TMDHosting Review 2020: Is it Good Web Host Company?

TMDHosting Review
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Oh, maybe you are about to leave here just because this is yet another web hosting review. But, just read on, you will find some amazing features here.Anyway, I think you need no introduction to web hosting.

It’s like taking a house on rent to live in. Hosting is the residence of a website. Greater the facilities more will be the professionalism. So, whenever you select a web- host it is important to care utmost. I have seen many web- hosting providers.

Some of them are popular and some are not. But both of them have not a very good track record. Even the reputed companies never pay attention to the customer needs.

Today, I am sharing the details of a hosting service with you: TMDHosting.

What is TMDHosting?

Tmdhosting review homepage

Yeah, you guessed it right. It is a web hosting provider. In my point of view, TMDHosting is much more than that.TMDHosting was started in 2007. Within 8 years, they have grown to a measurable height. People behind TMD very well know how important your projects are. So they treat it in the way you want them to.

TMDHosting Features Review

TMD Hosting has a well developed infrastructure with nearly four centers all around the world. Though, just 10 years young, this hosting company has been trustworthy among its users and is surely the hosting company upon which you can rely on.

With a high standard of the security, their data centers can withstand all kinds of obstructions. The company lays more emphasis on dedicated and VPS hosting but the sharing and cloud packages wouldn’t put you to the loss.    

What do you get with TMD Hosting?

TMD Hosting offers a wide range of features which may not be available in many of the hosting servers. Here’s a sneak peek of what you get with TMD Hosting:

  • Costs $2.89 per month
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free daily backups and restoration
  • Free Spam protection
  • Data Centers all around the globe
  • Free Installation and Updates

Here are some amazing specs of TMDHosting.

TMDHosting Review :Cloud Shared Hosting Free GlobalSign SSL Free Domain

Various Types of Hosting

VPS Hosting

TMDHosting VPS servers review

Reseller Hosting

TMDHosting review: Reseller Hosting

Dedicated Server

TMDHosting Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Cloud Hosting

TMD hosting review- Cloud Hosting

People need different types of hosting. For a small website, shared hosting is enough. But as the complexity of a project increases (in terms of traffic and resources), VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting is required.

TMD provides all types of hosting, from shared to dedicated. Reseller hosting is also available. That means you can earn a reasonable amount of money by selling their service if you have good marketing skills.

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Unbelievable Offers
tmdhosting review offers

Your eyes may pop out on seeing their offers. One such offer is shown below. There are many hosting providers who claim to give you offers. But for each offer, they put forward a limitation. For example, if a host gives you a free domain, you have to renew it after a year.

Here, TMDHosting provides you a free domain forever.

With a basic package of $2.85 per month, you will get space in Solid State Drive. You will not be limited in terms of storage and bandwidth and number of email addresses that can be created. Follow TMDhosting on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.

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Step by Step Tutorials

tmdhosting review tutorials

If you are new to this hosting kind of stuff, there will be some sort of doubts or confusions. TMDHosting has done a cool job in creating useful text and video hosting. They have organized all of them in such a manner that we can find anything easily from it.

Suppose, if you want to create an email, click on Tutorials from the top menu. You can see many options on the left sidebar. Choose Webmail and Emails. Many tutorials are available. Click on one and see the actions real time on your browser window.

24/ 7/ 365 Support

tmdhosting review customer support

If no tutorial solves your issue, contact TMDHosting’s support center. There are three available methods to get your issue solved which are the phones, live- chat and email. Among all, phone chat is quicker.

When you want more elaborated answers to your query, using email support is more convenient than the remaining two options.The live chat feature is very innovative. In that side pop- up, it is possible to rate the support, agent.

SSL Certificates

TMDhosting SSL Certificates

Improve your website’s trust and security with a Private SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a must-have feature for every website which processes sensitive information. It provides secure connection between your visitors’ browser and your website protecting their personal, credit card or any other data of high importance from phishing attacks or unauthorized access.

Besides the SSL certificate system, it also has a Cloud Linux distribution system which gives the big thumbs up to its security. Cloud Linux ensures that your server is protected from any attacks or vulnerabilities.  With their own firewall installed, no threats or malware risks are involved while using TMD hosting.

A team of experts also monitors the server to make sure that no hardware breach or any other risk is involved. If you need a multi-layered security, then definitely TMD Hosting is the right choice for you.

One- Click Script Installer

You may purchase hosting for starting a blog, website or an e- commerce site. A one- click installer offers an easy way to build a website.TMDHosting uses Fantastico. Using that tool, you will find no difficulties to have a WordPress blog, E-commerce site or any other specific type of website.

To use it, just login to your cPanel and find Fantastico option. Then, click on it and choose the platform you want. Enter needed details. That’s all. Then, you can start installing.

If you are not in love with Fantastico, here comes your lover, Softaculous. Fantastico and Softaculous are two widely used one- click script installers with which you can build a functional website of any specific type.

CloudFare CDN
tmdhosting review cloudfare cdn

CDN is a service used to increase the loading time of a website. Content Delivery Network is shortly abbreviated as CDN.A CDN works on the basis of the geographical location of the visitors. It acts as an intermediate between the server and visitor. CDN stores the content on a nearby location to the user. When he types the URL, the version that stored in the nearer data center is shown.

This process reduces the loading time. A nearby server is faster than a farther one.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

tmdhosting review money back guarantee

Maybe you are a victim of worst hosting providers. You might have lost a lot of money too. That’s where the importance of money back guarantee lies. TMD hosting is offering not a few days money back guarantee.

Your money will be returned if you find TMD hosting is not worth within 60 days of usage. Two months are long enough to have an overview of a hosting provider’s quality.

4500+ Free Templates
tmdhosting review free templates

Templates are ready made designs for anything. Here, TMDHosting provides you more than 4500 free website templates using which you can create amazing layouts easily.

A wide range of templates is there. So you will not be disappointed by not getting one which suits you. You don’t have to pay anything extra for this. Every package comes with the access to the template library.

Unlimited Email Addresses

A hosting plan certainly comes up with the emails but not all the hosting plans give an option to use unlimited email addresses. With this feature, you can get access to a number of email addresses using one account and manage various accounts.

Though, not the unique but yes only few hosting companies gives you the feature of having the unlimited email addresses.

Manage your e-Commerce

TMD hosting right away gives you the feature to manage your e-Commerce store. Just in case, you are wondering to have an on online shop, try using the TMD hosting. This hosting platform is convenient and ready to use in an e-Commerce friendly environment. It is best when used with shopping stores like Magneto, WooCommerce or Open Cart.

It offers a wide range of features like Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth which means faster website, free domain and Free backups and restoration with a free spam check.

Excellent Uptime

With its data centers spread all around the globe, TMD hosting has achieved a lot within a span of 10 years. What excels it from most of the Hosting Service providers is that it has an unbelievable uptime and there is hardly any chance for the downtime.

Since the numbers of data centers are present to provide the excellent up speed to their nearby users, you do not need to worry about the frustrating loading and cumbersome file transfers.  Also, it shares a limited number of servers with a Shared Hosting, so you can have a nominal speed in shared hosting as well.

TMD Hosting plans

TMD Hosting gives the customer to choose any of the hosting plans at a cheaper price. It gives a scads of features with its hosting:

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting is considered as the best choice for the newbies as it is much cheaper as compared to other hosting plans. It comes up with three different packages: Starter, Business and Professional with some added features to each package. The starter packs costs $2.85 per month and the renewal price stays the same while the business pack costs you $5.85 and enterprise pack with $12.85 per month.

While the base pack comes up with Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited SSD spaces, the professional pack hosts unlimited websites. Besides this, TMD hosting gives the free domain forever; premium support and the user can have its own dashboard by getting ccess to the cPanel.

What separates the professional plan from the usual starter plan is the uptime speed. And free encryption as well as the faster backup as well as the file transfers.

Reseller Hosting

Make money while you distribute your own hosting server. Reseller hosting let’s you do that. Buy a suitable plan for you and make money while TMD hosting does all the tasks for you. Like shared hosting, reseller hosting is also divided into three packs with the offer sales as well as the commission.

With the lowest pricing, Standard reseller hosting plan gives you the 65 GB storage and 700 GB bandwidth with unlimited web hosting starting at just $19.95 per month. Besides the features of the standard package, the Enterprise package costs $34.95 per month and has 130 GB of storage with 1400 GB of bandwidth.

Also, you can get the benefit of having a private SSL and DNS as well as dedicated IP address. The professional package comes with a 200 GB of storage and 2000 GB of bandwidth.

VPS Hosting

TMD hosting has a wide range of choice if you need a VPS hosting.

         VPS       Space   BandWidth      RAM Pricing per month
        VPS 1     

      40 GB

     3000 GB     

2 GB

$ 39.95
        VPS 2       60 GB      4000 GB 3 GB $ 53.95
        VPS 3      80 GB      5000 GB 4 GB $ 71.95

        VPS 4


    120 GB

     5000 GB 4 GB $ 98.95

        VPS 5

    150 GB       6000 GB 5 GB $ 116.95


Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting can be considered as the scalable and faster version of the shared hosting. Cloud Hosting server has also three different tiers; Summer, Rain and Storm. Storm being the most expensive offers a wide range of features as compared to summer and rain.



   Storage  BandWidth RAM   Pricing             per month
  Summer     50 GB   3000 GB      3 GB   $ 49.95
      Rain     65 GB    4000 GB      3 GB   $ 69.95
     Storm       85 GB     5000 GB     4 GB    $ 89.95


Dedicated Server Hosting

You can choose dedicated server if your VPN is unable to handle the enormous amount of traffic. This plan also comes up with 5 different tiers which are able to challenge even the most demanding websites. Ranging from $199 per month to $389 per month, this plan comes up with wide aspects in terms of Bandwidth, Storage, RAM, CPU cores and unlimited emails.

Should You Buy TMDHosting?

tmdhosting review features

Of course, you should. The homepage itself has designed to seduce visitors. It is very nicely built. So, they know what they are up to.There is an templates available. If your website has a potential to generate trust, suggest TMDHosting to your visitors. They will be more than happy to get such a quality service.The pricing package is affordable as you can see in one of the images.

Why are you waiting now? Land on their site and get a flashing offer (there is one). Then, start making your next big thing.

Here are some testimonials by their customers
TMDHosting customer testimonial review


The Verdict: TMDHosting Review

With an increasing demand and competition, TMD hosting has definitely proved its capabilities. Small businesses as well as the big corporates can rely on this software for any hosting plans. Right from the military security to the firewall and unlimited emails as well as the free domains, TMD hosting has revolutionized a lot in the past ten years.  

Here was my review about the TMD Hosting.  If you have more to add, please comment down!!

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