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      Everyone would like to work from home through blogging they can do it. If you have a dream to start your blog on WordPress then you can start your journey with entry-level shared hosting. After sometime you would like to get a good traffic in your site, and you will make good money through this.

      Sometimes it may happen that you hosting company will send you a mail saying that they “can’t handle the load of your site”. So in this case if you are non- technical blogger then, there is no need to be disappoint and feeling helpless. When your site gets huge traffic by pages view then you will be facing these type problems. Do take panic it is not a sign of problem, it’s your success and get relaxed if you are getting too much traffic on your site.

      The another thing which affects the limits of growth of a WordPress blog is the use of plugin. Plugins are the great things you should be using in WordPress.  If you are using too many WordPress plugins unnecessarily then, definitely it will take more time to load your site. These type of problems arises when a badly coded plugin is there.

      Your hosting has some technical limitations due to which you can not make most use of  plugins.

      A valid question may arise in your mind “what is the reason behind the limiting growth of your site”.  If this is the technology which is hindering your website growth then we shall be clearing all the confusion with this article. We have some great options available for high traffic WordPress site.

      Here I will be telling you some fabulous WordPress hosting companies that are handling high traffic-sites. All you have to do is spend some money over these hosting companies as these are not cheap like shared hosting. The range of cost is nearly $3-$10/month. But with this I am assuring you that these hosting companies will handle the growth of your site.

      Here we go-

      List of Best WordPress Hosting companies 2020 for High-Traffic:


      • Cloudways
      • Kinsta Managed Hosting
      • Bluehost
      • Doteasy


      1) Cloudways:

      cloudways managed wordpress hosting

      Cloudways is one of the most reliable managed hosting platforms. It allows users to host their WordPress websites on best-in-class cloud infrastructures like DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Vultr. The Cloudways Platform is intuitive for individuals to businesses who do know much about server or website management. Cloudways works as an extended team and takes all the technicalities, so they can focus on their businesses effectively.

      Regular server patching, OS upgradation, real-time monitoring, dedicated firewalls, multiple databases and PHP versions, unlimited staging URLs, server and website cloning, built-in MySQL manager, SSH/SFTP access, and many more. These are some of the services that you get with every server hosted on Cloudways Platform.

      Unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways offers you a pay-as-you-pricing model in which you only pay for the hosting resources you use. The starting pricing of a DigitalOcean droplet is $10 that includes, 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth.


      Pros of Cloudways:

      • Multiple cloud providers
      • 60+ data centers
      • Platform-level firewalls
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Server scalability
      • Automated backups
      • PHP 7-ready servers
      • PHP-FPM, HTTP/2
      • Free SSL certificates
      • CloudwaysCDN
      • CloudwaysBot
      • and others, see full list


      Cons of Cloudways:



      2) Kinsta Managed Hosting: Best Top WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Sites


      Kinsta Hosting


      This the type of Managed WordPress hosting services which manages the heavy hosting of WordPress sites. Kinsta hosting company is ruling the list and it is on the top because of few reasons. If you have some technical skills then you can go for the use of Nginx, HHVM, Redis and Memcache for modifying the blazing speed of your site.  It will load the site within 1 second.


      They will provide you technical assistance. The cost of entry level hosting plan starts with $100/month in result after the purchase you will be able to host 1 WordPress site. If we are talking about the Enterprises then they should opt the option of load balance with  $870/month. When you will have the load balance plan your website will never go down in any case of trafficking.




      You will get the customer support at any time. This is the time if you are looking for the best and reliable solution of your growing WordPress blog then, definitely you should go for the Kinsta Hosting.




      • SSD storage provided
      • Unlimited visits
      • 10 server locations
      • Excellent service quality
      • Free SSL
      • Staging





      • Entry level package starts with the $100/month


      You can go for this one if your WordPress blog is having heavy traffic.


      3) Bluehost:

      How to start a blog with bluehost

      Bluehost  is the second most popular option for hosting the high-traffic in WordPress blog. They will also provide unlimited visits and the service quality is really good. This will be affordable for the entry-level bloggers having low budget.

      You will be getting several plans to choose. You can just choose anyone of them according to your need. Have a look at the bandwidth column when you will be purchasing the different plans. There’s also a option through which you can add some additional bandwidth in the month.

       Check out Bluehost Review & Bluehost Coupons here



      • The support of WordPress multisite
      • You will get free site migration of 2 sites


      This one will be good for people who is in seek of limited budget.


      Web hosting and domain registration are the two most key elements that lay the foundation of a website or blog. While a web host provides the website a server that allows it to connect with the internet, a domain is simply the name of the website that will show in the URL. Basically, a website cannot exist without a name (Domain) and a medium to connect with the internet (Host server).

      So in all obviousness, it is important to choose a strong web hosting server and a reliable domain registrar to make sure that your website functions properly. There are countless companies in the market today that provide these services. They all are out with the same purpose but differ in their quality, service, and performance.

      Doteasy is one such web hosting company that has been in the market for nearly 2 decades now and has built a reputation of being one of the most trustable web hosting companies today. Here is a quick Doteasy Review 2020, giving you all the necessary information you need to know about it. 

      Doteasy Review 2020: Another WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Sites

      Doteasy is a Canadian web hosting company that was developed by the web hosting network Dotcom Bubble in 2001. The company was one of the first web hosting providers to offer free hosting that didn’t include banner ads on their customers’ websites.

      Doteasy Review- Web Hosting Domain Names

      Though it no longer offer any free hosting options, but has expanded drastically in the past 2 decades into providing a full suite of domain name services, web design options, easy-to-integrate apps for your site, and paid web hosting services.

      Highlight features

      Doteasy started off in 2001 as simply a company that offers free hosting, but today it has opened its wings to many other services like domain registration, web designing, etc. This kind of expansion definitely implies that they now offer a wide array of features and options that aid the proper functioning of their services.

      • WordPress pre-installed
      • Softaculous autoscript installer
      • Managed hosting
      • Shared hosting
      • Cloud hosting
      • SSL certificates
      • Automatic Backups
      • Email protection
      • Site building with Website.com
      • cPanel for easy site administration
      • MySQL databases
      • Domain forwarding

      Doteasy offers some add-ons and extras with your hosting packages that are pre-included or you can include by yourself, so that your plan meets your needs exactly.

      • Website Design
      • Managed hosting
      • WordPress
      • Softaculous
      • Email Protection
      • SSL Certificates
      • Automatic website backup
      • Domain name registration
      • Drupal


      Doteasy offers full-featured individual as well as shared hosting packages that are appropriate for users ranging from individual bloggers to small – to medium-sized businesses. You are even provided the option to add on the managed hosting option to whichever shared package you decide to purchase in case you need additional assistance with the hosting aspect of your website.

       Doteasy Review- Hosting Plans

      Doteasy also offers affordable cloud-based hosting options for those who need more features and services in their hosting package than what’s offered in the shared plans. Cloud hosting is very similar to VPS hosting and is a very popular option among web hosting resellers.

      Domain registration

      Doteasy today also specializes in selling domain names for extremely reasonable prices of as low as $5, along with domain name registration. You may choose to have a combination of both Doteasy hosting and domain for your website, or if you purchase only a domain with Doteasy or hosting. However, if you decide to cancel your hosting plan or move to another domain name registrar, you’ll have to pay Doteasy to cover the domain registration fees.

      Website designing with Doteasy

      Doteasy provides you with site building functionality partnered with the famous Website.com. Website.com offers one of the most use friendly site builders with a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to easily create a website. The site builder also provides easily customizable pre-built design templates.

       Doteasy Review- Website Builder

      Website.com’s site builder also allows for utmost page security with options to password-protected pages. Additional features also include

      • An advanced product catalog
      • Options to gather traffic-related patterns and data
      • Create custom forms (Email newsletter signups, etc.)

      Doteasy’s Starter shared hosting plan gives you access to the basic version of Site Builder. While you get access to the ultimate version of Site Builder offering a larger share of resources with either the Ultimate or Ultimate SSD plans.

       Doteasy Review- Hundreds Of Templates

      Apart from these, Doteasy also sells all-in-one web design packages. You can get up and running with a simple website at an affordable rate with the assistance of the in-house design team. You get to stay in regular contact with your designer to ensure that you get the site design just like you had imagined it to be.

       Doteasy Review- Pricing Of Website Builder

      Benefits of using Doteasy

      There are a bunch of advantages of using Doteasy hosting or domain services for your website. Here are a few handpicked benefits to tell you why you should try Doteasy.

      Email protection

      Every hosting plan that Doteasy offers comes with an advanced Email Protection System which you can purchase and add to your hosting package to protect the email addresses associated with your Doteasy-hosted site.

      The Email Protection System is an enterprise-level anti-spam system that allows individual users to customize their filter so as to prevent any virus or malware from entering your inboxes. This system is compatible with all Doteasy web hosting packages.

      SSL certificates

      SSL has become the standard connection for all websites, regardless of their purpose to prove that your site is secure. For this, you’ll need to prep your server, update the appropriate domain records, and obtain and install an SSL certificate.

      Doteasy is an authorized provider of SSL certificates, and the SSL certificates purchased through Doteasy come with free installation so you can purchase your certificates and hosting at the same time.

      Automatic site back ups

      Doteasy creates regular and automatic backups of your website database to make it easy to restore your files in the unlikely event of a website crash or if your website ever goes down. All Doteasy plans include automatic daily backups complete with multiple versions. This allows you to choose the particular version to restore.

      You even have the option of manually partially restoring just parts of your website instead of everything. This is an important feature if you wish to avoid overwriting particular work or data.

      Apart from these highlighted benefits, there is a basket full of advantages that you will have while using various tools and features of Doteasy. Some of these advantages are listed below.

      Cloud hosting benefits

      • Unlimited domain support
      • Unlimited subdomains
      • Unlimited MySQL databases
      • Unlimited FTP accounts
      • Unlimited e-mail accounts
      • WHM Admin Control Panel
      • Dedicated IP address

      Managed hosting benefits

      • Installation and upgrades to open-source apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
      • Changes to your site’s HTML source
      • Doteasy web tools and hosted applications set up
      • Customizable MySQL databases (Importing, exporting, and optimizing)
      • Automatic site backups
      • Email archiving
      • Log review
      • Installation of third-party SSL certificates
      • Data migration

      Reseller benefits

      • Softaculous licenses
      • Additional IP addresses
      • Backup services
      • SSL certificates
      • Domain name registrations and renewals

      Hosting plans

      The Shared hosting packages offered by Doteasy are packed with powerful features that are appropriate for small- to medium-sized businesses. You can even add on the managed hosting option to the shared package you decide to purchase. This comes in handy when you need additional assistance with the hosting aspect of your website.

      All the hosting plans offered by Doteasy are priced very reasonably and include everything you need to get your website up and running. The cheapest hosting plan Doteasy offers it the Starter Hosting plan.

      Starter Hosting Plan

      This is an ideal plan for newbies and personal bloggers as it offers a free domain name for your first year of service.

      • 1 GB disk storage space
      • 10 GB of data transfer
      • ~30 000 monthly visitors
      • Free SSL included
      • Ten email accounts
      • A MySQL database
      • Basic version of the Website.com Site Builder
      • Ten subdomains
      • Ten FTP accounts for file transfers to Doteasy’s servers

      Unlimited Hosting Plan

      Unlimited package is a significant upgrade if you need more than what the Starter package offers. This plan offers free domain name for lifetime of your contract with Doteasy, along with the following add-ons and unlimited features like:

      • Disk space
      • Data transfer
      • Email accounts
      • MySQL databases
      • ~300,000 monthly visitors
      • Ultimate version of Website.com Site Builder
      • Add-on domains
      • Subdomains
      • FTP accounts

      Unlimited SSD Hosting Plan

      The Unlimited SSD as the name suggests offers 100 GB solid-state drive (SSD) storage instead of unlimited hard disk storage space in the Unlimited package. Rest of the features offered in this package is similar to that of the Unlimited package.

      Customer Support:

      Doteasy Review- Award Winning Support

      Quick Links:

      Conclusion: Doteasy In Detailed Review

      Doteasy also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you decide that you aren’t satisfied with your hosting plan. You’ll get a refund if you cancel within 45 days of your purchase, but will be charged a processing fee.

      However, please note that the money-back guarantees are not applicable to accounts that are billed monthly and domain name purchases are non-refundable. We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your views about Doteasy right in the comment section below. Do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

      Over To You :  Best Top WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Sites 2020

      I am recommending you to use premium hosting for handling the high traffic over your website. Keep one thing in mind that WordPress is not limited to blogging, you can use it for many other purposes. Always consider all the facts like pricing, features and support before going for any plans and choose the right hosting for your site.

      You will feel a whole new and fast level of performance of your website. Just invest few more and go for Kinsta hosting.

      Let me know if you face any problems in choosing the right hosting in comment section we will sort it out. Do not hesitate to share it on all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.


      Recommended Hosting

      Super fast


      • Special Offer Pay As You Go
      • Reliable WordPress Hosting
      • Top Notch Customer Support
      • Fast & Convenient


      • Basic Technical Knowledge Required
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