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No doubt, Google Chrome is most widely used Web Browser across the globe. And when it comes to speed, Chrome is fastest. But the main problem you may face while using Google Chrome is the downloading speed. Often we get a number of failed downloads, which compels us to increase our effort and re-download it again and again.

The solution to the above problem is Download Manager Extension, it will reduce the number of failed download along with increasing the downloading speed and you have more control over the files downloaded. So, here you will get the list of top Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome Browser. So let’s get started with them.

List of Top 10 Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome Browser


1. Chrono Download ManagerDownload Here
2. Turbo Download ManagerDownload Here
3. Chrome Download ManagerDownload Here
4. Download ManagerDownload Here
5. Download’em AllDownload Here
6. Flash Video DownloaderDownload Here
7. Video Downloader GetThemAllDownload Here
8. Audio Downloader for TumblrDownload Here
9. InstaG DownloaderDownload Here
10. Chrome Audio CaptureDownload Here

 1. Chrono Download Manager

Chrono is one of the best Download Manager Extension which gives more controls over downloads. Here it comes with features like Multi-Threaded support like IDM so that you can download a file via multiple streams from the server resulting in more download speed.

Chrono- Download Manager

You can download anything with custom one-click download helper, just right click on any link and Select the Download Link” option for the menu. Moving on to its features:


  • Comes with pause and resume downloading support!
  • Automatically replaces Chrome Default Download Manager.
  • Allows you to rename the file before downloading.
  • Multi-threaded download support: You can configure it from Download Managers General Settings options page—Chrome

 2. Turbo Download Manager

Here, Turbo Download Manager is another alternative of Chrono to Google Chrome’s Download. Turbo Download Manager is more powerful than Chrome in some aspects, but its lack of user-friendliness keeps it down in the second position.

Turbo Download Manager Extension

The Turbo Download Manager Extension will never automatically grab downloads/links which is a good thing, here you will have to add any link via turbo download to download it manually in the app. You can also use the Download Helper Extension, right click on any link just to download it via turbo download manager option. This app proved to be very useful in downloading big files because it has a unique quality to let Chrome shutdown.


  • Console log
  • Multi-threading support
  • Automatic retry of failed downloads! If somehow it stuck in between.

3. Chrome Download Manager

Here, Chrome Download Manager Extension increases the functionality along with increasing the speeds. You can easily manage download with Chrome Download Manager. Basically, it’s alight weight extension, which will let you view your current download right in the top hand side corner, behind the download button. So that you don’t have put extra efforts and you don’t have to go to download page, it really saves your time.

Chrome Download Manager Extension

4. Download Manager

Download Manager Extension

Now you can easily manage your download. As with this Download Manager Extension, you can easily interact with your downloads as this download manager is very popular for Google Chrome.

Here this Download Manager Extension will provide some great features like you can pause and play you download. Even you can see that much time it will take to download your file. And when the download is finished, you will get download notification on your desktop. You can also search your downloads too.

5. Download’em All

Here this one is another best Chrome Download Manager Extension. With this extension, you can safely download anything from the Internet. Here the extension you will get for Google Chrome is absolutely free.

For this extension, you don’t need to download any other particular application. Download’em All extension is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The best part about this extension is that you can easily download your files manually. All you need to download any file is just add your files in “Add Download Section”.

 6. Flash Video Downloader

Here this extension probably claims that it can download videos from 99% of the website on the net. This extension quite good and easy to use. All you need to do is load the desired web page with the video and right after that click on the extension just to check out the different resolution to download from. Now hit your choice there and you are all ready to enjoy that video on your phone.

Flash Video Downloader- Download Manager Extension

Here this extension is quite good and will definitely reduce your job wandering from sites to sites just to download videos. It will also help you in downloading video from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7. Video Downloader GetThemAll

Video Downloader is another best download extension for Chrome and as the name suggests you can easily download all the files on the page.

This extension will also help in keeping the browser smooth rather than other which makes Chrome little heavy. The best part is that you can download multiple files at a time with a good downloading speed.

GetThem All- Download Manager Extension

Here you can also change the download location and it also comes with the advanced feature

of downloading from the proxy servers and it also allows you to change the proxy settings. Now you have the idea that, this one is the best extension for Chrome which is loaded with such great features.

8. Audio Downloader for Tumblr

As we all know that Tumblr is most popular micro-blogging and social networking site which have millions of monthly visitors. The Tumblr platform allows users to post multimedia and other content like a short-form blog.

Here a user can follow other users blogs. The best part about this platform is bloggers can also make their blog private.  After enabling the extension on Chrome, just find any audio on Tumblr and play it. When you do right click you will be able to download that audio from Tumblr.

Audio Downloader for Tumblr- Download Manager Extension

So with just by using this extension in Google Chrome browser, you can easily download audio from Tumblr.

9. InstaG Downloader

InstaG Downloader- Download Manager Extension

Here, this simple extension will let you download the photos and videos from the Instagram page in the just one-click process. You can easily save the file to your local or Drive folder.

This extension is really good and will save your time in wandering from site to site just to download photos and videos. If you are an avid user of Instagram then you must have this extension on your Chrome Browser.

10. Chrome Audio Capture

Here, Chrome Audi capture is another Chrome extension that will allow users to capture any audio playing on the current tab. The best part is that multiple parts can also be captured simultaneously.

Chrome Audio Capture-Download Manager Extension

The captures can be saved as either .mp3 or in .wav file. You will get the option to mute the tabs that have been already captured. So, this one is the best audio capture extension for Chrome, if you want to capture audios from many sites.

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EndNote: Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome

So, these are the best Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome which will really increase the downloading speed along with giving more controls over downloads. This methods suits best Google Chrome Browser for Windows 10/8 .1/7, Mac OS X, Linux etc.

If, you have other best Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome, then feel free to add it in the comment section. Share this post on the entire trending social media platform.


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