search returns.

Keyword Research - Optimize Youtube Videos

SEO research is essential, especially if you consider organic search as the focal point of your marketing campaign. Here are some insights into performing it:

  • It will help you identify trends in products and naming.
  • It will reveal which topics have great popularity (via strong search rates).
  • It will help you find out how to rank higher. For instance, you can review the top-ten ranking pages for a particular keyword. Then, you can find certain shortcomings and answer them in your blog.

Lastly, it can help understand international clients as well. At first, you will likely deal with local customers. However, as time goes on, you might need to understand your international readers. Tools like Atlas VPN can help find forums, communities, and blogposts of people living in the country you are targeting.


Since a VPN app changes your IP address to the location you prefer, you can explore search results and ads tailored to users in different regions. Thus, this tool is a great way to take your SEO research to the next level.

Check the news

You may gain ideas for a new topic by simply following the industry news or even the national news ardently. Keep checking out trendy topics you have a unique take on and one into which you can give a deeper insight. You may also look for topics that can be presented with a different and newer approach.

Make sure that you don’t skip adding a point of view that’s one-of-a-kind. It’ll help you stay unique. You’ll have to give a different perspective to a topic instead of merely recycling it. The daily news keeps you abreast of things happening around you, and you get to know what’s being talked about. Having an idea of what’s being talked about gives you new topics to write on.


The secret to your blogging success lies in finding new and intriguing topics to write on. Finding such topics can be a challenge if you don’t know how to go about it.

We have given you handy tips on how you can find new topics that you can write on to keep your readers engaged. A good blog is a great tool to raise brand awareness and online prominence. Armed with interesting topics, you are sure to be a success.

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