Best Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Delhi & Delhi NCR May 2023: Updated

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The current bullish state of the economy can be attributed to the slurry of foreign direct and institutional investments the Indian Startup ecosystem has attracted its way. Yes! One can clearly see that Indian startups are rising in number as we speak and a heap of new and innovative ideas are flooding markets across sectors.

One of the major reasons behind the rise of the Indian Startup Scene is the increasing presence of coworking spaces across the country especially in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. In Delhi NCR alone you can easily find a Coworking space supporting young startups.

Today we are exploring the best and most refreshing Coworking spaces in Delhi and Delhi NCR. If you are an entrepreneur, looking to start a venture then get a load of these and save on expensive offices!

Here are the Best Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Delhi & Delhi NCR May 2023: Updated List

1.  Innov8

Based in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, Innova8 is clearly the Coworking space, which stands out the most. Unique office ambience and a roof top work environment are some of its USPs. It has awesome designs and a recreation zone where co-workers can watch TV and even relax while playing some football. Ain’t that great!!

innov8 - Coworking spaces

Memberships start at INR 7500 per month. You can also go for premium and team plans which depend on your requirements. I work from this place and I made some great connections here with founder Ritesh Malik.  He is one the amazing people I met at Innov8. The community here is vibrant and I am sure if you work from Innov8 you soon gonna have your huge business network.

2.      91SpringBoard

Another popular Coworking space with multiple centers across Delhi NCR, 91SpringBoard gives you the full package: Wi-Fi, reservable conference rooms, spacious lounges, office supplies, presentation supplies and more.

91springboard -Coworking spaces

Plans start at INR 7499 a month. You can also chose a budget part time plane that starts at INR 4999 per month. You can also opt for a day pass costing INR 549. It’s only for members.

3.      Investopad

It has a very catchy brand tag: “ Founded by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”. Since its inception in 2014, Investopad has catered to startups from all categories. Investopad doesn’t only support startups with Coworking space but also invests in meritorious teams.

investopad - Coworking spaces

The Investopad Program for Technology Entrepreneurship provides training and access to state of the art facilities to allow strong entrepreneurial ventures to accelerate forward. Plans at Investopad start at INR 8000 per person per month.

4.) myHQ

myHQ takes up curated spaces inside beautifully designed cafes, coworking spaces, hotels, offices and converts them exclusive work zones with no monthly rent. With over 50+ locations across Delhi NCR, they are one of the leading co-working space providers in the capital.

Coworking Spaces in Delhi & Delhi NCR
They promise seamless connectivity, and endless productivity. At each of their space they ensure that you get unlimited high speed Wi-Fi, free printing, tons of discounts on food and beverages (buy one get one on non-alcoholic beverages, cash backs, curated healthy menu), and a truckload of free stationery. myHQ provides an amazing blend of online and offline networking and you’ll often come across interesting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals working at myHQ spaces.
myHQ subscription plans are extremely economical and with a single myHQ subscription you can to work across myHQ locations.
To book your free day visit, visit Book Free Visit or reach out to them on 9205006361

5.      Stirring Minds

Started by Experienced entrepreneur Pranav Bhatia, Stirring Minds is very popular as a Coworking space that mentors skilled entrepreneurs and allows them to access advanced facilities like high speed internet, 24*7 Internet, conference rooms, recreational spaces and more. Spread across 8000 square feet, it is located alongside Delhi Stock Exchange with other centers in NCR.

stirring-minds - Coworking spaces

Plans here start at INR 7999 per person. You can also have the part time membership plan which starts from INR 4999 per person.

6.      Inhwa Business Centre

If you are a fan of opulence and always dream about palatial offices then Inhwa Business Center should blow your mind away. Intricately designed, it allows you to chose between workstations and private offices.

inhwa-business-centre - Coworking spaces

They also offer consultancy services like Company Incorporation, Branding advice, legal counsel and accounting. You can also go for the unique virtual office plan, which allows you to work from home but also provides you with physical space when you need to meet clients or hold meetings. Plans start as low as INR 2000 per person per month and go up to 11,000 per month.

7.      UnBoxed

unboxed - Coworking spaces

Landing on the promise of Minimum cost-maximum services, unboxed plans start as low as INR 5500 per month. You get Internet, office supplies, pantry services, IT support and you also have recreation zones to relax and let your hair down. Surrounded by parks, be sure to give it a try if you want something good at a budget!

8.      Experia Media

experia-media - Coworking spaces

Talk about home away from home and this Coworking space is what you get. Coupled with high-speedInternet, kitchen access, ample parking and surrounding gardens, the Coworking spaces packs a powerful punch for young entrepreneurs.

9.      CoworkIn

Talk about USPs and CoworkIn will throw in a Working Villa on your face. How about that? Based in the posh GK Part 1, it also has centers in Gurgaon.

coworkin-delhi - Coworking spaces

This is an ideal Coworking space for solopreneurs who are looking for that much needed peace and quiet! The structure is an informal house filled with independent members. There is also a private cook available to cater to your gastronomic fantasies! Plans start at 6500 per month. You can get a daily pass at INR 400 per day but that’s only limited to 12 days. You can have a private team room for INR 25,000 a month.

10.      Social Offline

One of the most popular Coworking joints in Delhi. Social Offline offers state of the art facilities to entrepreneurs and young businesspeople. They only have an application based monthly fee program and no daily or part time packages.

social-offline - Coworking spaces

For INR 5000 per month, you get all startup facilities plus food and drink!

11.  The Studio

The Studio is an artistic Coworking space made for those serious rebels who want to things precisely their way. If you are designer, freelancer or traveller then this space is heaven for you.

the-studio - Coworking spaces

It has a large working hall, informal seating, conference rooms, smoking zones, and fully equipped pantry and also facilitates you with all office supplies. Plans start at INR 5000 per month.


Hope you like this list of best top 10 cheap coworking spaces in Delhi & Delhi NCR where you can make your make your entrepreneurship dream come true.  Share it and lets grow together. Have you been part of any Coworking space listed above please share your experience with us.

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  1. Thanks for the updated list. Please add more Spaces that are worth making this list.

  2. The blog is very useful, each coworking spce is explained very well. But I’d like to add one more newly established coworking space in Noida i.e. Eccosphere Coworking.
    The feature hat distinguishes it from other coworking space is its design philosophy.
    The design is what defines Eccosphere, makes it special and unique. They designed the space to allow its occupants to feel comfortable and focused.Their design is based on the Zen philosophy of minimalism and simplicity – celebrating natural materials and visual balance. The interiors are airy and bright with large ceilings and plenty of plant life. Open and connected workspaces sit along with private work clusters and cabins without cluttering the whole design flow.
    Do consider this coworking space if you are looking for an office in noida.
    Check out their website for more details

  3. Such a boring list.
    I am so bored of seeing the same list every where. Perhaps blog authors are lazy not to do any research, rather just copy the others blog.
    Does anybody agrees to the fact that larger coworking chains (multiple locations) does not make a coworking space entitled to be in the top 10 or best 10 coworking spaces. Seem like just a fan following for a startup that just got funded. Every one just loves the just funded startup.
    I urge the author to have some guts an visit some coworking spaces and then rewrite the article.
    Also even if you feel a multi location cowork is good enough to make your list, then mention which particular location of that cowork is good. How can all the locations be equal. Its like tell me a good cowork – 91springboard — But which location? I can say with experience – all locations of 91 are very different to one another.
    So dear author, if you have audacity to write such a long bio of yours, please also have the decency to research and not think of your readers as less read people.

  4. Great article Jitendra. Thanks for sharing the list. From y experience I would recommend one more name to be added to the list of Awfis . It also provides coworking spaces, shared offices, meeting rooms etc in Delhi. They deliver services in all metro cities of India such Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Banglore etc. My experience with Awfis in Mumbai at Hiranandani is just amazing. Visit now :-

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  6. coworking offices in Gurgaon are laid out to harbor a professional work environment as well as nurture a community of co-workers who can complement your business. The proliferation of plug and play offices in Gurgaon indicates that these shared office spaces are the most suited solution for freelancers, startups, remote employees and individual consultants. iKeva’s coworking spaces in Gurgaon are available at a location most convenient to your colleagues and guests.

  7. Unboxed Coworking was the first Coworking space in Noida, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. Unboxed is creating workspaces that inspire focus and productivity. Our well designed shared office space holistic work-culture and a thriving community makes it ideal for freelancers, startups, Small teams and professionals looking forward to a whole new way to work.
    Location: Noida
    Pricing: (Rs 4250 – Rs 6250)
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  8. The concept of coworking or shared office space is going to popular in various metro cities across India. Now a days the small business runner are seeking such Coworking Space in Delhi or any other big city of India because they don’t want to waste money in making a perfect office infrastructure. Shared office concept is a very good concept for such business men who are working individually like advocate, CA and consultants.
    In these types of Coworking Space Delhi you can get a good speed of internet, good furniture, a good common receptionist, a good office admin and system admin, a good security etc. So small business also can be improving here and can be developed by economic expenditure. All office facilities are on your finger. By taking services of Coworking Space in Delhi or other cities the person would be free of above discussed points.
    Even if someone wants to work a short period of time, the coworking office space concept is very usefull them also because we are offering different – different time slots in our branches of Coworking Space Delhi so small sitter of business men also can contact us. We are having teams of experts in services for handling our all services related to Shared Office Space in Delhi.

  9. Indeed the list of shared office space is great. Co-working spaces are very useful for startups who can’t invest much in the start. I am also looking for co-working office space in Delhi. Hope this post will help me
    to find out one. Thanks for sharing!

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