Review 2020: All-In-One Solution To Increase PRODUCTIVITY By 200% Review
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  • Task management
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has easy to Use CRM
  • Time tracking
  • Reports & Billing
  • Priority support
  • 2Gb Storage per user
  • 14-day trial period with all features enabled
  • Manage all your work in one place


  • Didn't Notice Any Drawbacks

When you are working with a team or have clients who are working with you on a particular project, whether short term or long term, you will have to integrate, manage and keep a clean record of all the related tasks of the individuals or your team as a whole.

Whether you are a freelancer or own a business, you will need the right resources or tools to execute crucial aspects like task management, time tracking, billing functionality and CRM as well more effectively to maintain a work discipline and boost productivity. Introduction

So in this post, I will tell you about a tool that allows you to do just these and a lot more easily and efficiently. This tool is called, here in this post, we have featured Review 2020 that includes all the detailed insights about Let’s start here. Review 2020: Is It Worth The Hype?

About is an online platform that has been designed to deliver a combination of business-oriented activities like CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. Developed as a productivity suite, has been designed to suffice the needs of freelancers, consultants and teams of any size and help them achieve improved efficiency, quality, and transparency. Review - CRM Task Management A good thing about is that it is absolutely free for freelancers and all pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users, which means you won’t have to pay a single penny for more than 11 users and still get unlimited access to features.

Highlight features has been developed with the prime objective of providing an all in one platform for seamless task management along with additional functionalities like CRM, time tracking and more. Have a look at some of its key features and functionalities.

  • CRM

Use CRM tool to keep track of all your customers and their contacts in a much simple but effective way.

  • Tasks

Track all your personal and team activities all in one place, such as in-house tasks, personal tasks, and client project work. Review - CRM Task Management Software

  • Time billing

Handle billing rates on projects and staff more easily and efficiently. Just select which time is billable, raise detailed invoice reports and then provide your clients with detailed time reports.

  • Email tasks in

This tool enables you to integrate all your and your client’s email tasks directly into Since each workspace has its own email address, the feature lets you include attachments. You can also set up rules for assigning tasks from email for your clients or team members.

  • Checklists allows users to break larger tasks into checklists and track % completion progress on your tasks, ensuring that teamwork becomes more effective and productive.

  • Time tracking

Get access to simple, intuitive, and visual tools to track your time directly on your tasks rather than only tracking time to a project level. time tracking

  • Calendar sync provides seamless synchronization of your task due dates with any iCal compatible calendar. This feature is ideal for Google and Office365 Calendars.

  • Repeating tasks task management helps the seamless creation of real recurring tasks that can also be synced with a calendar and can be individually updated, each with independent reminders.

  • Snooze tasks

This tool helps you systematically “Snooze” tasks you don’t want to deal with now either for an indefinite time or schedule to wake up when another task is completed.

  • Drag and drop files

The drag and drop mechanism makes uploading or transferring files onto the related tasks much easier. This helps you make sure that all related files for a task are in the one place for all team members to access, with each user having 2GB of data storage space.

  • Bookmark tasks makes categorization of tasks very neat and simple. You can categorize your tasks in a number of different ways as you can create your own bookmarked list of items that can be marked for follow-up or to monitor.

  • Adding a Task

You will be clearly aware of the whereabouts of all your staff members with this feature which allows your staff to set out of office flag on their account to inform other staff while they are absent. adding a task

  • Custom labels

Labels make sure that the categorizing of your tasks becomes even more powerful. You can use to create your own set of custom labels to filter and sort your tasks the way you want.

  • Google sheets integration

Export your task time data to CSV files or directly into Google Sheets for archive or further analysis.

  • Access control access control works as a full-fledged control panel through which you can manage the roles of your clients and staff members, whether they can just see work associated with their business or can be restricted to specific clients. Review- Task Management Time Tracking and Billing for freelancers

Plans and Pricing offers 3 different plans for users based on their occupation or needs. The tool is absolutely free for freelancers while the other two plans are paid packages.

Solo FreeTeam PremiumBusiness Time
Price--$5 per month*$9 per month*
Task managementYesYesYes
Time trackingYesYesYes
Reports and billingNoYesYes
Storage100 MB2 GB (Per user)2 GB (Per user)
Priority supportNoYesYes
No. of users111(+)11(+)
Capped price--$55 per month**$99 per month**

*Prices mentioned are capped at the cost of 11 users on per user per month basis. ie; For $5 per month per user, the cost will be $25, $30, $35 or $55 per month for 5, 6, 7, or 11 users respectively. Same is the case with $9 per month per user. Review - Pricing & Plans** No matter how many users you add, you will never have to pay more than the capped price (ie; $55 per month or $99 per month for 11 users or more). developers also offer a 14-day trial period to all workspaces to start with all enabled features and unlimited users. Users will be rewarded with credit for performing various actions in your workspace while exploring during the trial period. The credit you have earned will reduce the cost of your subscription after the end of the trial.

Visit the official website- to learn more about their tools, features, plans, pricing, benefits and more.

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Conclusion: Review 2020 offers one of the simplest and most intuitive user interfaces that has been designed with the sole objective to help you see exactly what you need to focus on. The tool has all the necessary tools for individual and teamwork management. It lets you focus on your work as a team member and as a team leader, you can easily manage your team. You get to manage all your work in one place. allows for more focused communication, real-time updates, never miss or forget a task. Clearer communication and organization leads to fewer mistakes which ultimately leads to improved efficiency and quality.

Access to detailed record keeping and reporting lets you enhance your individual and team accountability. Its traditional project management system focus ensures that there is no more double entry and you focus only on project work so that you improve your daily productivity. is the right tool for you whether you’re a freelancer, or own a small agency that requires you to track and manage work across multiple in-house and client related projects and brings your customer management and project management into one place.


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