Top 10 Benefits of Guest Posting

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Guest Posting is the act of writing an article on someone else’s blog. This is usually done by people who need to promote something such as their company, products, or books. That said, here are the top 10 benefits of guest posting:

Benefits of Guest Posting

1. Exposure

Guest posting is good because not only does the one who wrote the post will be well known, but the blog where that person sent that post to will also be well-known. Both sides benefit from this kind of posting and that’s why many people like it.

2. It brings quality into a blog

Because if you are going to talk about a certain product or a certain issue, then you have to make sure that you know everything about the said issue/product. If you are the proprietor of that product, then it’s good because you’ll be able to talk about it in such a way that people will be interested. The administrator of the blog you’ll be posting in would also make sure that your article is good and that it is easy to read. And if something is interesting enough, then people will want to read about it.

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3. It gives you more credibility

Guest posting is a good thing to add to your portfolio because if you are able to penetrate the small world of blogging, then sooner or later, more and more people will ask you to write for their blogs or add your content in their blogs and so you will be able to gain respect from the industry.

4. Popularity

When someone famous or is on the way there guests posts on a blog, surely, friends and followers of that someone will check out the blog where that certain someone guest-posted. Therefore, guest posting generates more views and grows popularity as time goes by.

5. Social Media Growth

Since most people these days have social networking accounts, you can be sure that your post will reach hundreds and hundreds of people in a small amount of time.

6. Better marketing

 It is very okay to put links to certain websites that contain more information about the product/merchandise/company of the guest poster. Therefore, guest posting is able to stimulate the growth of someone or something’s search rank on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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7. Good traffic for your blog

Now, your blog will not just be getting views from people you know, but from those in the industry, as well.

8. It improves the way you write

Because if you are going to post on someone else’s blog then you certainly would like your articles to achieve a certain kind of quality and you surely will not want people to say anything bad about it.

9. Build your contact list

 If someone guest posts on your blog and that someone is well known in the industry or has friends in the same field, then that person will recommend others to post on your blog, too.

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10. Reach out to a brand new audience

Since there are so many industries out there, you’ll surely be able to target at least one of those based on who guests posts on your blog and therefore, this will allow you to reach out to a wider range of people.

Conclusion !

Start guest posting now and turn your blog into something better. Do you have any other tips to make your Guest Posting amazing!!  Share it here I would be happy to know that.

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  1. Hey Alisia,

    Great article, so much helpful information on this post.
    I love the topic and content ideas; these are great tools to dive into and get down to business.

    Great work; I’m sharing this on my Twitter.

  2. Great post, Thanks for covering all the aspects of guest posting. However, Guest posting on high authority blogs are more relevant than posting on all or any blogs.

  3. Hi Alisia
    I really appreciate with all the points which you have mentioned here. I really like popularity which we can get through guest blogging on other blogs. There are many benefits which you have already discussed above but growing your name through guest posting is really great. Thanks for sharing this article. Happy Blogging 😀

  4. I am all for guest posting (having written some myself), but there are alot of issues with people who spam out relatively useless posts and still expect to gain something from it. So, its best to always keep the quality high and follow great tips like those above when guest posting on other peoples site

  5. As far as I know, guest blogging helps you build relationships, and as it takes time, you should be consistent with your activities. Yes, that is true! Some great relationships were built from one blog to another.

  6. i accept with all the benifits of guest posting but make sure that there are many negative points too of guest posting. one must keep them in consideration as well. anyhow great post.

    • Hi Anny thnxx for stumbling on my blog. yes I agree there are negative points too in guest posting. You have to be careful with guest posting. Guest posting should be done credible way

  7. Yeah one need to make sure that they are either linking their brand and semantic anchor tags.

  8. The benefits of guest blogging cannot be undermined. Getting exposure, increasing traffic and gaining links are key reasons guest blogging. However, succeeding in this idea require commitment to posting high quality articles that would satisfy the cravings of the audience of the host blog .

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