The 10 Most Effective Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach

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In This Post, We’ll Talk About Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach

Monitoring what is being said about you, your products or services, as well as your rivals, and the market as a whole is the key to genuinely getting the most of social media.

10 Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach

Here is a list of the top ten tools for determining your social reach:

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social Dashboard

If you want to know how to boost your social reach, tracking your own brand and product mentions isn’t enough. You need to know how well your postings are performing, as well as how well your rivals are performing.

Not to brag, but Unbox Social’s analytics function is very great if you want to see real-time data on your social network accounts. Unbox Social gives you all the data you need, including demographics of your followers, engagement rates, reach, and impressions for your posts (and even your Instagram and Facebook stories!).

You can also track your advertising and compare your social reach to that of your competitors from a single dashboard.

You may also compare hashtag performance to determine how well your brand hashtags are perceived by your target consumers. Such detailed information might assist you in developing more effective content marketing tactics.

The Bottom Line:

Detailed insights into social media postings, the ability to manage and measure social reach through campaigns, influencer marketing, competition analysis, and the capacity to track hashtag success are just a few of the benefits.

Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are among the platforms that are supported.,, and Unbox.enterprise are the packages available.

2. Mention

Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach- Mention

Mention is a social listening platform that integrates social monitoring, analytics, and competition tracking into one package. It tracks mentions of your brand not just on social media, but also on review sites like Yelp, Amazon, and Tripadvisor, among others.

You may obtain an in-depth study of real-time mentions of your brand across sources in 42 different languages with Mention set up. All you have to do is scroll through your dashboard and you’ll never miss out on what others are saying about you recently.

Mention also allows you to reply immediately to your mentions, saving you time and allowing you to enhance engagement and resolve any problems as soon as feasible.

Another unique aspect of Mention is that it lets you compare stats for your brand and competitors’ mentions.

Because you and your competition are targeting the same audience, it’s in your best interests to keep an eye on what they’re doing.

The Takeaway:

Real-time updates on brand mentions, the opportunity to actively reply to remarks, competitor analyses, and thorough demographic data.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and forums are all supported platforms.

Packages include a 14-day free trial and a Premium subscription.

3. Hootsuite

hootsuite- review

One of the few free social listening tools available is Hootsuite. Its monitoring tool is part of a larger set of social media tools that are all equally useful and worth checking out. Many services, like as scheduling articles and extensive analytics, are available if you subscribe to their plans.

Hootsuite allows you to monitor information relevant to your business mentions, keywords, hashtags, and even locations across many social media networks.

Hootsuite also includes a variety of applications that allow you to manage a lot more from one place.

You can reply to mentions immediately away using Hootsuite, which is critical if you want to expand your business. Responding to customer problems and complaints on Twitter has been found to enhance consumer advocacy by up to 25%. Large firms with a social media team can use the platform to communicate and streamline activities.

The Bottom Line:

Weekly full reports, keyword, hashtag, and location filtering, other connected applications, and good team management facilities.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Google+, as well as blogs and forums, are all supported.

Packages include a free plan, a 30-day free trial, and a premium plan.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole- Dashboard

Keyhole, like Unbox Social, focuses on trends, insights, and analysis of your favorite hashtags and keywords rather than brand mentions.

The application also allows you to monitor your social media accounts and provides historical statistics for a hashtag.

Having all of the data in your hands makes it easy to assess your progress and generate performance reports. Keyhole also helps you watch your campaign hashtags to make sure you don’t lose out on the current trends and see whether prominent influencers in your niche are talking about you.

The Takeaway:

Track hashtags and phrases, keep an eye on influencers and get notifications when your favorite hashtag or term is being used more frequently.

Instagram and Twitter are two of the platforms that are supported.

Packages include a free trial and a premium package.

5. TweetReach

If you want to track how far your tweets go, TweetReach is an excellent tool to use. TweetReach determines how effective your social media conversations are.

You may also figure out who your most influential fans are, which can help you target your material.

You may also use hashtags and keywords to track relevant subjects using TweetReach.

The Takeaway:

Track the impact of your tweets, get real-time information on important subjects, and track campaign performance.

Twitter is one of the platforms that is supported (Instagram, Facebook)

Packages: The basic plan is free.

6. Tailwind

Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach- Tailwind

Since we’ve previously looked at a tool for Twitter, let’s take a look at one for Pinterest and Instagram, the two most popular visual social networking networks. One of the most popular Pinterest and Instagram analytics tools is Tailwind.

Not only can you plan and manage your feeds using Tailwind, but you can also obtain complete analytic reports. Tailwind also allows you to keep track of your own material as well as that of your rivals.

The Takeaway:

In-depth statistics, account monitoring, hashtag tracking, and feed management

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the platforms that are supported.

Packages include a free trial and a premium package.

7. Brand24

Brand24- Review

Many firms choose Brand24’s monitoring tool for assessing social media reach. You can track social mentions as well as the overall potential reach of your content with Brand24.

Brand24 provides graphs and statistics of your brand mentions, as well as the ability to track hashtags and keywords across all social media platforms, news sites, blogs, and forums. It also tells you if these mentions are favorable, bad, or neutral.

A competent social media monitoring program will give you not only stats but also tips on how to expand your social reach. Brand24 accomplishes this by focusing your attention on key influencers.

By awarding influencers a score, Brand24 also allows you to determine which influencer has the most social media reach and who gave you a shout-out.

The Takeaway:

Track hashtags and keywords, keep an eye on competitors and reach out to influencers using sentiment analysis (positive, negative, or neutral mentions).

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, forums, and review websites are all supported platforms.

Packages include a 14-day free trial and a Premium subscription.

8. Zoho Social

Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach- Zohosocial

Zoho Social offers users actionable content and engagement data. It provides you with information about your prior postings’ performance as well as the ability to track conversations.

It also comes with Zoho Mail, which makes it much easier for your team to interact with one another.

You may also exchange email threads with coworkers, attach files and email folders, and improve your weekday scheduling. It incorporates email into a social networking format, which adds to the pleasure.

In addition to all of the data, Zoho also provides demographics for your viewers, as well as the proportion of overall attitude toward your brand — good or negative — and even predicts the percentage of your audience most likely to notice your post.

The Takeaway:

Keep an eye on internet reach, sentiment research, in-depth brand mention analysis, and post scheduling.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ are among the platforms that are supported.

Packages include a free plan and a premium plan.

9. Buffer

Buffer- Dashboard

Buffer is not just a fantastic social media management tool for agencies and businesses, but it’s also fantastic for organizing your social media involvement across many platforms.

Buffer allows your team to simply manage and monitor your social media material.

Buffer’s feature Buffer Reply not only lets you plan and collaborate on content, but it also lets you answer to messages, tweets, and comments from a single dashboard.

All of your team’s interactions are neatly organized in your inbox. It also enables you to construct personalized replies by supplying you with the information you need to figure out who you’re speaking with.

It’s also connected with Slack, so you’ll never be left out of a conversation!

You may also use Buffer Analyse to analyze your reach and share your stats.

The Bottom Line:

An organized, consolidated inbox for all social media platforms, extensive reporting with analytics, simple team management, and connection with Slack are just a few of the benefits.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are among the platforms that are supported.

Packages include a 14-day trial and premium business packages.

10. Sprout Social

Tools For Measuring Your Social Media Reach- Sproutsocial

One of the most popular tools for determining your social reach is Sprout Social. Sprout Social allows you to monitor and analyze your social media networks in real time.

It’s also a fantastic tool for keeping track of your social media interaction.

It helps you keep up with the current trends by allowing you to track hashtags, phrases, and prominent influencers across Twitter and Instagram, allowing you to be educated and on top of the industry.

Its social listening feature gives you a detailed breakdown of key social interactions. It also allows you to assess your social reach by analyzing keywords and hashtags with the listening data.

The Smart Inbox from Sprout Social collects all of your social media mentions and communications in one location.

The Bottom Line:

A single inbox for all social media platforms, extensive listening reports, insights into engagement metrics, keyword and trend tracking, and sentiment analysis are all available.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ are among the platforms that are supported.

Packages include a 30-day free trial as well as premium packages.


While each of the techniques for measuring social reach discussed above is useful in its own way, they all serve different purposes.

That is why you must test them out on your own to determine which is the greatest fit for your company.

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