8 Best Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 2024– #Social Media Hacks

If one of your social media goals is to figure out how to gain Pinterest followers, you should Pin this tutorial.

Pinterest is all about finding new ways to be inspired and discover new things.

That means it’s not just a great place to interact with current clients, but it’s also a perfect place to attract new followers, especially now that Pinterest has crossed the 250 million monthly active user milestone. More than 70% of Pinners discover new brands on Pinterest, and 78% find brand content valuable.

When you consider Pinterest’s sales power—it’s number one purchasing site among millennials—learning how to gain more Pinterest followers becomes an even more valuable asset.

Want to get found by the thousands of individuals who use Pinterest every day to find new items to purchase and share?

If you answered YES, then this post is for you.

You’re here because you want to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level, right?

These eight tips, on the other hand, go back to fundamentals to show you exactly how simple it is to build up your Pinterest presence quickly.

Why should you concentrate on growing your Pinterest following?

“Why does it matter if I know how to gain Pinterest followers?” you may be thinking. There is a satisfactory answer to the query!

Simply said, Pinterest is one of the most efficient ways to advertise your products and/or services. Even better, it’s completely free marketing.

Creating Pinterest Pins is a fantastic method to direct visitors back to your website (where they are likely to buy from you). In fact, those who visit a website through Pinterest are more likely to spend $179, when Facebook’s ROI is $80. Essentially, Pinterest is a massively successful commerce platform.

This implies that visitors who come see your content on Pinterest are excellent sales leads! If they notice your Pins, it implies they have previously shown an interest in comparable products/services to yours, or are actively searching for content similar to yours on Pinterest.

As a result, you should aim to gain as many Pinterest followers as possible in order to profit from this. The more individuals that view your content and the possible sales lead you have, the more followers you have!

8 Ways to Increase your Pinterest followers



1. Make Your Pinterest Profile Optimised

The first step in gaining Pinterest followers is to optimize your profile. You want to attract Pinterest users who will interact with your Pins by clicking on them, saving them, and leaving comments. To guarantee that your Pinterest audience enjoys your Pins, utilize SEO keyword optimization to ensure that your profile is found by the relevant Pinterest users.

The same terms that your search marketing team utilized to boost your website’s search visibility may be used to achieve the same on Google and Pinterest. Learn how to maximize all elements of your Pinterest presence, including profiles, boards, and Pins.

2. Discover what your target audience prefers

Users generally follow other users on Pinterest because they enjoy the Pins they share. On Pinterest, look for your rivals. Examine any account that shows at the top of search results for your desired keywords and phrases, in addition to your conventional market competitors. Look for suitable interest categories among the users whose content shows at the top.

You’re seeking the sorts of Pinterest content that your target customers/audience are most interested in, including both original and popular content shares/repins.

You should also look at the frequency with which your rivals publish and their posting schedule. These may be used as inspiration for your Pinterest content strategy, board organization, and profile bio writing.

Tips to Increase your Pinterest Followers - Simple steps to start

3. Repin Other People’s Content

If you just pin your own stuff, it’s difficult to find enough to pin.

Repinning other people’s content should also be a significant component of your Pinterest marketing plan.

This is also a wonderful approach to grab the attention of the content’s original source and encourage them to follow your page.

Also, don’t forget to update your article descriptions to include your own keywords and unique perspectives on the subject.

Did you know that from inside Post Planner, you can locate top Pinterest content to pin (stuff that has already been shown to be effective on social media)?

Yes, and you can pin it directly from the app.

4. Use Hashtags And Keywords

If you want to learn how to acquire followers on Pinterest, the first step is for Pinterest users to notice your Pins! This will most likely occur as a result of their own Pinterest searches, the Explore page, and the user’s homepage.

If Pinterest feels your content is comparable to what those users have previously searched for, pinned, followed, etc., it will display on their Explore and homepages.

If a user searches Pinterest for a certain topic or phrase, your Pin(s) will appear higher in the search results if Pinterest determines that they are related to the search topic.

Writing thorough descriptions for your Pins is one of the greatest methods to ensure that they rank high in search results and on Explore and Home Pages. You should include hashtags and keywords in those descriptions to match what people are looking for.

The more closely you match those users, the more likely your Pins will show for them.

Remember to incorporate keywords in your Pinboard titles as well! All of these things might show up in Pinterest search results.

What is pinterest

5. Follow the Followers of Your Competition

Another fantastic way to gain Pinterest followers is to follow the followers of your competitors (AKA other people in your industry).

To begin, look for your competitors by searching Pinterest for terms related to your company, product, service, or brand. Look at who follows those users when you’ve found them, and then click the “Follow” button.

Pinterest alerts users when someone new follows them, just like when you re-pin someone else’s Pin. They are more likely to check out your profile and follow you back if they notice that you have followed them.

This is especially effective if your Pinterest name is optimized to contain a brand name.

Tips to Increase your Pinterest Followers - Marketing

6. Include a Pinterest link on your website

Links in the header and footer Businesses frequently advertise their top social media connections by utilizing a basic social media symbol. On the Pinterest for Business brand marketing resources page, you can access the official Pinterest logo.

Follow buttons and website widgets are also available on Pinterest. These encourage people to follow your account and show off your most recent Pins.

Some website plugins enable you to go about growing your audience in a more direct manner. With OptinMonster for WordPress, you can use a pop-up to encourage website visitors to follow you on Pinterest.

Whatever approach you use, make sure your website visitors are aware that you are engaged on Pinterest. If they aren’t ready to buy right now, they may follow you and be reminded of your brand till they are.

7. Pin on a daily basis

You improve the probability that Pinterest users will find you in search, under relevant interest categories, and on their home newsfeed if you frequently publish Pins that are optimized for search. The easiest approach to ensure that you publish high-quality Pins on a regular basis is to create a social media content calendar that is simple to follow.

After that, include Pinterest into your regular posting schedule. If you use MeetEdgar, you can add Pinterest to your account and start scheduling posts from the same interface you use for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The trick is to put a premium on quality. Pinterest aims to provide its consumers a fantastic experience, so they built an algorithm that looks for content that would do well in terms of interaction. If your material generates a lot of interest, Pinterest will highlight it more frequently in newsfeeds, allowing new people to find and follow your profile.

It is not necessary for each item to be brand new. You may use hashtags to look back through your Pinterest analytics and discover a high-performing Pin from the past to repeat for new followers and visibility beyond your following.

8. Request your readers follow you on Pinterest.

To begin growing your Pinterest followers, tap into your present audience.

Inform your email subscribers about your Pinterest account and encourage them to follow you.

On your website or blog, include a Pinterest follow button. MiloTree, for example, is a popup that you may utilize.

Other social media networks can be used to share your Pinterest profile (or a “Pin of the Day”).

Request that people save your Pin image to Pinterest in your blog posts.

When you send out your blog email, include a link to your Pinterest pin and urge readers to “Pin it for later.” The more repins your Pin receives, the more it will be shared on Pinterest, resulting in more followers discovering your profile!

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Conclusion | Tips to Increase your Pinterest Followers 2024

While many of the strategies for expanding your Pinterest audience described above require time to see results, they guarantee you’re creating an engaged, quality audience. Users who will follow you, engage with your content, and help you increase your visibility on Pinterest.

If your company isn’t already on Pinterest, you should absolutely give it a shot! Some businesses claim it’s their most popular social networking platform.

So, where do we go from here? Are you prepared to make some amazing pins that will go viral? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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