AffiliateWP Vs Trackier 2024: Which One Is The Best? (OUR PICK)



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AffiliateWP is an astounding plugin for WordPress that manages your affiliates. It is easy to go the affiliate marketing tool that helps you to flouri

Trackier utilizes media networks, companies, and brands by personalized quality advertising tools to control publisher relationships.

  • All about Reporting the real-time.
  • Generating the referral links.
  • Extra data can be sent to CSV.
  • Complete integration.
  • The real-time data.
  • The pay-out which is GEO based.
  • Detection of the fraud.
  • API that is a 2 way.
  • It has an amazing amount of integrations.
  • It offers limitless affiliates.
  • Offers to trace the affiliate coupon.
  • It generates the affiliate automatically.
  • Provides robust security.
  • This software is worth your money.
  • Also has a lot of integrations.
  • It delivers customization that is advanced in nature.
  • The pricing is really high and expensive.
  • The device that supports sis only Web-Based.

In this post, we have featured AffiliateWP Vs Trackier comparison that includes an in-depth comparison between these affiliate networks.

Are you tired of baffling encounters utilizing other untrustworthy systems as of now in the market and want one that you can trust and love?

Both Trackier and AffiliateWP are performance marketing software that helps to promote and grow business by checking for fraud affiliates, to trace, administer, enhance, and analyze ad campaigns. 

The job of this two software is to remove the burden and stress from your head so that you can concentrate on expanding your business and not worry about affiliate marketing.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Overview

About AffiliateWP:

AffiliateWP is an astounding plugin for WordPress that manages your affiliates. It is easy to go the affiliate marketing tool that helps you to flourish and make more money.

It was founded by Pippin Williamson and co-founded by Andrew Munro around 2014 as an aim to offer other businesses with a high standard platform, an instinctive and self-reliable system for WordPress to manage the affiliates.

 Trackier Vs AffiliateWP - AffiliateWP

This platform is designed for anyone to use it. There is no need to have the technical skills to design an affiliate on AffiliateWP.

It has provided many features to its users that make it very easy for them to manage their affiliates in a few clicks. It will help them to promote their services and products to their customers through it.

These features are a plus factor to this platform in its performance and security. In recent days, AffiliateWP has become the most trustworthy plugin for affiliates based on WordPress.

You can not just create, but you can manage the affiliate program registration, recruitment, commissions, and track referrals.

About Trackier:

Trackier utilizes media networks, companies, and brands by personalized quality advertising tools to control publisher relationships.

It checks the affiliate line, detects fraud advertisements, automates the performance, creates and measure campaigns, and also offers a smart link.

 Trackier Vs AffiliateWP - Trackier

Trackier management contains: Faizan Ayubi is the Co-founder and a CEO, Udit Verma as a CMO, and Hemant Mann the CTO.

Initially, Trackier’s name was native but it got rebranded by February 2019.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Key Features

1. Affiliate Management

It is basically a procedure to develop and grow a medium of different marketers that would drive traffic to your business, store, and much more.

It has majorly 3 important key points: that are affiliate programs, network, and various managers.


It allows and enables you to edit through different affiliate accounts, you can regulate the affiliate registration, view the reports, and also the top money-making affiliates.


Affiliate manager hires the affiliates, managing the designs, does negotiation of different deals, and make sure that it gets paid.


There is not much of a difference right here as both of the software do provide great affiliate management. 

2. Affiliate Tracking

The affiliate tracking system is used to track the reference, referral, or sponsorship received by one individual or company to buy amenities or goods from a certain person or business.


Even on different servers that aggressively practice caching it still is able to trace the affiliate referrals consistently.


You could trace down referrals and your commission sales that are offered by your affiliates and maximize your revenues or traffic.


The only point in which AffiliateWP beats Tracker here is “aggressive caching” as Trackier might not be able to provide that and would work basically like any other tracking software out there.

3. Banner Management

It is a sort of a program that lets you coordinate the various banners you have in your online store and evaluate their success.

It is a kind of extension for the online purchase you have as it is a strong medium for you to communicate with your clients or customers. And with its help, you can put out a word regarding special sales or offers or any discount that you might want to make it public.

Both the AffiliateWP and Trackier have known to put out great banners among their sites to attract the audience to make them view and buy their software. 


they have a great plug-in within the WordPress site to add creative and innovative banners. 

These are preconfigured diverse types of banners and devices that clients may use to market their products or services in a simple way.

But instead of forcing affiliates to set up their specific banner pictures and even some affiliate hyperlinks, you should simply make it much simpler for all of them to bring together a series of pre-fabricated banner examples of different sizes or text inks that can conveniently be linked to their own web pages or email alerts.

Recently, a new party called Sebastien Dumont has developed a new extension that certainly creates an associate banner to the site via widgets.


They also have some of the primary features but lack in varieties of the banner ideas compared to AffiliateWP. In the customization options, you can modify the network with various dashboards that are available.


The only verdict according to me would be that Trackier still lacks some tools when it comes to creativity and most importantly AffiliateWP came up with a new extension to make it simpler which was more innovative than the Trackier.

But for first-time users, Tracker can also be a great option.

4. Commission Management

Commission management tools would be operated to personally inspire selling teams, enabling them to track their reward received in real-time.

In the old days, the reps of the sales would also spend virtual banking time to measure their own fee to ensure that their transactions are alright.

The successful commission management tool tells the sales reps that how often they earned the whole month, what it turns into in aspects of revenue profits, and how certain commission enhances their total salary plan and compensation mix.

AffiliateWP and Trackier both have a great commission management system according to customer review AffiliateWP has a far wider approach when in comparison to Trackier.

Features of AffiliateWP:

1. All about Reporting the real-time- you can monitor affiliate-referred trips, transfers, revenues, and transactions of affiliates in a timely-manner, deprived of hesitation.

2. Generating the referral links- many links can be formed with respect to the affiliates mostly via affiliate field with the designed-in originator.

AffiliateWp: Statistics

3. Extra data can be sent to CSV- transfer the data of the associate and referral to the CSV folder for the modeling, billing, and financial liabilities. 

4. It is ready for performance- strongly verified and designed with the pace of mind, AffiliateWP works perfectly across all pages from a very smaller to a larger scale and also amid it.

5. Complete integration- it assimilates with the famous plug-ins like:


  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Ninja forms
  • Gravity
  • Zippy courses
  • WooCommerce
  • LifterLMS
  • iTheme exchange
  • WP-invoice
  • MarketPress
  • Shopp
  • Jigoshop
  • S2Member
  • Caldera Forms

6. Customizable Emails- Admin email, acceptance and denial of affiliated implementation, ongoing affiliate applications, and new notices of referrals.

AffiliateWP - Affiliate Area

7. Rest API- AffiliateWP provides a comprehensive read-only API at rest as well as a pro-add on, expanded API including CRUD operations.

8. Affiliate URLs- select useful links or the ones that are not nice. It can utilize its special Affiliate ID or username for WordPress in URLs.

Referral URL Generator- AffiliateWP

9. Set the Expiration for the Cookie- you can select according to how many times the cookies for referral monitoring will be active for.

10. It is fully Internationalized- it is able to traduce to your dialect/language. Translations are just as often invited!

Features of Trackier:

1. The real-time data- the analytics of real-time shows the evidence throughout that is trustable. The customs that are build estimates from every study and file comparable results for potential guidance.

The Real Time Data

2. The pay-out which is GEO based- sets the publishers payment to the campaign depending on the targeting GEO package.

3. Detection of the fraud- ignore the theft or fraud. The in-house malware identification system evaluates the traffic in real-time and defends you completely for all from the malware or the swindles.

Detection Report

4. API that is a 2 way- it helps users to interact and connect the features of the Trackier with the other software.


5. For the offline campaigns: uploading to CSV- import the CSV file and perform the more in-depth analysis for fascinating insights into projects that are offline.

Performance Report

6. A smart link- Smart Link is through which you can transfer some network and device networks to various fields of organization, services, or legal transactions.

Smart Link

7. Different integrations- it has various connections


  • Commerce store for CPS Tracking
  • Tag manager by google
  • AppsFlyer
  • Adjust
  • Shopify 
  • Magento
  • PayPal 
  • Apsalar
  • 100+ AdNetworks
  • Appatribution
  • Tune
  • Kochava
  • DoubleClick
  • WordPress

8. A white label- build developers and marketers to boost the protection of monitoring and avoid invalid app conversions.

9. Give the power to enter/access- you could accept and allow entry to the deals remotely.

There are three permission modes available: permission from the community, confidentiality, and demands.

10. Multi-level marketing- it is a form of specific domestic legal agreement where only voluntary representatives sell products or management via a company to something like the start of the client.

The phased outlook refers to the ability of each member to pick or train various clients to move in the company and earn a fee on the contracts with their reps.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Pricing Plans


affiliate price

1. Personal Subscription- To reap the advantages of the Personal version and access to the basic features you have to pay  $149/year. This is the lowest rate that AffiliateWP offers.

With this basic version, you get all the core features. You also get 17 free official add-ons, plug-ins updates, and email support for a single website. If you are a little doubtful and yet you are determined to try a website builder, this is the best price you can go for.

2. Plus Subscription- With plus subscription at the rate of $199/year you enjoy the features of the Basic version for up to three sites.

This does not have any new features or add-ons though if you want to keep your work simple yet extensive you can certainly go for this.

3. Professional Subscription- This is the most popular subscription among the clients of Affiliate WP. It empties only $ 299/year from your pockets and wrenches out the best for your business. With the initial 17 add-ons, you also get 14 pro-add-ons.

If any they launch any new add-on you will not have to pay a penny extra for it. You get all the Personal version features for unlimited sites. This version has proven to be most indigenous to the users for versatility.

4. Ultimate Subscription- For reaping the best long term benefits you can choose the advanced subscription at the price of $499/year.

The key feature for this subscription is that it comes with lifetime plug-in updates and email support. In the long run, the sum of money invested is completely extracted through business profits.


it offers a basic package and actually offers monthly as well as annually:

Trackier- Pricing

1. Pro- is at $299 per month

  • It supports email
  • Provides with limitless campaigns and certain users
  • It has an importer which is automated
  • The interface of ad and publisher
  • Provides conversions over 10000
  • And additional can be bought at $0.018/conversions
  • It has great tracking (impression-based)

2. Agency- is at $499 per month

  • It supports all features that are pro.
  • Has conversions over 40000.
  • Provides great upkeep on integrations that are API based.
  • Has page landing and various optimization based on smart links.
  • And additional can be bought at $0.016/conversions.

3. Enterprise- a pricing custom

  • It has limitless conversions.
  • Delivers support through skype and email.
  • Has the features of all the agencies.
  • Offers distinct conversion pricing.
  • Has various 3rd party tools amalgamation or tracing.
  • The account manager is available too.
  • And lastly supports numerous languages.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Customer Services


As you can see from the above clips, they provide a lot of customer help.

Firstly, when you click on GET SUPPORT a page opens leading to you an open form kind of as seen in picture 1 where you give your contact information, write down the complaint, or the help you want and they will shortly reply to you back personally.

And if you click on GET HELP FROM KNOWLEDGE BASE then various articles on particular topics are shown like in pictures 2,3,4 and 5, respectively. 

Plus, they have plenty of FAQs on their website which helps the customers or the client to get help on a particular issue.

They also have various email and contacts available.


On their official website, they provide with a various email address and two contact numbers

+91-9958636988 and +91-7838453187 respectively and have unique buttons namely

Support Team and Marketing Team where you contact the team head and sort out your queries.

They have mentioned the head offices based in Delhi, Noida, and the USA. So, any customer can walk in and get to know more about it 

They also provide a DEMO so that clients sort of getting the hang of it before purchasing.

Verdict- AffiliateWP provides a lot more customer service options when compared to Trackier so here the winner should be AffiliateWP.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Smart Score & User Satisfaction

AffiliateWP smart score is 8.7 and it has a user satisfaction of 100%.

Whereas the smart score of Trackier is 9.1 and its user satisfaction is 90%.

The Thing Lacking

There is no multi-level marketing in AffiliateWP and neither it had a fraud detector. Which is quite a sad thing because it had everything else.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Available Devices

AffiliateWP is available on 

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Web-based

Trackier is available on only Web-based. It doesn’t support Windows or MAC

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Ease of use


the monitoring of the associate is simple and clear. It prevents a lot of resources to encode a device, rendering it a convenient option among the consumers.

Installation and the setup of this device are as seamless. Essentially, that would be a very advanced and stable platform for the other clients surpassing the standards.


The apps are really strong, and it is quite convenient for using, for campaign publishing, posting, and accounting, etc.

The platform interface is really simple to use and it is smartphone friendly.

Verdict- we have given you the information. There cannot be a clear winner here.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Pros & Cons



  • It has an amazing amount of integrations.
  • It provides the precise tracing of the affiliates.
  • It is really a developer-friendly software.
  • It offers limitless affiliates.
  • Has great customer support and service.
  • Offers to trace the affiliate coupon.
  • It generates the affiliate automatically.
  • Delivers a reporting that is real time-based. 


  • The pricing is really high and expensive.



  • It delivers customization that is advanced in nature.
  • Provides robust security.
  • This software is worth your money.
  • Trackier has a live pool tracker that delivers the reporting on-the-go.
  • Also has a lot of integrations.


  • The upsetting thing about the Trackier is that the device that supports sis only Web-Based.
  • You cannot use it on MAC, Windows, or your desktop.

AffiliateWP Vs Trackier: Testimonials


AffiliateWP- Testimonials



Trackier - Testimonials


✔What are the main differences between AffiliateWP and Trackier?

AffiliateWP is primarily a WordPress plugin, designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress websites. Trackier, on the other hand, is a standalone affiliate marketing platform with more advanced features.

👉Can we transfer both Trackier and AffiliateWP in our own language?

Yes with the right plug-ins you can actually transfer both the Trackier and AffiliateWP into your language. They are both easy to use.

👀Which one provides a better detection against theft or fraud?

Trackier provides the recognition against any kind of swindle, theft, or fraud as compared to AffiliateWP.

❓Does both of the software provide free-trail and 30-day money-back guarantee?

Yes both the software provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. But AffiliateWP does not provide a Free-Trial as Trackier.

👍Which platform is better for beginners?

For beginners or those with simple affiliate marketing needs, AffiliateWP may be a better choice due to its ease of use and integration with WordPress.

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Conclusion: AffiliateWP Vs Trackier 2024

Choosing between AffiliateWP and Trackier depends on your needs.

AffiliateWP is great for those using WordPress who want something easy for smaller programs.

Trackier is better for bigger businesses that need to track more details and manage different campaigns.

The best choice depends on what you need for your business to grow.


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