Types Of Contests Using ShortStack 2024

Would you like to host a contest on your Facebook page but don’t know where to start? Check out the different types of contests that can be hosted using ShortStack. From photo contests to hashtag contests, we’ve got you covered! We’ll also discuss some tips for running a successful contest. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next contest today!

What is ShortStack?

ShortStack is one of the best tools to grow your brand or blog by branding or marketing. It is a cloud-based app crafted for the purpose of getting more leads and traffic to your website.

ShortStack Review- A Reliable Platform For Getting High ROI

You can easily create unique landing pages, run social contests, send emails and analyze results (no coding required). With ShortStack you can gain further insights by adding tracking pixels from your favorite services, like Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords and more.

ShortStack offers over 40 customizable templates, custom campaign design services, and integrates with other popular platforms.

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Types Of Contests Using ShortStack 2024


Giveaways is a marketing activity where online product or service provider offers free products or services to potential customers in exchange for their contact information and permission to send promotional messages and updates via email. The intent of giveaways is to attract more members, contacts and clients.

The practice of giveaways has been increasing exponentially over the years, with millions of people actively participating in giveaways every day.

ShortStack is a software that helps in creating and managing online giveaways, sweepstakes and contests. It provides a customizable web page where clients can enter the contest by providing their contact details to win a free product or service. ShortStacks’s website is an excellent way to collect email information from potential customers.

Types Of Contests Using ShortStack : Giveaways

In addition, it allows users to configure the contest based on their choice, select a prize and provide useful tips for promoting giveaways. ShortStack also provides flexible tools to monitor and analyze giveaways performance over time.

The online giveaway management tool comes with pricing plans ranging from $0 to $40 per month. Users can subscribe and test drive it for free for 30 days before opting for paid plans.

ShortStack offers two types of giveaway management services – Free and Paid.

The free plan is a good option for those who have a short-term giveaway promotion in mind. Users can create one online contest using the free plan, without any payment to ShortStack, but will be charged if their submissions go past 500.

The paid plan is a better choice for users who want to run more giveaways over time. If their submissions are less than 500, they don’t have to pay anything for the giveaway itself, but will be charged if their submissions go past 200.

Photo Contests

Photo contests is a type of contest that allows people to upload their photos and the best entries win a prize.

These types of contests can help you generate leads and also building brand awareness by providing user-generated content for free.

It saves your time as well as money as all you need to do is follow some simple steps and you have your own photo contest ready in no time.

When it comes to running a successful photo contests, you need a good tool to easily manage everything from uploading the photos, judging them and finally selecting the winner.

photo contest

ShortStack helps you host your Photo Contests by providing a user-friendly dashboard to manage everything. You can easily upload photos from Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos and also have the option to allow users upload multiple images in a single entry.

It is completely free for 1st 50 entries and then just $4/month after that.

You can also select a winner from the list of contestants who uploaded their photos. There’s no need to go through each and every photo as you can simply click on ‘select’ next to a contestant and choose the one that belongs to your choice.

ShortStack comes with an analytics section which is extremely helpful if you want to track everything about your contest. You can easily track number of entries, users and contestants with their photos.

One good thing about ShortStack is that it provides the option to choose whether you want your own branding or not which will be visible across all the logos, icons etc.

Instant Win Contests

Instant win contests generate instant results and may include a sweepstakes.  There is no wait time as you will know right away if you are getting closer to winning or not.  You’ll find many businesses use this type of contest to boost their sales with free giveaways.

Instant win contests can be difficult to manage, but there are some great tools to help you make your contest run smoothly.  You’ll find many options to choose from including promotional codes and giveaways.

Video Contests

Video contest is video content that allows the uploader of the video to win prizes. For example, people can submit videos about their favorite product, and if it gets more views than any other entry, then the submitter wins that prize.

Types Of Contests Using ShortStack : video contest

Video contests are typically displayed on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. These contests allow users to express themselves within the contest guidelines. As well as uploading their own videos, submissions can also be voted on.

Video contests are usually hashtagged, to make them easy for users to find and compete in online.

ShortStack is an award-winning platform that makes it possible to run a video contest easily from your website or social media pages. It is the only platform that enables easy creation of participant submissions, multiple contest voting, and social sharing.

ShortStack offers all of the features you need to create a video contest. More than 100 apps are available for use on any site or social media page.

Social Media Contests

I guess it’s no secret to you that social media contests are one of the most efficient ways to get more attention and engagement on your page.

The only question is how do you choose which channels work best for you, what types of prizes should be included, and how to attract people who will give your contest the highest return?

ShortStack offers an awesome social media contest builder that can help you answer all of these questions and more, so that your contest is a complete success.

First of all, ShortStack is a marketing automation platform that can assist you in choosing the most effective channels for your social media contests.

Also, they help in the creation and running of these campaigns by providing a contest builder which lets you easily select from various types of prizes, sets entry rules and deadlines, and even upload images to make it look more attractive.

By using this platform, you can manage contests from a single dashboard which also lets you see all of your followers’ profiles and connections so that it’s easier to choose the winners.

In addition to all of this, ShortStack offers plenty of additional features such as form building, landing page creation, and other types of campaigns.


Quizzes, also known as quizzes are a great means of generating leads for your business. You can use various tools out there to create your own quiz or you can use ShortStack to help you speed up the process.

The best part about using this form to generate leads is how noninvasive it is. No investment needs to be made, no things to be given away. You only need the traffic on your website and good social media presence.

Types Of Contests Using ShortStack : quiz

ShortStack provides you with templates to help you create the most effective quiz possible. You can use shortstack to select from a wide variety of templates that have been created for different occasions or just go ahead and build your own.

Comment-to-Enter Contests

A comment-to-enter contest is when participants are required to comment on a post in order to enter for a chance to win. This typically gets high engagement on your social media posts, which helps you build your social media following.

ShortStack can automatically import all of your social media post comments as entries for winner selection. This makes the process much easier for you, as you don’t have to manually enter each participant’s name.

When running a comment-to-enter contest, your participants are presented with the following question on social media: Reply with an answer, tag a friend and #ShortStack to be entered! You can also include your custom text which will appear below the question.

When a participant replies with an answer, they are notified that their reply was successfully submitted to the contest. They may also see up to 6 additional friends tagged in the post if they were tagged when participating.

The ShortStack software scans each of these public posts for participants’ answers and select a winner.

They get tons of engagement on your social media posts which helps you build your social media following.

The ShortStack software automatically imports all of your social media post comments as entries for winner selection, so it makes the process much easier for you to select winners.

They’re a good way to get people involved in your brand.

Hashtag contest

Hashtag contest is where you ask participants to submit their entries using a social media hashtag. You can then track these entries using the same hashtag, and select the winning entries from there. Such contests help you gather tons of UGC, and create buzz around your brand or products.

Here’s a complete run-through of how you can use ShortStack to manage your own social media hashtag contests:

Create your campaign in just a few minutes! With ShortStack, you can create an entire campaign fast. This includes adding a hashtag, asking people to submit their entries using this hashtag, and selecting the winners from here. You can even get ShortStack to manage your contest for you on autopilot!

Organize all entries at one place! No need to do manual work! With ShortStack, you don’t have to dig around looking for contest entries on your social media pages. With ShortStack, all of these entries will be displayed for you, and it’s easy to select winners from here.

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Conclusion : Types Of Contests Using ShortStack 2024

ShortStack provides the perfect platform for any organization to host a contest. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes creating a contest simple, and the wide range of features allows you to create a contest that is unique to your brand or organization.

With contests becoming an increasingly popular way to engage customers and followers, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use them to drive more engagement and interaction with your audience. Have you hosted a contest using ShortStack? We’d love to hear about it!

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