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All affiliates are forced to follow trends, choose offers, and whitelist widgets. Actually, there is no such things as “instant money” button, you win and make money only if you do optimization of your campaigns permanently. Many marketers are choosing tier 1 countries to promote their offers just because of higher payouts. On the one hand, this is a very legitimate aspiration, but on the other hand you have to set higher bids. You pay more for the traffic, then you start to pay more for the leads, and only bits and pieces are left of your”golden” payouts.

Should I pay my attention to other GEOs? Our answer is definitely – yes, this traffic should be tested, especially if you have well-paying offers and unusual geos.

Automation, insights – everything can be useful for the affiliate. “Traffic Insights” is a relatively new feature in MGID‘s native advertising network. To avoid guessing which GEO or tactic to choose, look at three tables in MGID dashboard: Hot Opportunities, Low Competition, Best Performing.

Mgid review MGID traffic insights

Having studied them, you can estimate the budget for the test and optimization, avoid running your campaigns blindfolded, and then adjust the bids as you run your campaign.

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Also, using Traffic Insights tool you will be able to check which GEO has low competition, and you can literally buy a lot of traffic for a penny. Inside, you can find all info in the description – just hover over the title of the tab.

mgid review

What objections can there be? Well, for example, that teasers for unusual geos require exotic languages ​​and in general, take more time. Nobody said that it would be easy 🙂

But we promise on the our way – it is going to be the child’s play. If you are willing to spend more than $ 500 to buy traffic for your offers you will have access to:

  1. a) an account manager who will optimize campaigns carefully;
  2. b) custom teasers and landing pages. You can forget the language issue, just leave it to MGID creative department.

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