Top 10 Websites to Learn Web Designing

Which are the 9 websites to learn web designing from?

Web Designing is a complex process. It is not easy to learn it. One can claim proficiency in the field only after having learnt it from the best in the business. While there is no dearth of people out there who claim to be the best; those who are truly best are very few.

What is web designing?

In short web designing is a process that includes maintenance and production of websites. This term usually is used to describe the designing process and its broader meaning involves web engineering as well as web development. So it has been often observed that people work in teams and adhere to different departments while developing a website for this variety.

What about the 10 websites to learn web designing?

It is difficult to figure out the best from the worst. However, why worry when help is at hand.  Learning from these websites might take you places.

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Here is a list of 10 websites to learn web designing

1) Teamtreehouse


It is a team of professionals that will help you ace the following arenas of website designing –

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • UX
  • Sass

Even a layman is aware of the fact that competency in these areas will mean that he or she is a professional web designer. Hence, team tree house is definitely a good place to learn from.

2) W3Schools


This is another amazing website that not only helps you learn website design but also helps you get a certification in the end. Thus, you now have a proof of your skills. In fact, a certificate from is accepted at a large number of job openings and hence, you could also get a leeway after learning from It lets you practice what you have learnt and also lets you see how it looks like after you have entered the code. Hence, there is more potential out here for sure.



Doesn’t the name say it all? It teaches you how to build a website right from scratch. In fact, you could call it a dummy guide for building websites. Hence, if one has no idea about the ethics of coding then this is definitely one place where one could learn. There are a lot of customised courses on this one and they could come handy if you are only looking to learn a couple of things. They explain the core basic details of web design and hence, it is a good idea to turn to them.


It is no hidden fact that a web designing genius needs to be proficient in html and CSS. This website acquaints you with the nitty-gritty of both these languages. Hence, if you are serious about website design and are looking to make a profession out of it then is definitely a good choice.

It has neatly stacked lessons for each kind of design language and requirement. Hence, if you are looking for something particular then you can go check that too.

5) Codeacademy


Looking to learn it fast without investing a lot of money? is your answer. It claims to familiarise you with html and CSS in roughly about 7 hours. With more than 4 million students taking up the course, they couldn’t be lying. Moreover, it takes you stepwise and chapter wise and lets you track your success in each chapter. Thus, you know where you stand with respect to your lessons.

6) Udemy


This is a platform that plays with the approach rather than technique of learning. It offers independent and a wide-ranging course that looks forward to teach you a specific line of work. This means you can acquire a precise skill like CSS fundamentals and HTML5 while learning web development at this academy. You can access unlimited videos and it focuses on courses like Javascript, CSS, WordPress, and HTML.

7) Tuts Plus

tuts plus premium

This works in two ways like one that allows tutorials and motivates you as a self learner. The other way is like learning one distinct skill like web development. However you will have to subscribe for this with a monthly fee that makes a novice turn into a pro. This academy allows you to expand your knowledge and design really amazing websites once you graduate.



This is a learning platform that offers high standard training to novices in the best possible ways. It has one of the best of the lot tutorials that help you to learn on your own. This can certainly pave the way for becoming a great web designer some day for sure.

9) Khanacademy


Quite interestingly this was founded by an India actor named Salman Khan that is a non profit organization which imparts education to all. It primarily focuses on Science and Math, but it also offers education for varied other courses. Although it is good for learning Javascript, yet it can lend you a hand for HTML. It can really serve the purpose of learning web designing for beginners for free in an effortless manner.

There are many benefits of learning web designing be it on your own or may be from a trainer. It lets you learn everything on your own which means you will always keep yourself updated with the latest developments in this field as well. It has to be mentioned that this learning web designing would also indicate that have a concrete foundation about this line of business. Most of the successful people would suggest that formal learning is no longer required as you can learn it on your own these days without much of a problem!


Dev Opera caters articles for HTML5, JavaScript, SVG, CSS3 and other web technologies. Additionally, it also offers tutorials on Mobile, Add-Ons, and tv. Users can even share their knowledge with the community by submitting their own articles too.

 I hopw this list of top Websites to Learn Web Designing will give you a very good idea about from where learn web designing. Do you want to share any more  good resources regarding web designing.

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  1. Nice article. Web designing is an amalgamation of Art and Science where you need to be aware about how to do and what to do that will fetch desired results. Learning is a process which starts from knowing the concept, learning how to code and understanding client company’s requirement. In recent times, enterprise web content management systems like sitefinity CMS, Umbraco (Both .Net based), WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal (all PHP based) are in demand where a business gets power to take ownership of website. These CMSs allows to design a website and manage all the activities of a website through an easy to use admin console and thus along with designing, there is also a need to learn these system. There are various online resources along with Tuts plus and smashing magazine to guide you with CMS development process.

  2. Wow!!! All the websites seem to be effective resources to learn the web designing. Those who are new in web designing field will get much help from this post.

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