Trezor Model One Review 2023: Is Trezor Model One Still Safe?

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Ease of Use
User friendly


  • Option affordable and secure
  • A device that is lightweight, tiny, and inconspicuous
  • Over 1000+ supported coins
  • Extremely secure hardware gadget with concealed wallets as an option.


  • No support for certain currencies (e.g., ADA, XRP, EOS, XTZ, MXR)

Trezor One is the most popular and cheapest hardware bitcoin wallet presently supplied by Trezor. The hardware wallet is intended first and foremost to keep your cash safe from criminal actors seeking to steal your Bitcoin.

Price:$ 69

Looking For Unbiased Trezor Model One Review? I’ve Got You Covered.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, but storing them can be difficult.

Like most people, you probably don’t want to store your bitcoin on an exchange where it could be hacked or stolen. You also don’t want to keep them on your computer, where they could be lost if your hard drive crashes.

The Trezor Model One is the perfect solution for storing your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a hardware wallet that is very secure and easy to use.

What Is The Trezor Model One?

Trezor One is the most popular and cheapest hardware bitcoin wallet presently supplied by Trezor. The hardware wallet is intended first and foremost to keep your cash safe from criminal actors seeking to steal your Bitcoin.

It has numerous security measures, but the most essential is that it saves your private keys in a different environment to guarantee that the money will not be compromised even if your device is linked to a computer infected with malware.

What Is The Trezor Model One: Trezor Model One Review

On top of this, the Trezor Password Manager helps maintain online credentials and utilizing Trezor as a security token allows you to safeguard your online accounts using U2F. This gadget is a cheap alternative to maintain security for everyone who possesses cryptocurrencies.

The Trezor Model One supports over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, including tokens like Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, EOS, Ethereum, Dash, Binance, Bitcoin, and many more.

Trezor One is packaged straightforwardly. To guarantee no sign of manipulation, the package is wrapped in plastic foil and covered with tamper-evident holograms. If the hologram seems broken, the gadget may be returned to the manufacturer.

The package includes the gadget, a USB cord, a lanyard, quick-start instructions, a recovery seed card, and four stickers. The benefit of this gadget is its portability and simplicity.

(Trezor Model T, an enhanced and premium version of Trezor One, may be a better alternative if you like elegant anesthetics.) The item is fashioned from a lightweight yet very robust plastic. It has a tiny display, two buttons, and a USB port.

Trezor Model One Security

I indicated from the opening that the Trezor One had a single significant selling factor. “What is it?” you inquire. It is the impeccable security track record of SatoshiLabs.

According to Crypto Vantage, Ledger had a data breach in July of 2020, which impacted 272,000 clients. As a consequence, unscrupulous actors delivered consumers counterfeit wallets in a phishing scam that compromised the victims’ cryptocurrency.

Thankfully, customers’ Ledger devices were undamaged, but the hack left a foul taste in the mouths of cryptocurrency investors. Since launching Model One in 2014, SatoshiLabs, on the other hand, has not encountered any hacks.

Trezor Model One Security

The Trezor Model One is the most acceptable option for those who want to secure their online wallet (e.g., MetaMask).

The most widespread myth concerning crypto wallets is that they may “save” digital assets after they have been transferred from an online exchange or wallet, although this is not always the case.

For instance, if you acquire Ethereum, the blockchain will record that transaction (a distributed, public ledger). It informs others, “Hey, Tim just purchased $500 worth of ETH from Coinbase at 8 p.m. on Sunday!” The blockchain also stores information on the “location” of your ETH.

If your ETH is stored in your Coinbase Wallet, the blockchain is “aware” of this fact. How? Your Coinbase Wallet has a public address (a string of alphanumeric characters) recorded on the blockchain (you can see the most recent ETH transactions on Etherscan).

What occurs when you “transfer” your Bitcoin to a new cryptographic hardware wallet? No, it does not teleport from the blockchain to your Trezor. In actuality, it never leaves the blockchain.

You only notify the blockchain that your Bitcoin now “resides” at a Trezor-supported address. This address requires physical authorization for Bitcoin transactions (as opposed to using a virtual UI that can be hacked). Let me clarify.

Suppose you have Ethereum in the Google Chrome plugin MetaMask. You can transfer ETH to a buddy by clicking on the virtual buttons on MetaMask. The problem, though, is that online wallets are more vulnerable to hacking.

Malicious actors can hijack your browser and move your valuable coins to their wallets. Suppose you drive your digital assets to a Trezor-supported address.

In that case, it becomes almost difficult for hackers to steal your cryptocurrency since they would be forced to confirm transactions using your actual crypto hardware wallet. Unfortunately, they do not own your Trezor Model One; you do.

Setting Up Trezor Model One: How I Set Up the Trezor Model One

After unpacking Trezor, the first step is to download Trezor Suite. I visited the website and quickly downloaded the application on my machine.

After downloading the Trezor Suite app, I launched it and attempted to connect my Trezor Model One. This was a simple step, but I encountered my first problem here.

The Micro USB cable was connected to the bottom of the Trezor Model One gadget, and the other end was inserted into my USB port. Nothing occurred.

I attempted to push the device’s buttons without success. I have tried disconnecting and rejoining it, as well as a different USB port, but to no avail.

Several options are displayed after clicking the ‘Still don’t see your Trezor?’ button in the Trezor Suite app. Using a different Micro USB cable that I had lying around, I got the device to function. This is a poor starting point, as some users may not have a spare Micro USB cable on hand; I hope this is not a common problem.

After eventually connecting the Trezor device to Trezor Suite, I was required to set up a PIN (up to 9 digits) and establish a new wallet, along with a 24-word backup of the recovery seed. Ensure that these words are correctly written and in the correct sequence, and do not save them online. Utilize both of the recovery seed cards contained in the package.

Record the 24-words on each of the two cards, and keep them in two geographically different and safe areas so that you do not lose access to your cash if you lose one of the cards or if your home burns down (fingers crossed)

. Once your Trezor Suite has been configured, you may verify your backup recovery seed to confirm that you have typed down all the words legibly and accurately before putting cash into your wallet.

After making the backups, my wallet was ready to use with only a few more clicks. Choosing which currencies to activate on your wallet is one of the procedures.

In Trezor Suite, you can also modify this setting later on. You will see that the Trezor Model One does not support XRP. However, the Trezor Model T does. You may have noticed that Trezor Model T promises to support over 1000 currencies, although there are fewer than 20.

This is because the vast majority of supported currencies are ERC-20 tokens. To activate ERC-20, select Ethereum inside Trezor Suite and add the coins. 


Why Do I Recommend Trezor Model One?

There are numerous benefits to using the Trezor Model One. Continue reading to discover some of the top features of this hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

1. 128×64 px OLED screen:

The screen on the Trezor Model One is small and can display up to six lines of text. This allows you to confirm and double-check any transactions displayed on the Trezor Suite app, ensuring that you authenticate the correct request.

2. Excellent security, including hidden wallets:  

The Trezor Model One is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that enables offline storage of digital asset keys. You should not worry about someone hacking your crypto exchange, phone, or computer and stealing your private keys.

There is no way to access your crypto without physical access to your Trezor device or the recovery seed phrase, making viruses and keyloggers irrelevant (which should never be stored digitally or online).

There is even the optional additional security of using a password-protected hidden wallet on your Trezor Model One. Even if someone obtains your recovery seed phrase, they cannot access your hidden wallet without your password.

3. Buy, sell, swap, or transfer cryptocurrency quickly:  

You can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly from your wallet via the Trezor Suite app. You select the amount you wish to buy or sell and are presented with several options, as depicted in the image below.

You can choose from various service providers that accept multiple payment methods and charge varying rates and fees.

If you wish to exchange one coin for another, you can do so easily within the app. Additionally, you may transmit or spend any coin saved in your Trezor wallet.

4. Tamper-resistant packaging to ensure the integrity of your wallet:

The Trezor Model One is packaged in a cardboard box glued shut, sealed with two tamper-resistant stickers containing holograms, and then filled in plastic by the manufacturer.

Since it is impossible to reseal the packaging undetected, you can rest assured that your Trezor device is untouched and factory-fresh.

5. Cheap wallet – € 69 only:

It is essential to safeguard your digital assets, but the cost of hardware wallets deters some users. The Trezor Model One solves this problem by making offline storage accessible to all investors.

The device can be purchased for only € 69, a nominal cost to protect your valuable cryptocurrency.

6. A small and lightweight device that is simple to conceal:

The Trezor Model One is a compact, lightweight device that fits easily in a pocket or bag. This means you may carry it with you without people knowing your bitcoin. The image below depicts the size of the gadget in contrast to a keyboard.

7. Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux, and Android:

The Trezor Model One is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, so you should have no trouble connecting your wallet to any computer. Android users may relate to their Trezor using their mobile device.

8. Support for nearly a thousand distinct coins:

The Trezor Model One is compatible with over 1,000 unique coins. In addition to the significant currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, ETH enables access to over a thousand ERC-20 coins. To add ERC-20 coins, go to Accounts > ETH > Coins and add the necessary currency.

Pros & Cons: Trezor Model One

Trezor Model One Pros:

  • Option affordable and secure 
  • A device that is lightweight, tiny, and inconspicuous
  • Extremely secure hardware gadget with concealed wallets as an option.
  • Purchase, sell, exchange, and transfer cryptocurrencies immediately from the wallet.
  • Over 1000+ supported coins

Trezor Model One Cons:

  • No support for certain currencies (e.g., ADA, XRP, EOS, XTZ, MXR)

FAQs On Trezor Model One Review

Is Trezor Model One still safe?

True, it is. The most acceptable characteristics of the Trezor One bitcoin hardware wallet are its high level of security and its step-by-step setup, buying, and exchange of assets support. Numerous Trezor One reviews emphasize the wallet's reasonable price.

Is the Trezor Model One good?

True, it is. The Trezor Model One is a good crypto hardware wallet for offline storage of digital assets. With a reasonable price point, support for over one thousand coins, and interoperability with all desktops and Android devices, it is a gadget I would suggest to anybody considering purchasing a hardware wallet.

What crypto does Trezor One support?

Bitcoin testnet, NEM, UBIQ, Expanse, Etherum Classic, Etherum (+ all ERC20 coins), Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin, are supported by Trezor Model One.

Is Trezor safe?

Trezor and Ledger have created user-friendly and secure hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrency. Both provide access to bitcoin exchanges and support hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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Conclusion: Trezor Model One Review 2023

Trezor is compatible with the majority of wallets. Their website provides a list of software wallets compatible with it.

The Model One has one redeeming quality; however: passphrases are permitted. Not all hardware wallets have this capability (but most cryptocurrency devices do). A challenging aspect of selecting a passphrase is that it must be secure and memorable.


Although not compatible with every dapp or cryptocurrency, the Trezor Model One is nevertheless a helpful hardware wallet. Check Trezor’s compatibility with other cryptocurrencies if you want to use this wallet.

Similar to dapps. Many decentralized exchanges are compatible with the device. When connecting your hardware wallet to most DEXs, the Trezor wallet may join immediately without needing an additional wallet application.

After all this, I would recommend Trezor Model One. The price of the Trezor Model One is just EUR 69. Get it today.

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