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Tolgee is attempting to alter the software translation process using a novel strategy to save time and effort for all parties involved, including developers and translators.

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  • One-click screenshots
  • Translation memory
  • Machine translation
  • Auto translation


  • New in the market


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Global companies and individuals have a tremendous opportunity to expand their market share, but they often struggle with translation. 

The translation process can be difficult and time-consuming. You must find the right software, manage translations by different teams in different parts of the world, and ensure everything is accurate.

Tolgee offers an all-in-one localization software that makes the translation process easy and painless.

Let us check out Tolgee in depth.

What Is Tolgee? – All You Need To Know

It used to be so ineffective to localize software. The whole administration of developing, maintaining, and updating translation strings may sometimes be exceedingly tricky, involving developers in much more work than is required.

Tolgee Review

Tolgee is attempting to alter the software translation process using a novel strategy to save time and effort for all parties involved, including developers and translators.

After the development phase, developers are not engaged in the localization process. They create the application, include Tolgee integration libraries, and set up an instance where translators may change localization texts for web applications.

After that, texts are synced with the Tolgee platform, and developers are not required to participate in the localization process.

You can use Tolgee Cloud or you can self-host it. When Tolgee is integrated into your application, you can use their in-context localization tool, which lets you translate the text with a single click. 

This functionality may significantly reduce the time engineers and translators need to communicate. Most of the time, translators may make changes to the texts while seeing how they appear in the app, so any problems with typos or improper arrangement can be fixed immediately.

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Tolgee from here and click on ‘Pricing.’

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step1

You will see these pricing plans on the screen.

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step1.1

Step – 2: You can choose one based on your needs. 

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step2

For now, I will be choosing the free plan. 

Step – 3: Fill in the details and click on ‘Submit.’ 

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step3

After this, verify your email address and see the Tolgee dashboard. 

Step – 4: Click on ‘ADD PROJECT.’ If you need any help, you can also click on choose to have a live chat with them.

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step4

Step – 5: Fill in, select the details, and then click on ‘SAVE’.

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step5

Step – 6: Click on the project. 

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step6

Step – 7:  This is what the Tolgee dashboard looks like. You can change the ‘Languages’ and the ‘Members’ sections. 

Tolgee Pricing & How To Use Guide step7

I also recommend you explore the options in the Tolgee menu. They are pretty interesting and easy to work with. 

You will also see a detailed graphical representation of this scrolling down. 

Why Do I Recommend Tolgee?

In-context translating:

Using the Tolgee i18n tool, add translations to the code and translate them instantly in the app. You may easily edit your strings in a dialog box that appears when you click an element while holding down the ALT or Option key—no need to alter sizable.po,.json or other files. The production environment is a beautiful place to use in-context translation.

The best strategy to prevent errors caused by lacking context in translation is to translate inside the context. Consider a situation where all you have are words, strings, and phrases, and you have no idea how they connect, what order they should be in, or where they are in the program.

Additionally, your deployed app’s production environment supports in-context translation. To begin translating, you must enter your API key into the Tolgee Tools Chrome plugin. This makes it possible for users without programming experience to translate your software.

One-click screenshots:

Once. You must click that many times to capture a snapshot of your application’s selected phrases for translation. Simply press the camera button and ALT while selecting a string. Boom! a screenshot was produced.

Screenshots provide your translator’s context. There are several mistakes made when translating software out of context. Don’t wait for complaints from consumers to come to you. Provide excellent outcomes immediately now.

Translation memory:

Tolgee automatically generates translation ideas based on translations you’ve previously used for the project, allowing you to translate related terms similarly.

The key, the original text of the translated string, and the similarity % are also shown with translation memory recommendations.

Machine translation:

DeepL, Google Translate, and AWS Translate are all supported. Choose the services you wish to utilize. The machine translation capabilities significantly speed up the localization process. Simply use the translation recommendations offered by unaffiliated machine translation firms.

Auto translation:

Tolgee uses machine translation or memory to automatically translate new keys when activated. Your strings are translated as soon as they are created. Choose whether you want to translate new keys automatically using translation memory and which machine translation provider you wish to utilize.

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Conclusion: Tolgee Review 2023

Tolgee is one of the best and most helpful professional platforms I’ve encountered. What I love the most about Tolgee is that it offers 3000 translations and 10000 machine translations in free credit.

It also offers unlimited users and projects without any credit card details. Tolgee is definitely worth giving a try. 

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