Top 5 Reasons Why Referral Marketing is Future of Online Earning

Referral marketing is a growing field, today we have 10 year olds working all the time promoting products that they never have used and they might never have seen. The market has seen so much spike these days that even the really unworthy products end up getting referred and bought by people.

This brings me to the question that what makes referral marketing such a lucrative business. Why is everybody rushing forth to get a piece of this cake?

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A simple answer can be that people need time in their lives. Time to have more fun, time to sleep more. Time to work more. They don’t want to waste their time making decisions which might not be linked to survival or extremely important stuff.

Referral marketing fits in this very place and works in the way of easing the whole process of finding a thing which is suitable for us or meets our needs.

I can explain this with a very elaborate example. A blogger friend of mine Pradeep Kumar runs a device blog called as DeviceBar. Now every time he posts something about any gadget and refers it via his links, I am compelled to buy the product. Not because it’s too awesome.

Referral Marketing is Future of Online Earning
Referral Marketing is Future of Online Earning

But only because I trust the person and I know what he has promoted must be an awesome product and truly value for money.

So this example was just a short insight, let’s cover the top 5 reasons why referral marketing is the future of online earning:

1.) People need to be saved from the hard decision making process. They want their decisions to be automated. To be offloaded to those they trust.

2.) Referral marketers can build a huge market if they own a good brand. For example : Everyone knows Neil Patel as the go to guy for SEO. If he promotes a new SEO product tomorrow people might even line up for buying the product. That’s the power of branding and it can’t be bought in a day or so.

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3.) The payout can be huge for good referral services. Barring a few websites like Flipkart and others, the payout is quite good on hosting packages and other referral marketing products.

4.) The demand for gadgets and technical goods is bound to increase with time. So there’s a whole untapped market in the making which requires decent referral services and people who actually promote good products.

5.) The need for people based services will never go down. For sure technology can improve and reduce human interaction and efforts required in anything. But in the selling business everything depends upon that human touch, that close kinship that a seller generates with the people buying products from them.

Whenever we think about referral marketing we think about shady people spamming different groups with their links and promoting their stuff like crazy. But it isn’t so entirely.

Some of this jocks earn so much money that they could sleep on it daily. Money earned from other various sources like owned media and websites is on the decline day by day.

This is because the competition is too much and there’s already a trove of content lying unred out there. Why would anyone want to invest money on such a business. Simply put, services and the idea of referring products is more rewarding in the long run and people can earn better and more with it.

If you like at any pro marketer they too follow the same strategy, firstly they build a brand and then they use their brand power to refer the services through which they can earn good money and this in turn benefits them as well as the users who get a good product without the pain of research and too much thinking.

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  1. Agree with you Aditya. I too prefer reading reviews and buying stuffs recommended by the reviewer I trust.

    • As do most of us. Thanks for taking the time out to comment Fatima. Keep visiting!

  2. Thanks for the chance to get published on Jitendra bro. It’s a pleasure working with you! 😀

  3. Yes, Aditya,
    I like “Top 5 Reasons Why Referral Marketing is Future of Online Earning”. Its a great post with simple and straight insights.

    Referral marketing is still the future of online marketing. It will continue to evolve with new innovations in the online marketing sphere.

    I agree with the point that it helps buyers save time from hard decision making. Therefore, the success of referral marketing will depend on the level trust built by the marketer!

    I have shared this same comment in where this post was shared and “kingged” for internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Awesome, thank you Sunday bro for sharing this post. I hope you will find my posts informative and will keep on writing such content!

  4. Tough to argue with this Aditya 😉 Folks trust what friends trust, or what trusted people trust. Really keen insight here, thanks!

  5. Referral marketing is a line of attack where you’ll try to catch a new batch of clients. This one is effective, and we surely ought to seriously consider incorporating it into our own marketing efforts.

    This is also a triple win battle, however, sadly, mostly don’t win.

    I’ve read in an article that 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services but, 29%actually do.

    This article shares why this kind of marketing or business is the future of online earning. This one works simple and magnet customer who are more loyal.

    Thanks for the very informative share and for explaining why. Sure, it will also boom fast very soon.

    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

    • Yes, Metz as you can see even referral marketing is not for everyone. It requires one to have a solid personal brand and the level of trust required for being successful is also quite too high!

  6. Hi Aditya
    This is the biggest and equally the bitterest truth that human touch will always be there whatsoever you make the process mechanized and reliant on machines. Human opinion will ultimately count even if you attach video, demo of each aspect of the product but no one will buy or will hardly buy without reference of any expert especially one who they trust much.
    You well quoted the example of buying on recommendation of someone is more followed than buying on the basis of product features.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post. Its element of interest made me much impressed.
    I found this post at Kingg dot com and also kingged it there.

    • Thank you for sharing your valuable opinion brother, I always try to make my content real and talk to the reader so as to better get into their minds and make sure my message reaches out to them!

  7. Inzamam

    It’s true that the referral market is future of online earning.Th bets part about referral marketing is that people buy what they believe is recommended by the marketer directly.
    If you really satisfy your costumers and clients, they tend to bring more referrals and make you happy for sure.
    The payout for referral marketing is really convincing now,it knight steadily increase in future increase the vale of referral marketing.
    I enjoyed the brand factor for sure and Neil Patel is one who did it successfully with a brand.

  8. The customer are your biggest marketing asset. In 2013, we predict that people will finally begin to realize the power of their brand advocates, and work to engage them as a marketing strategy for their brand. Whether through social, mobile or face-to-face, referral marketing and refer-a-friend programs are going to be the “new black” this year, as retailers finally begin to realize that their customers are where they really need to focus their budget, time and resources.

  9. Great post, Aditya!

    Referral marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach people, and yet it’s one of the least understood and least utilized form of marketing. Gigaom’s latest survey ( describes referral marketing as “the dark horse of marketing”- only 39% of marketers said they were using it regularly, yet 27% of those using referral marketing said it brought in more than 50% of their new customers.

    It’s so powerful, and yet so incredibly underutilized! But there are lots of great examples of successful referral programs that we can all learn from. Here’s an epic list of 47 referral programs:

    Lots of learning to be had! 🙂

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      Indeed it’s true, Referral marketing is a dark horse, people are just waking up to the power of referral marketing! 🙂

  10. Good job Aditya, your post is very valuable for readers . Now, this time, Referral marketing is one of the best ways to reach the potential customer. I recommend to all if you want to use any referral software for business. try this one InviteReferrals software. with the help of this software, you can track at every step of the program from shares to clicks to successful referral conversions (registrations, sales, or mobile application installs).


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