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For many years, baclinking was the main crust of the websites to rank high on the search engines results. So, people used to fill their website with the spammy backlinks to increase their ranking. But, in 2005 web 2.0 backlinks were introduced and from there the backlinks concept changed. So, it is now all about filling the social based forms rather just inserting the link on your website and redirecting it to the other websites.

Google found that the people are just creating the backlinks for higher ranking which has reduced average user experience. So, if any site is suspected with such tactics then their website is penalized. But, still web 2.0 can work well for you if you put the right effort. Some of the forms need efforts and some of just considered as being a mandatory one. So, the web 2.0 is all about the strategies and rewards are only solely based upon the efforts you are putting in.

Web 2.0 sites takeover where simple HTML websites leave off to provide user interaction, editing and sharing. There are many popular 2.0 sites that your website could benefit from for increased traffic and redistribution of your original content.

This can help  you  to build backlinks  from various resources. Web 2.0 sites list 2018 offer you one of the best ways to build your online presence and can increase page rank using the minimum amount of time.

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Top List of High PR Web 2.0 Sites

How to Use Web 2.0 Sites to Get Backlinks

You can create a blog post or articles and then post directly to high authority Web 2.0 sites. Some websites redistribute your content across RSS feeds and others simply create a directory style listing that is searchable.

Search engines always follow the distribution of posted content and index it for display. Your content will remain active in search engines or will change as you make changes. Building backlinks from high authority  web 2.0 slowly and steadily helps your page rank to increase.

Here is  List of High Authority Web 2.0 Sites 2018 Updated Free 2018


Websites Page Rank
http://blogpico.com/ 2


http://weblogplaza.com/en/ 3
http://www.blogster.com/ 3
http://publr.com/ 3
http://www.yousaytoo.com/ 4
http://www.mywapblog.com/en/index.php? 4
http://www.doomby.com/ 4
http://www.mytripjournal.com/ 4
http://2itb.com/ 4
http://spiclick.com/ 4
http://wikipages.com/index.php/Home 4
http://fotopages.com/ 4
http://getjealous.com/ 4
http://wallinside.com/ 4
http://bloghi.com/ 4
http://blurty.com/ 4
http://iseekblog.com/ 4
http://inube.com/ 4
http://www.bloggum.com/ 4
http://www.ewebsite.com/ 4
http://business.blinkweb.com/ 5
http://www.blog.hr/ 5
http://www.devhub.com/ 5
http://www.beep.com/ 5
http://www.350.com/ 5
http://www.blog.com.es/ 5
http://www.punt.nl/ 5
http://www.hazblog.com/ 5
http://www.blog.hr/ 5
http://www.blog.com.es/ 5
http://www.alivenotdead.com/ 5
http://www.doomby.com/ 7
http://www.microsoft.com/ 7
http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/ 7
http://multiply.com/ 7
http://www.squidoo.com/ 7
https://www.yola.com/ 7
http://www.jimdo.com/index.php 7
https://posterous.com/ 7
http://www.tripod.lycos.com/ 8
http://www.typepad.com/ 8
http://www.tumblr.com/ 8
http://www.blogger.com/ 8
http://www.weebly.com/ 8
http://wordpress.com/ 9

Some more Web 2.0 sites


PR 4
99. 2itb.com
100. blogge.rs
101. bloggum.com
102. bloghi.com
103. doomby.com
104. flukiest.com
105. fotopages.com
106. freeblogspot.org
107. hipero.com
108. inube.com
109. iseekblog.com
110. myblogsite.com
111. mytripjournal.com
112. mywapblog.com
113. spi-blog.com
114. wallinside.com
115. wikipages.com
116. yousaytoo.com

117. bcz.com
118. blogster.com
119. honmag.com
120. iblog.at
121. spyuser.com
122. weblogplaza.com

123. blogpico.com
124. blogtext.org
125. edublogs.org
126. evood.com
127. publr.com
128. uwcblog.com

Check out the below video to know more about Web 2.0.

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If you want to earn rewards from web 2.0 then here is the detailed guide on how to use it:

Write a proper bio on the social media sites

This is the foremost and important step of web 2.0 backlinks. This will give the social media presence to your website and company. So, every company should create their official page on such social media sites. While, creating the profile on social media sites make sure that you add relevant information about your company and should give the proper URL of the landing page of your website.

You should add atleast 100 words to your bio and should explain what is there in your company which sets you apart from the competitors. Also, many websites have their own integrated search engines, so they help their visitors when they are typing any keywords with the results. So, sprinkle your bio with the keyword atleast once in the bio.

But, this is not all you have to do; you have to continuously post on those social media pages because the visitors should not see only the blank page. So, start a website of your domain and then start posting content with the proper use of keywords. It will give you a better ranking than the excess backlinking.

Now create your personal profiles

Once, you have created your social media presence then start creating your own personal images on some websites like Quora or LinkedIn. These profiles should tell about your company but it should be on your real name. Also, the email address should be different than the email address used for registering into Analytics or Adsense because Google should not find the connection and penalize you.

Once all these are set up, then start including the profile links to the “About” section and anchor the text with the profile URLs. You can also anchor the keywords but don’t do much as it should be balanced strategy to get backlinks.

Create community posts

Once you are done with the first two steps it is now time to get into the communities which will help you for the branding. You should be inserting yourself into the community with some of the interesting content that will link back to your site. You can take five links for a week and even two promotional posts for a week.

So, start including the profile links to those websites with the URL of proper landing page and then start posting content. Then, it is more likely that you will get the visitors back to your website.

Conclusion: Best Free List of High Authority Web 2.0 Sites

So, start using web 2.0 properly and increase your social media presence. Try to understand the search engine algorithm which can adversely affect your ranking wither to boost up or to turn it down.

Web 2.0 backlinks are the future and it will remain in trend for the coming years as it is the white-hate SEO strategy for the people are using it properly. There are many SEO gurus who would suggest you how to use it in excess but it’s a bait and don’t fall for it. Everything has their own time and limit and let’s not cross it.

Do you have more high authority web 2.0 sites list 2018, then do share in the comments below. 

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