TorGuard Anonymous VPN Review 2018: My VPN of choice

We all want privacy in our life, and it has become a necessity for our online activities too, we don’t want anyone snooping around in our internet search details. It is a big breach of privacy. A thought of someone watching all our internet activities is very creepy and uncomfortable. But the sad truth is search engines, social networking websites and the Government agencies track each and everything we do on the Internet.

This is why the majority of internet users are opting for VPN services to protect their privacy and to keep them safe against any hacker attack and data theft.


TorGuard Anonymous VPN Review 2018: My VPN of choice

Today, where there are tons of websites providing VPN service, I am writing this review of one of the best VPN service providers TorGuard.


  • Free anonymous email
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • no logs – complete privacy
  • Unlimited number of server switching
  • No DNS leaks
  • Consider that you can use it up to 5 different computers (share among your friends)
  • You can use it on your mobile (custom Android app, root not necessary) or iPad
  • Premium customer support that you will fall in love with
  • Lots of servers around the world (new servers being added all the time)
  • you can use premium VPN clients (that usually cost money; Viscosity) totally free
  • Every VPN account includes PGP webmail for free
  • No throttling of your speeds
  • Bypass geo restrictions (watch Hulu and Netflix from outside US, etc.)
  • 7 days money back guarantee


  • Complicated website
  • No free trial

TorGuard review homepage

TorGuard provides Proxy servers and Proxy services for the BitTorrent/ UTorrent users who need basic security while sharing files peer-2-peer. TorGuard supports Socks5http, with the help of its 100 servers they re-route the traffic through various proxy IPs spread across 5 countries which guarantees anonymity and keeps your identity concealed.

They have over 1200 servers located in more than 40 countries, along with unlimited bandwidth, high speed servers and top notch customer support; they also offer free anonymous email which can prove to be very handy. Keep reading to find out more about TorGuard.

Lets take a look at some of TorGuard’s features

Privacy and Security

TorGuard review privacy

TorGuard has a strict policy against keeping any sort of logs related to their customers. They do not keep any record of your internet browsing and downloads. Even if there is a court order or DMCA takedowns, they do not provide any information. However, they do keep your billing address, which you can avoid giving them by paying them through bitcoins.

Firewall rules give them liberty to immediately block the source of any sort of spams and DMCA takedown orders. They put an end to any sort of violation within a day or less, they offer 256-bit, openVPN encryption, which is the best level of security for any users.

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Anonymous Email

TorGuard review email

This is one of the best features of TorGuard, you can create an anonymous email-id, and these email-ids are protected under G/PGP encryption and have offshore email storage. You get 10MB of storage with the free service, if you want unlimited storage then don’t worry, you can get it for $4.16 per month with annual billing and $5.33 per month with quarterly billing.

TorGuard review email plan

An anonymous email can prove to be a great asset, especially if you are concerned about your privacy, security and anonymity. You can use it to sign-up with websites on which you want to maintain your anonymity.

>>>Don’t Risk Your Online Privacy. Go Stealth with TorGuard

BitTorrent Proxy

TorGuard review why bittorrent

It is a 100% anonymous plan provided by TorGuard, it is for the users who share files through BitTorrent. This plan gives its customers an option to upload and share files through torrent safely. It will help you maintain anonymity and stay out of trouble; TorGuard redirects traffic to you through an anonymous setup to more than 40 proxies IP’s located in four different countries. They will provide you with guides from which you can learn to configure the uTorrent/BitTorrent, Vuse clients and for popular web browsers, various iOS devices and Skype.

TorGuard review bittorrent plan

Though socks5 is not pre-encrypted, so if you want more than just hiding your IP while using BitTorrent then I strongly recommend you to use VPN too, it will guarantee an added layer of security and protection. If the connection with TorGuard is lost while browsing the internet, then you don’t have to worry, this feature will keep your device safe. You can avail this service for $5.95 per month.

>>>Don’t Risk Your Online Privacy. Go Stealth with TorGuard

VPN router store

TorGuard review router stor

This is a genius move by TorGuard, instead of buying a router and then configuring it for making it secure, private and safe. They offer pre-configured routers that have been pre-flashed with Tomato or DD-WRT firmware and configured according to TorGuard VPN. You can connect multiple devices to these routers and access internet from them safely.

TorGuard review pre flashed routers

Flashing a router with Tomato or DD-WRT firmware is not as easy as it sounds; you need an in-depth technical knowledge to carry out this configuration. Not everyone has these technical knowledge and skill, and hiring someone to make these configurations can prove to be really expensive. This is why I appreciate this move by TorGuard, these routers are a great help for people who don’t have tech geeks. Just buy it, plug it, and use it.

SSH Tunnelling

SSH tunnelling may not be the best option available in the market, but they can prove effective for an end to end user, it creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the SSH server, it helps in successfully masking your actual IP address.

Anonymous VPN

TorGuard review why anonymous VPN

This is one of the best options; it guarantees anonymity, safety and privacy. If you want to conceal your identity, protect your devices from any sort of a Trojan attack and data theft, then opting for an anonymous VPN is the best way to do it.

TorGuard’s anonymous VPN plan includes unlimited speed and bandwidth, and with the help of more than 1200 servers spread across over 42 countries, there anonymous VPN service supports all major protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TO, ipsec, SSTP, Ikev2.

TorGuard review anonymous VPN

Their monthly subscription will cost you $9.99 per month. Unlike other VPN service providers who have only 3 plans, TorGuard offers 4 plans monthly, 3 months, semi- annual and annual. Their annual plan being the cheapest as it costs only $4.99 per month. Their 3 month plan costs $19.99 and semi-annual plan costs $29.99.

>>>Don’t Risk Your Online Privacy. Go Stealth with TorGuard

TorGuard review mdthods of payment

They have over 80 options through which you can make a payment; you can make payments through any big debit or credit cards (American Express, Mastercard and Vise). Bitcoin is the most viable option for the customer who is extra conscious about their privacy.

Customer Support

TorGuard review customer supports

A good customer support is something on which every business runs, if the quality of your customer support is bad then your business will never excel, a good customer support will always bring you more customers. And I guess this is what the mantra of TorGuard is. They offer 24/7/365 service, doesn’t matter if its weekend, Christmas or New Years Eve, you can always reach out to TorGuard’s customer support team to get your issue resolved.

Their customer support team is very knowledgeable, experienced and patient. TorGuard offers customer support via live chat option available on their website, you can also raise a ticket, to which they reply within few hours, there is also a phone number on which you can give them a call and talk to an agent.Follow  them on Twitter.

TorGuard review knowledge base

They have vast volumes of information available on the FAQ page where you can find answers to most common queries. They also have a bunch of step-by-step tutorials available on their website; you can learn about VPN and various things from these sections.

>>>Don’t Risk Your Online Privacy. Go Stealth with TorGuard

Torguard Android App

TorGuard VPN Android Apps on Google Play 1TorGuard VPN Android Apps on Google PlayTorGuard VPN Android Apps on Google Play 2

How to Setup TorGuard VPN on Android

Conclusion : TorGuard Anonymous VPN Review 2018: My VPN of choice

TorGuard review testimonials

If you are looking for a reliable, safe, fast and easy to use VPN service, then TorGuard is the one for you. It gives you freedom of sharing files online and carry out your activities on torrent safely and anonymously. They have over 1200 servers spread across over 42 countries which guarantee high speed; they provide unlimited bandwidth to all their customers and support all major protocols.

TorGuard review testimonial

They give you an option to connect 5 different devices at once, which is rare among VPN service providers. Their pre-flashed routers are a blessing for users who are not well versed with various configuration methods.

TorGuard is also compatible with various OS and devices. On top of all that they offer free anonymous email and 7 days money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with their service then you can ask them to return your money within 7-days of purchase. Availability of all these features makes TorGuard one of the most desirable VPN service providers.

>>>Don’t Risk Your Online Privacy. Go Stealth with TorGuard

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